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If it weren’t such an actual problem straight people who think gay people are privileged would be honestly hilarious, because for centuries and in many countries today you can be killed or prosecuted for being gay, gay marriage was only legalized two years ago, queer people are afraid in most places to walk down the street with their significant other, a vast number of hate crimes are against LGBTQ+ people, and we have to live in almost constant fear of our rights being taken away as people who want to subject us to downright torture in order to strip away our identities invade the government, but cishet people were told once by a gay person that they feel more comfortable with other queer people and think they’re oppressed.

16, ‘Once More, With Feeling’ - sneak peek #3, steroline

Stefan and Caroline do some soul-searching.

“And maybe,” she ventured, dropping her gaze to her hands—they were fiddling with a loose thread from her sweater. “Maybe instead of assuming our inability to move on is all about our exes… “ she felt a swell of vulnerability slowly flooding into her blood and she took in an unsteady breath, “maybe it’s not about them. Maybe we’ve already gotten past what they did. Maybe…” she bit her lip, aware that she was admitting something out loud for the first real time, “maybe we actually just need to forgive ourselves.”

Stefan’s stare flickered up to hers. She was slow to meet it, but when she did, it was soft. “Matt put me through some terrible things, and I let him. I let him, and if I’m being totally honest with myself, I think that, more than anything, is what I’m hung up on. My own weakness, my own inability to see it for what it was and get out sooner. And I know that’s crazy, I know that none of it was my fault, but it just,” she shrugged helplessly, “it doesn’t change the way that I feel about it. Elena cheated and lied to you for a year, and that’s awful, but after hearing you talk about it, I mean,” her shoulders lifted into a gentle shrug, “it kind of sounds like the part that’s still got a hold on you is how blind you were to everything, including whatever role you might’ve played.”

He stared at her, blood thrumming quietly, the words making him feel unsettlingly vulnerable. But there was a strange flicker of hope there.

“So enough.” She lifted a hand out at him. “Stefan Salvatore, I forgive you. Do you forgive you?”

He blinked at her for a beat before slipping into a dry chuckle. “Sure.”

“No, you have to mean it.”

“Okay. Yes.”

“Say ‘I forgive me’.”

“I forgive me.”

“Say, ‘I, Stefan Salvatore, forgive myself’.”

He rolled his eyes. “I, Stefan Salvatore, forgive myself.”  

“Not good enough.”

He scoffed. “Well, what about you, where’s all your self-forgiveness?”

“One person at a time.”

“No way—if I have to sound stupid, you have to sound stupid.” She shot him an exasperated look and he waved at her expectantly. “I, Caroline Forbes…”

Y’all wanted bonding and you’re getting it.

The night that Sherlock and John spent in a cell was so much more eventful than the story that was told at the wedding that day, And to Sherlock it was much more embarrassing.
When being dragged into the cells all Sherlock could think about was the time he spent locked up in a cell in Siberia and it was starting to get overwhelming, he started getting flashbacks. Suddenly he was back locked in the cell not allowed to eat,sleep,speak or given anywhere to use the toilet, to them all he was just a punching bag. He would take hit after hit with anything they could get their hands on.
“Sherlock, you need to calm down, you need to breathe” Johns voice shot through the flashback he was on the floor and he didn’t realise he was screaming into John had shushed him once more, “you are safe.” he kept repeating but it didn’t feel
like it. He felt trapped. Alone. Just like he did in Serbia

“Look he was tortured for a long time in a cell like this, please just put us together he won’t be able to deal with it alone please.” John had resorted to just begging at this point, pleading with the officer. Sherlock couldn’t get through this alone and John knew that he knew about the nightmares Sherlock had after coming home and he couldn’t risk going back down that path now. Sherlock was still crying and it was already tearing John apart. But still they were forced apart into cells next to each other but it was still too far for Sherlock as he continued to scream and cry occasionally John could hear a yell of “Please don’t hurt me!” and it was breaking his heart.

Sherlock couldn’t wipe that place from his mind all he could think about was Serbia and the cell where he was tortured for so long and he was right back there, he wasn’t in London. Not anymore. He couldn’t stop the memories from replying in his head over and over again. He started clawing at his arms just trying to make it all go away he couldn’t stop he was still crying he wanted John. John would make it all go away, he could make it better, he would remind Sherlock he wasn’t in Serbia anymore, that he wasn’t alone, that he was so proud of him.

All John could hear was Sherlocks screams and sobs from the cell next to his and it was tearing him apart he kept talking to sherlock begging him to clam down, reminding him he’s safe and telling him he’s not in serbia anymore but he doesn’t think sherlock can hear him but all he wants to do is be able to comfort his best friend.
The sobbing carries on for hours more the screaming is not only in bursts but John doesn’t think he can do it much longer not only is her tired beyond belief but the fact he couldn’t be the hero to save Sherlock was killing him and he knew that soon he’d have to go to sleep.

Sherlock was alone. There was no one to come save him this time, no Mycroft sat in a corner, no deduction to make them go away nothing could save him. He was scared, so so scared all he wanted was for it to stop, everything to stop. His finger nails were still scratching down his arms trying to claw his way back to reality but to no avail. He could tell, only just that John had gone to sleep because realistically he knew john was close but his memories and flashbacks kept telling him differently. He was alone. He felt truly vulnerable for the first time in his life.

When the morning came and they were let out by none other that Greg Lestrade, Sherlock was still crying. Johns face was a picture of terror when he saw the man, dried and fresh blood littering his arms, chest and nails, tear tracks running down his face hair a mess and more tears rolling.
John leaned forward to hug him and tell him he was sorry but Sherlock flinched. He fell back. Lestrade escorted the men back to 221b, Sherlock ran to his room as quickly as he could and as worried as John was he knew better than to go in right now. Lestrade made them both a cup of tea and sat John down at the kitchen table “So, what happened last night, i don’t mean why you got arrested. I mean to Sherlock, I’ve never seen him like that and I’ve seen him detoxing. Twice”
“When we got brought in, he had a flashback to, you know, and he started screaming and crying and tugging his hair, the police officers just restrained him more making him worse and worse. When i did manage to talk him round the amount of people surrounding him made he panic again and at that point i was basically begging them to put us in the same cell, i explained a thousand times the situation but still he was locked up on his own. It was going on all night Greg, he was screaming crying, begging them ‘not to hurt him’ and i couldn’t stand it i just had to go to sleep to stop myself from going crazy.” John was in tears again by the end of explaining their night to Lestrade when he placed a hand on his shoulder “don’t worry ill get this sorted”

It was hours before Sherlock emerged from his room, he looked disappointed, John looked on from the table where he was sat with a book and two cups of tea trying to pretend that this wasn’t what he’d been waiting for the whole day. Sherlock almost ran to John ecstatic to find that he hadn’t left him after what he’d been like last night, John stood up and opened his arms and Sherlock fell into them crying softly into Johns shoulder “im sorry John i was scared” he mumbled clinging johns shoulder. “hey, hey, hey it’s okay Sherlock, you don’t have to be sorry it’s fine to be scared you have nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry I didn’t fight harder to stay next to you, please forgive me” John said combing his hand through Sherlocks hair, it seemed to calm him down a lot all John wanted to do was make it all okay again, he wanted to make Sherlock happy. “Sherlock, I need to ask you and you need to tell me the truth okay, Did you take anything, did you do anything to yourself?” John asked a voice full of concern and love a hand still stroking Sherlocks dark curly hair. Sherlock softly shook his head, slightly embarrassed John even had to ask him this but he truly knew John cared. “Thank you Sherlock, I’m so so proud of you.”

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Samantha. like most single mothers, was a very sexually frustrated woman. But perhaps unlike most single mothers, her reasons for going so unfulfilled wasn’t due to lack of sex, it was due to the kind of sex she required.

Samantha liked bad men. She needed them in her life but unfortunately for her, they were rather difficult to spot. So Samantha devised her plan for tracking down the right kind of man. She began connecting with men online… selecting potential lovers based on their fetishes and kinks.

The darker and more taboo, the more interesting they became. Once Samantha had got a feel for a guy through chats online, she would arrange to meet him for drinks followed by sex.

During the date she would discuss her personal life, stating that she had a son and she was a single parent and would ask appropriate question about him. Then as the date wound down she would invite him back for some casual sex.

She would engage in foreplay with him, ensuring she used her mouth to show him that she was an open minded woman when it came to sex. Then as she was building him up towards orgasm she would abruptly stop before dropping the news that her son was terminally ill with cancer…

His reaction would tell her whether he was the bad man she was looking for or not…

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I don’t even know what to say
I’m speechless
Your generosity is absolutely beautiful, I hope you know that
You are literally changing lives, helping young people receive an education and the opportunities they deserve
I am so grateful for you, for having you in my community and for how big your heart is.
Karma is going to reward your kindness
I hope the act of giving has brought you so much happiness today anon, it’s one of the best feelings in the world! 💛

Once more - THANK YOU SO MUCH. You absolutely made my day xx


okay but this is a great episode: once more with feeling (btvs | 6x07)

big smiles, everyone! you beat the bad guy. what a lot of fun, you guys have been real swell. and there’s not a one who can say this ended well. all those secrets you’ve been concealing – say you’re happy now, once more with feeling.

There should be a support group for lonely people.

Not like an actual support group where you go to a meeting every Thursday at 5pm and you sit in a circle asking each other, “how are you.”

But, a support group where you’re supported to make friends and to take trips with each other.

Where some days you mingle and read books and grab coffee, and other days you go on rollercoaster rides or bounce on trampolines.

A once a week field trip for lonely people, with other lonely people. For the young and the old.

Yet, I worry that maybe it’ll make them feel more lonely once they go home and lay in bed by themselves…

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #25 // @loveactivist

top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #4. Campbell Saunders

“How am I supposed to survive a whole season here? I have no friends, my hockey team hates me, my family is thousands of miles away and I’m crying in the girls bathroom.”