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Warnings: Threesome, daddy!kink, breath play.

“If I were to mysteriously disappear, no warning or trace whatsoever, would I still be responsible for finals?” Jeonghan questions as he stares hopelessly at the pile of open books covering the table. “I mean, if they can’t find me can they reasonably expect me to continue in my academic endeavors?”

“Probably,” you shrug as you flip through your notes in search of that one particular line that seems to be avoiding you, “universities are relentless. I’m sure they’ll still be sending us those awful ‘what’s happening on campus this week’ emails long after we’ve died.”

A highlighter flies across the table and smacks you in the forehead. “I’m going to speed along that process if you both don’t shut up,” Jihoon growls as he drags his fingers through his hair, just a little too roughly. He fixes you with an accusing stare and huffs, “I have an Anth final in the morning and you promised to help. I want to get back to the studio sometime this year.”

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Sweetheart - Part 2 // Archie Andrews

“Please do a part two of Sweetheart!!”

“Part 2 of "sweetheart” please😭😭😭"

“wth is part 2???…”

This has been so highly requested it’s unbelievable, but here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. I quickly want to note something in my opinion with relationships; please be ever so careful if your significant other has cheated once before, some don’t, but some do cheat again. You’re a human with feelings, please never get caught in a cycle of an on again/off again relationship, you’re more important and loved to be put through that pain. Do what’s right for you. Love you all 🌸💕


It had been almost three days since I broke up with Archie. Since my parents were away on a business trip, I managed to get out of going to school. I couldn’t face my friends, I couldn’t face him. I didn’t know how much the break up would affect me and my whole physical being, but it took a toll, more then I imagined.

I laid in my bed, curtains half closed, raindrops falling against my window, matching my mood. Usually, the rain makes me happier and content, instead, it made every emotion I was feeling worse.

Heartbreak was a painful thing, especially when you’ve been cheated on. I never thought someone who I deeply cared about could hurt me in a way that destroyed whatever happiness I had left. It was almost a never ending nightmare.

I heard my bedroom door open, seeing Ronnie, Betty and Kevin marching in. Betty pushed open my curtains whilst I groaned, throwing a pillow over my head, attempt in hiding from them.

‘Y/N, this is ridiculous! You need to get up!’ Ronnie ordered. I groaned in response, feeling the pillow taken away from me.

I stared at my friends, throwing my covers over my head instead. 'Y/N, you gotta get up. You’ve missed too much of school, Cheryl has been demanding that you show up to practise or you’re off the squad, you’re better than this.’ I heard Betty say, peeling off my covers. She caught sight of my broken features, giving me a comforting smile.

'I can’t face him.’ I expressed with no emotion in my voice.

'Yes you can. You won’t be alone either, you have us.’ Ronnie sat on the other side of me, sitting a box with a cupcake inside on my lap. I sat up, looking at my friends.

'People are going to ask questions. I can’t answer with the truth because I’m an idiot and-’

'You still care about him.’ Kevin finished, sitting next to Ronnie. I sighed, nodding my head.

'Y/N, we’ve let you deal with it your way for as long as possible, but, sitting here in darkness waiting for change and happiness to happen isn’t the way to do it.’ Ronnie soothed. I stared at her, my eyes beginning to water. 'I know it’s hard, hun, but I promise you’ll get through it.’

'I can’t see him, I can’t do it. It hurts too much.’ I felt tears trickle down my cheeks as my three best friends moved closer to me, pulling me in for a group hug.

'We know, but we believe in you. Now, get up, have a shower. We’re going to Pop’s.’ Betty encouraged. I gave a look to my friends, rolling my eyes as I got up, walking to my bathroom.


Walking into Pop’s, I was on high alert for my ex-boyfriend, knowing his more than likely to be here at some point. I hugged my cardigan around me tighter, sitting next to Kevin in our booth. I looked around, not catching sight of any auburn hair.

'I’ll go get us some milkshakes.’ Ronnie announced, walking over to the counter.

I sighed, looking out for the door. Kevin placed a reassuring hand over mine on the table, giving me a proud smile. I gave a weak one in return, hearing the door bell echo. I looked over to see Chuck and a few of his football buddies walking in, their obnoxiously loud voices giving me a sight headache.

'They’re the most annoying humans on the planet I swear.’ Betty mumbled, anger evident in her tone.

'I can argue with that.’ I chuckled, for the first time in three days.

Soon enough, Chuck made his way over to our booth, resting his hands on our table, staring down at me.

'Y/N L/N, rumour has it you and Andrews are over?’ He smirked, licking his lips.

I sighed, crossing my arms over my chest. 'Go away, Chuck. Your presence is unwanted.’ I spat, glaring up at him.

'Oh, don’t be so glum, baby. I bet I could give it to you better than what he use to do.’

I scoffed at him in disgust. The thought of that made me want to throw up.

'Leave her alone, Chuck.’ Betty interrupted, glaring at him.

'This doesn’t concern you, Cooper.’ Chuck bit back.

'Don’t talk to her like that.’ I stood up from my seat, standing up to him.

He chuckled sarcastically, throwing his head back. 'You’re cute, Y/N. Really, god damn adorable.’ He smirked, grabbing my wrist with a surprising amount of force.

'Let go of me.’ I snapped, trying to pull away from him. I saw Betty and Kevin stand up from their seats.

'Don’t deny you want me, Y/N.’

'Back off, Chuck. Now.’ I turned my head to see Archie standing there, Ronnie and Jughead behind him. My breath got caught in my throat, seeing my raging ex-boyfriend death glaring Chuck, his fist clenched at his side.

'What are you going to do about it, Andrews? She’s up for the taking.’

Archie growled, pushing Chuck away from me with a great deal of force. I felt Ronnie pull me away from a fight that could possibly break out.

'Don’t you dare talk about her that way.’ Archie gripped him by the collar, causing a hand to fly to my mouth.

'Wow, tough guy, huh?’ Chuck taunted, chuckling.

'Get the hell out of here, or I’ll do something that I’ll regret.’ Archie spat. Chuck licked his lips once more whilst Archie was watching Chuck’s every step with his friends, watching him leave Pop’s.

I panted a little, feeling sick staring at Archie. I quickly pushed myself away from Ronnie, turning around and running out of Pop’s.

'Y/N! Wait!’ I heard Archie exclaim, following me outside.

I sprinted through the parked cars, trying to dodge him at all costs.

'Y/N, stop!’

'I can’t even look at you!’ I shouted, walking over to my car.

'Then don’t, just listen!’ He exclaimed, making my movements stop. I didn’t dare turn around to face him, I couldn’t bare to look at him.

'How can I even hear what you have to say?’ I snapped.

'I know I don’t deserve it but, I love you, Y/N, from the bottom of my heart I do. I messed up. I cheated and ruined everything, this is all my fault, I know that. But, I want you to know this; I promise you I was manipulated by her and what she wanted from me. Should I have seen it sooner? Yes, but I didn’t and I’m an idiot. Please - look at me, Y/N,’

I sniffled, slowly turning around to face him, his face dropping seeing my own. 'I’m sorry, Y/N. I can’t say it anymore then I am sorry, from the bottom of my heart. Sweetheart, I still love you. I haven’t stopped and never stopped.’

I shook my head, looking down at the ground before my gaze found his again.

'Archie, you think an apology is going to make this all okay? That I’ll forget about it and give you a second chance to redeem yourself? This isn’t some fairytale crap, Archie, this is real life.’ I cried, wiping my eyes quickly. 'I don’t know if I can’t trust you again…’

'So, what are we doing then? What are we?’ Archie asked, stepping closer to me.

I sighed, biting my bottom lip. 'We’ll be amicable for now. These things will take time. It’ll take you a lot to be close friends with me again.’ I wiped my eyes, sniffling again.

'What about our relationship?’ He asked in a mere whisper, looking down at the ground. I sighed again, clasping my hands together.

'I’ll forgive Archie, but I’ll never forget.’ I concluded. 'The future is undecided, but for now, we’ll remain just as friends.’

'Alright, I can respect that. Again, I’m so sorry, Y/N.’

'I know.’ I nodded.

Reader x Alex Standall x Justin Foley General Dating Headcanons

Request: Hi! I love the way you write! I just want to ask you if you can do a headcanon about a poly relationship? Justin*Reader*Alex Thank you All the love c:


A/N: This is my first justlex reader headcanon, and I’ve been waiting! I’m happy to do a series if I get any requests (once they’re open) :)


Warnings: Polyamory, Mentions of mild homophobia.


Reader x Alex Standall x Justin Foley General Dating Headcanons…

  • You all met through your classes at school and mutual jock friends

  • None of you really realised you were falling for the others- there was just an ‘oh shit’ moment when you all realised you were already goners
  • Justin was the first to crave affection and be clingy af (but struggled the most with initiating it), and Alex was the first to initiate the dates (though it took you all a while to call them dates), and you were the first one to label them your boyfriends

  • Lots of cuddles and cute kisses
  • Always playing with each other’s hair

  • Painting each other’s nails when they let you
  • Movie/Video game nights

  • Wrapping your arms around each other’s shoulders in school
  • Constantly sharing jackets

  • Hanging out with the jocks
  • The jocks eventually figuring your relationship out and always gently teasing you all

  • So many dates at Rosie’s and Monet’s
  • Going to the crestmont together, but usually just snuggling up and giggling in the back corner

  • None of your parents exactly understand poly relationships, so even though it’s not a secret, you haven’t exactly said you’re all dating
  • Open door policy when you hangout though

  • Justin calling you both at 2am and you all end up sneaking into someone’s room when things are bad for him at home
  • Justin being the little/middle spoon while you and Alex take care of him

  • Alex taking you both on long drives and secret adventures
  • Usually sitting in Justin or Alex’s lap at parties and functions so that the drunk jocks know not to flirt with you

  • No one ever feeling like a third wheel
  • Your group chat is basically just filled with kissy face emoji’s, whines for attention, memes and gifs

  • Arguing over who gets to choose the Netflix show and then either falling asleep or getting distracted with Netflix and chill
  • Hickies! And a lot of chest and ass grabbing from everyone

  • Winks in the hallway and other generally embarrassing things
  • Wanting to spend every second of the day with each other to make the others smile

  • Just all loving each other so much and being completely inseparable, regardless of what anyone else has to say

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Bad Girl Ch 4: Apologies

This chapter has a torture scene! 

“Are you ready?”

“Daddy?” The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them. Jiho looks at me, concern written all over his face. I don’t let him pull me away from the balcony, I need to see them, I need to remind myself why I don’t need them, that I don’t want them. Baekhyun is standing in the middle of the dance floor in front of the poor victim tied to the chair. He has a bright red metal bat in his hands that match his new hair. Even from here I can see his eyes out lined in kohl making him look sinful. I forgot how beautiful he was.

“It has been awhile,” He muses with a playful smirk on his face. “In case you don’t know, I am Baekhyun of EXO. This is Yooseok, a married man with four children. He teaches at the local high school and also tutors in his free time. But what most people do not know about him is that he has a horrible gambling problem, which has wracked him up a lot of debt. So to compensate for all the money he lost he decided to volunteer to be our guest for tonight.”

Baekhyun tears of the piece of tape covering the man’s mouth, “Help me! Please help me!” The man screams.

“Does anyone here want to help him?” He scans the crowd, pouting when no one answers him, “No one want to step in and save this man and take his place?” He snickers, “What a shame, sorry friend. How about I let you pick which leg I start with, will that make you feel better?”

The man is in tears constantly calling for help that no one would offer. Everyone is too afraid of not just that seat but also EXO. From what I’ve heard they are the most ruthless when it comes to torture, they are the group you don’t want to piss off. The man’s screams get louder when Baekhyun raises the bat and brings it down to one of this knees, the crunching of his bones echoes through the hall. I can’t hold back my cringe yet at the same time I can’t get myself to look away.

“Please!” The man begs through his cries.

“Oh you want another? Since you asked so nicely who am I to deny such a request,” With that Baekhyun flips the bat once in his hand before bring it down to his other knee, letting out the same disgusting bone crushing sound as before.

“Baek-ah,” A familiar voice calls coming out of the darkness into the spot light. “You can’t have all of the fun,” Xiumin says with a chilling grin. My heart stops at the sight of him.

“Xiumin,” I let out breathlessly.

“You are too brutal to start so you have to wait till the end,” Baekhyun whines.

“Does that mean I can go?” Kai joins them with Sehun and Kyungsoo tailing him.

Baekhyun continues to pout but nods, “I guess but be gentle, we don’t want him dying too early.”

Kai nods as he pulls out a hunting knife, he looks to his hyungs, “Which finger should we start with first?”

Sehun cocks his head, deep in thought, “I suggest the pinky finger first. But don’t forget to leave a few for Kris hyung.”

I watch in utter horror as Kai easily cuts off the man’s fingers, blood splatters on his shirt as a deep chuckle rumbles in his chest. The man is screaming bloody murder as his finger is waved in his face, pure horror on his face. Sehun plucks the finger out of his hyung’s hand and quickly shoves it into the man’s mouth.

“I’m tired of your screaming, stop being a bitch,” Sehun snarls.

The man spits out the finger, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because you volunteered of course,” Baekhyun muses. “Plus,” His eyes scan the balcony until his eyes find me. He gives me a chilling smile, “We want to show someone their future.” The others follow his gaze to me, their expressions seem dumbstruck for a moment. It’s as if it’s the first time they are seeing me, Jiho tries to pull me away but my hands won’t release the railing. I can’t get myself to look away from them until Chanyeol’s hearty laugh echoes through the hall.

“Why did all the fun stop?” He wonders.

“Our- my- my baby,” Sehun stammers to the whole room.

“Sehun-ah,” Baekhyun snaps, “Focus and remember what Suho hyung told us.” But the younger can’t seem to look away. I break eye contact when Chanyeol moves towards the man. A sick feeling settles in my stomach at the sight of the pliers in his hand. Images of my nightmare from all those months ago, that is enough for my hands to release the railing allowing Jiho to pull me out of their view. I cover my mouth with both of my hands, the idea in my head that he will be coming after me with those.

“Calm down Joo,” Jiho whispers softly holding me tight against his chest. He tries to muffle the sounds but I can hear everything. I can hear them mocking the man as they shred him to pieces, he is screaming as Chanyeol rips out his teeth one by one.

“I can’t be in here,” I stammer as I push Jiho away and rush off to find the bathroom, hoping and praying that the screams couldn’t reach there. I know Jiho is tailing me but I’m too focused to care, I need to get away. I push open the heavy wooden door and slip inside before bracing my body against it. The ivory marble room is silent and appears to be empty, thank god. Sinking to the floor and let my head fall back as my body relaxes, mostly. My hands are still trembling with fear and my heart is racing in my chest. I close my eyes to take a few minutes to calm myself.

There is a knock on the door, “Jooyoung-ah, are you okay?” It’s Jiho, just as I’m about to answer I open my eyes to find a gun pointed at my fore head. What surprises me more is who is holding it. Xiumin stares down at me with something a little more than hatred burning in his eyes. My heart stops in this moment, how could he? How could he raise a gun to my head after all he put me through? He crouches down to my level and I can’t help but think of the first night we met.

“Tell him you are fine,” He commands me in a whisper.

“I’m fine Jiho,” I mumble loud enough for the other man to hear through the door.

“Tell him to give you some time.”

“I’ll be out soon, just give me a little time.”

Jiho sighs, “Of course, I’ll be out here when you need me. This should only last a little longer than I’m getting you home.”

“Such a good girl,” Xiumin slurs, obviously drunk. He drops down on to his butt, the gun still aimed at me. I shrink into myself as he scoots closer, his legs on either side of me. His free hand reaches out and caresses my cheek softly as if he’s afraid I’m going to fade a way. I’m too afraid to fight back with the gun in his hand but at the same time I don’t want to. For someone holding a gun he looks so vulnerable right now. Pink, blood shot eyes scan every centimeter of my face as if he has never seen me before. He smiles but I can see the sadness behind it, “You are so beautiful.”

“What’s are you doing? You shouldn’t be here,” I tell him in my strongest voice even though I don’t feel any sort of strength left in me. All I really want to do is hug him and tell him everything is going to be alright but I know I can’t. Not only for Jiyong but for myself. I laid my love for all of them to rest when I full accepted that they left me. I push his hand away.

He chuckles as he wipes his eyes, trying his best to hide the tears I see streaking his cheeks, “That is what everyone has been telling me yet here I am. I thought that I could stay away but when I saw you in the balcony I had to see you up close.”

I set my shoulders back and raise my chin, “You saw me, now put the gun down and leave.”

“No, no, no, no, we are not done.”

“What else do you have to say to me?” I snap.

He is quiet for a moment as he just stare at me, “My youngest brother told me saying sorry to you would make me feel better. It would be therapeutic so that I could move on with my life and not focus on that tragedy. So do you think I should say sorry? Do you think I will feel better? Will the nightmares stop if I just say those two little words to you? Will I be able to sleep through the night without reaching out for that familiar warmth? Do you think my baby will be able to forgive me? Do you?”

I slap him. How dare he, how fucking dare he ask me those questions. He can not disappear for a year and pop asking such heart wrenching questions, how can I respond to any of those? I push him away from me and manage to get to my feet. He is surprisingly quick and pins me against the door. Looming over me, he makes me feel so small. His hands are holding mine against the door but they slowly slide to my shoulders then to my neck and for a brief moment I think he is going to kill me. I see my life flash before my eyes and I find myself apologizing to Jiyong about all of this. But that stops when his hands continue to cup my cheeks.

He kisses me. It’s just a soft peck before he presses his lips to my fore head, his tears slide down his cheeks to land upon mine. “I’m so sorry my Baby, I’m sorry,” He cries softly. Tears are threatening to spill from my own eyes so I force myself to push him away and leave without giving him another chance to trap me. I fling myself into Jiho’s arms.

“Get me out of here!” I cry into his chest.

“What the hell happened in there?” Jiho wonders hauling me into his arms princess style.

“Xiumin was there,” I mumble into his chest.

Jiho freezes, “Did he say anything to you?”

I shake my head, “He just kept apologizing, he asked if I would forgive him but I didn’t even answer. I just pushed him away and ran. Now can we get out of here before anymore of them appear?”

He nods, “I can find away out.”


“Are you sure you are okay?” Jiho worries.

I nod, “I’m fine, thank you for staying for awhile, I’m completely calmed down. You can go back to your life, by that I obviously mean your bed.”

He chuckles and places a kiss on my forehead, “Have a good night, if you need anything, you know where to find me.” I nod and shoo him into the elevator. When he is gone I scan my eyes over the empty apartment and I find myself missing Jiyong. I also think about Xiumin, do you think I should say sorry? Do you think I will feel better? What a selfish man! Has he honestly not thought about how him saying this stuff will affect me? I just wanted closure not this, not a brand new mess I have to deal with. I want to yell at him , at all of them.

My phone buzzes on the couch and I rush to answer it, “Hello?”

“Hello my love,” Jiyong purrs into the phone.

I smile, “How are you?”

“I am horrible, I miss you. I’m tired of China already. I’m trying to come back as soon as possible.”

I chuckle, “And how is that working out for you?”

“Horribly, these men can’t even wipe their asses by themselves, how they managed to get this far in this world is beyond me,” He huffs cutely.

“I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t having any fun.”

“What about you? I heard you had an interesting night.”

I take a deep breath, “Xiumin kissed me.”

“WHAT?” He snarls into the phone.

“I pushed him away when it happened and stormed off. I’m so sorry.”

He is silent for a moment, “I’m not mad at you my love, it’s that bastard who dare touch you!”



“Could I look in their file?”

“You want to look into their file?”


Jiyong, as the boss of the Black dragons, has a massive amount of information about every group out there including EXO. He gathered all this information and neatly organized it into a filing cabinet hidden behind on of the panels in his office. He gives me free rain of his office and everything in it and I’ve never asked to look into anyone’s file but I feel like this isn’t our usual situation.

“Of course,” He insists. “You know you don’t have to ask for permission.”

“I know I just thought that you might feel different about this.”

He chuckles, “My love every man I have in those files is just a man, those men are just men, not competition, right?”

I nod, “Of course, you have me 100 percent.”

‘Good. I’ll be home soon, you feel free to look in those files as much as you would like. I trust you.”

“Thank you oppa, you sleep tight, I’ll see you soon. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I close my eyes and press the phone to my head for just a moment of piece before taking a deep breath and standing up. I shuffle down the hall to our shared office and straight up to the golden framed mirror near my desk. With my thumb I use the fingerprint scanner to open the secret file room door. The mirror goes into reveal a small room with floor to ceiling filing drawers. EXO isn’t hard to find considering they have their own corner, all the branches of their organization are in these drawers, all their higher ups, the middle men, the foot men, absolutely everything. I pop open the middle drawer and stare down the twelve folders. My brow wrinkles in confusion as I scan the labels, some familiar but other’s not so much.

Kim Minseok

Kim Junmyun

Kim Jongin

Kim Jongdae

Kim Yixing

Kim Yifan

Who the hell are these people? I rip out the first name I that sounds familiar, Kim Jongin. Inside is a picture of Kai glaring daggers back at me. Haneul’s voice rings in my ears, he tried to kill himself. Him and the other two younger boys, which means Sehun and Tao, oh my fucking god. I scramble to grab all twelve before rushing into the living room and throwing them all on the floor. I grab the bottle of soju from my desk, knowing I’m going to need something to give me the courage to do this.

After a few much needed shots I’m not shaking anymore, I can convince myself to grab the file that is on top that belongs to a Kim Minseok. I run over all their names in my head on who this could be, his picture isn’t in the front though, dozens of pictures of mutilated bodies fall on to the floor in front of me, revealing his bio in the back. But I could already guess who it is.

Kim Minseok a.k.a Xiumin

March 26th, 1990


Specialties: Information extraction, torture

I’ve seen some horrifying things this past year but this takes the cake, when I was living with them I knew he wasn’t someone you wanted to get on the bad side of but this is worse than I was imagining. I collect all the pictures together before closing it. This is the first file and I already know more about them than I wanted to. His picture is peeking out the top of his file, I can’t help but pluck it out when I see his cat like eyes staring at me.

“Daddy,” I mumble the word fondly as I stare down at his picture. My heart flutters for just a second before I remind myself that I’m done with him and the others. I need to make it clear for myself and for them.

And I know just the way to do it.

I hope this pulled at your heart strings because I plan on making the next one rip them out. Don’t worry though, no angst in my stories, well not really.

Xoxo Pretty Bird

VIXX Reaction---That’s my kid???

“What would be Vixx reaction if they broke up with you (because of his career) and after a year he sees you holding a baby wich is his but you never told them (someone else did)”

So this request was sent to me with several other ones, so I decided to get it done today so here it is.

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners

N:  Once you got his message saying that he knew your baby was his, you decided to meet him and bring you child with you.  He instantly hugged your little one and asked to be a part of his life since hes already missed a year already.  

Leo:  He had found out that your child was his through a mutual friend.  He contacted you and asked why you didn’t tell him as hes upset he wasn’t there for a year.  You met up later with your child and let Leo start to bond with his child.

Ken:  He ran into you while you were out with your daughter by accident.  He asked why she looked so much like him and you told him the truth.  He was upset that you didn’t let him know causing him to miss out on her first years.  

Ravi:  You decided to call him and tell him about your child with him.  He would be very upset that you hadn’t told him and question you about it for years to come and then ask to be included in her life.

Hongbin:  When he found out from your mom that he has a son with you, he would confront you about it and demand that you let him in his son’s life.  You tried to tell him why you hadn’t done that but he would be more concerned on getting to know his son instead of your excuse.

Hyuk:  He was super suprised when a fan asked him how his daughter was.  when he confronted you about it and you told him the truth, he would be really excited to get to know is adorable little daughter.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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Movie Night

Prompt 1: MAJOR GADREEL FEELS YAY so i was wondering (since you are a great writer) can you make one gadreel x reader where it’s late at the evening and the reader is wearing nothing but one of his tshirts and underwear and they watch some movie or something and he’s sitting right behind her and he starts to kiss her neck and run his hands over her and they end up making hot passionate sex? PLEASE YOU WRITE THESE THING PRETTY WELL AND I’M SURE YOU CAN DO THIS ONE GREAT TOO x

Prompt 2: More gadreel smut when you can pleasessssss and thankssss ilysm
Prompt 3: More Gadreel smut please please please!!!!
Prompt 4
Prompt 5
Rating: Explicit/Mature
Pairing: Gadreel/Reader
Word Count: 1,149
Warnings: Surprisingly, none!
Author’s Note: Had fun writing this, decided to put some requests together, hope no one minds!:) Like I said I LOVE Gadreel prompts because I love me some Gadreel!:p So, send them in!!! I have more Gadreel fics to finish so this week is all about him, I’ll still be doing other requests but my drafts are full of Gadreel and I’m just trying to get them all done. Oh, and I had no idea what to name this lol!

This hasn’t been beta’d yet, so, sorry for the mistakes, I’ll update it once my beta gets back to me. But enjoy it right now, mistakes and all!!:p

Edit: This has been beta’d!

”_____, dear one, the movie is about to begin, are we still watching it?” Gadreel’s voice called through the door of the bedroom.

“Yeah, I’m just putting on something a little more comfortable, I’ll be out in a minute.” You called back, rummaging through your drawer, looking for a clean shirt. You gave up looking for one of your’s, and ended up taking one of Gadreel’s t-shirts. You pulled the soft fabric over your head, and it was then that you realized that the shirt it was just long enough to cover your panties, but was sure to ride up when you sat down.

You shrugged, not really caring, and made your way out into the living room where your angel sat sprawled out on the couch, one of his long legs stretched out, while the other hung off it. You giggled at his lax posture, making the short walk over to him and sitting down between his legs, leaning back against him while his arms wrapped around your waist.

The cool skin of his arms contrasted sharply against the warm skin of your stomach, and you could feel his chest rise and fall with his breathing. For half the movie, all you ended up concentrating on was the fluttering warm feeling in the pit of your stomach that you got just from being around him.

 He started with subtle touches here and there, but as minutes went by, they became bolder. His lips pressed to your neck,making you gasp out his name softly.

“I just could not take it anymore, you look amazing with my clothes on–I have to touch you.” His warm tone reminded you of honey and you felt the need to kiss him. You wanted to taste him.

“You’re always starting something.”

You sat up and turned in his arms, automatically covering his mouth with yours.

His hands gripped your thighs so he could easily get up, and you squealed with surprise when he lifted you. Your legs wrapped around his waist while your lips still moved with his. You moaned into his mouth when you felt your own open for his prodding tongue. You could feel his length through the thin material of your panties and you shifted your hips slightly so you could rub against him.

“We’re supposed to be watching the movie.” You panted when you separated your lips from his.

“That is the farthest thought from my mind at the moment.”

Everything twisted, and suddenly you were dropped on the bed, with Gadreel hovering over you.

His look made your pussy throb, you needed him to fill you quickly, but he had a different pace in mind. He leaned down to press a kiss to your forehead then proceeded down, kissing your nose which made you giggle and then your lips. If you could, you would have kissed him forever, his lips were soft but firm–they were perfect for you. He pulled out of the kiss and your lips created a small smacking sound, making him smile. His lips continued down your neck to the top of his shirt.

The angel’s warm hands began pushing the shirt up and you helped lift it over your head. He bit his lip when he saw you had no bra on, his hands automatically covering your breasts, kneading the flesh. His thumbs stroked your nipples, getting a moan from you as you arched into him. You could feel your panties dampen more with your wetness each time he kissed or touched you.

Gadreel kissed between your breasts and over your stomach until he got to the top of your sex. His hands slid down to peel your panties away and off, and the scent of your arousal filled the space. You heard a deep growl come from the angel and it was no later after that that his fingers separated your folds and his tongue swiftly swiped up your womanhood, circling your clit.

You cried out, your hands sliding through his short hair and your legs threatening to close. With slight hesitation, his finger circled your opening before it was pushed into your core.

“Ah, G-Gadreel, I need more. I need you inside me, please!”

Your plea was not left unheard, soon after he was over you again, his clothing thrown carelessly to the floor and his lips covering yours once more. One of his hands lined himself up with you, and your legs widened before you gave a sharp intake of breath as he entered you. You were never really prepared for the first thrust, but it always felt good to have him in you.

“A-Are you okay?” His rugged, heavy voice asked.

Your answer was the slight tilt of your hips that made him groan.

Your walls accommodated to his length and width, and he held himself up on his forearms as he thrust out then back in slowly at first, letting you adjust. You clung to him, looking into his eyes, and moaned out a request for him to go faster–he gladly obliged. 

His lips met yours in short passionate kisses and suddenly he flipped the both of you so you were now on top of him. He still continued to pump into you as you held yourself up, your hands on his chest as you rode him. You met his eyes as a smirk, identical to yours, played on his face. One of your hands trailed down and your fingers began rubbing your clit, intensifying your pleasure, and his as well, apparently. 

“I love watching you touch yourself." He growled, and you brought him deeper into you, walls tightening.

You rode him until he came to his end, shouting something in Enochian. You continued to ride him through his orgasm and your’s hit not too soon after. You threw your head back in ecstasy, a cry of pleasure passing your lips and you finally collapsed on top of him, your cheek on his chest that heaved with every breath he took.

You took some time to calm down, but when you did, you began giggling and kissed his chest and neck before getting to his lips.

”… I do not think I will ever be used to the feeling of ejaculating, it is so intense.“ He said, voice still rugged and deep, euphoria still etched on his face.

"Glad I could bring you such pleasure.” You laughed.

“We should do this again very soon.”

“And how soon is soon?”

“When you have caught your breath." 

Your eyes widened as you felt him harden against you, but he just smiled up at you.

"You and your angel stamina.”

Is all that you were able to say before you were rolled onto your back, Gadreel’s mouth slanting over yours.

It was going to be a long night.

Lucid Dreaming tips for beginners! – Where to start?

Once again I’ve been getting lots of questions through on where to start lucid dreaming, requests for the rough basics of what’s going on and other similar ideas. I thought I would help you all out and simply put together a tick-list of the steps that I went through myself when learning how to lucid dream.

These are key points or ‘milestones’ if you like for you to tackle on your journey, and also areas for you to research and get up to speed with before putting the theory into practice in a lucid dream.

Research Lucid Dreaming as much as possible!

As a lucid dreamer, getting all the theory in first will help out a lot with the practical side of things. Every lucid dream is different and no set method or technique will work each time – so the more you know the better. Imagine it as a guidebook built upon your own knowledge of tips and tricks for each and every situation you come across. The more you know the quicker and more easily you’ll get the hang of actually being in a lucid dream and manipulating it.

Remember your dreams!

What’s the point of trying to lucid dream if you won’t even remember your experience? A lucid dream is just like any other dream and can be just as easily forgotten. Ensure you have great dream recall, remembering at least a couple of dreams each night. Better dream recall has lots of benefits aside from this, and helps you to get to know your dreams a little better.

Keep a Dream Journal!

This is the best tool there is for remembering you dreams – writing them down each morning before you forget (which is all too easy). It also allows long term storage of dreams so you can flick back through your dream journal and see if there are any reoccurring themes. Such ‘dream signs’ are themes you can look out for in future dreams to indicate that you’re lucid (like spontaneous flight).

Induce your first lucid dream!

Dreams are either induced from being awake (WILD) or from being asleep (DILD) with all methods being categorized into these two groups. DILDs are something I’d recommend for beginners – where you set up good habits in your waking life which will effectively ‘carry over’ into your dreams if you repeat them enough. As dreams mimic reality somewhat,  keeping your waking thoughts focused on dreams will mean that so too will your ‘dream thoughts’ be focused on recognizing if you are dreaming.

Knowing you’ve had a lucid dream!

A lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware of the fact you are dreaming. ‘Dreams-about-lucid-dreams’ are irritating for in all senses the content of the dream is exactly as you’d imagine it to be – but the awareness and understanding that you in a dream is not there. This means you are not lucid dreaming by definition. Lucidity itself is a way for us to more reliably influence our dreams into an outcome we prefer.

Use Reality Checks as much as possible!

For DILDs where we cannot directly influence our dreams we have to use the fact that dreams naturally mimic much of what goes on in waking life. Frequently checking if you are dreaming when awake will mean you’ll soon be doing reality checks in your dreams. The point of a reality check is to practice ‘getting lucid’ so much so that you start doing it in your dreams – Thus you actually get lucid.

Do Reality Checks properly!

Yep, learn what’s really behind reality checks. These shouldn’t just be mindless actions as in a dream the outcome will be ‘rationalized’ and you won’t get lucid. Lucidity itself is a state of awareness and it is this that you should be practicing – your own understanding of the reality you are in rather than mindlessly doing a physical action. Also make sure you research lots of different reality checks and find the ones that work for you!

Keep dreams in shape!

Whenever you are in a lucid dream make sure you keep everything stable. It’s easy to get caught up with what’s going on only for the dream to collapse – so practice multi-tasking and focus on the structure of the dream. This is based upon stability which is mostly affected by your own lucidity (which is all too easy to lose if you are doing something and forget you are in a dream). Your first lucid dreams will likely collapse due to intense emotions so practice by trial and error until you get a feel for it – stabilization techniques will help and are defiantly worth researching.  

Keep an eye out for false awakenings!

These are interesting for it simply appears that you wake up but for the fact you are still in a dream. False awakenings exactly mimic you waking – up to the point where it’s a near perfect imitation of reality. These can happen repeatedly or not at all and affect various people differently. Practice doing a reality check every time you wake up and not only will prevent false awakening but you’ll get lucid every time you have one.

Experiment to find what works for you!

That means going through different induction methods for both DILDs and WILDs, as well as stabilization techniques, reality checks and much more! We’re all individuals and our experiences, dreams, as well as both strengths and weaknesses differ. It’s easy to get caught up with ‘fool-proof-work-every-time-techniques’ which just don’t exist. Find what works for you as an individual and adjust methods to focus on your strengths! Don’t feel worried about giving up on methods or sticking with them to see how they work out – it’s all up to you.

Open your mind to the possibilities of the dream environment!

Work with the dreams you have rather than trying to create your ‘perfect dream’ each time. Explore the dream within its own limits before creating your own and see what wonders there are out there waiting for you. Each dream is different and gives you a new experience to explore how you see fit. Simply overpowering a dream to create what you want will collapse it most of the time. Indirect methods of control are the most effective for many situations you’ll encounter.

Don’t give up!

Lucid dreaming requires a lot of effort pretty much continually to keep you knee deep in lucid dreams – so stick to it! If you’re doing everything right, the more effort you put in the more lucid dreams you’ll get. Typically things are hard for beginners due to inexperience but as soon as you get lucid a few times and get a feel for what’s involved things will get progressively easier. So don’t give in.

I hope that help – Good luck and sweet lucid dreams!


Imagine Requests - The Tables have Turned

Can you write an imagine where Justin is really mad at y/n for some reason and he’s going off on her but y/n is secretly getting turned on by him and J notices, but he’s still mad so he gets all up in her face but won’t touch her to get her all hot and bothered and just when she thinks he’s about to kiss her, he just doesn’t say anything and walks out of the room? Lol I know it’s kind of a crazy request but I just thing that’d be so hot! Thanks hun xx

“I never see you anymore!” Justin’s face was red, his hands flying through his hair constantly. I stood at the other side of our bedroom. “Everyone else gets so much time with you but me, your own boyfriend, sees you once every few days!” He turned to look at me as I stood helplessly.

“I don’t know what you want me to do, Justin.” I hissed at him, feeling anger trail through me due to his accusations and blame. “I just don’t have as much time as I used to have.” Like Justin, I threw my arms up in annoyance.

“If you want to make this work, you make time, that’s how it works. If you can’t, tell me now because I don’t like wasting my time.” He moved closer to me. I took in his features more clearly now.

I gazed at him intently. I noticed the way his jaw clenched, just like it does when he thrusts into me. I noticed the way he has a deep frown on his face like the one he has when he’s concentrating on pleasuring me. His body was tense the same way it is when he’s about to reach his high. I bit down on my lip as I watched him.

I felt my body becoming flustered and my breathing increasing ever so slightly as my mind switched to something other than this argument. The way he glared at me and shook slightly made my body hot. I squirmed as I attempted to stand still.

Justin’s P.O.V

I watched her. She was turned on by this and I knew it, I loved it. She bit down on her bottom lip as she caught my gaze, her chest raised and fell just a little more rapidly. I watched her squeeze her legs together, I had to stop myself from letting out a groan.

“I can’t keep doing this, [Y/N].” I growled at her, my jaw clenching as I got close to her. “If you want to make this work, make time.” A small smirk edged its way onto my face when I got close, I could almost smell how worked up she was getting.

“O-Okay.” She stuttered, not faltering as I got closer. My breath hit her face, causing her eyes to shudder.

“This turns you on, doesn’t it?” The grin broke out on my face. “Seeing me angry with you makes you worked up, it puts fantasies and thoughts that you know you shouldn’t be having in your head.”

She let out a shaky breath, looking as though she was holding back a whimper or a moan, I couldn’t tell which. She fumbled with her fingers.

“I’m right, aren’t I? Tell me I’m right, [Y/N].” My stare burned into her face as she looked away. She nodded and looked down to her feet. “I knew it. You want me to take my anger towards you, out on you, don’t you?” She nodded. “You want me to fuck you so hard we both forget what we were fighting about, don’t you?” She nodded once more.

“You know, I think you’re so beautiful, and even though you’re a huge pain in the ass, I love you.” I rasped, getting closer to her. “And I wanna make you feel good, but you’ve been a bad girl towards me so I don’t think you deserve it.” I still didn’t touch her, I made sure her body was going to be burning for me by the end. She whimpered under her breath making me bite down on the inside of my cheek.

“I can see how desperately hot you’re getting. You want my hands on your body, you want our skin to be touching, you want my dick inside you.” With every word that left my mouth, I felt her becoming more flushed and heated.

“Justin,” She whispered softly, not looking at me however.

“I know, babygirl. You want release, you want the pleasure.” I inched my face closer to hers, moving my eyes down to her lips and back up to her eyes. I felt her awaiting breath against my face. Before I got closer and kissed her, I stopped. “You want to be with me now that you’re horny, don’t you? Oh, the tables have turned, princess.” I winked at her and turned on my heels, heading for the stairs, leaving her stood astonished and dumbfounded.


Conditions are: 

  • must be from les mis
  • must survive until the end of the book
  • must be called “booby” at least once
  • all his friends have to die
  • must fall in love with a girl, kiss her, then get to know her name (in that order)
  • must have been dragged through the sewers
  • must have a 6 letter-long name beginning with the letter m and ending with the letter s.

But other than that, BE FREE WITH YOUR REQUESTS!

sorry for not uploading any pics recently ;x;

i know i haven’t done any of the halloween pics for dami and dick too. Im sorry.

i will be posting the designs later once my dead phone is revived.

for the time being I’m planning to make a new jaytim au and comic and short SO I DONT BAIL OUT ON THE OTHERS LIKE I HAVE DONE SO. a page a day or two if i can.

NEW GOAL: finish a comic <<<<   (:,3ヽ)_

oh and I’m still not open for requests but if there is an idea you’d like to see in my art (if your ok with my art) i can draw them! but the thing is i wont go through every one of them, so i wish you all luck if your idea gets picked!

anonymous asked:

aaaa i'm so glad i could make your day a little brighter! (let's be honest though what WITCHCRAFT do you use to come up with those i cannot i m a g i n e) - 🎈

ahahahahahaha it’s blood sacrifices and trading my soul to satan, why do you think im ginger it’s just good old hard work and persistence!! it’s not persistence if you keep procrastinating them, fool

i try to have at least one AU masterpost in the works at all times! if i have two themes going I’ve sold two other people’s souls to satan then i can work on two big group posts at once, which makes everything go a lot faster.

they do take a lot of consecutive ideas smaller deals with hell’s minions to get through, which is why some of the earlier ones loads of them don’t really have themes running throughout or at all.

you can request a theme, if you like, or anyone can really! i’m always open to new ideas and at this point i could use the inspiration. 

u know what else is weird? the way some of them get really popular and others just lie there listlessly. #13 is especially popular (along with #1 for the obvious reason that it’s been around the longest), but seriously, why is #13 so popular? we all know. it’s the devil’s favourite unlucky number. wait until you get to #66, fucker. then writeblr will burn. 

seriously tho, I’m open to suggestions/requested themes. hmm, now that i think of it, maybe i should do a ladypower set in honour of the wonder woman film. aha! now there’s an idea. balloon anon, how do you give me these ideas? you’re clearly an inspiration genius. keep doing what you’re doing


Gif source:  Kylo

Imagine having had Jedi training with Kylo Ren when you were younger, and before he left for the dark side he spared you, but now you and he fight each other, and you get him pinned under you, his lightsaber in your possession, but you can’t bring yourself to kill him, so you beg him to come home.

——— Request for anon ———

“I should have killed you when I had the chance,” Kylo grits out through clenched teeth, looking up at you with rage. But even his words aren’t enough to make you move the blade of your lightsaber the extra inches it would take to end his life. You shook with hurt and conflict. Knowing once and for all that you were completely unable to end the fight here and now.

“I can’t kill you. I love you. Please, come home!”

House Surprise - Requested (Luke)

Request by anon: Youre dating luke before they get famous and he always tells you that once he gets famous hes gonna buy you a house and everything you want. So once hes famous he surprises you with a house and all this other cute shit plz. Hope you like it!

“Hemmings! Yo!” you shout through the house.

“I’m coming!”

“I hope so! You asked me to come, I’m here all ready and then you keep me waiting for half an hour!”

“I’m here”, he quickly pecks your lips to shut you up. “Thank god nobody is home”


“Cause of your yelling”

You glare at him. “If you were ready, there was no reason for me yelling”, he smiles amused. “And your mom let me in on her way out, so I knew nobody was else was here”, you say with a smug look.

“Why that look of your face, it doesn’t suit you”

“This my face, I can do what I want with it”, you stick out your tongue. Luke moves quick and licks your tongue with his. “Ahgr Luke! Gross!” you give him a playful push.

“Come on”, he laughs taking your hand.

“Where are we going? You’ve been so mysterious about it”

“I thought girls like when guys where mysterious”, he smirks pulling you with him out of the house.

“Stop being such a tease”, you whine.

“Just get in the car and you’ll see”

“What are we doing here?” you ask when you pull up at a car dealer.

“Want to show you something”, he takes you to the back where’s a car with a huge red bow on it. “What do you think of it?”

“Of the car or the bow?”

“The car (Y/N)”, Luke says with a blank look. You laugh and put your arm round his waist, pulling yourself to him. “It’s for mom. Do you think she’s going to like it?”

“You bought Liz a car? Luke, she’s going to love it”


“Absolutely, she’s been complaining that hers is letting down”

“Good son points?”

“Yes you’re gonna score”, he presses his lips to the top of your head.

“Gonna give it to her tonight, but first I need to show you something else”

“What now?”

“Just wait”

“Luke!” you poke him and he laughs. You get in the car again he drives you through streets you’ve never been at before. When you come in a nice neighbourhood, he lowers the speed. “Wow these houses are nice”

“What do you think of this one?”  he pulls over.

“Really nice”, you say in ah looking at it. It’s the most beautiful house you’ve ever seen.

“Want to look inside?”

“We can’t just ring the bell and ask if we can look around”

“We don’t need to ring the bell, I have the key”

“Why do you have the key?” you frown.

“Because it’s ours”, he steps out of the car and you quickly follow his example.

“What do you mean ours?”

“I bought it”

“What do you mean you bought it?”

“See I gave them money and now I own the house”, he stands in front of you.

“I’m not that stupid Luke”

“Don’t you remember what I promised you all these years?”

“God yes”, your mind drifts away to a conversation you had with him years ago.


“What would it look like?”

“I don’t know”

“Close your eyes”

“Okay”, you take a deep breath and close your eyes.

“Just imagine, we’re driving home and we pull up the driveway. What does the house look like?”

“It’s big, it has two storages. It’s pink with huge yellow windows”

“(Y/N)!”, he shouts making you laugh. “Take this serious”

You roll over, his arm still round your waist. You rest your chin on his chest so you can look at him. “Why do you want to know?”

“You know I want to buy you a house when I get famous”

“Luke, I don’t care. As long as I’m with you I’m happy. It doesn’t matter in what house we are”

“I want to give you whatever your heart ones, cause you deserve it”

“Okay, I’ll try”, you close your eyes again trying to imagine your dream house. “From the outside it looks quite new. It’s has a green lawn, nice white fences, beautiful flowers”

“How looks the inside?”

“It’s roomy, but cosy. And lots of light. It just feels like home”

“And where is it?”

“What do you mean?”

“What country? Sea side, in land?”

“Australia I guess, home. And I don’t really care where, just want a view of some kind”

“I can work with that”

You open your eyes. “You really don’t have to do it”

“You’re my princes”

“Buy your queen something first. Buy your mom something first, promise me”

“I promise”, you move up until your lips meet his.


“So this is ours?” you ask again, taking a deep breath looking at the house, wanting to take it all in.

“Yes”, he wraps his arms round your waist and you rest your back against his chest. “Thought it became time that I made my promise come true”

“We’re going to be living together. In this house”, you shake your head.


“You have no idea”, you turn in his arm crashing your lips to his. “I love you”

“Love you more”

“Can we go and look inside now, please”, you pout as you can’t control your excitement anymore.


themagicbox2  asked:

This may be a bit hard request. Do you have any stories where Stiles gets buff during the summer, or while Derek is gone? I want Derek all flustered and whatnot because Stiles got super hot.

i have one that fits your request perfectly

Skin Bared. by halelujah (1/1 | 685 | PG13)

Derek doesn’t know why he decides to walk through the woods that once was his playground. From what he can sense, other wolves now use the Reserve as theirs, the mingled scent of Pack weaving through the trees and thickets.

He’s so immersed in his own thoughts, he doesn’t notice the steady heartbeat until it’s too late.



ZE:A Junyoung (Lee Hoo) Twitter Update/Trans

“i just finished talking with shin joohak ceo. we decided that star empire will be run by myself and us, and we turned it into us ze:a’s company. i promised you guys on ze:a’s day. i’ll either tear them down or eat them up… from now on, please protect us.. but the truth… the files…”

“in the end, having lost everything and become penniless… i still loathe and hate him, but still shin joohak ceo was a mentor that i served for 8 years.. i’ll receive the scolding from the public and the fans. that kind of harsh words, shin joohak ceo and myself will take it on. we’ll reverse the contract so we receive 7 and ceo receives 3 (note: the ratio of splitting profit out of 10)

“we changed it. what i want to say through this is that i understand that a lot of management company ceos have a lot of contract problems.. i’ll shut up, so please amend the contracts and treat them like actual artists. i humbly request of you. through your heart.. if your hearts can agree..”

“really with a heart of starting all over again.. just put it all down and think that ‘that’s my child’.. i humbly request that you think that just once more.. and all the public, fans, and reporters who helped me… thank you.. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing us get justice. from now on”

“for everyone who reads my words.. on behalf of ze:a, who sings and acts and dances and goes on variety shows.. and our sunbae, fellow, and hoobae, and all other artists.. i will bet my changed name lee hoo and ze:a.. and i dare to tell you that i will live life to its fullest and hardest.”

“but i… i will be quiet for a little while, not as a coward. i will be watching.. all entertainment company ceos and management, please take care of your internal issues, make amends, apologize, and accept. what we want is for you to let everything down in your hearts and earn the hearts of the artists…”

“in the future, should something like this happen again.. this entertainment industry that i can see and ehar and feel.. please remember that i have a weapon capable of bringing it to chaos. i’m sorry that i’ve caused such an uproar and thank you again. thanks to everyone, we have regained the meaning to the words hope, goals, and dreams. thanks you.”

“because there seems to be people who are misunderstanding me.. i’ll tell you ze:a’s internal management stories. it’s not that the ones who aren’t working are taking money. when i was injured, i didn’t have a profit for 2 years.. 0 won.. we don’t split our earnings 1/n. i won’t say anything more. thank you.”

“public sentiment can become a trending topic or an idiot all of a sudden. scolding me because i didn’t reveal anything too shocking.. he’s the same. in the end, it’s all because of money. these kinds of opinions, i won’t pay attention to them. even my dad has never slapped me in the face when i was young.”

“i was just a student who started this because i liked singing. but to be slapped in the face and just endure it and quietly bury it in my heart while doing something i like.. that’s a little.. everyone, please help me to conserve my words. please.. i’m sorry. i will temporarily suspend this war and see you later.. againk thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“yes, that’s correct. i’ll drive a nail to my heart. for the reason that I am a man, that i am the leader, i have been slapped by star empire’s ceo shin joohak on behalf of ze:a. it’s not just once or twice. this kind of shocking information.. i’m a person, too. if i was after money, from the very beginning.. sigh…..”

“and… please don’t scold the members.. please don’t. honestly, they haven’t done anything wrong, and they’re nice kids who works hard and does what they’re asked.. instead, scold me and scold ceo shin joohak. for whom have i done all of this.. please think it over once more. i ask of you. if i have done something wrong, i will accept the punishment.”

“i’m sorry. and thank you.”

and that’s it. it’s a really rough translation since i did it on the fly as he was tweeting, but i thought the fans and the public who have been waiting all night to hear the news deserved to know the aftermath.

UPDATED 1:29PM EST: added two more tweets.

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anonymous asked:

To be honest, I think from the things I've seen of Asa (I've come to the conclusion he only checks twitter notifications from people he's following) on twitter and instagram, he doesn't actually seem to like fans very much. Maybe he just doesn't like the attention he's getting, and I'm being quite speculative. But I've tried to put myself in his shoes, and I think that while some of his fans are absolutely lovely (1/2)

A lot of his fans are not. Gathering from the people who follow me on twitter: lots of his fans pry into his private life, search through his friends’ facebook accounts, instagram accounts, twitter accounts. A lot of his fans spam him. A lot of his fans describe him as “my boyfriend”. A lot of his fans discuss him sexually - on a public website - in detail. And unfortunately, I think that he (2/3) Might see these fans and presume that all of his fans are like them. Because these fans are often the loudest - constantly, constantly tweeting him, or tagging him on instagram, why wouldn’t he believe that his entire fanbase was like that? So I think that’s a lot of why he doesn’t interact. It’s just speculation, but I think if I were him, I’d do the exact same thing. (3/3)

This is something that has been discussed here a lot, so it will be under a read more because it will probably be big.

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