once i resize it that is

UNDER THE CUT there are #209 gifs of the loml nick robinson all ranging from movies, tv shows, interviews, etc !! i’ve piled these up for over a year now, so i’m sorry if there’s any repeats, or a bunch from other gif hunts. NONE of these gifs are mine, and i don’t claim them to be. i simply cropped, resized, added a psd and border. I WILL be adding more once more resources become available. if you use these or find them helpful please give it a like or reblog !!

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  The fact that Tamatoa knew things about Maui that even Moana and her village people didn’t leads me to believe they were actually once quite close! Back when Tamatoa was a considerably smaller size. Here, Maui vents to him about his past as the giant crustacean searches for treasure to cover the bare spots on his shell (probably to distract himself until the topic isn’t on something other than himself.)


Casually ignores responsibilities and draws Skywalker twins instead

Some long-overdue sketches for a Star Wars AU I’ve been working on~


↳ as requested by myself, under the cut there are #45 gif icons of LILI REINHART, best known for her role as betty cooper in riverdale. i didn’t make the original gif, but i applied a psd & cropped / resized them, so if you ask for yours taken down i’ll comply. they’re all small sized (100x100 to be exact). please like or reblog this post if you’ve found it helpful !!

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└ ◻  Jeffrey Dean Morgan gif hunt.

Under the cut are (100+) gif icons 150x80 of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan from The Walking Dead, and various other roles.. None of these gifs belong to me, all i did was cut and resize them for roleplaying purposes. please do not put these in any other gif hunt, and a simple like or reblog would be nice, but not required. will add more once i have the time to do them.

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Keep your face to the sunshine
and you cannot see a shadow.


Editing Manga Icons for Skintone: A Guide

Well, as long as I’m in the process of editing these icons, I might as well throw a tutorial together for anyone who might need it.

As you’ve probably noticed, there are very few manga faceclaims out there with darker skin colors, which seriously limits FC options for some muses, since not everyone is comfortable with live faceclaims or can draw their own. SO, here’s a simple guide for how I edit my icons

I’ve found this method is easier with icons that are already cropped & resized, so it’s probably in your best interest to make the icons before editing. It’s pretty quick (even if you’re like me and use a crappy laptop trackpad); editing one icon usually takes under 1 min. once you know what you’re doing. 

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rvssian-fairy replied to your post “hey! i’m new to making gifs so i was wondering if you could give me a…”

how do you resize the gif after you’ve resized the canvas to 540px?

After you crop it you need to refine the size go to image > image size like so

once you click on it a window gonna show up like so

You see the size didn’t change to the one you crop with, so just change that up to your crop size and click ok your gif should be re-sized (:


Playing around with thejacketslut‘s futuristic moving text download. 

I love the end result once I figure out what I’m doing, but it might be too complicated for my tastes since if I were to ever use it for rpg bio graphic purposes (I’d have to go into After Effects and alter the character info, render it out, send it to imovie, etc, etc and I can’t even remember what weird thing I did during resizing the second image.) 

STILL, I freaking love the look of it. 

I used to hate doing digital art because it felt awkward and the motions are different but now I find that when I do traditional sketches and stuff I always stop and like. “Oh I need to resize that” “oh I need to shift that up a bit” etc. and then I curse at myself once I realize it and it’s kind of funny to me.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a gif tutorial of how you make your gifs! I love them so much

First off thank you so much?!<3 But I’ve only been making gifs for about a month so I don’t personally feel ready to make a full tutorial but I’ll link you to all the tutorials I used to figure out how to gif myself and tell you what I use to actually do it because the tutorials have a few different ways to upload the frames and everything<3

  1. chaoticresources
  2. fyeahtutorial
  3. carsonists
  4. sanssa

I use keepvid to download the video I want directly from YouTube and PhotoShop cs6 Extended to actually edit them. Once I have the videos I want I open PhotoShop and go to File > Import > Video Frames to Layers~ 

Then I pick the video I want and tick the little things for Selected Range Only and Limit To Every 2 Frames and move the sliders to the part of the video I want and click okay. 

Once all that is done I delete all the extra frames and resize/crop everything and add  in my PSDs and everything but I don’t really know how to explain that very well so this is where I will leave off for now! I’m probably not going to be much help but I hope the people in the links will help<3

anonymous asked:

do you use photoshop? how do u get ur lines to be so smooth because mine look messy ;A;

Yes I use photoshop. I draw on at least a 2000 x 2000 px canvas, but mostly I go larger. 

I use a 5 px round hard brush to draw, like the one below: 

Once I’m done (with the colors as well), I flatten the image by going to Layer -> Flatten Image. 

Since I have no real need for the image to be that big unless it’s for prints, I resize the image to a small size and save a it as a copy. Resizing usually makes the lines more crisp, but if you want more you can use Smart Sharpen in the Filter menu to add a little more sharpness like I do. I just go with Gausian blur, an amount of 20% and a radius of 0.8 px. 

idk if the difference is as obvious to anyone else as it is to me, but it’s there:

I wanted to make this a gif so you could see the moths’ animation but Tumblr’s resized the gif into a blurry mess. So have a pic instead!

I’m also taking this chance to give an update - I’m officially done with all the maps in chapter 1, which is the half the demo and one sixth (Possibly one seventh.) of the entire game. A lot of the eventing is done as well, but still needs some work. And the music is technically done because I still haven’t managed to dig up a composer and thus have to the music I got from Humble Bundle.

Chapter two’s next, and once that’s done I can put out a demo! I’d probably need to do some bugfixing and playtesting first but it… feels a little weird, to actually be making progress. This project seems so insurmountable sometimes, like there’s so much to do that I have hard time picturing it being finished to completion. But I’m always getting a little closer. So there’s that.

Thanks for sticking with me! I’m trying my best to make good on that promise of getting a demo out before the end of the summer.