once lings

*Walks in several hours late with cough medicine*

I loved Stranger Things 2. Especially Steve Harrington, doting father of four, who gave me all kinds of Roy vibes <3 

oh man i keep meaning to make a post about this but the thing i love about greed and ling’s relationship is that like. bodysharing/supernatural possession narratives are usually p fraught with shitty skewed power dynamics and rly bad consent issues and everything, but ling and greed pretty much sidestep all of that and end up having this weirdly cute and functional relationship instead??

cause like, first of all bc ling actually wants greed to use his body and he actively chooses to let that happen. i mean obviously the situation was skeevy and father didn’t care about ling’s consent at all, but he DOES consent knowing p well what he’s getting himself into, and he tells greed straight up in their first conversation a. that he’s cool with this and b. why he’s ok with it and what his angle is

and like?? literally within the first couple days greed agrees to deliver a message for ling? and like when king bradley asks him how he likes his new body he’s like “great! the dude whose body it was is p cool!” like Greed totally acknowledges Ling’s personhood from the get go and is pretty respectful of it all things considered

and then later when Greed cuts ties with the homunculi he becomes simultaneously more dependent on ling and more like, able and “allowed” to explore that relationship. and that’s when they start willingly switching off on who has control of the body, which is like. my Favorite thing with greedling oh my god. its so great. they switch around according to who needs it and whats convenient and what best serves both of their purposes and they cooperate and work together and it is SO GREAT

but yeah and there’s just so much communication between the two of them too? like with ling telling greed exactly what he wants and what his goals are, and greed being like “haha ok. respect.” and there really is an equal power dynamic between the two of them in their interactions. cause the way their relationship starts out is with ling saying like “yes, you can have control of my body, and no that doesn’t mean you assert any power over my agency or my personhood or my agenda” and from there their relationship develops into a cooperative one bc greed i think really honors that and values it even

and omfg greed is so demonstrative and open about how much he LIKES ling and ~~thinks he’s cool~ its so??? cute??????????????? and then ling starts out so fricking pissy with greed and tired of his shit and then by the end he’s so devastated to lose him god. GOD

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Okay but

Consider if Greed would have lived

- Xing being ruled by 2 kings, living in the same body. One being kind and beneficial to those in need, the other taking charge of tax rates and the treasury (which isn’t a good idea lets be honest)

- Lan Fan dealing with Greed on a daily basis, and their daily exchange going something like: “Hey Lan Fan” “My Lord” “Wrong guy.” “Ah. How are you?” “Decent.”

- Greed not Dying after father , but instead passing on serious injuries to Ling, and having to keep in control of Lings body for a while because if he wasn’t, Ling would die from the sheer pain that only a homunculus could handle. He would still be in pain. Leven after regenerating and being healed, he would still have moments of severe and crippling pain, regardless of who was in control.


- Ed and Al visiting on occasion to be 1) Tackle hugged by Ling and 2) Pick pocketed by Greed.

- Greed and Ling making sure NO ONE gets away with any crimes, lowering Xings crime rates to almost non existent.

- Greed taking over (without permission) during a conference with the new Fuhrër of Amestris, and getting scolded after words.

- Greed taking naps in Lings bed. Ling waking up to find he’s slept half way through the day. Greed insisting on going back to bed.

- Ling waking up from nightmares during the night and being reminded that it was all just a dumb dream by Greed, even though he’s still shaken up, because one of the dreams was Greed sacrificing himself to weaken Father enough to kill him, instead of how it played out in the AU.



I don’t post enough witchy stuff, so here’s a photo of my altar. Sorry for the bad photo quality! 

  • A little clay sculpture I made of a raven/crow sitting on a skull, an offering to Morrigan.
  • The Black and white print I made in the back is also an offering to Morrigan.
  • The little red, heart-shaped bottle on the right is an old perfume bottle that I made into an ‘offering potion’ of sorts. Guess for who.
  • Black and red candles. The black one is scented, I think it’s sandalwood.
  • The little red box on the right side is an old earring box that I decorated with Washi tape, I keep my pendulum in there.
  • My tarot cards, as of yet they don’t have a box to keep them safe in, so I keep them on my altar instead.
  • On top of my tarot cards is a black onyx stone,  I put it on there to soak up any negative energy on my cards.
  • A little glass bowl as an offering dish, until I find or buy something better.
  • A wooden dagger as my Athame. I actually picked this up a while back at the viking tour up in Dublin, and I thought I might as well use it, once again, until I find something better suited.
  • My beautiful Celtic raven pendant given to me by @satimentyet … she was trying to help me connect more with Morrigan. There’s also an Anubis pendant she gave me hiding somewhere behind my tarot cards, She works with Anubis and through her I sort of have a ‘friendship’ with him I guess? I give him an offering now and then.
  • A tiger’s eye bracelet, which you probably can’t see due to the crappy photo. It was given to me by my mother a looooong time ago, before I became a witch-ling. Once I learned about stones/crystals and their powers, I researched tiger’s eye and found it had magical properties. Was pretty excited about it! I wear it whenever I need to be brave and confident.
  • And smack in the middle is my little BOS/Grimoire, whatever you would call it. A beautiful (and EXPENSIVE) leather-bound book with bamboo-paper. I’m not so sure about the little stone on the front of it. I’ve always wanted to know what it is but I can’t tell with these things. I blew like 50 euro on that little book because I can’t handle money and I like pretty things.
  • Some little arts ‘n’ craft roses I had lying around, I decided to put them on there for a bit of decoration.
  • Last but not least is an old skull-pattern scarf I use as a table-cloth.(Shelf-cloth??? Whatever.) 
  • And that’s my altar folks. Nothing special but I love it all the same.