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Teaching Peter Pan how to Cuddle Would Include:

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  • Peter understands affection, he just doesn’t show it
  • He doesn’t really know how to
  • He didn’t even know how to love his own son
  • This is why you have to teach him

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  • It started with him coming to you
  • “Love. What is a cuddle?”
  • You laughing at this
  • “Let me show you!”

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  • You wrap you arms around him as you both lay on his bed
  • “It’s kind of like hugging but better.”
  • He snuggles into you on instinct, enjoying the human contact
  • “I know you want to kiss me.”
  • “That I do Peter Pan.”

How Pan Shows His Love For You

Because we all know he isn’t the most openly affectionate or emotional.

  • Always making sure you’re okay when things get intimate between you two.
  • Bringing you handfuls of flowers as an apology after a fight.
  • Making sure that you’re the first to eat at every meal.
  • Wrapping you in extra blankets on particularly chilly nights.
  • Mumbling ‘mine’ between kisses to reassure himself (and you) that you truly do only belong to him.
  • Teaching you protection and healing spells, because he worries that someday he won’t be there to help.
  • Memorizing every little thing about yourself that you tell him, such as your favorite flower and favorite color.
  • Shyly whispering that he loves you. He doesn’t do it often, and it means the world to you when he does.
  • ”I don’t want you going alone, I’m coming with you.”
  • Knowing every single one of your emotions and giveaways to know how you’re feeling inside, from facial expressions to the tone of your voice.
  • Worrying about you constantly, though he may not always vocalize it.
  • Being really overprotective.
  • ”I care about you, princess. I promise I do.”
  • Getting jealous really easily.
  • Becoming restless when he isn’t sure where you are.
  • Telling you every secret of his and never being dishonest with you.
  • Tracing ‘I love you’ on your skin as you fall asleep at night.
  • Threatening to hurt anybody who hurts you.
  • Having Felix watch over you when he isn’t around.
  • Showing you his favorite scenic areas on the island and exploring with you.
  • Trusting you with all his heart.