once and future king and queen

Kay, instead of flying into his usual passion, hung his head. He was not at all an unpleasant person really, but clever, quick, proud, passionate and ambitious. He was one of those people who would be neither a follower nor a leader, but only an aspiring heart, impatient in the failing body which imprisoned it.
—  T.H. White, The Once and Future King

My first aesthetic for @  Arthurian fandom! I’m reading Le Morte Darthur of Thomas Malory and I can’t wait for reading Once and Future King of T.A. White! 

Sophie Turner as Ginevra | Guinevere | Gwenhwyfar (I’d already seen her as PV for Guinevere, but I can’t remember where, sorry)

“In her blissful bower on bed of silver
softly slept she [Guinevere] on silken pillows
with long hair loosened, lighty breathing,…

in fragrant dreams fearless wandering,
of pity and repentance no pain feeling,
in the courts of Camelot queen and peerless,
queen unguarded.”
(JRR Tolkien- The Fall of Arthur)

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ROYAL JEWELLERY || The Lotus Flower Tiara
This beautiful tiara originates some hundred years ago as a wedding gift, a Greek-style diamond and pearl necklace, from the Duke of York, the future King George VI, to his bride, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Since, it was dismantled by Garrard and transformed into the Lotus Flower Tiara as we know it today, a diamond tiara of five fanned motifs crowned by floating diamond arches and studded with two pearls at the base and a slightly larger one on the top. A frequently used piece when she was Duchess of York, once Elizabeth became Queen Consort and gained access to some of the larger tiaras, she used it less and less. In 1959, she passed it on to her youngest daughter, Princess Margaret, who herself used it frequently in her youth. In 1993, she notably lent it to her future daughter-in-law, Serena Stanhope, as her wedding tiara for her wedding to Margaret’s son, Viscount Linley. After Margaret’s death in 2002, several pieces of her jewellery, including the impressive Poltimore Tiara, was sold off but thankfully, the Lotus Flower Tiara was not amongst those items. In 2013, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, wore the tiara for the Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace on 3 December 2013, confirming the general assumption that it had been passed back to Queen Elizabeth II’s main collection. Catherine has since worn the tiara once more for her first state banquet in 2015.

Lady Oh you're a rose amongst the many thorns

Lady Oh died when Taejo became king. She truly had a love for him that only comes once in a millennia. So when Taejo became King and cruelly gave her the duty to prepare his future queens, concubines and lovers - that’s what killed her. Even though it was terribly sad that she died, she was put out of her material and spiritual misery. Hae Soo rekindled her love for humanity and the only way to pay her back was to sacrifice herself, just as she did for Taejo. Both her and Lady Hae are true paragons of what it means to be a strong, valiant hero. There’s no need for swords or blood. But just pure unadulterated love.

I just figured out the formula of my shipping

The badass queen that was once an innocent princess until the world brought her down and she learned to fight back + the warrior king that was once a rebel and would set the world on fire for her = them being the only people who’d show their vulnerability to, their only support and source of outer strength + the only people they could leggitly be happy and laughing around

The Gryffin-Slayer and His Queen - imaginary_golux - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Finn/Rey (Star Wars)
Characters: Finn (Star Wars), Rey (Star Wars), Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, C-3PO, Poe Dameron, Temmin “Snap” Wexley, Tasu Leech
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Alternate Universe - Medieval, Once and Future King, Fluff and Smut, Canon-Typical Violence, Arthurian
Series: Part 1 of La Vie de Finn

Finn is the long-lost king of Logres; Rey is the most beautiful and dangerous woman in the world, destined to be his queen. Between them, they will hold Logres as a last bastion against the encroaching Empire.

Also, this time no one’s going to end up in a nunnery.

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Rapunzel's music box
Ellie Amaya
Rapunzel's music box

Rapunzel is a lonely little girl living in isolation. Her parents are often far away, so her nanny Gothel comes to straighten her up. Being sheltered all her life, she longed for a friend. One night she meets the Dream Finder (Gobber) in her sleep; she is told that her wish that she really wanted will come true once she turns eighteen, all the while giving her with a star-shaped stone with a smiley face. And so she finds a stone by her windowsill every time she is sad or lonely, keeping them in a music box. On her eighteen birthday, the Dream Finder’s promise was kept and Rapunzel meets Prince Henri “Hiccup,” the future king of the galaxy, and his night fury dragon Toothless. Hiccup comes from a similar background, his father Stoick the Sun King disappeared mysteriously and his mother Valka the Moon Queen is trying to govern the kingdom and keeping the celestial dragons in peace. Some of the stones in Rapunzel’s music box begin to rattle and create a pirate ship and so their adventures start.

An AU I have been concocting for weeks. This time circling around Hiccup and Rapunzel. This melody in particular is the song that plays in Rapunzel’s music box. I made it sound sort of like a music box, but instead made the tune a little upbeat to give the feeling of sailing across the galaxy in a pirate ship.

Queen Aleena was an ancient queen. Merlin tried to take Queen Aleena’s throne by making a fake version of the prophecized “King Arthur” and assassinating the king. Aleena, pregnant with her heirs, time traveled to the future, where she became an influential and legendary figure, but she arrived shortly before Dr Robotnik’s coup in Mobotropolis. After the defeat of the Black Knight, Aleena, Sonia, and Manic returned, but Sonic stayed, promising to return once Eggman was defeated.

The Flight of Spades

A/N: Happy USUK Secret Santa, @magikatfish! I am your Secret Santa! I enjoyed all three of your prompts quite a bit, particularly the last two. So here you go! A Cardverse!AU set in the world of Pottertalia!

Summary: Enter the world of witchcraft and wizardry, of fabulous spells and high-flying broomsticks. Where Kings and Queens rule each House and Jacks represent. Follow the seven year journey of Alfred F. Jones, Quidditch player extraordinaire and once and future King of Spades. But of course, what is a King to the gods without his Queen?

They called the place the World Academy of Magic and Sorcery, whispered to be the foremost school of witches and wizards in the world. It was said that this legendary school, with its soaring ceilings and dark halls, stood even above Hogwarts in terms of prestige and might. This school only housed a single witch or wizard from any country in the world at any given time, and even then, it was if and only if that country could produce a witch or wizard whose skill was more than beyond those who would one day be among the millions of students who would one day walk through the halls of Hogwarts. To receive an acceptance letter from the World Academy of Magic and Sorcery was to receive destiny itself; its students, few in number though they were, were destined to become legends, the sort of great wizarding heroes whose songs would be echoed all throughout the world for eternity.

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Favorite Characters 10/: Mordred (Arthurian legend)

I may be a weak knight at jousting, but I have the courage to stand for my family and rights. Everybody in this court knows that the Queen and the commander-in-chief are lovers, and yet we are supposed to be pure knights, and protectors of ladies, and nobody talks about anything except this so-called Holy Grail.

Calling all eligible females!

“By decree of King Vaz and Queen Calinyka, all single maidens able to travel to our beloved domain in the territory of Wind shall be presented at the court to hold a hearing with His and Her Majesty. Once present, the illustrious Queen Calinyka will select one maiden, who shall become the next in line for the crown. Immediately forthwith, she shall be known as the royal Princess, and will become the sole heir of the current King and Queen.”

Please reblog with all your females for sale or adoption! They can be hatchlings or adults. It’s a huge plus for me if she’s got lore parents; I’d love to collaborate and even roleplay with you! 
Please let me know if you’d like to be on the pinglist for future updates to this story because this is going to be the start of my clan lore reboot, and I will be posting updates regularly! There’s going to be a coronation ceremony, future heirs to this heir, a bit of murder dashed in here and there, and basically all sorts of good stuff, so stay tuned!

Edit: All candidate “applications” are due by rollover on the 6th!

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Sequels Disney wouldn’t dare to make #5

The Sword  in the Stone 3 - The Ill-Made Knight

from T.H. White’s second sequel to “The Sword in the stone”,

Main Reason: Murder, war, infidelity…

Witch Queen Morgan Le Fay

Her dress unwraps and moves like tentacles ahahaha, I know she’s not that Milt Kahl -ish, I promise I’ll get back on track,  I was so happy Morgan le Fay made her appearance!