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Hey StrappleBerry,

I remember when we were the first few Once-luts, it was like I could count how many of us there were on my fingers. Who knew the little Once-ler fandom from that time ago would turn into something as big as this!

I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done. You contributed a lot not only to the once-ler fandom, but to the Seuss fandom as well. I’m really happy for you and I wish you the best of luck :)

We love you boo~

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion of where all this tumblr brony hate came from all of a sudden? It doesn't even seem to just be the SJW either, otherwise normal people (whom rightfully make fun of the SJW movement) will whip right around and mock bronies. It just seems a little hypocritical when there are people similarly infatuated with stuff that'd be embarrassing to talk about in public.

I think it all comes down to outdated gender roles (which, ironically, is something that most SJWs are against).

There are a lot of unfortunate double standards when it comes to men and women - standards which also make life more difficult for those who are trans, agender, or non-binary.

Regardless of what radical feminism may often insist, society is far more comfortable with women performing in typically “male” fields, or engaging in “male” activities, than with men taking part in anything “feminine”.  Sure, it’s still considered “odd” for some people to see a woman working in a steel mill, or on a construction site (and, from personal experience, it’s apparently still a little odd to see a lady house painter), but on the other hand, no one really thinks twice about a woman in a three-piece suit, while a man wearing a skirt is nearly always met with disgust.  Compared to male/male homosexuality, lesbianism is considered more socially acceptable, to the point where it is an added selling point to a film (Black Swan comes to mind), or is even the basis for a reality TV show (where it is considered acceptable for heterosexual women to pretend to be lesbians).  Meanwhile, films featuring male homosexuality are usually relegated to smaller, independent releases, and tend to go ignored by the general public (Brokeback Mountain came as a bit of an anomaly, but keep in mind how the film has since become it’s own punchline, frequently being referenced in jokes against homosexuality, and against cowboys).

Women may occasionally get the odd “kitchen” or “sandwich” joke while playing video games, but no one really crusades to keep them out of it (at least, not on a wider level than the random handful of idiots).  No matter how many times it is insisted by some women that they can’t go out wearing a video game or comic book-related shirt without some guy trying to quiz them, or insinuating that they aren’t a “real” fan (situations that I’ve actually never experienced, despite the majority of my t-shirts being related to gaming, comics, and cartoons), this does not even come CLOSE to what a man has to put up with for engaging in something even marginally “feminine”.

Do we insist that all girls who play video games and enjoy comic books are lesbians?  Do we automatically think the same about girls who enjoy sports, or who are handy with power tools?  On the whole - no.  No, we don’t.  These women are generally praised for being multifaceted, and referred to as “independent”.

Now, say that a man enjoys knitting.  The reaction?  Raised eyebrows as far as the eye can see.  Male quilter?  Same reaction.  It’s almost as though femininity is somehow “wrong”,  or a sign of weakness - something that feminism as a whole was meant to stand against.  By disallowing males to appreciate something “feminine”, aren’t we just reinforcing an obsolete mindset?

With bronies, there was apparently some sort of preconception:  That they were all going to be some kind of army of white knights to be used as examples for feminism to exploit, saying “See?? Femininity isn’t weak!  It isn’t just for women!” (of course, by doing so, they would be unjustly pigeonholing the entire franchise).  Instead, it turned out that these men were just average joes who found themselves enjoying a cartoon that they likely never expected to

It seems as though people refuse to give credit to the show being a lot better than anyone expected, which is frankly incredibly insulting to those who have worked on it.  There’s almost a sort of unspoken insistence that certain shows should be “only” for certain groups - that any male that appreciates it is somehow “taking it away” from the “target” group (a notion that’s about as false and ridiculous as Lucille Ball’s eyelashes).

Meanwhile, no one thinks twice about a woman watching Transformers, or enjoying anything else that’s supposedly “just for boys”.  We pay no attention to the surprising amount of adult content of giant robots produced primarily by women.  We also think nothing of a first-person-shooter game amassing hordes of female fans, complete with it’s own image board, ungodly amounts of adult material, and even naked character models (a set for use in the game, and a separate set for use in Garry’s Mod and Source Filmmaker).  No one thinks anything of it.

Complaints are minimal at best, and anyone that does complain is told to simply “Deal with it!” or “Get over it!”. 

No one assumes that all women that play Team Fortress 2 or watch Transformers do so for entirely sexual reasons.

No one circulates cruel stereotypes about Supernatural fans.

No one creates entire blogs devoted to belittling women who enjoy The Avengers.  

You don’t hear anyone saying “ONCE-LUTS ARE SCUM!”.

It just doesn’t happen.

Meanwhile, even the most casual and innocuous fans of a cartoon full of colorful talking horses are accused of being pedophiles, rapists, “fags”, morbidly obese, “neckbeards”, MRAs, etc.

It all comes down to our still-lingering discomfort with femininity as a whole.  We continue to reinforce the idea that it is “weak”, or “wrong” without even realizing it.  We refuse to accept a male as embracing it without casting aspersions about their morality.  What’s worse is that there are those few fans that, because of this notion, react in the worst possible way - by refusing to accept that there is any femininity present, which is just as misguided and wrong.  This is something we as a society impose upon ourselves.

It’s 2014, and we’re still reinforcing negative gender stereotypes that should have gone out of style with poodle perms.  Nevermind the fact that this mindset is also detrimental to those transitioning to another gender identity, or those who don’t feel as if they belong to any

If you continue to insist that males appreciating something even borderline “feminine” is wrong, then WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT FEMININITY ITSELF?