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It seems like “stories” are definitely still a ~thing~ this season. Hunters told Dean that stories are told about him in the hunting circles. And a demon told Sam that stories would be told about her if she killed him.

Bur really… what kind of stories are told about them?

I mean, they’ve died a billion times. But do the hunters know how bad it got last year? Do they know it got so bad that Earth, Heaven, and Hell all teamed up in order to take down the Darkness? Do they know that the All-Realm Teamup failed, and then Dean Winchester succeeded?

I heard they keep demons chained up in their basement.

Well, I heard the older one is canoodling with an angel.

You sure? The way I heard, it’s the King of Hell he’s banging.

Did you know that the younger brother was possessed by Lucifer for, like, six years?

I heard they blew up an entire apartment building just to piss off one vampire. Not even to kill him - just to make ‘im angry. 

And I heard that the older one turns into the Hulk until his brother gives him pie.

why Dennis says he hates Mac a lot (imo!)

“Mac makes me feel a lot!!! I must hate him. I love Dee and that sibling love must be the Only Possible Way To Love” (note: not in a deedennis way u fuck heads)

“If I loved Mac that would be weird because he’s gay and probably in love with me already and he hasn’t tried to bang me so that must mean that he thinks I’m disgusting so he is an idiot because I am perfect I hate him so much why does he hate me”

my gf once said something along the lines of Dennis’s attraction to Mac “Mac must be terrible in bed as a gay guy. I mean he has no core strength. If *I* was banging him, HYPOTHETICALLY, id probably have to ride him which would be *dreamy stare* horrible. Also he would come in ten seconds. Also he would be so gay afterwards which would be awful and I would hate that a lot bc that’s big scary emotions”

“Mac doesn’t live up to the standards of the idealized version I have created in my head OH WAIT he came out and now more closely fits my vision of him?? Scary and Bad”

yo~! i am hunnie and this is my boy, heosoo. he’s a yang lord-in-waiting, and you’re neighbourhood pick-me-up ( aka. he sells drugs on the side bc his business degree is good for something. ). my profile page is up here, and im still adding some things. his bio is here. he does have a plots page and that, but nothing is up there now because i was not ready. i was not ready. i am still not ready. so put up with me, and just like this or come hmu and we can brainstorm up something once i have a shower. ^^ but for now, here’s some info under the read more and lets see if i can keep this short.

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A tip to anyone who might care :^) I've been a stress/binge eater all my life but recently it's come to a point where if I just look at what I'm about to binge on, make a deal with myself that I i can eat it once I've eaten something healthier and smaller, I no longer want it once I'm finished eating. Maybe just me but maybe it could help someone ❤

I love doing this, I hope it helps some others too Xx

excuse me but why do we all have to be down on what tumblr was like 2 years ago all the time? why do we have to distance ourselves from who we were and what we enjoyed when we were slightly younger as if it’s the most embarrassing thing in the world to have commented “is that john green” on something once? like fuck you skeleton war memes were hilarious and I miss seeing Taylor Swift tagged in everything.

IT RATHER PAINS ME BUT WE MUST STOP THERE. I got four whole minutes in. I’m not sure I’m even surprised.

Perhaps when I figure out how I want to schedule things, we can have an X-Men day once a month or something. Part of my problem is that I just love them so much, and it’s like “FINALLY AN AUDIENCE LET ME TELL YOU EVERYTHING” and well. Four minutes, and an hour long detour into a thirty year old comic book I doubt most of you knew or cared existed.

Tomorrow will be my second take at ‘Fic’n’Doodles, and we have Yuri Hell’s Kitchen on Saturday and Sunday. All liveblogs for THE GIFTENING 2016 are now complete, and while we’re not done talking about shit, or getting your feedback for what worked for you or didn’t this time around, I hope you all enjoyed them. Even when they took too long and moved too slow and went on tangents and did whatever they do.

I won’t get too mushy. We’ll talk more later. I love you guys, though.


( roll call! )

hello! i made a class roster page with the names of characters that are enrolled in ain’s class so i can keep track; if your muse has enchantments as one of their classes, please like this post if you would like to be added to the class roster! also, to avoid clutter on the dash, i’m going to double this post with some headcanons about ain as a teacher below the cut!

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As the old Gravity Falls legend goes…

 whether you’re naughty OR nice, a jolly little triangle will break into your house and eat all your food (and leave you spiders and nightmares if you’re lucky)

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I think I might cry your art is /so beautiful what on earth/??? the shape of what you draw in general is gorgeous but the way you do shading, lighting, and colour just adds so much wowowow. your work is honestly inspiring, the way you put colours together. thank you so much for your art <3

THANK YOU………….. have this flower crown yuuri to match victor