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favorite BtVS episodes » number 4

∟ 6x07: once more with feeling >> “I gave birth to a pterodactyl”

There’s something to be said about the secrets that are spilled through songs in this episode. Xander and Anya’s doubts first surface and foreshadow the events of Hell’s Bells.  Tara and Willow have their last moment of happiness before the break up which is so beautiful and Amber Benson shines in this episode.  To cap it all off though, Buffy finally admits through song to the Scoobies that they tore her out of Heaven.  Willow’s face after the realization tells it all.  Also Spike and Buffy have their first real kiss in a truly Hollywood moment.  I listen to the soundtrack more often than I care to admit and the poster is on my wall.  Never has a musical episode played so well than in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I still think it was the bunnies.