once in a lifetime concert


A couple of years ago every single magazine and newspaper thought it was cool to say things about me that weren’t true, and things about me that were mean, and things I couldn’t correct them on. But you did. And I just want you to know that I’m never going to forget what you did. That you showed up for me when my hands were tied behind my back and I couldn’t say anything to fight back. You fought back, and you kept showing up, and kept filling stadiums, and here we are. And in those years while you were sticking up for me, I was writing a new album called 1989

jodi.benson Sending a HUGE thank you and much gratitude to all of the amazing individuals that made #littlemermaidlivea success! Richard Kraft @kraft.richard & Laura Engel #lauraengel Executive Producers from Kraft -Engel Management & from CAMI Columbia Artists Management @columbia_artists Tim Fox, Alison Ahart Williams and Erica Noguchi & @Disney. It was such an honor to share the @hollywoodbowlstage with @sarabareilles @darrencriss @rebelwilson @titusssawthis @thenormlewis @alanmenken​ @johnstamos #joshcolley #MichaelKosarin 💕 Thank you so much for this “once in a lifetime” magical weekend of concerts! All my love & God bless, Jodi 💕