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pls pls do bts when they're drunk


  • the crazy drunk
  • volume is stuck at level 200
  • gets unnecessarily competitive
  • determined to outdrink everyone there
  • “i bet on my left nostril that i can take more shots than u”
  • tries to fight everyone
  • extra blunt and honest
  • hyper
  • everyone laughs at his antics
  • life of the party


  • the reliable drunk
  • he holds alcohol the best out of the boys
  • more buzzed than drunk
  • prevents anyone from killing themselves
  • 50% laughing at everyone’s drunk antics
  • 50% judging them
  • sassy
  • gets in a really good mood
  • more touchy than usual
  • takes videos of everyone’s embarrassing moments to use as blackmail

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  • the wild drunk
  • goes overboard
  • super weird and crazy
  • does the most stupid shit
  • like dancing on a table
  • or using a lamp post as a stripper pole
  • “me? drunk? lmAO im not even that drunk”
  • passes out 5 minutes later
  • is dragged home by yoongi

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  • the philosophical drunk
  • *walks into door*
  • “shit sorry man”
  • has lengthy conversations with his ryan plushies
  • deep discussions about the universe
  • kinda has an empty stare the whole time
  • gets scared by his own shadow
  • dances badly
  • embarrasses everyone
  • just wants to rest his head on someone shoulder

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  • the horny drunk
  • i n t e n s e flirting
  • super clingy
  • doesn’t shut up
  • stumbles and falls all over everyone
  • hugs every person he encounters
  • “did u guys know that i love you?”
  • high pitched giggles
  • uses cheesy pick up lines
  • winks at everyone who makes eye contact with him
  • lowkey a fuckboy


  • the weird drunk
  • wears his shoes on his hands
  • laughs too loud at things that aren’t funny
  • pats everyone on the back way harder than necessary
  • clings onto his friends
  • gets gradually more serious as the night progresses
  • and eventually he’s on the ground spilling all his secrets
  • confesses things he’s never told anyone
  • has the worst hangover and doesn’t remember anything


  • the extra drunk
  • takes a while to loosen up but once he does oh boy
  • even more courageous than usual
  • tries to fight a bush 
  • pranks everyone
  • throws people into the pool
  • does dumb stuff to impress people
  • “kook i bet you can’t break a bottle on ur head”
  • B E T
  • gets the balls to flirt with his crush
  • “are you drunk?” 
  • “no i’m jungkook”
  • overdramatic 

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Joker Imagine - Texting

Joker’s P.O.V.

“..so breaking in from that side would be better” One of the men around me said sternly to another one. I was at the club, having a meeting with some other criminals. Although I loved chaos and crimes, this was getting boring. They were planning it too clearly. There was no freedom and fun left in it. Truly, I wanted to put a bullet through their heads.

I sighed, tapping my fingers on the wooden table as I put my empty glass of whisky down. I swallowed it easily and then looked around. Perhaps things would be better if I argued with them? Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I grabbed it and noticed that I got a message from Y/N. Thinking it was important, I opened it. Oh man, it wasn’t what I expected.

From Y/N: I lost my teddy bear :(

Although Y/N was a little on the crazier side, that message made no sense. For all that I knew, she didn’t have one. It confused me so I replied.

Me: What teddy?

I sent the message and then stared at the screen, waiting for a reply. Was she high? It wouldn’t be a surprise. Things had been rough and I’m sure she’d love to take a relaxing joint. Finally, she replied.

Y/N: It doens’t matter. Can I sleep with you instead? ;)

The corners of my mouth turned into a small smile unnoticingly. At least she wasn’t in trouble. I had to admit, I never thought Y/N would use pick-up lines or anything. I just replied with a ‘ha ha ha’ and put my phone on the table. I tried to listen to the boring nagging of these men but I couldn’t do that. I got a new message from Y/N so I checked it.

Y/N: Wanna come home and watch porn on a mirror?

By that I knew she was horny. It was really cheesy from Y/N but it was also kind of funny. Although I would’ve loved to go home from this boring meeting, I couldn’t. This was important. I started writing back to her.

Me:  Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night.

Y/N read the message and started typing. I sighed once again as I waited for her message. She typed really long until she stopped. For a little while I thought she’d ignore me, but I was wrong. She sent me a picture. The picture loaded and I opened it. My eyes widened and I brought the screen closer to my face. Y/N was naked in our kitchen, holding a bottle of whipped cream in her hand. She had a strawberry in her mouth and that naughty look on her pretty face. She knew exactly what she was doing.

I growled and then stood up, catching the men’s attention. “Excuse me, I’ve got to leave” I mumbled, not meaning it politely. Then I headed to the car, typing at the same time. Y/N better expect me soon..

Me: Naughty girl, you’re getting into a lot of trouble for interrupting my night.

I pressed send and then took a seat in my lamborghini. Yes, I had a drink but I didn’t care about the law anyway. The engine roared and I started driving towards my hideout. As I drove, my phone buzzed. I couldn’t help but to check it.

Y/N: Oh I just want to have some fun!

She would be so sorry..

Me: If you’re not in bed when I get there, you’ll be sorry

Y/N: Ooh..exciting ;)

I pulled over and parked the car. Then I got out eagerly, forgetting my phone in the car as well. Y/N wa son my mind now. I got into the elevator and started to undo my buttons. As I got up in the penthouse, I saw her clothes scattered on the floor. Then I heard footsteps, meaning that she ran to the bed. A smile grew larger on my face. I hummed something until I reached our bedroom, seeing her in bed. Y/N’s beautiful body was in full display and the light shining in from the window highlighted her curves.

“Oh I heard you running. You weren’t in bed soon enough” I let her know darkly. Y/N just shrugged and bit her lip. “Oops” Was her answer. Oh yes, oops indeed.

A/N: One day I’ll make a sexting version because why the hell not? :) 

Fake Love (part ten)

Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky comes to reader for dating tips and doesn’t know reader has feelings for him, reader starts a fake relationship with Sam in order to show Bucky what he’s missing out on

Chapter Summary: Bucky is suspicious of Sam and reader. Reader and Sam come up with a plan as they head back to the Tower. Bucky and reader finally get the chance to talk

Warnings: be prepared

Author’s Note: Okay, this isn’t the last part to the story but I just wanna say I’m glad all of you enjoyed this fic. It was my first one and I never thought so many people would like it, so I just wanna thank you guys. You are the ones who have motivated me to keep on writing and made me confident in my work, so really I’ll never stop thanking y’all. I’m sad that Fake Love is coming to an end but that means that there’s more stories to come (Tag list is open and so are requests)

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(Bucky’s POV)

Okay, something weird is going on. When Sam admitted that they didn’t know the full story of things, Bucky let a flicker of hope ignite the flames of love for Y/N. He actually felt that they would have a chance at a relationship.

But, then Y/N came and basically announced that Sam and her were going on a date. And Bucky was getting annoyed by how much they felt the need to touch each other. No, he wasn’t jealous. 

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Psst! Harry and Ginny for the ship thing?

oh god HELL YES I looooove thinking about these two just being domestic and gross. they deserve it so much. 

Who said “I love you” first: At some point after the Battle of Hogwarts was done - maybe it was while people were still pulling bodies from the rubble, maybe it was back at the Burrow, I don’t know - they found themselves alone together. Well, maybe not physically alone, but they felt alone. They let themselves lean into each other, touching for the first time in months, and it was painfully unromantic. They just held each other up for a bit.

“I’m glad you’re alive,” said Ginny, who was never one for romance.

“Thanks,” said Harry.

“I think I love you, you know.”

Any other time Harry would have choked. He would have panicked and said something terrible, and then had to go run this by Hermione to find out exactly what he should have said.

But just then he nodded and said, “You too. I love you too, I mean.”

(He panicked about it later, wondering if they’d said it to soon, but he never regretted it.) 

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Ginny isn’t usually sentimental, but she does insist on taking cute couple selfies with Harry to be her background. When they’re older, there’s a picture of Harry fast asleep with all three of their small children that she’ll have as her background for years. It’s her favorite picture in the world.

Harry honestly hits me as the type of person to leave his phone background with the generic setting, so Ginny just takes some selfies on his phone and sets on as his background for him.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Ginny but she mostly just draws dicks or dumb stuff like that.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts: I mean… they’re two huge dorks with waaaay too much money at their disposal. You know they both do. Harry literally never worries about money in the Wizard world, so whenever he sees shit Ginny might like he just buys it for her.

It took Ginny a while to get used to being financially stable, and she tries to be responsible about it anyway, but every once in a while she sees some stupid shit that Harry would love and goes “fuck it we’re rich.”

Who initiated the first kiss: as we all know, Ginny took care of that one IN FRONT OF ALL OF GRYFFINDOR, GOOD JOB GINNY

Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Harry; Ginny usually tells him his morning breath is terrible and then kisses him back anyway. (Honestly I love these kids but they’re probably like… disgustingly comfortable with each other’s grossness. Have they shared a toothbrush? It’s possible.)

Who starts tickle fights: Honestly that is… not recommended; Ginny is prone to getting violent when tickled. 

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: I don’t think they’re a shower sharing couple, really; they both enjoy a bit of space. But one will happily hang about in the bathroom chatting with the other until they get out of the shower.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Ginny shows up at the Ministry all the damn time just to hang out with Harry and there’s not a dang thing anyone can do to stop her. He’s Harry Fucking Potter, nobody is going to tell him his girlfriend/wife is in too much.

Who kills/takes out the spiders: They both do; there’s no spider fear here.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Honestly I think drunk Ginny must be like… a riot. She doesn’t even so much proclaim her love as, like, get really handsy and try flirting with Harry very badly. He thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world.

Harry’s the one who will have, like, two drinks and be staring Ginny in the eyes and asking if she knows how much he loves her.

One of my favorite headcanons I’ve ever came up with is what’s if El’s future children had superpowers just like her, only not THE SAME powers she’s got because, I mean, there’s different areas of the brain that can be developed to their fullest, right?

Imagine Mike and Eleven’s first son who has precognition powers, so whenever Dustin, Lucas, and Will come over for dinner or just visiting they’re always so marveled by their little nephew each in their own way. Imagine Dustin kneeling down and gently but very seriously holding the kid by the shoulders and asking what the lottery numbers will be because he NEEDS to know them. Then Lucas pushing his friend aside telling the little boy to forget about that and concentrate in something more important like what football team will win the World Cup that year. Now, their bickering continues in the background as Will affectionately ruffles the kid’s hair and tells him to not mind his silly uncles, but the kid is actually very interested in this attention he gets from them and always sees what he can get from Dustin and Lucas (things such as, chocolate, toys, and other goodies) in exchange for his knowledge. Neither Eleven nor Mike approve of this so they always sight defeatedly when they find their son with a new action figure or a bag of sweets.

“What did they ask you this time?”
“If the girl Uncle Lucas gave his number to will call and when”

But now imagine them all together having breakfast one morning and everything is normal when he, at the age of seven, suddenly drops his plate of food and his eyes widen. Eleven panics and is by his side immediately asking her darling what’s wrong.

“Mom… I’m gonna have a sister.”

Now Imagine if their first daughter who can read minds and it’s always so hard to deal with her; in most times Mike and Eleven have to leave the planing of her birthday and Christmas presents for last minute because that’s the ONLY WAY to keep them a surprise for her. Other times they’re literally forced to store cookies, Eggos and other sweets in a safe (that opens with a key!! Not a passcode!!) because it’s impossible to have another reliable hiding place that she couldn’t find out. But now imagine one night the three of them are together watching a movie, Mike and El are cuddled up in the couch while their daughter is sitting at the La-Z-Boy and their son is laying on the floor… but Mike has already seen this movie with Dustin and Will once so after a while he grows bored and ends up staring at El as she rests her head on his chest staring at the movie when all of a sudden…

“Dad! Omg stop it with the cheesy thoughts. Yes, I know how much you love mom. Yes, I know she’s beautiful. Geez, you’re gross.”

Imagine the kids always fighting and messing with each other using their powers and a very inexperienced Mike feeling so done and pretty sure parenting isn’t supposed to be this hard for most people. Their children would be very competitive specially of who can find out stuff first.

“Mom is giving you a bike for Christmas! Hah!”
“Oh yeah? Well Dad is getting you a Karaoke for your birthday!”

But regardless of their fighting they know they love each other and are always there to support each other. Let’s think that at some point her brother foresees the Bad Men coming for them and he is so confused because he doesn’t know who they are or why do they want them?? All he knows is what he can see in his visions of this terrible people dragging them to a lab by force. But his sister can read his mind and know something is wrong… So after confronting him on the topic she explains to him that she can see the same Men in mom’s memories and they tried to exploit her and her powers when she was a child. So together they team up and defeat them!

I also think that just like their mom, this kids wouldn’t have full control of their powers… Mostly when they’re asleep instead of dreaming, she sees the memories of the nearest person to her, either her brother or her parents or her friends when she’s at a sleepover, and he sees random flashes of future scenarios. Sometimes their girl would wake up at night scared and trembling after seeing El’s memories of the Lab, the Demogorgon or her year trapped in the upside down. In those nights her brothers comforts her by either asking her happy questions only she can answer.

“So when exactly did Dad realize he was in love with mom?”
“…About… Well, there was this one time he was helping her to put on some make up and he thought she was cute… But realizing he was in love was gradually.”

Or other times he tells her happy stories of the things they’ll do in the near future. Like the trip they’re planning to the beach and how dad will teach them how to fly a kite and the two will play tag, and then mom will find a pretty conch and put it in a necklace for her. Still, he makes sure to keep the best details a secret to maintain the excitement of when she lives them. Or some times he will just mess with her a little to tease her.

“Will Mom and Dad really let us try a sip of wine in that fancy restaurant that night?”
“Mhhhh… I’m not sure… You’ll have wait and see…”
“Did you made that up?”
“Who knoowwwsss…”

IMAGINE THEM ALL BEING TOGETHER A KICK-ASS FAMILY! And then there’s sweet fragile Mike cheering for them in a corner.

[Also a big thank you to @eggos-and-promises for helping me with some of this HCs during one of our wild 1 AM conversations]

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autumn breeze is such a nice story omg. i wanna ask, how would jbj members react when they come home to you wearing nothing but their shirt on and dancing/singing to their song? haha

ahh i’m glad you like it hehe

Taehyun is most likely gonna stop and watch you until you are done or if you notice him, and then he will be like “what is going on?” and will literally laugh the whole time you were dancing or singing cutely. After that he’d give you a hug and be like “you’re the cutest ever, I’m happy you’re mine.” or some other cheesy stuff haha

Kenta will definitely join you once he notices what you’re doing. He loves to have fun, and him with his partner fooling around is a ton times even more fun

Sanggyun would either join you right away or just watch you, or even take pictures and videos of you while you didn’t notice. Once you do notice him, he tells you to continue but you end up getting embarrassed so he’d probably join you by then lol

Yongguk will be so confused to why you were just in his shirt and dancing/singing around to his song. He would be embarrassed for you ngl, but he’d also just laugh at you most of the time and you would even have to force him to join you 

Hyunbin is likely gonna freeze once he sees you and just have his mouth open the whole time until you notice him arrive. And like Taehyun, he’s gonna be confused on what’s going on and just ask you why you acted like that. Then again, you end up doing it again and Hyunbin would literally have no choice but to join you too

Taedong would quietly walk away to a different room and steal glances at you while you were having fun or just sit on the couch and continue watching you until you notice him already being home. He’d just clap at how silly you were and would pull you in for a hug and be like “are you usually like this when I’m not around?”

Donghan would just stare blankly and silently walk his way to wherever he was going. When you see him and tell him to join, he’d just shrug and try to ignore you. In the end, he’s gonna join you anyway because he just loves having fun 

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Hoi! Can I haz some fluffy Grillby Relationship Headcannons? And congrats on your new blog!:3

So long have I awaited the day that I could write fluffy Grillby headcanons… not really I made this blog today but I’m still excited!


- W A R M

- Despite the fact that he’s made of fire, it’s not dangerous or harmful to touch him because… he’s made of magic fire (nailed it)

- This makes it easy for Grillby’s s/o to snuggle up to him

- Hug him he’s like a giant space heater living in Snowdin.
- He may be quiet but don’t mistake his silence for shyness. He can be very social he’s just a bit more introverted.

- He is 100% okay with PDA.

-If he’s ever walking around his restraint and taking orders from people, his s/o could literally run up to him and give him a big smooch on the cheek and He’ll keep doing what he’s doing.

- As long as you don’t get in the way of his work he’s mostly okay with you hanging around the restaurant every once in a while.

- When he has one on one time with his s/o he normally likes to keep things low-key.

- He’ll sometimes spend the whole day just chatting with them (they’ll probably do most of the talking but Grillbz love the sound of their voice).
- Will always ask about their day no matter how formal it seems.

- Did I mention that he’s very formal?

- He will open doors for you, pull out chairs, get you flowers (that he tries really hard not to burn), get you little chocolates, all that cheesy stuff!

-He’s also very affectionate, always listening to what his s/o say so he knows exactly how to make them smile. Whether it’s little things like a hug here and there or something completely different, he’ll do what he can to let his s/o know that he loves them!

-Mod Justice

My Reaction to Naruto Ships:


It’s cute and emotional all in one. It has so much chemistry and it just works. #Shipped


The amount of ways this ship doesn’t work might add up to how many stars there are in the sky. I’m sorry. But, this ship is… revolting to say the least. #DefNot #HellaNope #NoTP


Scandalous and perfect. Teacher-Student? Sure, not typical but I think Kakashi could keep Sakura down and Sakura could bring Kakashi up. #IShipIt


It doesn’t work. Naruto deserves better and Sakura needs someone who can handle her. #YouCanDoBetter 


Flawless. The strong guy who inspires the shy girl to be strong herself. The shy girl giving inspiration to the strong guy. This shit is absolutely perfect and borderline canon #I'llGoDownWithThisShip


You’re kidding right? Out of all the ships out there, I truly feel like this is more of a crack ship than anything. Hinata and Sasuke don’t even have dialogue directed directly to one and other. #YouCouldAlsoNot


I mean, I get the idea. Am I all for it? Not Really. I think their chemistry isn’t as strong as some of the other ships. #CuteButNotMyStyle


Honestly, I feel as if this ship was a missed opportunity. Ino is Grace and Kiba is … extremely ungraceful. It has… possibilities. But… #CloseButNo


No, but seriously, if I don’t make this one sentence I will seriously talk about this ship till the end of eternity. I love this ship with everything I have to offer in this world. #OTPtoEndAllOTPs #MyShip #IWillAlwaysNeedThis #IWillSellMySoulForIt


Sigh. This ship is so complicated. Appearance wise: Cute. Personality wise: Don’t. Sai barely knows how to function as a human. Ino enjoys his resemblance to Sasuke. All around? It would never work. In fact Sai x anyone would never work. #ThanksButNoThanks


It’s cute. Ino is so high maintenance. Shikamaru is so over it. They grew up together and their birthdays are one day apart. One of those, they’ve always been together so why not ships. #Likely #ItsExtraCute


Temari knows what she wants when she wants it. She is one bad bitch. Shikamaru needs a girl to kick him in his pants every once in a while. I adore it. Don’t tell my boyfriend he thinks I hate this ship #SecretShip


I am going to explain Naruto and Gaara’s relationship right now. So, bare with me. So, imagine that this was a cheesy teen romance movie. Naruto is the studly love interest. Sasuke is his bitchy, mean, shitty girlfriend. and Gaara is the “friendzoned” girl friend of Naruto’s that wants to bang him. After all the stuff happened in the original series and Gaara’s resurrection the only thing Gaara ever talks about is Naruto. When Gaara fights against Sasuke at the 5 kage summit. Gaara’s basicly saying “Why are you being an ass, You’ve got Naruto as a boyfriend. That’s like everything.” and Sasuke’s still the bitchy girlfriend. But seriously, Gaara desperately wants to be Naruto’s BFF but he wants Sasuke as a BFF so Gaara is pretty much ripping his hair out. That is it. Simple as that. #GaaraPlease #HeDontWantYou


The emotions behind this ship will seriously be the death of me! Gaara needs proper affection. Lee is full of it. Their chemistry is beautiful. #CanWeMakeThisAThing


This ship is just a little off. Yeah, there were little hints that Tenten had a thing for Lee but all that was there, has completely burnt out. It’s not a thing. #HowAboutWeNot




Hate Sex is the best sex. No, but their rivalry is perfect. They would probably miss the sass and all the bickering and it’s just too perfect for words. #YesPlease


Look. Karin does not need someone like Sasuke and Sasuke does not need Karin. Sasuke needs a girl who won’t jump all over him and can stand on her own two feet. Karin needs someone who can put her in her place. #Never #NotGonnaEverBeAThing

So, that’s really all the ships that come to my mind as of right now. But seriously. There’s nothing I love more then debating ships with people. If you want to debate ships with me, message me and I’ll give you my skype name. 

It’s one of those mornings where they are lying in bed, nothing going on, nothing scheduled. Outside the city is roaring and beating and rushing, but in 221B, or to be more specific, their bedroom, the world stands still.

They are both awake. Not quite awake, it is still early after all, but awake enough to hold each other, both on their sides and with their hands in each other’s hair. Awake but still sleepy, blinks still slow, minds not fully present, but their hearts all the more open.

They are looking at each other, sky blue eyes meeting ocean blue. They are staring at each other for a long time, an amount of time somehow lost in the universe, could’ve been minutes, could’ve been hours, and behind their eyes lies sheer amazement, lies wonder, lies warmth that makes the heart glow.

John stretches out his hand and places it on Sherlock’s cheek, lazily stroking his thumb over one sharp cheekbone and his palm over the slightest bit of morning stubble. Sherlock smiles shyly and closes his eyes as he presses his face closer into John’s hand. With his eyes closed, he feels him more intensely, feels the carefulness of his touch. It should be unreal, unbelievable. It has not been long since they have become this.

He concentrates on his own heartbeat, on John’s palm that is a little bit rough, the sensation making it feel a little less like a dream. He shuffles closer to him and John meets him halfway. Sherlock’s own hand raises, he lines it up against John’s chest. Hand to heart. He feels so very warm. He knows this is real then, somehow he knows. It’s the heart that beats beneath his touch, the softness of clothes as their bodies press against each other.

It’s the pair of lips, gentle, hot, close, that meets his own. Sherlock opens for him, gasping as John’s tongue finds his own and they are kissing, snogging the time away. It slows the wheels spinning in his mind, it’s like a strong drug but better, and he feels high, high above the clouds.

“Seven years ago we met,” Sherlock whispers when they part.

“You changed my life,” John whispers back. “Saved my life. Did I ever tell you that?”

Sherlock smiles against him, sadly. “You didn’t have to.”

“Hey.” John lifts his chin a little, locking eyes with him once more. “We’re still here together. And you know what’s so unbelievable about that?”

Sherlock blinks, waiting for an answer. For once, he doesn’t know.

“Seven years? And I still love you more every day, ever since.“

They skip the talking from there before one of them cries. Instead they pour all they want to say into kisses. They kiss and kiss for a long time. As, for them, it is always January 29.


more of my fics.


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Chapter TwentyOne


Whipping my black Audi R8 into the student car park, I pulled out my phone and sent my girl Jasmine a quick msg that I was here before pulling my hoodie over my head and stepping out of the car.

It had been a two weeks since the championship and the buzz of the win was still going heavy throughout Miami and the last thing I needed or wanted was being spotted by a bunch of college kids.

Keeping my head down, I followed the instructions that Jas had sent me earlier on in the day that led towards the food court sized cafeteria that she insisted we eat lunch at. I tried to persuade her to let me take her to a real restaurant but Jas being the simply person she is, insisted we eat at a place normal people our age eats at.

I wasnt entirely pleased with eating here, cause for one I couldn’t stand little prissy college niggas who thought they were on top of the food chain just cause they were attending college thanks to their daddies money. I guess you can say I’m a little bitter, but when you grow up being tossed from foster home too foster home and only ever dreaming to go to college but being constantly reminded by your foster parents you’d never make it, you couldnt blame me for feeling some type of way.

Pushing against the double doors of the cafeteria I bit back a sigh at the sight of all these frat niggas that were prancing around. Mumbling under my breath I made my way to a empty table and took as seat as I pulled out my phone and began scrolling through my hundreds of unreplied msgs.

What seemed to be 10 minutes later, my body tensed up at the feel of someone placing their hands over my eyes and a body pressing forward against my back, “Guess who baby”, Jasmines sweet voice filled my ears causing me to untense and let out a low chuckle.

“Wassup barbie”, I muttered as I turned around a little so I could wrap my arm around her waist and pull her into me so I could peck her lips, “You took your sweet ass time”, I mumbled on them causing her to laugh as she pushed my hoodie off my head.

“You fooling everyone but me”, She chuckled as she ignored my remark while I skeptically scooped the room out making sure no one had noticed me yet cause I wasn’t about to deal with hyper fans especially when I was this hungry and just wanted to eat.

“How was class?”, I asked as I pushed a stray curl behind her ear which caused her to blush at the gesture.

Shrugging her shoulders, she rested her chin on her hands, “Eh, boring, long and plus I couldn’t concentrate because honestly, I missed you,” She shyly smiled as I licked over my lips before leaning over and pressing them onto hers.

“I missed you too beautiful”, I mumbled honestly before pecking her lips as few times and lacing my fingers with hers and I pulled away.

“Come on Barbie, your man is hungry”, I grinned while standing up and helped her up as well before we began making out way over to the many different takeaway stores.

“How about taco bell?”, Jas suggested as I stood there for a good 5 minutes trying to decided what to eat. Before I could reply she began dragging me over while ignoring the gasps of the by standers who began to notice a Miami Heat player in their presence .

“Why you aint just let me take you to a real place to eat?”, I muttered as we stood in line for taco bell and waited to be served, “Will you stop being a big baby and just enjoy lunch with your woman?”, She smiled up at me causing me to chuckle as I nodded my head.

“I like it when your all bossy”, I smirked as I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my chest her back while leaning down to kiss her shoulder.

“People are staring”, She whispered as turned her face and tried to hide in my chest as I knew she didnt like attention just as much as Ty, Lani and I hated it. Ace on the other hand? Nigga embraced the attention like a mother fucker, ole boy has always loved to be the centre of attention since we was kids so it wasn’t no surprise.

Once ordering our food, we made our way back to the table and took a seat just as people started working up the courage and began coming up and asking for photos and autographs. Jas didn’t seem to mind so taking a quick bite out of my taco I stood up and plastered on a smile as I interacted with my fans and took numerous photos.

Hearing the news, more students filled in and surrounded our table trying to get a photo in or even just a glimpse but once my stomach started to protest out in hungry I declined anymore attention and returned to my seat so I could eat my now cold taco as Jas looked over with a big cheesy smile.

“Why you looking like that?”, I chuckled causing her to mug me playfully as she leaned in closer while resting her head on my arm while the crowd started to break away

“I dono I guess love seeing you interacting with fans and stuff. I love when you smile that big”, She muttered truthfully causing me to smile as I leaned over and quickly pecked her lips.

“What can I say, the people love me”, I smirked causing her to playfully roll her eyes before she mugged a group of drooling girls who had been eyeing me out from the table next to ours.

“But your all mine right?”, She pouted as I playfully shrugged my shoulders and continued to eat my taco which didn’t impress her as a frown slowly found its way onto her perfect face.

“Im playing with you, you know Im all yours Barbie”, I muttered as I used her nickname that she had grown to love. At first she hated when I referred to her as a barbie because she took it as an insult but when I told her it was because I thought she was as perfect as a barbie she accepted the nickname and now blushed every time I used it.

Settling back into a comfortable silence as I tried my best to ignore the occasional flash of a camera and instead kept my focus on devouring my meal, that took me no less than 10 minutes to finish.

“Lets go to yours and have a nap?”, She asked in a hopeful tone that caused me to smile at how innocent she really was. The fact that she would rather eat at some crappy campus, spend her afternoons in bed and prefer to be with just me, made her 100 times more perfect for me.

Five months ago I would have never thought i’d seen myself in a relationship with anyone but instead here I was with a woman who literally brightened up my day like no one ever has. Did I love her? I wasn’t sure but I could say I was most differently falling in love with her as the days went past.

Taking the last bite of my taco, I toss back the rest of my bottled water before wiping my mouth with a napkin and looking over at Jas who was already staring at me with a smile across her beautiful face, “Lets go?”, I asked as I already began standing up while ignoring the not so discreet of whispers of college students who stood close by.

“Yea baby lets get outta here before my classmates start turning all paparazzi”, She chuckled as she looked around at the small crowd that still seemed to be lurking.

“Man I aint ever coming here again”, I muttered lowly as I wrapped my arm around her waist, “Aw come on you cant tell me you dont love the attention and the fans”, She teased as we began making our way towards the doors that led out.

“Yea I guess its alright, I mean I handle it a lot better than others”, I shrugged as she nodded in agreement before randomly started laughing, “Can you imagine Tyson here?”.

Shaking my head as I chuckled at images of Tysons crazy ass dealing with a college crowd invaded my mind causing me to smirk, “Nigga would have started throwing chairs at people, especially if he was hungry and they aint letting him eat”, I agreed as we both started laughing because it was true.

Nigga was a crazy ass mother fucker. One thing he hated most about being a NBA star was the constant spotlight that was put on the players. Ty was a private person in general and to have people monitoring your every move really riled up the Manic side of him. 

Interlacing our fingers together we began the small trek back to my park Audi just as a wave of tiredness hit me in full force causing a yawn to escape my lips. It was only 3 in the afternoon but the only thing currently on my mind was collapsing in bed with my girl.

Helping Jas into the passenger seat, I made my way around and hopped in the drivers side and immediately pulled out as I hit the gas peddle and sped down the highway towards my penthouse apartment.

Driving in a comfortable silence, I snuck a peek over at Jas and couldn’t help but smile as the sight of the wind blowing in hair, making her blond curls fly around wildly.

Feeling my stare on her, she turned her face only to let out a soft laugh as she knew what I was cheesing about and reached over to hold my hand the rest of the back to my place.

That was one of the reasons I loved about Jasmine.

We could spend hours together and we wouldn’t have to talk and yet it was still the best time with her. She was just so laid back and made you so comfortable in her silence that it was so comforting.

Since becoming a NBA player I hadn’t had any type of relationships with girls. Too many unloyal, groupie hoes who been trying to trap niggas always got yo eyes wide open. So instead along with Ty and Ace, we fucked them hoes and made sure to ALWAYS stay strapped.

But when I met Jasmine for the first time, I just knew she was different. She wasn’t like you’re typically Miami girls who only care about luxury and status. Na, Jasmine was smart, independent and not to mention she was beautiful as hell but wasn’t cocky at all. She was my type of woman

Pulling up to my condo, Jas jumped out and into the lobby like she always does as if she was a kid in a candy store. Following close behind her as we stepped in the elevator, I pulled her into my arms as we waited for us to get to the top.

Once inside, we both kicked our shoes off at the front door and Jasmine made her way straight towards my bedroom and began getting undressed almost instantly, “Damn, I aint even need to charm you these days, you just ready without a word huh?”, I playfully teased causing her to laugh softly as she jumped onto the bed in nothing but a thong and bra.

“What can I say? Your just so sexy”, She winked causing me to chuckle as I began shrugging out of my hoodie and jeans, before turning the light off and jumping in bed where Jas was already flipping through the channels for a movie.

Stopping on a movie called ‘Bridesmaids’, I lowly groaned at the girly ass movie she chose which only caused her to laugh as she scooted closer and rested her head on my chest as her curly, blonde mane sat comfortably all in my face, something Ive learnt to deal with.

“I still cant be Lani and Ty are engaged”, She randomly muttered lowly causing me to mush my eyebrows together as I look down at her confused, “You dont think they should get married?”, I grumbled a little to harshly feeling my protective side of Ty and Lani coming out.

“No, no babe. Im so happy for them, I mean it in a good way silly. If anything I think this is good for them”, She quickly defended causing me to instantly un-tense and I rested back in my position, “How so?”, I asked much more softer as I waited to let her explain why she thinks its good for them to get engaged.

“Well for one I think it gives Tyson a little more reassurance that Nala isnt leaving him and for Lani it shows her that Tyson is changing for the better and taking the next step”, She explained causing me to nod my head in agreement as I looked down at her with an impressed look.

“What?”, She chuckled nervously once she noticed my proud gaze that was set on her.

“Im just thinking how smart your little ass really is. Here I was thinking you had to bribe your way into college”, I playfully joked causing to act mockingly offended as she tossed the pillow at my head which I quickly caught.

Wrapping my arms around her again I let her body cave into my chest as I nuzzled my face in her wild hair while she kept her gaze on the TV, “You right though, about them. They needed this next step”, I agreed as sat back into comfortable silence.

“I just hope its all smooth sailing from here”, She said in a genuine tone causing me to grin at how good of a person she was.

“Me too baby”, I muttered in her hair, as we both began watching the movie in silence.

Not even an hour into the movie, the soft sound of Jasmines snores could be heard as her curly hair was sprayed out across the white puffy pillow that she has logged right next to my waist so she can still be able to wrap her arms around my body as she slept.

Although the moment was something I should cherish as I had a beautiful, smart woman asleep by my side, the only thing that was currently playing in my mind was Tyson.

The memory of his voicemail had been lingering in the back of my mind constantly but after all the chaos of the moving house, game and getting Tyson help I haven’t had any moment to just analyse the one thing I felt like we were missing.

Grabbing the remote, I turned the Tv off and leaned my head back so that I was looking up at the ceiling before closing my ears, trying to clear my mind so I could focus on one thing.

The silence in the room was almost deafening as I thought back to the day where Jasmine beat down my door with tears running down her face, telling me that Lani needed me and how Tyson had killed himself.

That very moment I felt like I had lost apart of me, just like Ty and Ace, I had no real family and they were the only ones I ever had. My only family and the only ones id ever cared for up until I met Lani and Jas and too hear that your brother, the person who had literally threw himself in front of countless fights, fists, bullets and law for me was heart shattering.

We made it to Lani’s apartment in a daze, Ace and Briana and just arrived when we did and we found Lani in the worst state i’d ever seen her. Clutching the phone to body as she sat on the floor in a ball she rocked herself back and forth as soundless sobs shook her body.

Ace and I were on our knees in front of her within seconds trying to make wind of what had happened and after what seemed like hours she emotionlessly pulled the phone from her body and played a voicemail.

Shaking my head for the moment I let my mind run over and replay the voicemail as if it was yesterday.

“Lani baby, my sweet sweet angel”, He slurred in a intoxicated voice that had never sounded so lost.

“I love you girl, more then every fuckin thing in this world. I know Ive told you this a hundred times baby but a nigga aint looking like he gonna be alive much longer so I needed to tell you one last time”, He chuckled as the honking of horns filled the phone meaning he was on the road possibly driving in his fucked up state that only seemed to fuel my anger at how reckless he was being.

“You were right baby. I dont deserve you, not one bit. But no one will ever have you Lani, cause your mine. Ohh is that a pill?”, He chuckled again before shuffling around

“You know I would die for you right? Not only that, but I would kill for you. Id kill anyone who even thought to harm you and thats why it hurt so bad to hear what he did to you. I was supposed to protect you from anything. I was suppose to protect you and my son and now I cant. I cant baby”, He mumbled in a hurt tone that I had never heard before causing me to hurt for my brother

“Im sorry I couldnt be a better man to you baby. Your my fuckin queen and I wish I had more time to show you that. I love you Lani, so fuckin much that Im driving head first into a truck so I dont have to hurt you no more and cant find the brakes to stop even if I wanted too. Fuck I didnt think it would feel this peaceful. ?”, He chuckled weakly as I looked over at Ace who was breathing hard as he dropped his face in his hands.

“Damn baby guess this really is the end. Whats Guardian House?”,

“That you devil? Damn I thought hell would be darker than that”, He laughed before silence followed the dial tone filled the phone.

Pulling myself out of my thoughts as I chuckled at how this nigga had us thinking he was forreal dead I suddenly stopped and instead frowned.

“Damn baby guess this really is the end. Whats Guardian House?”

 ”Whats Guardian House?”

His question filled my mind as I sat confused as to why this nigga was asking what some place would be in the middle of his suicidal voice mail?

“What the fuck is Guardian house bra? The hell was you talking about?”, I muttered lowly to myself as Jasmine stirred slightly before settling back in a comfortable position.

“Guardian House?” I mumbled again as I furrowed my eyebrows and sat there in confusion just as my eyes landed on my mac that was sitting on the bedside table. Careful not to make to much movement I reached over and grabbed it, placing it on my lap as I started it up.

Tapping impatiently on the side of the keyboard, I waited until it was fully powered up before hastily hitting the safari icon and getting google up. Typing Guardian House in the search engine three business came up, a brothel in Texas which caused me to shake my head as I knew refused to go to brothels, he didnt believe in paying for sex when he could easily get it for free.

The next was a funeral home in Canada? Again I knew Tyson had no business with funeral homes especially in no cold ass Canada.

The last one caught my eye and I sat up as I went over the details.

A orphanage, in Miami.

Lifting my head up as I frowned at nothing in particular, I racked my brain at why would Tyson be asking what Guardian House is, if it was a orphanage?

Suddenly the craziest idea ran through my mind that left me sitting up with wide eyes before jumping out of bed and began pacing the room.

“No it couldnt be”, I chuckled nervously as I shook my head. My loud movements must have woken up Jas as she sat up in full alert, “J whats wrong baby?”, She panicked once she noticed my hard breathing causing me to run back over to the bed and turned to mac to her which had the website up.

“You want to adopt ? I mean J, im flattered but don’t you think its too soon?”, She chuckled lowly causing me to groan as I shook my head. Any other time I would have found her thinking I wanted to adopt with her funny but right now shit was way to serious to be joking.

“Na baby, look at the name of the place”, I instructed as I rushed over to my discarded jeans on the floor and quickly slipped into them before grabbing a shirt and tossing it on in record breaking seconds.

“Uhh Guardian House?”, She read out slowly as she mushed her eyebrows in confusion and looked up at me, “I don’t get it”, She frowned as she watched me throwing on clothes like a mad man, “Wait why does that sound familiar?”, She asked hesitantly as she began slipping out of bed and making her way over to her clothes.

“You heard Tysons voice message to Lani right? The one from two weeks ago?”, I reminded her causing her to instantly nod as she let out a small laugh, “Of course I heard it, you niggas played it over and over again when you realised he was parked on the side of the road”, She chuckled but quickly stopped when she noticed I wasn’t laughing too.

“He asked what Guardian house was. It completely slipped my mind but for some reason its been in the back of my mind that I was missing something. It’s a orphanage here in Miami”, I explained before watching her as it all sank in. I knew she now knew the whole story of Tyson and Lani because after Tysons break down we had to spill it all to her, so she knew every detail.

Suddenly she stopped playing with her fingers, something she did when think and looked up with wide eyes, “You don’t think?”, She gasped out causing me to nod instantly, “No it cant be J”, She shook her head as she quickly slipped into her jeans.

“It’s a long shot but for some reason my gut is telling me it is baby. I need to go see them now.”, I stressed causing her to nod as she found her top and put it on.

Holding her hand we began making our way out of the bedroom before I abruptly stopped causing Jas to crash into me, “What! Whats wrong?”, She asked suddenly with worry evident in her tone.

Not saying a word I let go of her hand and raced over to my closet and pulled out the small Miami duffle that housed Tysons sedatives, “If Im right, than 99% chance we gonna need this”, I muttered causing her sigh as she nodded her head and took my hand

Only thing in my mind was that this could turn out two ways. Either way I knew this was going to break both Tyson and Nalanis heart and no doubt Tyson was going to be raging if It was true.


Just as the movie finished the sound of banging on the front door woke me up and seemed to pull Ty out of his sleepy state as he sat up on full alert before mushing his eyebrows together in annoyance.

Worry must have filled my face as Ty’s eyes soften a little, “Wait here baby”, He grumbled as he stood up at the sound of the banging becoming louder and much more urgent which seemed to frighten me even more.

Shaking his head, Ty jogged out of the room just as movement on my lap caused me to look down in surprise as I realized that our kitten Mason was still on my lap curled in a cute little fur ball.

He too seemed to have jumped at the sound of the banging and suddenly the thought of Ty going out to investigate it by himself made me nervous so being the stubborn person I was, I quickly stood up from the couch and power walked towards the front door only to see Jeremiah and Jasmine rushing in with urgency filled their normally calm features.

Panic and fear consumed me as I watched the looked on my friends face as they mumbled something along the lines of needing to talk, and sitting down. Thankfully noticing my shaken state, Tyson came over and wrapped one arm around my shoulder and placed a reassuring kiss on my head before following behind Jas and J as they made their way into the kitchen.

“Whats going on?”, I asked a little fearful of what they had to tell us as I had never seen Jeremiah so uneasy before as he was usually the calm and collected one out of everyone.

Suddenly my eyes caught on the duffle bag that Jeremiah was holding which caused me to narrow my eyes at it as I knew exactly what was in it.

“Why do you have that here and what the fuck is going on?”, I ordered as I stood up from the chair that Tyson placed me and cradled my kitten closer to me in protectiveness.

Before anyone could utter another word, Ace and Briana burst through the door and rushed towards the kitchen with the same panic look on their faces which only seemed to confuse me more, “We got your SOS, fucks going on?”, Ace breathed out as tried to catch his breath.

“Lani we think we may- OHH is that a kitten!”, Jas began to explain before her eyes landed on little Mason causing her face to light up while J slapped a hand on his forehead.

“Not the time baby”, He muttered lowly to her causing her to place a hand over her mouth while blushing in embarrassment, I couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle at how cute she looked.

“You gonna tell me why the fuck you beating on my front door like you king kong?”, Tyson asked calmly as he grabbed a carton of juice from the fridge and began drinking it without offering to our guests.

“Okay so Imma tell y’all something but I want you to know I MAY be wrong. So Imma need y’all to not go crazy”, He said the last part as his eyes zoned in on Ty who just simply shrugged, “Or not to get too hopeful”, He directed the last part at me which caused my curiosity to sky rocket.

“Damn nigga just tell us already”, Ace spoke up this time as he all waited impatiently for what this news was.

“Ty the voice mail you left Lani. Through out the whole thing you spoke about nothing but your love for Lani blah blah but for some reason I felt like we missed something. Anyways I was going over it in my head today and it hit me. You asked what Guardian House was, why?”, Jeremiah asked causing us all to sit in thought as memories of the voicemail played in my mind. Realizing that he did in fact ask that question I looked over at Tyson who wore a confused expression as the wheels in his head began to turn.

“Do you know why you asked that baby?”, I asked softly as I handed Mason to Jasmine and stood up, making my way over to him as he stood still trying to remember.

“She called it out”, He muttered lowly to no one in particular as he looked out at nothing while racking his brain for his memories which I knew would be hard because he asked that question when he was Manic.

“Who called it out bra?”, Jeremiah egged on causing us all to watch Ty intensely as we waited for what he would say next.

“I don’t know, I just remember she kept saying it. There was fire , I think and a woman’s voice yelled it out”, He explained as he shook his head in confusion.

“Lani’s mom? You told us when you were manic that you burned the barn down, was it her who yelled it out?”, Ace pieced together as Tyson began to nod his head.

“I think so, I mean who else?”, He shrugged as he came out of his daze and turned his attention back over to Jeremiah, “Whats this got to do with anything though?”, He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Arent you curious why her last dying words was Guardian House, over and over again?”, He retorted causing Ty to chuckle as he just shrugged his shoulders not really caring although my curiosity was now burning.

“What did you find out J? What was my mom trying to tell him?”, I suddenly asked causing everyone to look over at me.

“I googled the place, three places came up and the first two didn’t add up but the last one, well the last one sparked some interest.”, He explained causing Briana to sigh out dramatically.

“Can you just spill it already”, She mumbled in a irritated tone causing J to glare at her before turning his attention back to me and Ty.

“A orphanage, here in Miami”, He blurted out as we all looked at him with blank expressions

“So she wanted to adopt a kid. The fuck that got to do with us?”, Tyson laughed out what we had all been thinking but Jas and J didn’t join in the laughter so we quickly shut up.

“Lani that day with talk, you told me about your son. You said you never got to say goodbye, that you woke up and they told you he died. They didn’t even let you see his body one last time”, Jeremiah explained causing my face to drain as my breathing picked up.

Realizing where this was going, I held up my hand to stop him from saying anything further, “No”, I whispered as I shook my head while tears clouded my sight, “I buried him. His got his own grave, its impossible. I cant be true, Ty tell him its impossible”, I cried as my chested heaved up and down at the very thought that my son could be alive. When Tyson didn’t answer I furiously wiped my tears and turned my attention to where everyone was cautiously staring.

Ty stood there emotionless. His eyes empty not betraying a single emotion as he looked out the back glass windows to the ocean. There was no tense in his jaw, no clench of his fist and most importantly his eyes remained brown as we waited for him to make a move.

“I could be wrong Ty. It’s a theory but it all adds up”, Jeremiah explained slowly as he was hesitate not to trigger off anything that would send Tyson into a raging episode.

“Its not true, his dead. Our son is dead!”, I found myself yelling out as the silence was deafening and the very thought of having to believe he was alive only for our hopes to be crashed was almost like losing him the first time.

“He cant be alive!”, I cried as I shook my head and wrapped my arms around my body almost as if I was trying to shield myself from the possibilities.

“Lani”, Tys strained voice came out with a hint of hopefulness that caused bitterness to run through me, “Shut up ! Just shut up, his dead Tyson! God damn it his not coming back!”, I screamed causing the long awaited clench in his jaw to appear but it wasn’t out of angry it was out of sadness.

“Please don’t, please don’t make me go through it again. I don’t want to lose him again”, I cried as I fell to my knees trying to ignore the sounds of Briana and Jasmine crying at the scene in front of them. I didn’t need pity or sympathy, what I needed was my son to rest in peace.

“Nalani, if his alive, than he belongs with us”, Ty muttered helplessly as the feel of him closing in on me began getting stronger and seconds later I was being wrapped in his arms where I instantly caved and began to sob.

“How could she does this. How caused she does this to me”, I managed to get out as I began hyperventilating while Tyson tried to sooth me by mumbling in my ear how much he loved me.

Pulling away a little, Tyson began picking me up bridal style before  Adrian spoke up, “Bra let me carry her up, your shoulder is broken”, He argued but Ty just shook his head as he let out a painful groan, “I gotta her”, Ty muttered before leaving the kitchen without another word.

Once back in the safe haven of  our bedroom my tears had stopped for the moment and Ty took the chance to set me on the bed as he began to undress my without a word. Pulling the sheets back, he tucked me in before pressing a kiss to my forehead, “Im gonna speak to them and ill be back”, He mumbled softly causing me to nod my head as I reached for his pillow and cuddled it into me so that my face was buried into in.

The sound of him shutting the door indicated he left the room and seconds later the fresh round of tears began to fall from my face as the thoughts of my son living in a orphanage for the past two years filled my mind.

How could my mother do this to me? If it was true her sick self must have paid some big money to have doctors tell me my son was dead, only for her to ship him off like he was nothing.

If I didn’t hate her before, I truly hated her now. I refused to even call this woman my mother as no one could ever be this cruel and heartless to there own child. Two years. He would be two by now and I had miss two years of his precious life and the only thing that was running through my head was the words Tysons said the day I told him how our son ‘died’ ,

“This is all your fault! If you never ran away my son would still be alive. I could have protected you !” , The words repeated themselves in my head like a broken record.

Never had he spoken such truth than those very words. I should have never left him, I wouldn’t have been beaten, I wouldn’t have gone into premature labour, my son wouldn’t have ‘died’ and he sure as well wouldn’t have been spending the first two years of his life in some fuckin orphanage.

The tears consumed me and I feel into a sleep filled with nothing but nightmares and fears.


The feel of someone getting into bed woke me from my sleepy state and due to the fact that it was now dark outside I knew it must have been hours later and unfortunately the hurt of knowing my son could still be out there was still as heavy as ever.

“Go back to sleep baby”, Tyson’s strained and weak voice mumbled causing my chest tighten as I hadn’t even considered how he may be feeling during all this.

“What do we do now Ty?”, I cried as I scooted closer to him and allowed him to moved down so he was resting his head on my breasts as his body blanketed my lower half. My arms instantly wrapped around his head protectively as his arms snaked around my waist, moulding his body deeper with mine.

“We find out son and get him back”, He finally said causing me to let out a sigh as I willed myself not to shed any more tears.

“I want him to be alive so bad”, I whispered more to myself than him after laying in silence for ages, “Me too baby, me too”, I heard Tyson mumble lowly and with that I found myself falling into another nightmare filled sleep.

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Hello dear! Could you write an scenario where Dazai's s/o is a really sweet and caring person and loves to spoil him? (I mean, she's always cuddling and kissing him and stuff (?) a fluff scenario, after all :'D I'm sorry if this is very cheesy ;w; ) Have a really nice day <333 *gives her a hug*

Hello there! Don’t worry, I love cheesy stuff. Though I am quite sure I already wrote such a scenario.. But.. Nevermind I’ll write another one ^^ *hugs back* Hope you like it.

Osamu Dazai

He did it again. Dazai once again vanished without a trace from work to visit you. Since he started dating you, he was much more of an careless person about work and always seemed to seek for your company because you always spoiled him. Of course he totally loved this.

Dazai hummed while he waited before your door until you opened it. “Dazai!” you happily exclaimed and without hesitate you hugged him tightly. Dazai chuckled and leaned lower that you could give him a sweet kiss on his lips.

“Missed me?” he asked in a teasing voice, caressing your back until he reached your butt. You giggled and nodded enthusiastically. “Of course. I’ll always miss my sexy, handsome boyfriend. Missed me too?” you asked back with a cute fake pout face. Dazai chuckled and poked your nose with his. “Of course. If I could, I would be with you the whole day and night~ Everyday.” he purred and closed the door behind him.

You took his hand to shove him over to the living room on the comfy sofa. Dazai leaned back and sighed contently when you continued to spoil him with giving him kissed here and there, running your fingers through his hair and even prepared some drinks and food already because you knew he always visited you at this time.

Dazai pulled you close, leaving butterfly kisses on your face and neck, making you shiver in delight. Your hands roamed through his hair and Dazai purred softly at your touches, loving to be spoiled that much. He waited for this the whole day until he found a chance from escaping from Kunikida.

And it was worth it every single time. Dazai never feeled that loved in his entire time and he even stopped about wanting a lovers suicide with you. He was.. too happy. 

Confession Under the Stars

Request- Hi can u do my request where everyday there’s a bunch of roses of romantic things coming to you but until you find out a certain angel(castielxreader!) was trying to be romantic and ask you on a date.(and maybe could u add where u always talk about spending a night when it’s really dark seeing all the stars with the person you love , so Cas ends u doing that) sorry if it’s too long

A/N- I really like this one! I just love me some cheesy, every once in a while at least. I really like how this came out though. Tell me what you think! x)

Cas x Reader

Word Count-1068

“What’s the point? It’s not like that stuff would happen even if we talk about it now.” Dean said.

You had just asked him if he could have one relaxing day to spend with someone he loves, what would he do.

You sigh, “Oh come on Dean. Humor me.”

He took a swig from his beer and sighed, “Well how am I supposed to answer that?” he paused, “If I had a relaxing day, I’d just spend it here with you guys. Me making burgers, Sammy buying the beers, just all of us there.” he said. He tried not to smile at the thought of such a peaceful day were nothing went wrong and there was no worries.

“Daaw. Dean.” you smile.

He rolled his eyes, “What about you?” he asked.

“What? Me? Isn’t it Sam’s turn.” you question.

“I actually agree with Dean.” he responded. He smiled. “You’re turn.”

“C-Cas what about you?” you asked.

“I don’t really mind what I do as long as I’m with the one I love, I suppose.” he answered. He was able to stop himself from blushing. After all the one he loved was right in front of him. You.

“That sounds really nice tell me more about that.” you say.

“Y/N.” Sam called. “Stop avoiding your own question.”

“Yeah. We answered so you have to.” Dean added.

“Ugh but all your answers were reasonable. You’ll just laugh.” you say.

“We won’t laugh. Right Dean?” Sam inquired.

“Yeah. Yeah. I promise.” he responded, crossing an x over his heart.

You sighed, “I just wanna spend a night surrounded by nothing but stars,” you pause, “with someone. Someone I really love.”

Sam stood up and walked behind you, putting his hands on your shoulders. He looked at Cas with a wide smile. “I think its awesome.” he said.

“It ain’t so bad.” Dean added with a smirk of his own, giving Cas a knowing look.

Cas cleared his throat, “I- I also think it’s wonderful.”

You smile, “Thanks guys.”

One week later~

You woke up this morning to a bouquet of roses at your bed side. They were bright and fully bloomed.

“They’re beautiful.” you beamed. You took a moment longer to admire the flowers and then came to your senses. “Wait? Who brought these?” you asked. You hopped out of bed to go ask who it was that brought them.

You walked down the hall and towards the library. You stopped when you heard Dean laugh, “You what?” he said.

You walked in, “What’s going on?”

“Y/N. Want some coffee? I need coffee,” Dean said and walked out.

“Yeah I’ll uh- I’ll give you a hand with that.” Sam said, following behind Dean.

Leaving you with Cas, who seemed to want to stop them from leaving. He then gave you a nervous smile, “Good morning, Y/N.”

“Morning Cas.” you say.

There was a silence.

You saw how nervous he looked, “Wait. Where you- Where you the one who put the roses in my room?”

“Ah- The roses? Yes. I- I did put some flowers.” he answered, “If you did not like them I will remove them.” he quickly added.

You stopped him, “Cas,” you hugged him, “They’re beautiful. Thank you.” you kissed him on the cheek before turning to grab that coffee Dean told you about.

Cas was left smiling. If the bouquet worked then the next thing will be more than successful…

That night~

Cas asked Dean and Sam if they could leave the two of you alone so he could set everything up. He needed everything to be perfect, and all he wants to do is ask you out on a date. He needs to impress you first. To woo you. Of course, Dean and Sam, who have been waiting for this gladly accepted.

You were in your room and weren’t coming out until your stomach growls. Which is great because Cas needed some time to set things up.

He had an idea when he saw one of Gabriel’s old tricks. The one with the bucket over the door. The only exception here would be instead of water, it would be full of rose pedals. That way they’d rain down on you. From there he’d have a rose pedal path that led to the staircase to go outside.

You weren’t hungry yet but wanted to stretch your legs. You opened your door and down came the roses. You ducked your head at the unexpected rain but were smiling nonetheless. You noticed the path and followed it, finding Castiel at the end of it. He stood up and gave you the rose and a smile.

“Cas? What’s with all this?” you ask, smile still on your face.

“I have been wanting to do this for some time now. I have never done something like this before.” he stared, scratching the back of his neck. “Y/N… Will you go out… on a date with me?” he asked.

Your smile grew, “You’re real sweet Cas. Of course I’ll go on a date with you.” you beamed.

“I actually found a place I’d like to take you. It took some time to find the best spot but- May I?” he asked, holding his hand out for you to grab.

“You may.” you responded, taking his hand and inching close to him.

“If you don’t mind. Can you close your eyes first?” he asked.

“Sure thing.” you did as he asked.

“Ok you can open them now.” you heard him say.

You opened your eyes and what a sight to behold. The dark sky littered with stars, some brighter than others, some were white, others blue, and some so small that you could imagine them being light years away. There was a clouded white streak that blended into the rest of the sky at the ends. It was breathtaking. Something unlike anything you have ever seen before.

You grabbed ahold of Cas’ hand and leaned your head on his arm. “This… This is amazing Cas. Magical even. Thank you.”

He leaned his head on top of yours, “I know you said you wanted to come here with someone you love but… I hope you could settle with me.”

You gave him a little push, “Oh Cas… I am with someone I love.” you confessed.

He turned to face you and when he saw your genuine smiling face, he smiled as well. “I love you too.”

Hope you liked it! x)