once peter pan

i honestly think the sexiest line i have ever read in a smut imagine is,

“Open your eyes, sweetheart. i wanna watch you fall apart.“



Peter Pan


-he gets jealous (SMUT)


-Peter is absolutely in love with you and you take it to the next level (SMUT)

Little John

-Pan is very possessive lol duh

Perfect Life

-yo have a perfect life but Peter still took you

I Told You So

-Baelfire likes you but so does Pan

Over And Over [Part Two]

-song reference for Over and Over by Three Days Grace

Back And Forth

-you’re sick and you need to go back home


-song reference for alphabet boy by Melanie Martinez

Pure Evil

-you’re the most feared villain


-you hated each other and then boom!


-you get kidnapped by pirates and Peter saves you

Half A Heart

-you go the underworld to save Peter before it’s too late

Badass Princess

-you’re a badass princess

Second Chance

-Pan bans you and regres it

Mad Hatter

-you’re the mad hatter


-he cheats on you (another version)


-you speak two languages

Different  [Part Two]

-you’re a mermaid (that’s it lol)


-a oneshot inspired by the song “Lost Boy” by Troye Sivan ;)

Silent Treatment

-Pan says something mean so you ignore him

Tasmanian Devil

-you have wild pet that reminds you of Pan

You Don’t Own Me

-song reference for “You don’t own me” by Grace ft. G-Eazy


-where when the shadow took rumple away he had a little sister (1 year younger then rumple) who ran of into the jungle and pan finds her and let’s her stay in Neverland with him.


-you blush like an idiot but Pan finds it cute

Bad Blood  [Part Two]

-song reference for “Bad Blood” by Taytay Swift


-Pan cheats on you with Wendy and you go cray cray


-you suffer from bipolar disorder and Pan finds out


-you have been taken by Rumble and your evil step mother because they want your powers and they try to kill you but Pan saves you

Gender Blender

-you are the leader of the lost girls and your group beat the lost boys’ asses


-you’re Regina’s daughter and Regina abandons you to become queen and when they go to find Henry she finds you

Too Late  [Part Two]

-Emma’s your mom and when they go to Neverland to find Henry, she finds you and tries to save the both of you but it was too late

Rumple’s Parents

-Rumple is your son and he tries to kill you because you and Pan left him


-you’re powerful like your mother, Regina and you convince Pan to not kidnap Henry and just kill rumple instead

Magic Box

-Pan gets frustrated with technology so you laugh at him


-Pan needs to accept that you died

Long Time No See

-you were in an orphanage and Emma knew you

Jealous Game

-your best friend makes Pan jealous by flirting with you because Pan was all over Wendy


-Pan finds out that you’re ticklish


-you’re crazy and you’re the queen of Wonderland

Better Than Wonderland

-Pan brings you somewhere better than Wonderland

Robbie Kay


-Robbie is afraid that you don’t love him back

Break The Distance

-you see Robbie for the first time



-you’re hispanic


                                Fiona becoming the Black Fairy
                          Rumplestiltskin becoming the Dark One
                                  Malcolm becoming Peter Pan

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How Pan Shows His Love For You

Because we all know he isn’t the most openly affectionate or emotional.

  • Always making sure you’re okay when things get intimate between you two.
  • Bringing you handfuls of flowers as an apology after a fight.
  • Making sure that you’re the first to eat at every meal.
  • Wrapping you in extra blankets on particularly chilly nights.
  • Mumbling ‘mine’ between kisses to reassure himself (and you) that you truly do only belong to him.
  • Teaching you protection and healing spells, because he worries that someday he won’t be there to help.
  • Memorizing every little thing about yourself that you tell him, such as your favorite flower and favorite color.
  • Shyly whispering that he loves you. He doesn’t do it often, and it means the world to you when he does.
  • ”I don’t want you going alone, I’m coming with you.”
  • Knowing every single one of your emotions and giveaways to know how you’re feeling inside, from facial expressions to the tone of your voice.
  • Worrying about you constantly, though he may not always vocalize it.
  • Being really overprotective.
  • ”I care about you, princess. I promise I do.”
  • Getting jealous really easily.
  • Becoming restless when he isn’t sure where you are.
  • Telling you every secret of his and never being dishonest with you.
  • Tracing ‘I love you’ on your skin as you fall asleep at night.
  • Threatening to hurt anybody who hurts you.
  • Having Felix watch over you when he isn’t around.
  • Showing you his favorite scenic areas on the island and exploring with you.
  • Trusting you with all his heart.



What the Instagram of the Emma Swan and Killian Jones daughter who is dating Peter Pan would include. Y/n Swan-Jones lives in Storybrooke with her family and Pan pays a visit far too frequently for her parents liking. 

Teaching Peter Pan how to Cuddle Would Include:

For @maxiverse

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  • Peter understands affection, he just doesn’t show it
  • He doesn’t really know how to
  • He didn’t even know how to love his own son
  • This is why you have to teach him

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  • It started with him coming to you
  • “Love. What is a cuddle?”
  • You laughing at this
  • “Let me show you!”

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  • You wrap you arms around him as you both lay on his bed
  • “It’s kind of like hugging but better.”
  • He snuggles into you on instinct, enjoying the human contact
  • “I know you want to kiss me.”
  • “That I do Peter Pan.”

  • You help him lead the Lost Boys
  • But you’re also like a mother to them
  • Lots of kissing
  • Heated arguments
  • But him passionately kissing you during a rant and you forgive him
  • Him teaching you to fight and thinking you’re weak until you prove him wrong
  • Fixing his broken nose after you punched him
  • And him realising he loved you in that moment 
  • Him knowing you can protect yourself
  • Stealing his flute and playing it 
  • Making him softer
  • Him looking at you like you’re his whole world, when you’re not looking
  • Teasing each other a lot
  • Him getting jealous really easily 
  • Living in a treehouse together
  • Waking up with his arms wrapped tightly around your waist
  • Reading bedtime stories to the younger Lost Boys
  • Heated make out sessions in the forest when he’s meant to be teaching you how to fight 
  • Pan usually having a hand resting on the small of your back
  • Being close friends with Felix
  • Being Pan’s only weakness
  • But also being his biggest strength 
  • Midnight walks through the forest
  • Unexpected kisses
  • Being really competitive with each other
  • Him winking at you from across the campfire 
  • Him watching you do something even if a Lost Boy is talking to him
  • Distracting him 
  • Picnics in the forest
  • Being a dynamic duo
  • Becoming good friends with Tink 
  • Him being really flirty
  • “Peter, that’s my ass”
  • “Trust me Love, I know”
  • Playing with his hair whilst lying in bed
  • Whispering ‘I Love You’ in late night conversations 
  • Telling him the story of Peter Pan
  • “Does this mean you’re my Wendy?”
  • “No, because I’ll never leave you”

- Daizy xx