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Can you write a scene where Sirius finally telling Remus he loves him? xx

It had become a game.

An excruciatingly pointless game of endless tongue biting, seducing, and prodding on both ends. It was Sirius’s fault really, for making such a big deal of a few words.

And for his innate stubbornness.

Maybe Remus’s own headstrong self had a role in this dance of theirs.

But really, it was Sirius’s fault.

Perhaps he ought to explain himself.

It all began with a slip of the tongue. And of course, a simple dare.

As it always does.

They had all been lounging in the common room: Sirius, Remus, Peter, James, and Lily. They were scheming an elaborate plan to make the oblivious Dorcas and Marlene profess their love to one another. A plan that included a singing choir of toads, an invasion of the kitchens, and a choreographed ice skating routine on the Black Lake.

All of which was mainly orchestrated by Remus himself.

The group was laughing themselves silly at the purely idiotic ideas James was rashly throwing out, his girlfriend trying (but failing) to cover his mouth with her hand.

At that point in time, Sirius and Remus had been together for all of seven months. They had wholeheartedly, hopelessly fallen in love.

Except for the fact that they hadn’t yet said those three magical words yet.

And that was the night Remus nearly said it.

“That’s an awful idea, Prongs,” Sirius exclaimed through his snorts.

“How dare you! Marlene loves sonnets and I’m a wonderful poet. Isn’t that right, Evans?” James looked at her with hopeful eyes.

Lily looked away, avoiding his gaze. That was all the answer he needed.

Peter, Remus, and Sirius burst out laughing, Lily joining in with them.

James feigned offense, burrowing into his girlfriend for emotional support.

Remus had lost interest once Peter asked Lily how she really knew that Dorcas and Marlene were in love - not just crushing on each other. Sirius was tucked between his legs on the loveseat, his raven hair splayed upon Remus’s chest as he ran his fingers through it absentmindedly. He tuned out the laughter and voices out, simply staring down at his boyfriend’s curved lips, dark eyeliner, and glowing cheeks.

And then Peter said it.

“Remus, how do you know you’re in love with Sirius?”

The bastard.

Remus’s eyes popped open. He blushed furiously as he panicked, accidentally kicking Sirius out of his lap and onto the fall.

“What the hell, Re?” Sirius looked up at him with a question on his face and mirth in his eyes.

“I, uh…Well, um…” he stuttered.

“Oh, spit it out!”

“Oi! That’s my boyfriend there, Prongs.”

“Go shove it.”

“You go shove it in Lily’s - ”

“Boys!” Lily yelled out in frustration, instantly stopping the fight that was undoubtedly about to occur. Four sets of eyes turned to her as she fumed.

“You,” she glared at James, “need to control yourself.”

Sirius snorted.

“And you,” she turned to him, “don’t get to tell my boyfriend where to shove it, thank you very much.”

All the boys got silent, hanging onto her every word. Pleased by what she saw, Lily continued.
“Remus, please explain to Peter how you tell the difference between love and infatuation. So we can move on and continue planning. That iced over lake won’t be there forever.”

Remus’s eyes darted to Sirius, who was smirking at him with a challenging glint in his eyes.

“Thing is, we haven’t… er, we haven’t exactly had that conversation yet,” Remus explained timidly. He went on quickly as James gasped (a little dramatically, if he might add). “But you can just ask James and Lils here, Wormtail.”

An awkward silence enveloped the room as no one said a word. James shook his head, looking like a disappointed parent as Lily burned a hole into the back of Remus’s head across the room. Peter was merely hanging off the edge of his seat like a child.

“I would like to have that conversation, you know.” Sirius broke the pregnant pause. “Because I do… you know.”

“Sorry, I don’t know. You’ll have to be more specific,” Remus countered back with a raised brow.

Sirius gritted his teeth, picking himself off the floor as he looked down at his boyfriend on the couch. “I’d rather have this conversation in private.” A meaningful look around the room.

“I think we’re fine here.”
“I agree,” James piped up.

The animagus threw up his hands in exasperation and groaned. “You’re impossible! I know how you feel. You know how I feel. Why are we still beating around the bush? I’ve known since the moment you held my hand all night after I was kicked out. It’s just three words, Remus. Just say them.”

“Or what?” Remus tested.

A step closer. “Or I’ll seduce it out of you.”
An audible gasp from the peanut gallery.

“I dare you.”

And here they were now. Two weeks later, and barely holding it together. And Remus was losing. By a lot. Without even had said those three words, Sirius was absolutely doing what he’d promised. Seducing him to nothing but a hot pile of goo.

He had even written fanfiction for them, he was so helpless.

But then today arrived and everything changed.

It was eleven o’clock on a Sunday, and Sirius stood up from Remus’s four poster bed after a gloriously lazy morning of seduction on his behalf. Naked under his sheets, Remus watched as his boyfriend buttoned up his jeans.

“That should be a daily thing,” Remus smirked up at him suggestively.

Sirius chuckled with humor and replied, “If only we could convince James to sleep over Lily’s every night… Oh, wait. I almost forgot he was a straight, horny teenager.”

Remus snorted. Sirius finished changing and checked his watch.

“Duty calls. Lily is having me charm paper into cranes for The Plan.” Sirius leaned down to kiss him gently before pulling away (to Remus’s dismay) and walking towards the door. He saluted, sighing as he realized that he was walking away from his very shirtless boyfriend in bed.

“Have fun getting bossed around by Evans.”

“Always,” he clutched his heart, feigning disappointment. “I can’t believe you think you’d have to remind me of such a thing.”

A pillow was promptly thrown at his face. He, of course, ducked effortlessly.

“I’ll be back tonight, my love,” Sirius blew a kiss, opening the door to exit.

“Bye, I love you.”

And just as the words left Remus’s lips, he froze with horror.

Sirius’s head snapped back as he clapped a hand over his mouth. The next words out of his mouth were not ‘I love you too’. No. They were, instead, these words, which were screamed theatrically into the occupied Gryffindor common room:


And that’s the story of how Sirius Black received a beating from Remus Lupin as the rest of the House cheered him on.

It also happens to be the story that James Potter, the best man, tells at their wedding six years from then.

  • Hunk, frosting Keith's birthday cake: Hey Lance, how do you spell Keith's name again? I always get the 'i' and 'e' mixed up
  • Lance: I’ll have you know that I got second place in a spelling bee once so you can trust me when I say that it's spelled q-u-i-c-h-e
  • Keith, from across the castle: THAT'S NOT HOW YOU SPELL MY NAME AND YOU KNOW IT LANCE

i really really dig the trailers for oxenfree, so i tried to draw a few of my favorite scenes from them. shame none of them happen in game, but im also glad the trailers dont spoil the whole story, you know?

  • Mom: Why can't you just trust me?
  • Me: trust isn't the issue one the table here.
  • Mom: then why can't we watch tv together?
  • Me: cuz you're as straight as a pencil and I'm too gay to function.
  • Mom: I thought you were ace!
  • Me: I still think girls are cuter than guys!
Because seeing you again
feels like visiting our favorite place,
while listening to our favorite song,
after a long year,
the memories keep flooding in—
the feelings are still remaining,
but the people we were once
already lost their matching rhythm.
—  ma.c.a // Suddenly, We stopped dancing

2017 book releases I’m most looking forward to