once over coffee bar

Once Over Coffee Bar - 2009 S. 1st St; Austin, TX

Drink: Cold Brew

The first thing I noticed pulling up to this little gem was that the parking lot was crammed. I had to sit politely (while my insides were screaming for caffeine) and wait for someone to vacate a spot, when they finally did I tried to hold myself back from sprinting inside and decided to admire the shaded tables they had out front. Once inside I was impressed by the level of hipster this place seeped. Now I have been told many a time that I am a hipster but the number of people (men and women) rocking jean shorts and ironic tattoos was outstanding. I want to live in this shop. I scoped out the place and chose a spot next to the bar (one of the baristas was cute but in that omg you intimidate me so much way), and noticed that they had a big back patio that was all wooded behind it. Cute. Anyways I got inside and decided on their cold brew, the barista told me it was awesome. Upon paying I discovered that tax is included in all their drink prices to make everything even and if you pay with cash it’s 10% off. Heck yes. Also for those of you looking to begin your binge drinking they have a well stocked bar with many different beers. After ordering I took my seat and started to enjoy my cold brew and holy mackerel it was delicious. So smooth and wonderful with some amazing fruity tones at the end. So good. While sitting at the table I noticed that the cute barista would talk with every single customer, she was one of those baristas that suck you in and seem truly interested. Rare. Honestly the vibe of the place was equally on par with the coffee, I’d recommend this to any coffee connoisseur visiting Austin.

On the presidential rating it receives a THOMAS JEFFERSON.