once summer starts hopefully things will be more exciting

Of college, crafts, and other such craziness

Heyyyy, guys! How’s it going? ^-^

I’ve got some really neat things to talk about - EXCITING things that I hope will interest you as well. Aside from my regular artwork and fanfiction, which I will hopefully be able to post on more of a regular basis going forward, I’m going to be very busy with quite a few other projects. 😋

My first topic of discussion is going to be the most important one: college. Starting this week, I’ll be filing for as many scholarships and financial aid opportunities as humanly possible, and I’m looking to officially enroll once the summer rolls around. At long last, starting college actually seems feasible, and I’m aiming to start class in the fall! I’ve discovered an art school that is not only interested in me, but offers online courses in everything from fashion design to game design to ANIMATION. When selecting animation as my major, I can even choose to focus on 2D and stop-motion animation specifically! It’s a dream come true! 😄

Secondly, I’m going to be expanding my handmade plushie collection in the very near future! There are several plushies I’ve made over the course of the past few months that I still haven’t gotten around to posting photos of - the entire Keroro Platoon from Sgt. Frog (which I started on in early 2016 and completed…several months ago; I’m not sure exactly when) and a little dog-suit GIR from Invader ZIM (which I decided to make on a whim over the course of two days sometime back in September or October) - but it’s been a while since I’ve made plushies consistently. I have a ton of fun doing so and would really like to get back into the habit of making them often! It’s great practice, and I’ll continue to expand my giant plushie collection in the process! (You can never have too many plushies. heehee)

So…once I gather the necessary supplies and finish the set I’m currently making for my brother (he requested a Charlie and Lola set so he could use them in an upcoming plush movie series he’s making), I will be making myself the following:

💗 A Soos and a Wendy (so my Gravity Falls plushie collection will finally be complete! YAY! 🎊)

💗 A full set of Invader ZIM plushies (standard-sized plushies of Zim, robot GIR, Dib, Gaz, and Minimoose, as well as life-sized plushies of robot GIR and Minimoose)

💗 A full set of Wander Over Yonder plushies (Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Commander Peepers…I’m hoping to at least have Wander finished before next month’s Trending 27th event! Gotta keep the spirit of WOY alive! 🌟)

💗 Star and Marco from Star vs. the Forces of Evil! 😊 (I may make Ludo in the future, since I love him too, but Ludo is a LOT more detailed, so I want to see how Star and Marco turn out first!)

Thirdly, I’ve got some other news related to my previous ramblings about plushie-making. Not only will I be making plushies for my own personal collection - I plan to make and SELL a few GF and SVTFOE sets! I’d love to start earning some more pocket money and decided that perhaps I should give running my own Etsy shop a try! More details on that once I figure out how Etsy works and get my inventory made. 😉

Finally, once my life-sized GIR and Minimoose plushies are complete, they won’t just be my new cuddle buddies…they’ve got a second purpose to serve…FORRRR…

Originally posted by zedzdeadbabyy

Well, rather, I’m going to BE Zim! For Halloween! 😂

I’m planning to transform regular clothing - namely my black leggings and boots, black gloves, a hot pink/magenta tank top, a pink bandana, and a long-sleeved pink leotard - into the uniform of a proper Irken soldier such as Zim. I’m going to be making my sleeve attachments (you know, the little…pink triangle things…lol), PAK, and antennae by hand, and the life-sized GIR and Minimoose plushies I make will be great additions to my costume!

They shall assist me on my quest to acquire snacks from the ffffFILTHY HALLOWEENIIIIES…

(And yes, before you ask, I do in fact plan to go trick-or-treating at age 20. I don’t plan to give that tradition up for a few more years yet. VIVE LA RÉVOLUTION! xD)

Updates about my costume-making progress will be provided as I work on it, so stay tuned for those!

Well…that’s about all for now. Feel free to let me know what you think about my plans. If you care. 😛

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings, guys, and I really hope you enjoy everything I make in the near future! I plan to obtain all of my crafting necessities by next weekend, so I will be starting on my PAK and my life-sized GIR very soon. ^0^

*hugs you all* 💞

[AU: Zombie Apocalypse||Aurora & Tobias]

It was dark outside; it’s been long enough. Tobias checked his watch. 8:17 PM. They attacked almost five hours ago. All the students and staff either fled or became zombies themselves. Their screams still echoed in his head. He wished he was able to help them, but couldn’t. His hands curled up into fists at the thought of his friends, taken and infected and him not doing anything about it. 

Tobias let out a sigh, his muscles beginning to cramp from staying in one place for so long–in the school cafeteria, behind the counter, back in the kitchen were everything was kept. He had his back pressed against the bottom cabinets, knives and other kitchen utensils located just above him if he needed to use them. 

He couldn’t take it anymore. It’s been long enough, and it’s been deadly quiet. Nothing will show up and he’s almost sure that he’s the only one left in the entire school building. Gripping his backpack strap tightly, he moved slightly to get up, but at the same time, he heard another noise that came from the other side of the kitchen. He froze in place, his eyes wide, straining to see who–or what–was there.