once i had a sweetheart

Alright, it was pretty cute.

Imagine accidentally killing Lisa but later making a deal to bring her back. Dean was in the beginning furious with you but then feels guilty and devastated because he lost you. (Part 3)

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The air around him felt thick. Too thick to breath, too thick to let him be here. But wasn’t it like that every time? Wasn’t it like that everywhere that he went these days? Yet, somehow whenever he found himself here – and oh it did happen more often with each passing day – he struggled to breath more than anywhere else he went. He almost doubted he was alive, especially with all of the things he felt. He thought that it would get easier this time, he thought so the previoustime as well. But both, and every other one, was just as hard as the first when he got to look at tombstone with your name carved into it.

(Y/n) (Y/l/n). How could it bring so much joy and pain all at once?

I’m so sorry, sweetheart.” he had choked out the first time he came here with your favorite flowers “I’m so sorry I failed you… the person that mattered the most… that mattered the world to me. I let you down and I am never going to forgive myself for that. I couldn’t fully give you my heart and the love you deserved because I was so caught up thinking of what I left behind, that family with Lisa and Ben.”

He couldn’t even move, he was numb “I was so caught up with that that I didn’t let myself see what was standing eight in front of me. I didn’t appreciate you enough while I had you, I wasted myself in other women both physically and mentally that I didn’t let myself realize how… how fucking much my entire being was in need of you. How important you were for me, but now it’s just too late.” he breathed out shakily as tears fell from his eyes.

And I was wrong. So so very wrong, baby. I acted on impulse, made you feel guilty for my mistakes and my own guiltthat… I finally led you to this. I wish so bad you were here, that I could at least for once say it without being a fucking coward like I usually am. I have always been scared of words, these ones in particular but I know it was because I never truly felt them enough to say them. And the only person I do feel them with is… gone. You are gone. I wish so bad you could actually hear me say… that I love you, baby. I’ve always loved you and always will. I know I don’t deserve to ask you something like this but…”

… Please forgive me (Y/n).”

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A Tale of Ink (McCree x Reader/ Reaper x Reader/ Soldier 76 x Reader)

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“Whatcha got there?” He asked as they pulled their sweater off and then looked at the long tattoo on their forearm and a wash of guilt washed over them. “It’s something that is a constant reminder.” They say as they get ready to go shower as he follows them, wanting to full story. “When I was younger, I made a stupid mistake and all I could do was keep screwing up. I put this on my forearm because it reminded me that someday, I will know why I was meant to be here.” they sigh as they run the water and he holds them from behind before they could strip anymore clothing off. “Want to know something, you make mistakes to grow but this beautiful piece of art, it not only serves a reminder for you but it makes me want to be stronger for you too. So this way when you have a down day, I can be there for you.” He smiles as he kisses them as the reply with an eager kiss back. This is what they needed, to know that they won’t be alone during the worst day of their life.

“Shall we make some sin before we get you cleaned?” He smiled as for the first time in their life, the art on their arm was exactly right…As Mr. Johnny Cash says: ‘Life is rough so you gotta be tough’


‘Dying is Easy…Living is a Challenge’…Those words hurt more than most realize. After the death of a close friend, they could only look at the mirror and cry. Reaper saw this and was confused by it but what was the most confusing was the words that had been inked into their skin. “What is this, amado?” He asked as they looked at their arm and then back up at him. They didn’t want to tell him about the nights where they wanted to be with their best friend but could not bring themselves to do it because they didn’t want to leave his side. “Gabe, do you remember about my close friend that died…they committed suicide and I blame myself for not helping them.” was what was whispered as he holds them in his arms, letting them cry.

He knows what it is like to lose someone but to lose someone by that account, that hurts worse than anything else. “Then why do you have these words on your arm?” He asks as they look down he makes them look at him. “Tell me” He urges and then in clicks with him as he holds them, telling them that life is hard but his would be impossible with them. He would do whatever it takes to make them smile again because he loves them that much. Every day from then on, he told you that you mattered to him at least once a day.

Soldier 76-

“I didn’t know you had a tattoo sweetheart.” they hear from behind them as they look down and felt some sadness come back into their heart. “What does it say?” He asks as he looks at it as they reply. “Memento Vivere…its Latin.” He looked at it as he asked what it means before he realized that they were shaking and looked at them, seeing that they looked either nervous or maybe embarrassed. “No needed to be upset because I saw your tattoo, I love it.” he says as he sees them holding their arm and holds them since no one was around. “Is everything ok?” he asks once again as they shake their head. “Jack, I have something to confess…I am the child of a once strong leader in an army…I turned away from him because I was hurt so much that I lost so much time with him.”

Soldier held them as he listened to their tearful confession because he did not think that they were that secretive but nodded to them to continue. “I returned eventually and I remember that growing up, he had a tattoo on his hands that said Memento Mori…meaning Remember that you must die.” Soldier froze as they continued. “He wanted to protect the world so he said that was to help him remember that he has to keep going with the mission but…he was killed by the enemy and left me alone.” He holds them and remembers that their words do not match their fathers. “Wait, then what does yours say?” He asks as he tries to remember anything to help him understand the old language on their arm.

“Jack, this is my reminder to not waste another day, to progress with the mission and now with you by my side, I can do that.” He smiles as he holds them but in the back of their minds, they still remember their Father’s sweet words the final time they spoke. “Remember these words, my child…‘Memento Vivere’…Remember to Live, my sweet child.”

(Sorry some are short and some are long but I have plans to get the Memento Vivere tattoo soon and that is a story that goes with my all time favorite band. Thanks again!!!)

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Things We Lost// Dean Winchester

Prompt: “You know what, I’m done. I don’t even know you anymore.”
“That makes the two of us.”

Warnings: Language, mentions of lost

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   I woke up as I heard the main door of bunker open and close. I turned my head and saw the flashing red numbers on the clock beside my bed, it read 04:16 am. I hissed hearing his heavy boots making their way towards where I was, it was showtime. Poor Sammy really, I’m pretty sure he will wake up to the sound of Dean and I yelling our lungs out. “So you found your way back.” I said, seeing his tall frame at the door. “I figured you wouldn’t be back tonight.” I could smell the reek of strong alcohol on him. “What the hell is it you if I come back or not?” he asked with a cynical laugh, “Not like you care anymore.” There we go, he of course would accuse me of not caring. “I am not even going to have this right now, I’m too fucking tired.” I said looking to him and that’s when I saw it. There was lipstick stain on his neck! “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me,” I gorwled, getting out of bed. I couldn’t believe it! Yes, things were a liittle, hell a lot, rocky between us but going and sleeping with some chick he met at bar, that was out of the damn line. “I can’t fucking believe you Dean! How could you do that to me huh?” I said my voice getting higher with every word, he seemed confused but as he traced my eyes that were still glued on the bright red stain on his neck, he knew what I was talking about. “Look (Y/N), that’s not-“ I didn’t let him finish. “Don’t you even try, Dean Winchester, to come up with some pathethic excuse ‘cause if you do so help me. I am so sick of this,” I gestured wtih my hands now practically yelling, “this whole thing going up between us! You being even more pissy than your usual self, leaving and not coming back for hours, reeking of whatever alcohol you’ve drowned yourself in and now this! You know what, I’m done. I don’t even know you anymore!” Normally even the thought of being done, saying these things to Dean would make me laugh but I was seeing red, I just didn’t care anymore. I could feel the hot tears in my eyes as I looked at him. He dropped the clothes he was holding in his hands, his voice was hard and cold as he looked at me dead in the eye and said the next six words, “That makes the two of us.” The calm state he was was just like the silence before a storm, I never thought I would say this but it made me scared. That was it, I was not gonna have a breakdown in front of him, I angrily put on my shoes, grabbed a jacket and stormed outside of the bunker. I couldn’t breathe, I was gonna choke, oh god I was gonna choke! Tears blurring my sight, I blindly started running deep into the forest that was surrounding the small entrance of bunker.
  After runnig for ten minutes I stopped and looked around, it was almost sunrise time, I could see my surroundings. I bitterly smiled when I realiesd where I was, it was a small lake with rocks around it that you could sit on. On good and bright days Dean, Sam and I would come here, taking a break from the monsters of the world we live in. I sat on one of the rocks, facing the pale blue lake as I thought about these past weeks. I knew what Dean was referring to; this was all about a case we took a while ago, that damn case. I skipped some small rocks on the lake, even thinking about that case made me want to kick myself. It was a simple case really, just your typical angry ghost, nothing a salt and burn couldn’t fix. I had learnt about it just a day before Sam found the case, three dead teenagers were found in this ‘supposedly’ haunted house, just a couple towns over. It didn’t occur me that I should find an excuse and stay out, now thinking about I know I should have done that. Only two hours spent in Dean’s baby, we were in the town. Did our classic interviews, the fake badged FBI agents and the whole gig, it was coming up pretty easy. We got into the haunted house to find the remain that was keeping the angry spirit tied to here, she popped in and started messing with us. She threw Dean and Sam across the room, knocking the boys out. She then turned to me and before I could throw some salt at her she threw me s well and banged me to the bookcase across the room. I felt it then, I felt that I had lost it. After getting it confirmed, I was sure, it was gone. That thought of it being my fault was too much for me. I couldn’t bear such a pain, even though I had seen and experienced some crappy shit during this life. I didn’t tell Dean about it, I kept telling myself that he didn’t need this pain that I was already going through. I was quiet the whole ride back and after that. I was too scared that they would find out how big time I messed up, I didn’t want to face them, face Dean, ‘cause I knew seeing the pain in his eyes would make this even worse. I guess the situation we are in is already bad enough though. Sam found out, don’t know how he did it, but knowing how observant he is unlike his big brother I wasn’t much surprised. After spending at least half an hour begging to him how he can’t tell Dean, he promised that he wouldn’t. It has been at least a five weeks since then, since I isolated myself, since Dean and I started crumbling apart.
  Too occupied with thinking about what had happened and how we became so different than what we used to be like, I didn’t notice the heavy-stepped walking of Dean coming behind me. “Hey.” He said, his voice softer than before, softer than it has been in this last couple of weeks. I turned around swiftly, reaching for the blade I always kept in the pocket of my green jacket. I dropped my hand when I saw him standing with his hands in his pockets, his eyes also gentle just like his voice. “Hey” I said, my voice hoarse, I didn’t realise I had been crying when I zoned out with all of the events of the past. I noticed his cheeks were wet, I wondered myself if he had been crying, and if yes, what about? Before I could blurt out my question though he gave me the answer. “Sammy, he told me what happened a couple of weeks ago. I, (Y/N), why did you kept it from me? I could have been there for you, I had,” his voice became muffled as he looked away trying to keep the tears from spilling. He turned his head towards me, his green eyes looking into mine. “I had no idea, sweetheart,” he looked away once again. I no longer could keep myself, I jumped to my feet closing the distance between us. At this point we were both sobbing, clutching to each other. “I couldn’t Dean, I couldn’t see how sad you were, it has been destroying me, this is all my fault! I-I was pregnant and I lost our baby! How,” I choked on my own words, this was the first time I actually let the words slip out of my mouth, hearing them out loud like this just made the whole thing even more real.  “I wish you had told me baby, I thought you hated this relationship, you were not eating and not talking and you were melting in front of my eyes and I could do nothing for you! I kept asking myself have I done something, have I not been enough to make my girl happy? What had changed and tore this thing we had for over four years now? I wish I knew, we could have gone through this together,” he kept saying as he kissed my forehead. “I didn’t, by the way, slept with some chick at bar, I would never do that to you, she came onto me and I pushed her away.” I sniffled against his chest, this was all too much, I didn’t even have the energy to fight anymore. “I believe you Dean,” I whispered. I could feel my limbs getting weaker by the each second passing. Dean must’ve felt that too, as he put and arm around me, placing another kiss on my temple. “Lets just go home and get some rest babygirl, and we can talk later, this has been hella hard on both of us. I sure as hell can use some sleep right now.” All I could do was to mumble a slight “Okay” as we made our way back to our home.

Feedback is always welcome! This was fun to write, I’m a sucker for angst haha~ I was thinking about a part two, what do you guys think?

Which homestuck artist should YOU fight?

Who wins: toastyhat

Rumors point to her being the avatar, but at LEAST harbors mild pyrokinetic abilities. She knows kendo and has brows that will slay a man. A casual fight will turn into full battle. Think of the destruction. Think of the city. Do not engage the toasty.

Who wins: ???

I mean you could try I guess but you’ll never get far. She’ll bring out the witchcraft of Pale Gamkar fics and it’ll all be over. You’ll end up a drooling, starry-eyed idiot. Only engage if you don’t mind this humiliating outcome.*

Who wins: You

Look at that adorable little floof. If you’re a horrible monster who likes harming adorable floofs, go for it. Savage.

Who wins: You

Fight her. You get to vent, she’ll go down with one hit, and then she’ll adopt you and take you out for ice cream afterwards. It’s the perfect crime.

Who wins: ldefix

They’re an actual raptor. Would you fight a raptor? No. Don’t do it. There’s a whole movie franchise dedicated to why you shouldn’t engage dinosuars.

Who wins: You but HOW DARE YOU???

Do not touch this precious child. No one should ever fight this child bitch I will squash you myself.

Who wins: Roach

Roach gives exactly 0 fucks and will sass you into submission before you even assume your fighting stance, but do it anyway. Fight Roach. It’ll be funny for everyone else.

Merry and Bright *8* (a Walking Dead ficlet, Caryl + Judith)

Title:  Merry and Bright *8*

Rating:  T, I guess. 

Warnings:  Some language.  Major character death alluded to.  No tomatoes, please.  This one’s bittersweet because I’m in a major mood and apparently want to drown myself in my own feels.  So sorry.  Don’t hate me.    

Characters/Pairings:  Carol Peletier/Daryl Dixon, Judith Grimes, with background Michonne/Rick Grimes, mentions of Maggie Rhee, Tara Chambler, Rosita Espinosa, Aaron, Lori Grimes, and Carl Grimes *tears*


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Merry and Bright *8*



He ain’t ever got used to it.  The snow.  Never learned to love it as much as ‘Chonne seems to.  As much as the kid.  And damn if Ass Kicker don’t love the shit.  So it ain’t no surprise to nobody, his grumpy mood when those heavy gray clouds from the day before dump literal feet of the stuff overnight.  Neither is Jude’s excitement.  Only thing surprising is Carol volunteering them to take the girl on a walk to burn off all that excess energy, get out of ‘Chonne’s hair while she talks shop with Maggie and Rick, well.  Rick does whatever it is he does these days.  Man really hadn’t been the same since…well, since.  Not that any of them have.  Still


“Penny for your thoughts.”  Carol slides her gloved hand in his own and presses her cool cheek against his arm when he tugs her closer.  Laughs softly when he grunts in amusement.  “What?” 


“Know that shit ain’t worth nothin’ these days.”  Snowflakes cling to the tips of her silver hair.  Glitter in the afternoon sunlight and she’s the prettiest damn thing he’s ever seen with his own two eyes and he’s seen a lot in his many years.  He don’t tell her that, though.  Just shakes his head and looks ahead at the little pink flash weaving in and out the white capped trees, long dark hair escaping the woolen hat ‘Chonne had pulled over her ears with a smile that had made Daryl’s heart clench and twist behind his ribs.  “Think we should call her back?”


“She’s fine,” Carol says with conviction.  “Besides.  She won’t go far.”  


Kid won’t go where they can’t see her either.  He knows that.  Drilled it in her himself since she was old enough to understand and what he hadn’t taught her?  The woman at his side and one she called Mama had.  Maggie, too.  He knows she won’t go far.  Still don’t stop him from worrying, and it must be fairly obvious because she calls out the little girl’s name and by God.  He’d swear Lori Grimes had come back from the grave the way the kid was looking at him.  Short arms crossed and pout in place.  Big brown eyes full of righteous disappointment as she waits for them to catch up to her.  “Don’t give me that look, Kid,” he mutters.  “M’old.”  Least that’s the message his abused bones are sending him.  His heart when he catches Carol’s blue eyes smiling at him, though?  Well, might be his heart is forever young.  Lost to the woman and she damn well knows it. 


The girl is a tiny embodiment of indignance, brows pinching and shoulders squared up for an argument in response to his words.  “You ain’t old.”


Carol’s hand squeezes his in response and love almost makes him weak in that moment.  Somehow, he manages to recover.  “That so?”


Ass Kicker nods, wisps of her hair catching on her chapped lips and her stubborn little chin dipping behind the scarf knotted loosely at her neck.  “Not old.  Just slow.” 


Woman’s grinning at him from the inside out, wide and happy.  Eyes blue as the ocean he’s resigned himself to never really seeing in this lifetime and he wants so badly kiss her right now.  To hold her like he’d held her all through the night, heartbeat to heartbeat, not one inch of their bodies not touching.  But it ain’t the place and it sure as hell ain’t the time.  There’ll be time ‘nough for that later, though, because he’s learned his lesson.  Losing so many people that he’s let into his heart these past few years.  Time is what you make of it and every minute he’s lucky enough to have left in the ever-dwindling tank is going to be spent as close to her side as she’ll allow.  Making a half-hearted grab for the tiny girl’s nose, he delights in her giggle, clear and unafraid.  Teases her.  “Easy for you to say.  Don’t weigh half of nothing.  Look at ya.  You floatin’ while I’m sinkin’.”  He wrenches a soggy boot free of the snow drift to demonstrate and he’s rewarded with a smile full of pearly white teeth.  Giddy laughter that breaks the last piece of his irritable mood away and vanquishes it. 


“Uncle Daryl!” 


“S’true.  You tryin’ to tell me it ain’t?”   




He grins.  “You.” 


Nose scrunched and brown eyes bright, Judith vows, “I won’t.” 


“This might take a while,” Carol smirks.  “Thought you wanted to build a snowman.” 


Ass Kicker lights up at her reminder.  “One I can take back to Mama.” 


Daryl huffs.  “Don’t know how you’re gonna manage that, Kid.”  Truth is, though.  Kid’s smart.  Ain’t no shortage of laughs with her, but she’s quiet when she needs to be.  Knows her place in this new world.  If there’s a way, she’s gonna find it.  He ain’t always sure of things.  But he’s certain of that.  Just like he knows the woman standing so close to him is an extension of his own soul.  “Need some help?” he offers.  Those little shoulders shrug clear up to her ears. 




“Too many maybes in this world,” he remarks. 


“Don’t know, Uncle Daryl.  Aunt Tara and Aunt Rosita say there ain’t no maybes about you and Aunt Carol.  Uncle Aaron, too.” 


“They’re right.  All of them,” Carol murmurs, letting go of his hand and easing to her knees.  “How ‘bout it, Uncle Daryl?  Want to build a snowman?” 


His heart full to bursting in that moment and his knees, well.  His arthritic knees protesting the very idea, Daryl gruffly offers an alternative.  “’Spose I tell you a story instead.”   


Mitten-clad hands patting snow into place, Judith looks up to him, her face open and innocent.  Her eyes alight.  “A story?” 


“’Bout the bravest boy I ever knew.”


Cheeks pink with the cold, the kid tilts her head, considers him with undisguised interest.  “What was his name?” 


“Name was Carl,” he tells her, his eyes meeting Carol’s shimmering gaze across the snowy way.  His heart squeezing tight with painful, fond remembrance.  “Boy loved his little sister something fierce.  Both his mamas and his daddy, too.” 


“I had a brother named Carl once.  Another mama named Lori, too.” 


“Know, Sweetheart.  Know.”  

Twist-bts gang au

genre-gang au/ angst?? idrk

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When you’re a child you don’t think about the bad things. You only think about the things that are good and the things that make you happy. Even though there are gangs, killers, drug dealers, etc. as a kid you aren’t introduced to those things just yet. Growing up in a city where one of the most dangerous gang’s lives can be rough. Growing up I never really got to do much. My parents in fear of what could happen if anything were to happen to me. If I wanted to go somewhere after school or after my singing classes I would have to have someone to protect me. A bodyguard. They had hired a bodyguard to follow me around at all hours, every day. Of course, I hated it and didn’t want someone after me all the time, but I still appreciate my parents concern.
Today, was different though. My parents gave my bodyguard a day off since he works so much. I felt relieved as he took up the offer leaving me free for the day. I went to school like any normal teen would. While I was there everyone was looking at me, most likely shocked at the fact that my bodyguard was nowhere to be seen.
“Hey y/n!” jisoo a close friend of mine yelled from down the hall while smiling at me. I returned the gesture and started walking towards her.
“have you heard any news about bangtan recently?” she asked while holding onto my arm. I rolled my eyes as she mentioned the most dangerous gang in the city.
“no, but I’m sure you have.” I replied
“yahh, you’re so smart. I heard that they are in our area for now. Something about a drug deal.” She said while giggling. If you couldn’t tell jisoo was obsessed with bangtan. She says that them being in a gang is hot, I say that it’s stupid.
After a long day of school, I had to head to my vocal classes. My teacher spent hours criticizing me on why my voice needs improvement and when class was coming to an end I was very thankful. As I was walking out of the building I had felt someone run right into me.
“yo what the heck man? Don’t you have eyes? Watch where you’re going next time.” I said as I was pulling myself off the ground. I had looked at the boy who had been the one to throw me to the ground, expecting an apology but I started to walk away since he decided to not speak.
“I’m sorry miss…” I heard the boy say in a quiet hushed voice. I turned back around and just gave him a small smile.
“since I was so rude and not paying attention, is there a way I can repay you? I know this-“he was cut off by more boys running to him and sirens in the background.
“yo Jungkook, the cops are coming we gotta go.” One of the boys said not even acknowledging me. My mouth dropped open once I finally realized who I had been looking at.
“well sweetheart it was nice to meet- “he started to speak but was cut off by police sirens getting louder. He cursed to himself and started to run but before he got too far he turned to me and spoke again.
“well it was nice to meet you by the way, I’m jungkook, also if the cops come by tell them I said have fun trying to catch me.” He winked at me before running again and turning down an alley way. My mouth stayed dropped after hearing the boy’s final words to me. He was Jeon Jungkook, and those other boys with him were bangtan and he wasn’t a jerk like everyone says he is? Now that’s what you call a twist.


Once I Had A Sweetheart. 

I cannot get this song out of my head…