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study moods

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because sometimes the idea of studying is too daunting to face, and mixing up your environment to make it more fun can make all the difference

too punk to quit: shorts and a band t-shirt, homework spread out over the floor, a can of soda or a shitty energy drink, and a playlist of your favorite throwback songs on full volume

sleepover: a nest of blankets and pillows, your comfiest pajamas, popcorn  and gummy worms, everything you need within arms reach, not leaving this spot for hours (or days) until you’re done with all of your work

no distractions: sitting at a desk with nothing but a glass of water and a computer, hair pulled back, typing up notes from the school day

my life is a mess: hot tea, a comfy sweater, all of your papers sprawled out on the floor around you, finally going through and throwing out all of the stuff you don’t need anymore and hoping that you’ll be a bit less overwhelmed once you’re done (spoiler alert: you’re gonna feel so much better)

rise and shine: early morning, at a table or in the kitchen, drinking orange juice and getting a head start on some assignments

am i a scholar yet: at your favorite library, revising or taking notes on readings, classical music playing with headphones on and a bag of almonds to snack on

growing up is overrated: doing homework at a friend’s house, cartoons on the tv or your favorite playlist on shuffle, sharing gossip and solutions to math problems

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So, I, as my dumb adhd self, left a ton of important homework projects for last second. Amy advice as to get this stuff done before I have a total meltdown? xo

Make a list of all of them and when they’re due.

Then start on the one that’s due first (if they’re due the same day, start with the one that’s due earliest in the day) and do the first thing for it. So if it’s a bunch of questions, do the first question, and if it’s writing a paper, figure out what you’re going to write about. Stuff like that.

Once you’ve done the first thing for the first project, do the first thing for the second project.

Work this way through the list, and when you get to the end go back up to the first item and do it again with the second thing for each project.

Now, there are a couple of things this does.

First, you end up with partial marks for everything, which I promise is way better than a 0.

Second, you may find that for some things (like papers) you’ll get started and hyperfocus will kick in and you’ll just do the whole assignment all at once. Don’t deny your hyperfocus. 

The other piece of advice I have is to go to all of your instructors and ask if it’s possible to get an extension, even of just one day. If they agree, then you should still use this method to get stuff done, but you can move those assignments down the list since you’ll have more time to work on them.

Start tonight, and talk to your instructors tomorrow.

Good luck!


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Do you have any tips for short story writing? I'm currently writing one right now but not sure how to bring my story to a close as well as incorporate enough detail without it being too much. Very appreciative of you and your channel!😊

I do! I searched through my blog for some posts I’ve already made on short stories, so I’m just going to post them here as a comprehensive short story writing thing.


My process for stories looks like this:

First I draft, which is not always linear. Meaning if I’m halfway through and I realize I needed a scene earlier on, I jump back and write it. Mostly I do write in order, though. I also go back and edit a lot as I’m drafting.

Once the first draft is done I attend to any large plot issues I see. The story has probably been edited several times by this point since I edit as a go, but we’ll call it one draft even though it’s more like three. Plot issues sometimes involve adding/removing scenes, but this also involves going back to scenes that are severely under written since I am an underwriter.

Then, I usually do two drafts on the computer looking at line level stuff. Basically just reading through the story and cleaning it up.

After that I start printing hard copies. This is also for line edits. My focus is everything prose here (if I notice more plot/character issues I’ll fix them though). Grammar is usually fine except for the odd typo or comma splice (my first drafts are generally grammatically pretty clean). Mostly I’m focusing on editing for economy, meaning cutting every word that’s not adding something and arranging sentences to be as economical as possible. And, I’m focusing on strengthening the prose which involves: cutting -ing verbs, cutting -ly adverbs, using the strongest possible verb/noun/word, removing cliches and familiar phrases, fixing monotonous sentence rhythm, removing repetitive word choice, fixing repetitive noun + verb constructions, removing ‘to be’ verbs, removing filters, removing passive voice, fixing convoluted phrases, enhancing patterns or making them more subtle if too obvious, cutting weasel words, removing unnecessary telling, varying vocabulary and enhancing diction, adding specific details and removing vague ones. And more! Also on those printed copies I have a strong focus on expanding description beats (or dialogue beats) that were underwritten in the original draft, as well as trying to make every image or analogy original and interesting. Basically, I’m trying to make the prose as clean and interesting as it can be.

I generally do that 5-7 times. Each draft has two parts. First editing on the hard copy, then going back into the document. I usually edit on the hard copy in the evening, and then the next morning go into the document. Each half of the process takes over an hour. Sometimes two for earlier drafts, but the time gets shorter with each one.

Then it gets handed in to my workshop, and it’s generally on draft 7-9.

After the workshop I do all my plot edits first. Then, I go back into the line level, except this time referencing hard copy edits from my prof and peers. I’ll have around 13 hard copies with edits, although some people in my workshop don’t do many line edits so there’re usually only 5ish with a lot written on them.

Post workshop is going to be another 7 or so drafts.

After I get my final grade from my prof I’ll do another few drafts based on her final comments. I think for Melting Point I did like four drafts after getting my final grade, but they were quick drafts with very few line edits. Just adding some new stuff and final polishing.

So in total a short story is looking like 15+ drafts, probably over 20


I think one of the biggest misconceptions from people who don’t write short stories (including myself before I started writing short stories) is that the medium is restricting.

Yes, you have less words to tell a story. But, it’s not restricting. The short story form is so free. There is no one way a short story has to be. There are stories that only capture a single moment in time, there are short stories that span decades. In fact, in the short form, you can do cool, experimental, meta stuff that novels don’t accommodate as well.

It is very hard to get started in short stories when you’re used to writing novels, but I think the best thing to do is read some short stories, and jump into writing one. Once you’ve had more experience writing short stories, it’ll get easier and easier to determine what ideas function well in the short form.

I always like to make it clear that I never wrote short stories until I had to for school. I had a time restraint, and so naturally I had to get the thing done. I had to force myself to keep the ideas small. I’d suggest you impose similar rules on yourself. Refuse to go over a certain word limit, and make yourself contain the idea. Once you’ve done it once, it’ll be easier each time.

There are lots of ways to get started with a story. You can start with a character, determine their goal and subtextual goal, their want and need, and work from there. You can pick a setting that feels vivid to you and drop some characters in. You can start with a concept you want to explore. I like to use photographs as inspiration as a sort of prompt, building a story around the feeling of the image.

With short stories, sometimes it can be fun to just wing it. I am a plotter with novels, but often with short stories I don’t know where it’s going at first. I’ll get an idea for an image and just start writing. It feels like less of a risk because short stories are much easier to revise than novels. A lot of my short stories start with the first line. I write a few pages to feel it out, and the story usually clears up around the 3-7 page mark.

My biggest advice would be to just start. You don’t even have to know where it’s going. The more short stories you write, the easier they’ll be and the more adventurous you’ll realize you can be with the form.


When it comes to short stories, first I would go through this checklist:
1. Is the inciting incident clear and not too late in the story?
2. Is the climax clear and not out of the protagonist’s hands?
3. Are all the events in the story causally related?
4. Are all flashbacks needed, and described rather than explained in an expository way when they necessitate in-depth description?
5. Have you physically described your main character? Other characters?
6. Does your protagonist have an external and subtextual goal?
7. Does your protagonist face internal, interpersonal, and societal conflict?
8. Does the protagonist surprise us? That is, act in a way that reveals new complexities and facets of their personality? They are not one-dimensional.

Once you’ve dealt with all of those, I would recommend printing your story and doing line edits. When I’m revising a short story I print the story every evening, and read it through and make notes all over. A lot of notes. My most common notes are ‘sw’ which means ‘stronger word’ or ‘add one/two sentences/clauses to image’ which is basically just me wanting to carry an image more fully. But, I look for tons of things. Then, the next day I go through and apply all my edits. I repeat that for usually around seven drafts.

But, I would also recommend finding some betas of CPs to make sure you get outside feedback.


1. The economy and the skill of the language is key in a short story. I wouldn’t read a boring novel just because it had gorgeous writing, but I honestly would read a boring short story if the writing was amazing. Stay focused and be as economical as possible.

2. Cut the ‘connective tissue.’ All events need to have clear causal relation, but you can trim all the stuff around the edges.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You don’t get this luxury as much in a novel. A heavily experimental voice or form might not be able to sustain itself for 80 000 words, but it can for 5000. If it benefits the story, don’t be scared to try something like second person or a really unique voice. It could make the story.

4. Every character should have an external goal (what is wanted) and a subtextual goal (why the goal is wanted). This applies to novels as well, but in a short story there isn’t time to ponder the goal, change the goal, discover the goal. Establish the goal and explore it, and make sure it’s clear.

5. Make sure your inciting incident isn’t too late. This has been the downfall of so many short stories in my workshop (including mine). Place it as early as possible.

6. Make sure the ending involves a character’s choice, and is not deus ex machina. This applies to novels, but I think it happens more in short stories. With so little time it’s easy to make the ending a coincidence or something outside the protagonist’s hands. Avoid this at all costs.

7. Compress the timeline as much as possible. Why have events be spaced three months apart if they could happen on the same day? It’ll make the story feel tighter and more cohesive, as well as reduce confusion.

8. Cohesion. Every aspect of the story should feel as if it is a cohesive part of the story.

9. Be careful about withholding information. I made this mistake in my first  story, because I was used to writing novels where the rate of reveal is slower. You’ll run into mad clarity issues if you’re revealing important details late in the story. Be clear as early as possible.

Day 52/100 of Productivity - August 24, 2017
Some calligraphy from my new book with my new calligraphy pens! I love how my letters have turned out so far and I find it really fun and relaxing to do!
- In the past two days I’ve gotten tons of new stuff for back to school! I’ll hopefully post pictures once I get home!
- I’ve also done a bunch of homework while I’m on vacation and not working!

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Hey there.

I try not to ask for money because I know there are folks who need it so much more than me.

So I really wouldn’t ask unless I really needed it.

My laptop of the last 6 years finally gave up on me. It wont boot and constantly starts and restarts. It isn’t worth it to fix it because it’s been slowing down considerably over the last two years and takes 10+ minutes to even boot up and sometimes longer to open or close essential programs.

I’m hoping to buy an older Macbook Air or some sort of cheaper but reliable Notebook or Chromebook that is light and small for school, note-taking, internet browsing, and work. Nothing super fancy, I just need something to do work on and get school stuff done with. I haven’t picked out models yet, but once I do I can update this with a clear picture of how much money I’m trying to put together.

Full disclosure, I am food and housing secure because of my partner, but without income from either a job or a side hustle. All my money comes from my savings, which are constantly dwindling due to not being able to work and disability. I am a queer, NB trans girl, mixed Romani & white.

If you can toss anything my way, it would help me get a new laptop so I can do what I need for school and any work in the future. If you know places or people I can get a cheaper laptop, used but still in good condition, let me know.

My SquareCash is $UriahSayres, Venmo is @uriahsayres.


Creepypasta #424: Old Friends

I hadn’t seen Codie in almost ten years. Out of my small group of friends in high school he had done the best since graduating. He got a job out west with some tech company then got married and had kids. I was eager to meet him again. It gets lonely in the little hick town we grew up in. The stuff that had once been entertaining to me now felt dull and tired without the ole’ gang.

People give you weird looks when you hang out up town on a Friday night. That’s the realm of the young and naïve. A thirty year old gets labeled a “creep” real easy in this town. I don’t care though. We had our own place to hang out back in the day, and I still go down there once in a while just for the hell of it.

I saw Codie walking down the trail lined with tall grass and paved with rocks and broken glass. He smiled and I felt the companionship I hadn’t fully experienced in years. Married life must have been good to him, because he had gained about 20 pounds. But his wide toothy smile set under thick glasses hadn’t changed one bit. He called out, “Jerry! Man, it’s good to see ya!” It felt good to hear someone call out my name. I actually fought back tears.

When he stopped in front of me he reached out his hand and said, “Really? We’re going out there, huh?”

He wasn’t annoyed, just a little surprised. He had suggested on the phone going somewhere to eat. I think he said something about steaks and drinks, but I was too excited about having at least half the old gang together to go down to the “Slash” again.

We said all the things old friends say when they haven’t seen each other in a while. Admittedly I was a little embarrassed. I hadn’t done much since graduation except float from one shitty minimum wage job to another. I hadn’t even had a legitimate girlfriend in probably eight years. I don’t care, though. I don’t begrudge my friends for doing something with their lives. In fact, I was proud of Codie.

I led him down the trail and into the shroud of trees that cover the Slash. The Slash has both a calming effect, and strangely, a sense of foreboding when you enter. Maybe I invest too much emotionally in our old stomping grounds, but I always felt some strange duality of emotion when we hit the trail and descended the steep sides of this place. I looked back to gauge the mood of Codie and was pleased to see him smiling back at me.

“So, have you talked to Brian or Eric, lately?” asked Codie.

It grew dark quickly because the Slash was thick with vegetation. I pondered the question for a short moment then turned and said, “Nope. I was surprised to hear from you.”

We kept descending the steep grade toward the place we used to convene our immature gatherings during our high school years. I heard the dirt slip from under Codie’s feet and turned just in time to see him reach out and steady himself with the trunk of a young tree.

The Slash is unique, I think. Maybe not, but I bet the terrain is rare. I had heard that it had once undergone extensive strip mining long before my home town was more than a row of houses next to a railroad. The fact that it was a natural valley carved by a shallow creek over the centuries had only aggravated the human excavation. This land on the edge of my boring hick town was virtually useless. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to save nature from the slow creep of suburbs, shopping malls, and convenience stores is to strip mine the place. Because if you’ve come across the jagged scars of land that has undergone such treatment then you know that decades later it will be uninhabitable by the human constructions built by contractors.

“I had kept in touch with Eric for a while, but I don’t know what he’s been up to for the last couple of years. He doesn’t have a Facebook page,” said Codie.

“Oh, he’s still around. The last time I saw him was after he got divorced. I haven’t heard from him the last few years, but he always kept his feelings to himself,” I said.

The bottom of the Slash was close, and I could hear the lazy flow of the creek. When I hopped onto the mossy ground next to the water I looked up the way we had come and could see the obsidian colored veins that men had dug out of the earth so long ago it was almost like a mythic story. Other than the coal and dirt we were enveloped in gloomy trees and thick tussles of briar and bush. The sun was still in the sky somewhere, but you wouldn’t know it from here.

“Have you seen Brian? I haven’t heard from him either,” said Codie.

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hello~ can i request one where u and kyungsoo are bestfriends and u like him but he's dating someone else but that girl is really mean and stuff (but he doesnt know cuz she acts sweet infront of him) then one day like he overheard her being mean to you and breaks up and like realized he always loved u..? REALLY CUTE ENDING PLEASEE :D

Nothing Will Hurt You ~D.O~

There may be a few spelling mistakes in this one because I was watching something while writing this, sorry. BUT THANKS FOR REQUESTING & I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! :D


Just as the bell rang, you dashed out of the horrid classroom and went searching for your group of friends. They typically were found standing right in front of Chanyeol’s locker, discussing the most random things and sharing their mutual hatred for the school.

“Hey, hey, guess who got a one hundred on their history test?” you asked as soon as you approached the small circle of friends.

Chen raised his eyebrow. “Sehun?” he joked.

Baekhyun laughed a little harder than he should have. “Chen, you’re hilarious,” he said, playfully hitting Chen’s shoulder.

Sehun glared at the two of them. “I’m smart,” he argued.

“In what world?” Chen and Baekhyun said at the same time, right before high fiving each other.

Kyungsoo stared at the two of them and shook his head disapprovingly. “You guys are bullies,” he said in a joking matter. “No wonder you two don’t have any friends besides us.”

Before Chen nor Baekhyun could start whining, you threw your arms up to catch their attention. “Well, I’m the one who got a one hundred on the test,” you said confidently. This was a huge accomplishment for you, since you were on the verge of a C in history at the moment.

Kyungsoo grinned widely and held his hand up. “Good job, _____.”

You gave him a high five and nodded. “I had to question the teacher five times to make sure I was looking at the right test.”

Kyungsoo chuckled and gave you a side hug. “I knew you could do it,” he said. “Plus, it also had to do with my tutoring.”

“Yes, but I also studied on my own.”

“Only because I reminded you to.”

You grinned. “That’s why you’re my best friend, Kyungsoo.”

Chen, Baekhyun, and Sehun were just about to make a comment on you and Kyungsoo’s rather cute behavior, but they shut their mouths as soon as they saw Kyungsoo’s girlfriend, Alana, approaching the circle.

She stood right behind you and Kyungsoo, glaring at the way you were embracing each other. “Excuse me,” she seethed and ripped your arms apart, occupying the gap between the two of you. Alana plastered on a fake smile and batted her eyelashes at her boyfriend. “Hey there, Kyungsoo-Bear.”

You and Chen made similar gag faces at the mention of Alana’s ridiculous pet name for Kyungsoo.

But Kyungsoo just beamed at his girlfriend and kissed her cheek. “Hey, jagiyah,” he said. “How has your day been?”

She sighed and flipped her hair over her shoulder a little too dramatically, purposely making it smack you in the face. You closed your eyes and held back the urge to slap her across the face.

“Not so good,” Alana answered Kyungsoo’s question. “I just feel so stressed lately, Kyungsoo. With all this schoolwork and drama, I just…I just…” She bit her lip, as if keeping from crying.

Baekhyun stared at her ridiculously. He knew that she often liked to play the victim card like this and pretend to cry, just so Kyungsoo would do something for her.

And indeed, Kyungsoo stared at her worriedly. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

Alana stared at the ground. “There’s too much schoolwork… I can’t do it all…”

“Well, is there anything I could do?”

Suddenly, the sad expression vanished from her face and she whipped her head up, smiling wickedly. “Well, you could possibly do the work for me,” she suggested. “I think that would help me out a lot…”

Your eyes widened. No way were you going to let her get away with this again. You stepped forward to knock some sense into Kyungsoo, but Alana smashed her foot onto yours to stop you.

Sehun swiftly stepped over to your wide and threw his hand over your mouth to keep you from cursing out loud.

Kyungsoo, oblivious to this all this, only focused on Alana. “I suppose I could help you a bit,” he gave in.

Alana knew very well that with some of her mischievousness, she could make Kyungsoo go from helping to doing her work for her.

Just like she always managed to do.

Alana locked arms with Kyungsoo and glanced quickly at you, Baekhyun, Chen, and Sehun. “See you guys later,” she said and dragged Kyungsoo down the hallway. Once she was a couple feet away, she turned around and shot you all an evil smile.

“Oh, I’m about to go right up to her and shatter that pretty little face of hers, let me at her!” you exclaimed and tried to jump forward, but the three boys held you back.

“Calm down, calm down,” Baekhyun said, holding your shoulders back. “She’s not worth it, _______.”

“Yes, but Kyungsoo-“
“He’s too absorbed in the fake nice image she’s putting up,” Chen cut you off. “And there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Sehun frowned and patted your back. “I think you and Kyungsoo would be a much better couple,” he said.

You smiled sheepishly at the floor and shook off his hold. “I’m better get going,” you muttered before dashing off. “See you guys later!”




The next morning at school, you arrived earlier than the rest of the students to get some extra help from your math teacher. Once you were done, you stepped out of the classroom carrying all your work and books, making your way to your locker.

Just as you were about to turn the corner, somebody stretched their arm out and forced you to drop all your stuff.

“Oh my gosh!” you gasped and stared at all your stuff on the floor.

When you looked back up, you weren’t surprised at all to see Alana standing there with a satisfying smile on her face. “Hello, _____,” she said coldly, purposely placing her heel on top of your algebra book. “We need to talk.”

You scoffed, “Enlighten me with your words.”

Alana glared. “I don’t like your tone.”

“I don’t like you.” You shared the same forced smile with her. “Now, can you hurry up, please? I have a class to get to.”

Alana took a step forward and pointed a threatening finger at you. “I don’t like the relationship you have with my Kyungsoo,” she said. “I don’t like it at all, and I want it to end.”

“You really think that-“
“I didn’t finish.” She ran her fingers through her hair and shook her head. “I don’t like you, I don’t like you at all, ______. I never have, and I never will.”

“Oh, well at least the feeling is mutual.” You wanted to laugh at this whole situation, since physically hurting her didn’t seem like your best choice at the moment. “Alana, as much as I’d love to hear you speak, can you please just-“

“I’m not done.” Alana grabbed you by the wrists now, gripping rather tightly, creating bruises on them. “Listen here, you piece of trash, I want you away from Kyungsoo, okay? You don’t even deserve to be his friend, never mind his best friend. I don’t even understand why Kyungsoo still hangs out with you, you’re absolutely worthless.”

You were stunned by her words. Usually, you weren’t one to really let people’s words get to your heart, but something about what she said really did hit home for you.

Her nails were now digging into your skin, and no matter how hard you fought off, you couldn’t break away. “Let go,” you breathed.


“Let go, Alana.”

“Why should I?”

“Kyungsoo won’t be too happy when he hears about this.”

She laughed. “Well, he’s not going to hear about this. Or else, I’ll make sure-“

“Make sure what?”

The both of you froze, completely surprised by the third voice in the hallway. Alana on the other hand, seemed way more alarmed than you, however.

A couple seconds later, Kyungsoo emerged from behind the corner, gripping a small bouquet of flowers in his hand. When his eyes fell on the way Alana’s nails were practically digging into your wrist, he frowned and nodded towards them. “Alana, what the heck are you doing?” he asked furiously.

Alana snatched her hands away and let them fall to her waists. “Kyungsoo!” she exclaimed in her usual high pitched and innocent voice. She dashed over to him and threw her arms around him, though he didn’t do the same. “I-I didn’t know you were here,” she said innocently.

“And what if I weren’t?” Kyungsoo pulled away. “If I weren’t, would you have hurt _______ more than you already did right now?”
“Kyungsoo, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t play that with me!” He stomped over to you and delicately checked your wrists. “You alright?” he asked with concern.

You meekly nodded. “I’m fine,” you assured him.

Kyungsoo turned back around and glared at Alana. “We’re done,” he said. “Don’t even try to say anything to it, Alana, we are finished. I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

Alana looked like she was about to murder both you and Kyungsoo. Never have you seen her so angry before. “Why are you doing this?” she shouted and pointed at you hysterically. “Is it because of her?

Kyungsoo nodded. “It is because of her,” he confirmed. “She’s the one I love, and I’m not letting her get hurt by you like this. Go away, Alana, we’re done.”

Alana looked completely shocked. She wanted to blow a fuse and scream and yell and do something to let out her anger, but she didn’t. She just stomped her foot and spun around, angrily walking down the hallway.

Once she was gone, Kyungsoo drew a breath and faced you once more, glumly staring down at the bouquet of flowers he had in his hand. “I was going to give these as a gift to Alana for our anniversary today,” he explained. “I-I thought she was the one I loved, and I was planning on telling her that today.”

Just the thought of him saying those three words to Alana made you want to burst out crying. She didn’t deserve it, she didn’t deserve it at all…

“But I was wrong,” Kyungsoo continued. “I don’t love her. I never did, and I never will.” He stared up and looked deep into your eyes. “I love you. I-I think I always have, but I just finally realized it now.” He nervously tightened his grip around the flowers and held them out towards you. “I love you, ______. Here, take these flowers, since I know you’ve always loved flowers. If you agree to be with me, I will buy you as many flowers as you want.”

You laughed softly and took the flowers from him. “You know me so well,” you said.

He smiled faintly. “Do you love me, _____?”
“Do I love you?” You tilted your head to the side. “I’ve loved you for quite a while now, Alana was the only thing in the way.”

Kyungsoo was relieved to hear your words. He threw his arm around your waist and pulled you close so that your foreheads touched. “I’m sorry for not doing this sooner.” And before he could say anything else, he placed his lips on yours and gave you a long, passionate kiss.

When you pulled away, you were smiling like an idiot. You rested your head against his chest and enjoyed the feeling of his arms around you.

“As long as I have you near like this,” Kyungsoo whispered. “I promise that nothing and no one will ever hurt you.”

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gayscalyoctopus  asked:

Hey Kylee! I'm doing everything I can to stay organized and push myself to draw more and I'm wondering if you have any advice about keeping on schedule. I know you had gone through medical school AND continue to work on your nuzlocke which just seems.. SO difficult! Do you keep a calendar? Make lists? How do you mentally prepare yourself for something you don't want to do? Do you think your mental health (whether good or bad) effects your busy schedule? I don't mind if you publish this.

OH BOY we’re gonna get into some personal stuff with this answer…

Apologies for the delay on this ask, but I’ve had a rough month overall so I pushed this back until I felt like I am sane enough to address this. Putting this under a cut because my answer is ridiculously long

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Hey guys! I’ve finally reached 800+ followers!!! Thank you so much to all of you! I’m really happy that I’ve reached some point this far for me (everytime I get a new 100 I get overly excited tbh). Honestly couldn’t have done this without so much support. Especially with school kicking in at maximum velocity, I find it hard to balance stuff about. Nonetheless, the year so far has been rewarding to some extent, and definitely enjoyable while I’m talking to people and making new friends on this site! Anyway, that’s all for now, and thank you once again! See you at 900~ <3

Special thanks to my wonderful friends:


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Shawn Mendes Smut

Sorry it’s a little short. And I tried so hard to get like the whole drug stuff right but I’ve never done any of that so I don’t know stuff about it. I know Matt doesn’t live near Shawn but in this he does.

Chloe walks into the parking lot of the school over to her friends by the bleachers. Her combat boots become untied and once she gets over to the bleachers, she bends down to tie them, causing some of the guys to give her wolf whistles. She smiles up at them as she stands back up straight and leans on her friend, Jake. He wraps his arms around her shoulder and hands her his joint. She takes a drag of it and hands it back to him. He kisses her, even though they’re not dating, and he slides his tongue into her mouth. She sucks on his tongue as one if their other friends takes the joint from Jake. They pull apart slowly and she rests her head on his shoulder. “How’s your brother?” Jake asks her as she takes another drag.

Chloe shrugs. “Nosy as ever. He’s even getting his friends to spy on me now to make sure I don’t hang out with you. You’re a bad influence, babe.” She sneers. “Matty is just scared that I’m gonna get too attached to you and you’re gonna break my heart.” She adds with a mocking tone. Jake smiles down at her and pulls her towards him, leaning in to kiss her again. But she pushes him away, not wanting to kiss anymore. “He even has goody goody Shawn looking after me.” Chloe’s brother Matt worries about her too much. He doesn’t like Jake and he doesn’t want him hurting his baby sister (she’s 15 and Matt is a year older). He’s so overprotective and now he’s getting his friends to watch over her.

Jake smiles and slides his hands down her sides, grabbing her ass. Not objecting as he does, Chloe just takes another drag. Just as she hands the joint back to Jake, someone calls her name. “Chloe Espinosa! What the fuck are you doing?” She automatically knows who it is. Shawn. He runs over to her and Jake removes his arms from her shoulder and pulls away. “Matt told you to go to class.” She rolls her eyes in annoyance.

“Bye Jake. Gotta go before Matt comes. Where Shawn goes Matt is never too far behind.” Chloe says and kisses Jake on the cheek. She then walks over to Shawn and they start walking back towards the school. “Why do you even care? It’s not like Matt is making you do this.” She looks over at Shawn waiting for an answer. He sighs and runs his hand through his hair as they walk back into the school.

“I just care. Okay.”

“Why? You shouldn’t want to get mixed up in my shit. You’re a good kid Shawn. You never get in trouble. You never smoke or drink. You’ve probably never had sex before. If you start caring about me, you might do things you wouldn’t normally do.” Chloe replies quietly as they walk through the school. The halls are practically empty apart from the few teachers and students. Shawn grabs Chloe’s hand and pulls her into an empty classroom, closing the door and locking it behind him. She looks at him in confusion.

“I care because I like you, Chloe. I hate seeing you do these horrible things to yourself. I hate seeing you throw yourself all over Jake and his asshole friends. You can do way better.” Shawn almost yells, his frustration clearly in his words. Then he pulls her in, his lips crashing onto hers. She is taken back by this, not really expecting Shawn to kiss her, but she just goes with it. She snakes her arms around his neck as he wraps his around her waist, pulling each other closer. Shawn picks her up and she wraps her legs around his waist. He carries her over to the wooden desk, with nothing on it, laying her down on her back. Shawn pulls his shirt off, exposing his toned chest as Chloe slides hers off. Shawn bends down and kisses her neck, gently sucking on her collarbone. A quiet moan escapes her lips as she pulls her leggings and underwear down.

“Shawn. Fuck me.” She breathes. That’s all the encouragement he needs. He pulls down his pants and boxers, leaving them now both fully naked inside an empty classroom. Shawn positions himself at her entrance and slowly pushes in, making her moan louder than before. Shawn is big. A lot bigger than most of the other guys she’s been with. As Shawn thrusts in and out of her, he leans down, and kisses her. His tongues pushes into her mouth. Chloe pulls him closer as he uses one of his hands to rub her clit. She groans, digging her nails into his back.

He smiles against her lips as he starts to get more rough, ramming into her. Moaning in ecstasy, she starts bucking her hips in time with his thrusts, feeling herself get closer. But she restrains herself, holding her climax back. She flips Shawn over so she’s on top and he’s laying down on the table. She starts riding him, feeling his cock hit her g-spot. Shawn latches his mouth onto her breast, sucking on it, making her moan even louder, forgetting that they were still in school. She grinds her hips against his dick, feeling him swell up inside of her. Then without warning, he shoots his load inside of her, making her cum at the same time. She collapses on top of him and smiles down as he tucks a lose strand of hair behind her ear. “You know, you weren’t my first time.” He says quietly as he grins up at her. Chloe makes a surprised face. “But you certainly were the best.” She leans down and kisses him, his hands fisting her hair.

And while they were making out, someone picked the lock on the door, and it swings open, causing Chloe and Shawn to sit up in shock. Chloe grabs her shirt, covering herself and sliding off of Shawn as he grabs his boxers. Matt stands in the doorway, with a disgusted look on her face. “Chloe? Shawn? What the fuck?”