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When frustration comes over her she usually begins to cry, thank god her teacher is there to give her an excuse to get out of the room and just breath. 

i think i wanna marry you

pairing: shawn x reader

word count: 516

warnings: none

Cool, morning air lightly hung in the kitchen as the smell of spring wafted through the open window over the sink. Two figures sat across from each other at a circular, wooden table over bowls of cereal and basked in the comfortable silence of their home. A tall, skinny vase sat between the two of them and a single daisy stood in the clear structure. The dark haired boy twisted it around slightly so that the petals were facing his girl. She smiled at him and reached out for the carton of milk on the table to pour a little more into her bowl.

“Alright. Let’s do this.” His raspy morning voice broke the serenity of the kitchen. 

“Huh? Do what?” She asked, confused and still half asleep as a spoonful of cereal hung between her fingers.

“I wanna marry you today.” He told her seriously and sincerely, his dark eyes never leaving hers. 

The spoon she held fell from her grip into the bowl with a clang and little drops of milk splashed out onto the table top. She spluttered slightly as air got caught in her throat and she patted her chest lightly in response.

He laughed a bit at her response, but still pressed on. “So, are we doing this thing? Wanna get married?" 

"Shawn, are you being serious? You want to get married today? We’ve got nothing planned… Today?!" 

Shawn laughed again and his teeth sparkled in the early morning sun. His dark eyes lit up at the sight of her, despite the slight bags under them and the red rings that had formed around them. Shawn reached his hand out on the table and placed his large hand on top of hers. 

She bit her lip in excitement and looked into his eyes for just a second. Her hair was a mess from the bed she had left only ten minutes ago and she probably still had some sleep gunk in the corners of her eyes. She wore only slightly embarrassing bright pyjamas with oversized, fluffy, pink slippers and an old dressing gown to match. A few angry, red spots had unfortunately found a new home on her chin and forehead and a few wild eyebrow hairs had managed to escape the wrath of her tweezers. Amongst all that, Shawn still thought she was beautiful. Beautiful enough to propose to over the breakfast table and beautiful enough to want to go to bed that night as her husband. 

Shawn pulled the daisy out of the vase and presented it to her across the table. "So, are you gonna leave me hanging? Or are we doing this thing?” He asked with a cheeky smile. 

She gripped his hand that was still in hers on the tabletop and stole the daisy from between his fingers. She brought it to her nose and hid her face behind it for just a second. She twirled the daisy in her fingers and looked into his chocolate eyes over the top of the spinning petals. Then, a wide grin broke out on her face. 

“Let’s do this thing.”

blue night radio ♡ 170329
translation: cosmicsticks

jonghyun: when i come to do the radio show i travel on the olympic express way. there was never once when i thought it was hard for me. there are times when people don’t want to go to work but coming to host the radio show …, it was never once something that was hard for me. even if going for music shows there have been times i’ve thought: “ah, it’s hard …”. it was when i had music show recordings for five days in a row. i thought getting to the venue was giving me a hard time but never once have i for blue night. and, amongst that, on tuesdays, even if i had a bad day the both of you are the rest room for my stress. [note: he was referring to coffee boy and go young bae here. afterward go young bae complained about how “unromantic” it was to compare them to a rest room.]

Student life

@salt-throne and I literally just discussed if it’s better to buy shit we need to eat and then drag it up the spiral stairs to our apartment on the third floor (jfc those stairs get me every time) OR to just…not eat the whole week and wait until the weekend where we get something at home

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Hey Dabble, not entirely certain, but I think I recall you once posting some neat little recipe or something once. Happen to still got it, or any others you wouldn't mind sharing?

It was for my own hot chocolate recipe! Copied from the original post:

Dabble’s Homemade Hot Chocolate

What you’ll need:

  • Milk
  • Marshmallows
  • Dark Chocolate Chips
  • A Pinch of Salt

Here’s the easiest way to start yourself off: get all the mugs you plan on filling, and go ahead and use them to measure out exactly how much milk you’ll need! You will need 2 marshmallows and ~3 tablespoons (I use a little more, because I love chocolate) of dark chocolate chips per mug.

Get yourself a saucepan, and use some of your milk to add just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Turn the burner on to medium heat. Next, add your marshmallows, and melt them down! Then add a pinch or two of salt. A lot of people balk at that part, but when used properly, salt is not necessarily something you will taste in the final product. What salt does, especially in sweeter foods, is enhance the flavors that are already there.

Now what you’re gonna wanna do is add in your dark chocolate chips! While your standard semi-sweet chocolate chips will do in a pinch, I prefer dark chocolate for this recipe, as it provides a fuller flavor and doesn’t overly sweeten the hot chocolate beyond the marshmallows. Mix the chips in with the marshmallows and let them melt.

Now all you gotta do is slowly add all of you milk, stirring constantly! Once you get it to the desired heat, it’s ready to serve.

As for toppings, I recommend going all-out. Marshmallows, whipped cream, and for a more festive flavor, Andes Mint Chocolate shavings! I like to put in the marshmallows first, then add the whipped cream- since the marshmallows float, it keeps the whipped cream from dissolving into the hot chocolate, making it last longer!


🍜 ramen rating 🍜

ramen rating is a cooking competition that happens every 2 weeks between seokjin and y/n that involves skills and a lot of ramen

its origins:
one day, seokjin made ramen for y/n when they were hungry. she tried it and claimed she could do better than jin. jin was shook that she said that so he challenged her to a cooking showdown. y/n’s ended up being better [this is where the nickname ramen queen comes from!! she made him admit defeat and call her the queen of ramen] but jin said that cooking skills couldn’t be determined from cooking something once so that’s how ramen rating was born!

how it works:
- either seokjin or y/n chooses a brand/flavor of ramen they’ve never tried before
- they cook it the way the instructions tell them to
- they make note of the flavors and how they can make it taste better
- seokjin and y/n get 2 days to think about how they can improve the ramen
- they’re allowed to add anything they want that enhances flavor
- they cook their own rendition of the ramen and judge each other’s [this competition requires a lot of objectivity!]

  • one point is given to whoever wins
  • this is usually done at y/n’s apartment and they keep track of points with a board in the kitchen

- y/n can cook just as well as jin [if not better 🙊] so their scores are usually close to each other or tied
- as of right now, y/n’s score is +4 of jin’s 
- she disqualified him 4 times because he was gone for 8 weeks [jin was on tour]
- he allowed this injustice to occur because the thought of y/n eating ramen (or anything) alone while he was miles away made him really sad

URL change PSA from Lefty

Guess what happens when @amidtheflowers comes to visit you?  She makes you change your tumblr url to match your AO3 account.  (she also brought me so much desi food, so pretty much she can do whatever she wants) 

Anyway, here’s the deal.  I’m gonna be leftennant from now on.  Not leftylain, but leftennant.  Nobody freak out.  It’s still me.  Just to prove it, I’ll post a goat or something once it’s changed. ;D

Omg we ate so much food, though.  Like.  So much food?  A truly stupid amount of food, and I ate a ladoo and a pink rasgulla. So yeah.  She is allowed to change my url now.  Which she is going to do.  Even though I am very nervous about it.  This might require another rasgulla…

So… quick question… 

How often do you other fic writers post things? 

Because I think everyone posts way more frequently than me (I aim to post something three times a week) and then I was thinking that maybe people actually post less frequently than I think and I just think everyone posts really regularly because I read a lot of different fics? So… Seven writers each post something once a week but in my head that equates to one person posting something seven times a week… 

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what Venus sign is likely to leave when one bad thing happens in their relationship

This reminds me of Sagittarius. They’re optimistic in love therefore they always expect things to run smoothly but life isn’t perfect or that ideal in any way. When they get into a big argument with their partner they’ll likely get confused. They have a lot of love to give so they don’t want to waste their time on a relationship that doesn’t feel good enough for them. They want it to be light hearted 24/7 but that’s obviously not realistic. Once something bad happens they may role their eyes and tell themselves there must be something better for them, when really no relationships are perfect.

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My moms trying to push me into more feminine things again... like I like dresses and female clothes... just not on me because I feel shitty once I put something on. But then I put on men's clothes and I feel much better about myself. I said "I'm not a boy that (etc etc)" when talking to my brother and it kinda hurt me once it fell out. Idk it's been a harsh week on my masculinity and I'm trying to help it... I wish my binder would get here...


Your mum really shouldn’t have a say on what you wear anyway? Plenty of cis girls don’t wear fem clothing, it’s about your personal style and what you’re into so even if you’re not out there’s no reason for you to wear that stuff if its not what you’re into. You’re masculine af, don’t let anything make you feel otherwise, you’re so strong for getting through all this. I’m so proud of you for having the strength to be you!

Keep going, it gets better I promise,


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“My only fear is that I might awaken in my bed destined to live a common life once again.”

There was something about gathering your closest friends and sitting them down around a campfire in the middle of no where. It brought out the deep questions and the even deeper answers.

“What’s your biggest fear?” Was asked.

Jayley watched as Lafeyette fiddled with the ring on her finger, twisting it as she mulled over her answer with a great intensity. No one wanted to answer it. Who would? They all knew they were wolves here. Weakness was not so easily shown to people known to be simply awful.

Lafeyette was the first to answer though, proving once again to be the bravest of them all in all her softness, “My only fear is that I might awaken in my bed destined to live a common life once again.”

That memory rang clear in Jayley’s head as she drowned in the scent of burning flesh and the cries of agony. It was so simple yet so distinct. Jayley would never forget it, and for some reason it was at the forefront of her mind right now.

They weren’t the marrying type. That’s what they’ve always said, insisting through tight smiles and awkward fidgeting. 

So it came to no one’s surprise that the heartbeat after they whispered “I do.”, they gathered their things and friends, and took off to a land where everything was new. Not just their married life. Amidst long chocobo cart rides, meeting interesting people and submerging themselves in a completely different culture, they found comfort. Or at least Jayley did.

There was no comfort to be found in this very moment, though. Not as they stood in a field of flames and death, caught up in the midst of a war they never belonged to. The memory of them all gathered around a campfire, sharing stories and comfortable silence was distant among the bloodshed they now found themselves up to their knees in. She longed to return to that like a child longs for the biggest sweet in the shop.

She could see it in Lafeyette’s eyes as the woman frantically packed a gaping wound in the man on the ground before her. She was trying to piece together the exact mistake that lead them to this point. Later, Jayley would recall the memory and decide that Lafeyette was gorgeous when covered in the blood of others. If there was a later to speak of, that is. For now, the encroaching warriors with weapons held at the ready drew her attention. A slow exhale escape her as she grasped her own blades, placing herself between them and the working doctor. 

“Jayley, no. We… we have to go. We should go.” Lafeyette speaks quickly and only half-heartedly as she continues to triage the man before her.

“Ifs we leaves nows, ya won’ts stops lookin’s backs fors him.” Her tail flicked towards the man Lafeyette tended to, “Finish. I’lls holds thems offs.”


Jayley cast a glance over her shoulder, a toothy grin splitting her face, “Ya shoulds haves knowns nothin’s woulds be ordinarys whens ya marrieds me. We ares the uncommon, Princess. We don’ts do wha’ we shoulds. This is ours life. We gots this. Nows be quicks abouts its.”

Jayley always did love the feel of blades clashing together.

the thing about adding panne and yarne to heroes is that there isn’t really an existing framework for beast units yet. you could make them stone units like the manakete, yes, but a) stones hit resistance and that would be weird for basically every beast unit, b) the series technically has more beast units who don’t use stones than who do, and c) you’d have to do new animation sets for them anyway because nobody wants to see fuckin ranulf fight by spitting fire at people. so they would be better served making them like, Claw type units or something and releasing a bunch of beast units at once

realistically if something this nice were to happen, i think i’d expect Panne/Kaden/Keaton/Ranulf/Caineghis/Lethe as the focus group, but in my ideal world it’d be more like Panne/Selkie/Velouria/Ranulf/Caineghis/Nailah


As the old Gravity Falls legend goes…

 whether you’re naughty OR nice, a jolly little triangle will break into your house and eat all your food (and leave you spiders and nightmares if you’re lucky)