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The Samwell Team as stuff my bf did p.2
  • Bitty: accidentally ordered 50 cans of peaches instead of 5, sold them at school to make profit
  • Jack: once fought a goose to impress his s.o (me)
  • Ransom: once drunkenly cried bc his best friend said that he was "a good noodle"
  • Holster: Rapped the entire Hamilton Musical, continued to ask me out on our first date after he saw that it impressed me
  • Shitty: His chosen signature is a weed smoking illuminati sign
  • Lardo: Broke his thumb, continued to play beer pong (instead of going to the hospital)
  • Chowder: Got sent to the principals office, brought pizza with him
  • Nursey: screamed "CLOTHES DON'T HAVE A GENDER", while fistfighting in a skirt he borrowed from his s.O (again, me)
  • Dex: Stole a refrigerator from his neighbors (bc his grandpa dared him to)
  • Whiskey: Secretly loves polca music
  • Tango: Still speaks to his plants lovingly though they have all died in his care

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you and that felice dude are such good friends like you r #friendshipgoals and also since he writes and u draw you could make children's stories together like he writes the story and u draw the illustrations and stuff and ya like u guys r cool

YA hes a big nerd we’ve been best friends since 200something and he said science man instead of scientist once

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Hi. I read your hedge witch series and you mention people using pharm drugs for hedge witchcraft. How does that work since they're basically chemicals?

First off, the notion that “chemicals” (in drugs or food) are somehow distinct from good and pure “natural” ingredients is a fallacy. As any scientist will tell you, everything, even organic produce, contains chemicals, and always has. Really, everything is some sort of chemical. 

A woman on social media once said that she wasn’t ever going to “put chemicals in her body,” and scientists laughed, knowing that all food is chemical in nature, and that she couldn’t possibly do that.

When we’re talking about chemicals with psychoactive effects, they occur both in nature and can be manufactured in a laboratory. A lot of the naturally-occurring psychoactives can be even more taxing on the body than the synthetic chemicals, actually. 

Compare diphenhydramine to datura. Both have very similar affects on the human body (as I understand it), and both cause delirium. 

Nevertheless, datura is much more likely to, well, kill you, whereas DPH is safe enough in certain doses to be used as a general antihistamine, whereas datura is extremely dangerous and difficult to use in a therapeutic or recreational fashion.

To answer your question more fully, though, the notion that naturally-occurring substances have magical potential whereas human-crafted ones do not always struck me as a fallacy. Most “natural” things witches use, too, are actually put through quite complex human-driven processes, as well. 

Take essential oils. Many, if not all, witches use them. They occur naturally in plants, yes, but the process for extracting them is complex and doesn’t, to me, jive with the notion of “all natural.” Yet, I still use them, because as I’ve said I don’t hold with the notion that natural is essentially better.

From my own perspective (which won’t resonate with everyone), using any kind of plant, drug, or substance in magick involves contact with the coalesced force behind it. 

In short, it involves talking to the spirit that governs the substance. While I myself don’t use pharmaceuticals (except for vitamins) in my magical practice, I see no reason to assume they, too, wouldn’t have a certain force or spirit resting behind them, animating them.

I have a friend who went through a very intense series of magical experiences, quite initiatory, using pharmaceutically-derived psychoactives. It did not end well for him, but he learned a lot in the process. He no longer uses them because of what happened, but he learned a lot about himself via the experience. 

Really, any experience, drug-fueled or not, can be initiatory or involve contact with the spirit world. Yet realize the risks can outweigh the benefits, particularly when we’re talking about something that might harm your body. I’ll not say any more about what happened to him; it’s an intense story and without his explicit permission isn’t mine to tell.

That said, I absolutely do not recommend any of my readers take up tripping on anything as part of attempts to ride the hedge. People are going to do what they want, and plenty of us do use psychoactive plants or chemicals in our practice, I realize, but…

I personally don’t know everyone’s bodies and minds like they do, so I can’t say, “Yes, use this substance.” I use certain legal herbs myself with psychoactive properties, but I’ve no intention of ever posting recipes or much about them, just because I don’t want anyone to try it and be harmed. You all know yourselves better than me; make your own choices, but I won’t recommend or encourage anything, personally. 

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I agree with you about yoongi, he said it himself that he works all the time so during the day he's tired and wants naps, so people always assume that he sleeps all the time

I know right? Even Jin once said that he stayed up all night working at his studio and he came back at the dorms at 8 am. At least he’s sleeping well now.

The Power Rangers

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Universe: Power Rangers AU

Rating: K

Word Count: 1,278

A/N: GUESS WHAT MOVIE I JUST SAW????? And right after I saw something about ML and I just couldn’t help but want a Red Ranger Marinette and a Black Ranger Adrien! The other three I might change, but I’m pretty much happy with them right now. Anyway hope you like it and I hope this is a crossover others will like too!


“I’m sorry. You said we’re what, again?” Alya asked in disbelief. As if her day of waking up after surviving a train accident, clawing up cliffs, jumping over ravines, and finding a spaceship was anything but normal.

“You five are the Power Rangers.” Master Fu, who was a giant hologram on the wall of a giant space ship said once again.

The four other teens standing with her where all quiet, taking the news in.

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Rant on Yang’s nonexistent recovery arc

Before I get into this post, I feel like I should apologize to those of you who are looking for other franchises. This post mentions them, and I apologize that, if you were searching for things tagged “Mercury” (for example) that you came across this post. Not to invade your tags or anything, but I needed some comparisons. Thank you for your time.

Expect full salt below.

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“And a trustworthy person told me that Shaykh al-Islām, the leader of the da’wah in Najd (Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb), once said:

‘I saw some people sitting in the mosque with their Qurʾān’s, reciting and weeping. However, they didn’t enjoin the good if they saw it and they didn’t prevent evil if they saw it. I saw people sitting near them saying: ‘These are the source of benefit,’ and I said: ‘These are the source of disgrace.’ Someone heard me and said: ‘You can’t say they are a source of disgrace!’ So, I replied to him: ‘They are blind and mute.’

And this is supported by what some of the Salaf said:

The one who is silent about the truth is a silent devil, while the one who speaks falsehood is a speaking devil.’

So, if the one who compromises by remaining silent comes to know that he is from the most hated of people to Allāh even if he thinks he is good, he would speak openly. And if the one who seeks the approval and pleasure of people came to know that by not speaking out against their evil that those who fall into major sins are better with Allāh than him – even if he assumes himself to be religious – he would repent from his compromise and would retreat from it. And if the one who is stingy with his tongue from openly proclaiming the command of Allāh came to know that he is a silent devil even if he fasts, prays, and is a zahid, he would do all that he could to avoid being similar to Shayṭtān.”

— Shaykh Hamad bin Abdu'l-‘Azīz al-‘Atīq, ad-Durar as-Saniyyah (8/75-79)

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All the nakedness of last episode. Along with beds. Groping. Cuddling. Showers. It was like narrative foreplay, getting the audience primed. yes i saw it too and Clarke/memori thanks god that I am not the only one who saw it,we can add all the bedroom/shower scene with the Bellarke theme and all the hints and symbolism there in the whole scene and place.

To be fair, I did not come up with that, someone else did. I have a sucky memory so I can’t tell you who, but once they said it I couldn’t unsee it.

Also add the Memori in the kitchen scene. It’s like they’re setting up a line of dominoes and one of them, bellamy or clarke is going to tip one domino over and the whole story is going to change for Bellarke.