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Playing Cards Divination

If you donot have your own set of tarot/oracle cards. you can use normal playing cards instead!

How to

Use them just like oracle/tarot cards.
First charge the deck, you do this by holding them in your dominant hand and pushing your energy into them, then touch each card one by one. fan the deck out in your non-dominant hand and ask for guidance and clear readings (from who ever you want readings to be influenced by, eg: god/dess, universe, spirits) From here I like to start with a little game to make sure the cards are giving me accurate readings, pick a person you know really well, then ask the deck for a card that represents that person the best, find the meaning, and if the card is accurate you’re good to go. if not cleanse it in the moon light or under salt then try again (you can skip this step, it just lets me know my cards are accurate and it also shows me a bit of the personality of the deck) Now you are ready for your reading, you can do a simple single card draw for advise to keep in mind for the day, or a 3 card draw 1- past 2-present 3- future, there are of cause a bunch of very complicated card spreads and alot of simple once, they aren’t hard to find



Ace A love letter, or some other pleasant news (reversed: A visit from a friend)
King  A fair, liberal man (reversed: A meeting with disappointment)
Queen A mild, amiable woman (reversed: Possibility of having been crossed in love)
Jack A carefree bachelor who thinks only of pleasure (reversed: A discontented man, possibly connect with the military)
Ten Triumph, happiness (reversed: slight anxiety)
Nine Satisfaction, joy, success (reversed: A passing annoyance)
Eight  A fair persons affection (reversed: indifference)
Seven Pleasant thoughts, tranquility (reversed: tedium, weariness, boredom) 
Six A sea voyage, good luck (reversed: sudden change of fortune)
Five Dreams of great significance (reversed: jealousy)
Four An engagement to be wed (reversed: difficulty in choosing between two lovers 
Three Trust your instincts (reversed: danger of trouble through lack of prudence) 
Two Great success (reversed: exercise caution in business dealings) 

Diamonds (make a small mark on these cards so you can tell if they are reversed) 

Ace  A letter soon to be received (Reversed: a letter containing bad news)
King A fair man who can be cunning and dangerous (reversed: A very great threat caused by him)
Queen An ill-bred, scandal-loving woman (Reversed: she is to be feared)
Jack An unfaithful friend or employee (reversed: will cause many problems)
Ten A relocation of home of business, a journey (reversed: the change/journey is not for the better)
Nine Delay, with resultant annoyance (reversed: a quarrel with your family or lover)
Eight An attempt to make love (reversed: the attempt thwarted)
Seven Satire, mockery (reversed: a foolish scandal)
Six Unhappy ends to a marriage (reversed: loss of your possessions)
Five Children bringing joy, prosperity in business (reversed: a unexpected financial loss)
Four Trouble and aggravations (reversed: loss of a friend or a good employee) 
Three Disputes and arguments in the home or office (reversed: a law suit)
Two A love affair or close friendship developing (reversed: scandal, loss of a friend)


Ace Joy, prosperity or god news (reversed: the joy will be of a brief duration) 
King A frank, liberal man, fond of serving him friends (reversed: he will meet with disappointment) 
Queen An affectionate, quick-witted woman (reversed: Jealousy and maliciousness) 
Jack A clever an enterprising young man (reversed: A harmless flirt and flatterer)
Ten Fortune, success and fame (reversed: need for success) 
Nine A legacy, unexpected gain (reversed: a disappointingly small gift received) 
Eight A dark persons affection. If returned they will result in great prosperity (reversed: an unwanted suitor) 
Seven A small debt repaid to you (reverse: an even smaller amount received, disappointment) 
Six  Hard work resulting in good prosperity (reversed: Hard work with little or no return)
Five Good prospects for the future, a possible wedding (reversed: Plans coming to nothing)
Four A change in fortune, impending evil (reversed: Sudden and unexpected bad luck)
Three Wealthy connections, possibly through marriage (reversed: loss of income)
Two A disappointment (reversed: opposition to your desires) 


Ace An emotional relationship that could cause trouble (reversed: unexpected bad news)  
King The envious man, an enemy or dishonest lawyer who is to be feared (reversed: impotence, malice)  
Queen A widow (reversed: a dangerous and malicious woman)
Jack A dark, ill-bred, young man (reversed: he is plotting against you)
Ten Grief, prison, restraint (reversed: brief affliction)
Nine News of a death (reversed: the death of a near relative)
Eight Approaching illness (reversed: a broken marriage engagement, and offer refused)
Seven Many annoyances (reversed: foolish intrigue)
Six Good plans and intentions meeting with failure (reversed: lack of ideas or plans) 
Five Quarreling brought about by short tempers (revered: bickering, petty annoyances)
Four Being passed over for a promotion, missed opportunities (reversed: jealousy and envy)
Three Faithlessness in love, bitter (reversed: news of indiscretions) 
Two Separation, change (reversed: unwanted and unexpected change)

arthurian music

A list of arthurian music! Please add anything that I might have forgotten!

The Arthurian albums list

Age of Avalon (Arthurian Shield)
Arthur the King (Maddy Prior)
Avalon - A Celtic Legend (Enaid)
The Book of Taliesin (Deep Purple)
Camelot in Smithereens (Deliverance)
Celtic Heart: The Story of Tristan and Iseult (Simon Cooper)
Dreams of Avalon (Mike Simmons)
Excalibur (Grave Digger)
The Final Experiment (Ayreon)
Galahad’s Suite (Anton Johansson)
Graal (Catherine Lara)
The Green Knight (Heather Dale)
High Noon Over Camelot (The Mechanisms)
Land of Merlin (Jon Mark)
May the Blood of Many a Valiant Knight Be Avenged (The Soil Bleeds Black)
May Queen (Heather Dale)
The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Rick Wakeman)
The Trial of Lancelot (Heather Dale)
The Once and Future King I (Gary Hughes, and different artists for each character)
The Once and Future King II (Gary Hughes and different artists)
Queen of Camelot (Karliene)
Queens of Camelot (Heather Dale & S. J. Tucker)

The Arthurian Songs list

All King’s Horses (Blind Guardian)
Am Bròn Binn (Dòchas)
Arthur (The Kinks)
Avalon (Professor Green)
Avalon (Blackmore’s Night)
Bright Eyes (Blind Guardian) suggested by anon
Excalibur (Blaspheme)
Fata Morgana (Fates Warning)
Galahad (Josh Ritter)
Guinevere (Crosby, Stills, and Nash)
Grails Mysteries (Amorphis)
Haunted Shores (Cradle of Filth)
If I Die Young (The Band Perry)
King Arthur’s servants (The Waterson)
Knights of the Round Table (Commander)
The Lady of Shalott (Loreena McKennit)
The Maiden and the Ministrel Knight (Blind Guardian) suggested by anon
Merlin (Kayak)
Merlin am I (Dahm the Bard) suggested by @effulgentpoet
Mordred’s Song (Blind Guardian)
Morgan le Fay (Heate) suggested by @queen-le-fay
Morte d'Arthur (Miriam Stockley)
A Past and Future Secret (Blind Guardian)
Pour l’amour de la Reine (Tri Yann) suggested by @argillia
Return of the King (Bruce Dickinson)
Shadow of Uther (Kamelot)
Shalott (Emilie Autumn)
Shores of Avalon (Tina Malia)
Sir Galahad (Susan Court)
Sweet Sir Galahad (Joan Baez)
Sword in the Stone (Benji Cossa)

(I did not add movies’ sountracks albums or musicals)


For years, Prince William found himself in a state of shock, unable to deal with the tragic death of his mother Princess Diana. As the nation wept that summer in 1997, in private William couldn’t allow himself to grieve. Quite simply, aged 15, he locked his emotions away, burying them beneath routine and a most dutiful, demanding public life. Until now. Recently, William has started talking about his loss, opening up and admitting his struggle and its effects - now he is passionately calling for all men to follow his example through his mental health campaign, Heads Together. In what is undoubtedly the most candid interview he has ever given, the 34-year-old future King talks exclusively to GQ about his mother’s death, his relationship with the media, his work, his family and how he is determined to lead by example. Oh, that my mother was alive to see me now, walking into Kensington Palace on a sunny spring day, to take tea with the future King William. Born in the same year as the Queen, 1926, and given the same Christian name, Elizabeth, my mother “Betty” was a fervent monarchist; indeed one of my earliest political memories is of the row provoked when, about half a century ago, I refused to listen to the Queen’s Christmas Day message. She and I also used to argue about Prince William’s parents as the disintegration of their marriage provoked a bitter propaganda war between them and their supporters. Once I got to know Princess Diana, in a series of extraordinary meetings (see my diaries, volume one) before Labour won power in 1997, despite the nasty columns I used to write about her as a journalist, I became something of a fan. I was smitten indeed, and so took her side in the Charles-Diana rows taking place in homes up and down the country. My mother was more for Charles, seeing as how he was going to be the next king. It is not a conversion from republicanism that has sparked this meeting with the Prince - though “President Trump” would challenge anyone’s faith in an elected head of state - but a common cause, namely the desire to eradicate the stigma and taboo surrounding mental illness. Prince William, his wife Catherine and his brother Harry, have chosen mental health as their main cause, and their Heads Together campaign has been successfully promoting the importance of being as open about our mental health as we are about our physical health. When they started off down this path, the republican in me was annoyed they could get so much traction for anything they did; but the Time To Change mental health campaigner was overjoyed. They have overseen the making of a series of short films showing the importance of talking about mental health problems rather than bottling them up. To my surprise, I was asked to take part in a film, talking with my partner Fiona about how my mental health troubles impact on us. Then, even more surprisingly, given how few extended interviews he gives, he agreed to be interviewed for GQ. I had met him a few times, on the British and Irish Lions rugby tour of New Zealand in 2005, for example, and more recently at a dinner where I asked him whether he would follow the lead of his grandmother when he became king, by never giving an interview as monarch. Here, I was keen to test two things in particular. One was whether his commitment to this cause was real and whether he had a proper understanding of the issues. You can make up your own mind on that, but after an hour and a half at the palace, mine was made up in his favour. Secondly, I wanted to see how close to the public persona the more private man in his own habitat might be. Would he speak with the same stilted style that seems to characterise his public speaking? He didn’t. Would he have a sense of humour? He did. Would he stand on ceremony? He didn’t. Was there any real passion behind the shy exterior? There was. Indeed, were she still here, I would have called my mum and told her, “Good news - I liked him.”

What son doesn’t miss his mother when she’s gone? As you shall see, almost 20 years on from that car crash in Paris, Prince William clearly misses Princess Diana intensely, saying it is only now he feels able properly to talk about her death, the extraordinary week that followed it, and the enormous impact it had on him and his brother. He doesn’t believe she had mental health problems, and nor does he think that he does. But the trauma he suffered losing her so young, and in such awful circumstances, partly explains why he is determined to get the nation talking more about our emotions, not least because, in life and death, his mother changed the way we express them.

AC: So what’s a nice future king like you doing with an old leftie republican like me?

PW: That’s a very good question Alastair [laughs]. To be honest, I really don’t care where people come from, I like meeting and talking to people from all backgrounds. And this is a good opportunity to talk about something that is very close to your heart, and very close to mine.

AC: And why is mental health so close to yours?

PW: Practically everything in my charitable life, in the end, is to do with mental health, whether it be homelessness, veterans’ welfare, my wife and the work she is doing on addiction; so much of what we do comes back to mental health. Also, if I think about my current job as a helicopter pilot with the air ambulance service in East Anglia, my first job there was a suicide and it really affected me. I have been to a number of suicides, self harms, overdoses.

AC: In what way did it affect you?

PW: Not just the person who lost their life, but the people they leave behind. One of the stats I was given was that, just in the area we cover in the east of England - my base is in Cambridge - there are five attempted suicides every day. Yet suicide is still not talked about. So people have the pain of loss, but also the stigma and taboo means they are sometimes ashamed even to talk about how a lover, a partner, a brother, a sister, a best friend, how they died. That stat - five attempted suicides in the East Anglia region alone - it blew my mind, I thought, “Oh my God, this is such a big issue.”

AC: I am a patron of the Maytree suicide sanctuary in north London, and you and your wife made a private visit there. What impact did that have?

PW: The thing that made an impression on me, it wasn’t just the feelings of the people, the pain they were going through and the care for them, it was that this is the only place of its kind in the UK. It may be the only one in the whole of Europe, and I thought, this is terrifying, it really is, there should be more places like this, where people can go when they’re desperate. I have spoken to suicide groups and having been through personal grief myself, I had an inkling of what to expect, but it was all so raw. When someone does end their own life, [there are] so many questions, people feeling guilty, why didn’t we see it, why didn’t we do more, and all surrounded by this massive taboo. I found it eye opening, so revealing as to what goes on in people’s minds.

AC: When you land in your air ambulance and you get out, what on earth do they say when they see you?

PW: We are only likely to be there if people are in deep trauma or unconscious.

AC: But the other people there?

PW: We are often the first on the scene. Also, I do hang back a little. We land, we secure the scene, I will be sorting the comms for the next flight, and then I might be running around helping with equipment and so on.

AC: Nobody ever has to explain, say, “Sorry, don’t worry about him”?

PW: Most people seem to guess, but I do keep as far back as I can and let the team do what they have to do. I maybe carry the stretcher, carry the kit, sort the comms for the next leg. It is all very fast paced.

AC: Why do the three of you work together on Heads Together?

PW: It is a bit of an experiment really. The Royal Family has not normally done this, three members of the family pulling together to focus on one thing. Normally things are quite disjointed, we follow our own interests and see where it goes, but we thought, well, if we tied it together and had a focused approach, how would that work? We wanted to see the impact we could have.

AC: You must get bombarded with approaches and requests? How do you decide what causes and events to support? Do you try to be strategic about it?

PW: Focused rather than strategic, I would say. When I settle on something, I want to dig deep, I want to understand what I am involved in, I want to understand the complexities of all the issues and, above all, I want to make an impact.

AC: Do you not get frustrated, though? Of course, there are advantages to your position but there are limitations too, because you cannot stray into politics. So you can’t do what I do and bang the drum for more resources and more action from government. Is that not really frustrating?

PW: It can be frustrating at times. I watch the political world, I am interested in it, at times I feel there are things going on I could really help with, but you have to understand where you sit and what the limits are; and with regard to what we do in our charity work, I like to think you can do just as much good but in a different direction.

AC: It’s great you guys are getting involved in mental health. Generally, my worry, though, is there is a danger that making improvements on stigma and taboos is seen as a substitute for services, not an accompaniment. Presumably you saying something like that goes beyond acceptable limits?

PW: No, not at all. I can say that. If I attack government policy, no, I can’t, but I can certainly make that kind of point. What we can do is convene, bring people together, organise private meetings, get experts in one room who might otherwise not always meet, they tend not to refuse an invitation, and we can thrash things out.

AC: Is it very much Harry on veterans, Kate on addiction and young women, you on men in general?

PW: A little bit. Harry has the Invictus Games and focuses a lot on veterans. But we are not stuck in our boxes. We are all three of us trying to understand the tentacles of mental health, which go everywhere. I do think if you are focused about general aims you can have a much greater impact. So we do try to stay focused, not splurge around.

AC: Are you in the mental health space for the long haul?

PW: Medium to long term, definitely. What we would love to do is smash the taboo. Getting the London Marathon as the mental health marathon, that was a big thing, and I hope we are reaching a tipping point. But it is a bit like wading through treacle. It is tough. We are now looking at a legacy programme. We are not going to rush, and the mental health sector has to believe in what we might propose, so we are getting expert opinion and then we will pick and choose and decide what we do.

AC: Why don’t you do the London Marathon yourself?

PW: I would love to, but from the policing point of view, they tested it and they were like, “What?” I am keen to do a marathon but it won’t be London.

AC: What about getting a treadmill in here and doing it while everyone else is pounding the streets?

PW: It would be so boring.

AC: Be great television.

PW: I think I would have mental health issues if I was just staring at that wall. I do want to do it though - and the training. In the military we did plenty of similar things to marathons, like yomping over the Brecon Beacons with a ton of kit on your back. I am just pleased we got London as the mental health marathon.

AC: Do you have specific goals and outcomes for the campaign?

PW: Smashing the taboo is our biggest aim. We can’t go anywhere much until that’s done. People can’t access services till they feel less ashamed, so we must tackle the taboo, the stigma, for goodness sake, this is the 21st century. I’ve been really shocked how many people live in fear and in silence because of mental illness. I just don’t understand it. I know I come across as quite reserved and shy, I don’t always have my emotions brewing, but behind closed doors I think about the issues, I get very passionate about things. I rely on people around me for opinions, and I am a great believer in communication on these issues. I cannot understand how families, even behind closed doors, still find it so hard to talk about it. I am shocked we are so worried about saying anything about the true feelings we have. Because mental illness is inside our heads, invisible, it means others tread so carefully, and people don’t know what to say, whereas if you have a broken leg in plaster, everyone knows what to say.

AC: This is my vested interest speaking here, but what with the marathon and the other things, do you think you might stay in this mental health space for good?

PW: We want to see what impact we can have.

AC: You are making an impact now.

PW: I feel we’re going in the right direction, but not making as much impact as we would like. You know what it is like, you want to get there, grapple with all the issues, get there quickly, make the change that is needed.

AC: But in your position, can you do that?

PW: You can, but you have to do it carefully. Maybe we do make change but the way we do it is slower. We get the benefits of more publicity for the things we do.

AC: I do remember when your father’s letters used to come into Number Ten. Will you go down that route, with his very frank letters to ministers?

PW: [Laughs.] Could you read them?

AC: It wasn’t the handwriting that was the problem.

PW: I have written to ministers but purely to point them towards people I think they should see. So a charity might ask me if I can help with someone and I can help get them access to the people in government.

AC: So you don’t lobby but you introduce?

PW: There are issues I am interested in and I am happy to connect people to ministers.

AC: But you’re perhaps not as robust as your father?

PW: My father has always come at this from a depth of knowledge and a desire to help. He only gets involved in anything when he has those two things: knowledge matched to a desire to help. He genuinely cares. We can argue till the cows come home about whether what he says is right or wrong, but he lives this stuff every day, goes into minute detail, wants to help inform opinion and provide knowledge. I would love to know what the public really think, whether they feel shocked or pleased he gets involved. He has done this for a long, long time, and I think he has used his role really well to raise a lot of questions that people need to ask.

AC: So what might this mental health legacy be?

PW: One idea is getting mental health first aiders in schools. Teachers are under such pressure, they face so many challenges every day. They cannot be expected to be mental health counsellors as well, so we thought there must be a way of having mental health first aiders who can be attached to one or two schools.

AC: Is that something you would promote or fund?

PW: That is what we need to work out. It is a bit of a challenge, but we have a whole range of ideas we are looking at.

AC: Now, tell me about the idea of the films - and thank you for asking me to do one.

PW: Thank for you doing it. I watched it this morning.

AC: What was the purpose of them?

PW: This was predominantly about the importance of the conversation. The point we wanted to get over was that, often, talking is the best thing you can do - it can start the whole process of recovery. For a lot of people things brew up, particularly men maybe, they don’t want to talk about problems.

AC: When you were growing up, when you were still at school, did you feel you were surrounded by people who couldn’t talk about feelings?

PW: Yes, I think so, but I do think a generational shift has gone on. If I look at my parents’ generation, there was a lot more stiff upper lip going on. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for the stiff upper lip, and, for those of us in public life, times when you have to maintain it, but behind closed doors, in normal everyday life, we have to be more open and upfront with our feelings and emotions. Mental health in the workplace is a huge issue, and a sensitive area, and leadership is important here. When you see people in high-powered jobs in the City and big corporations who got there despite their mental health problems, that is a huge success story and it shouldn’t be seen as anything else.

AC: Or maybe people get there because of their mental health problems too.

PW: Absolutely.

AC: I feel I owe mine quite a lot.

PW: Absolutely, but what is really important here is that we are normalising mental health, so if a CEO comes out and says, “I went through this, I got through these dark times,” that is amazing, it normalises, it has an impact then in that organisation and beyond. But without that kind of thing, people tend to make excuses, avoid talking about issues that may be affecting them, pretend everything is fine.

AC: So as an employer, if one of your staff came and saw you and said, “I am really struggling,” do you think you would deal with that properly?

PW: Definitely. I am not pretending I am an amazing counsellor, or a specialist, I’m not, but I would take it seriously and if they needed help I would find it for them.

AC: Now, on the stiff upper lip, I can see why there may be a place for that. But listen… my mother died when I was 56, she had a full life, died quickly, relatively painlessly, but it was very upsetting. I am not sure I could have walked behind her coffin with millions of people around the world looking at me, without crying.

PW: No.

AC: So how hard was that?

PW: It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But if I had been in floods of tears the entire way round how would that have looked?

AC: How can you not be in floods of tears if you feel like being in floods of tears?

PW: In the situation I was in, it was self-preservation. I didn’t feel comfortable anyway, having that massive outpouring of emotion around me. I am a very private person, and it was not easy. There was a lot of noise, a lot of crying, a lot of wailing, people were throwing stuff, people were fainting.

AC: As you were walking?

PW: Yes. It was a very unusual experience. It was something I don’t think anyone could have predicted. Looking back, the outpouring of grief and emotion was very touching but it was very odd to be in that situation.

AC: When you were up at Balmoral through the week, were you conscious of how big it all was down here in London?

PW: No, not at all. All I cared about was that I had lost my mum.

AC: So you were protected from everything happening on the Mall?

PW: Yes. I was 15, Harry almost 13, and the overwhelming thing was we had lost our mother.

AC: So when you came back, and you saw how big the reaction was?

PW: I didn’t take it in. I still didn’t realise what was going on, really.

AC: Did you grieve?

PW: That is a very good question. [Pause.] Probably not properly. I was in a state of shock for many years.

AC: Years?

PW: Yes, absolutely. People might find that weird, or think of shock as something that is there, it hits you, then in an hour or two, maybe a day or two, you are over it. Not when it is this big a deal; when you lose something so significant in your life, so central, I think the shock lasts for many years.

AC: My favourite soundbite of the Blair era was not from him, but your grandmother after 9/11, when she said, “Grief is the price we pay for love.”

PW: Yes, absolutely.

AC: But for you to say you felt you were in shock for years - how much harder is it when you are having to grieve or try to grieve with this extraordinary level of global scrutiny, and the endless ridiculous fascination in every detail of your and your mother’s lives.

PW: It does make it more difficult. It doesn’t make you less human. You’re the same person, it is a part of the job to have the interest. The thing is, you can’t bring all your baggage everywhere you go. You have to project the strength of the United Kingdom - that sounds ridiculous, but we have to do that. You can’t just be carrying baggage and throwing it out there and putting it on display everywhere you go. My mother did put herself right out there and that is why people were so touched by her. But I am determined to protect myself and the children, and that means preserving something for ourselves. I think I have a more developed sense of self-preservation.

AC: Yet the Heads Together campaign is all about saying we should talk, be more open about our emotions, out with the stiff upper lip, in with more talking.

PW: Absolutely.

AC: So is it different for you?

PW: Well, I am in the role I am in. But if I had mental health issues I would happily talk about them. I think the closest I got was the trauma I suffered when I lost my mother, the scale of the grief, and I still haven’t necessarily dealt with that grief as well as I could have done over the years.

AC: Who do you talk to?

PW: Family, friends, I talk to those around me who I trust.

AC: But it can’t be easy in your position to find people you can trust totally.

PW: It is hard. But I have always believed in being very open and honest. One of the few strengths I might have is I am good at reading people, and I can usually tell if someone is just being nice because of who I am, and saying stuff for the wrong reasons.

AC: Have you ever talked to people other than friends and family about your feelings?

PW: No I have not talked to a specialist or anyone clinical, but I have friends who are good listeners, and, on grief, I find talking about my mother and keeping her memory alive very important. I find it therapeutic to talk about her, and to talk about how I feel.

AC: So we are coming up to the 20th anniversary of her death. Are you looking forward to that? Or are you dreading it?

PW: I am not looking forward to it, no, but I am in a better place about it than I have been for a long time, where I can talk about her more openly, talk about her more honestly, and I can remember her better, and publicly talk about her better. It has taken me almost 20 years to get to that stage. I still find it difficult now because at the time it was so raw. And also it is not like most people’s grief, because everyone else knows about it, everyone knows the story, everyone knows her. It is a different situation for most people who lose someone they love, it can be hidden away or they can choose if they want to share their story. I don’t have that choice really. Everyone has seen it all.

AC: The first time I met your mother, in 1994, she said, “Why did you write those horrible things about me when you were a journalist?” I said, “My God, I can’t believe you read that stuff.” But she did. I was shocked that she had read it and also remembered it, it was years earlier. It made me think at the time that some people reach a certain level of fame at which media and public cease to see them as human beings. Do you think that is what happened to her, and do you think it has ever happened to you?

PW: Not with me, no. I think with her it was a unique case. The media issue with my mother was probably the worst any public figure has had to deal with.

AC: What? The intrusion, the harassment?

PW: Yes, but more the complete salacious appetite for anything, anything at all about her, even if there was no truth in it, none whatsoever.

AC: So you don’t have any sympathy with the argument that she cultivated her own friends in the media and fed the whole thing?

PW: I have been exploring this. Remember, I was young at the time. I didn’t know what was going on. I know some games and shenanigans were played, but she was isolated, she was lonely, things within her own life got very difficult and she found it very hard to get her side of the story across. I think she was possibly a bit naive and ended up playing into the hands of some very bad people.

AC: Media people?

PW: Yes. This was a young woman with a high profile position, very vulnerable, desperate to protect herself and her children and I feel strongly there was no responsibility taken by media executives who should have stepped in, and said, “Morally, what we are doing, is this right, is this fair, is this moral?” Harry and I were so young and I think if she had lived, when we were older we would have played that role, and I feel very sad and I still feel very angry that we were not old enough to be able to do more to protect her, not wise enough to step in and do something that could have made things better for her. I hold a lot of people to account that they did not do what they should have done, out of human decency.

AC: Were you not tempted to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry?

PW: We discussed it, but decided in the end not to. Remember, we were the first to expose the phone hacking.

AC: You seem to get a hard time from one or two papers these days. Do you think there is a bit of score-settling going on?

PW: I don’t know.

AC: Do you get followed and chased by paps on bikes?

PW: Not often. But there is a lot of quite sophisticated surveillance that goes on.

AC: So even if not phone hacking, which is far from guaranteed, the press have moved on to other things?

PW: I suppose the one glimmer of light is that because of what happened to my mother, we do not get it as bad as she did. We still have problems, for sure, but do have a little more protection because of the ridiculous levels it got to for my mother - the fact she was killed being followed, being chased, I think there are more boundaries to their actions.

AC: Really?

PW: It is a little better than it used to be.

AC: During the week of her death, Tony Blair spoke to your father and he said to me afterwards, “This is going to be a problem, those boys are going to need help, they are going to despise the media, blame them for her death, yet the media will be a part of their lives.”

PW: Yes, they are.

AC: When you were in Paris recently, posing for hundreds of photographers with President Hollande, did you look at them and wonder if any of them were among the ones who chased her that night?

PW: I’m afraid those are the kind of things I have just had to come to terms with. It is so hard to explain, using only words, what it was like for my mother. If I could only bring out what I saw and what happened in my mother’s life and death, and the role the media played in that, that is the only way people would ever understand it. I can try to explain it in words, but to live it, see it, breathe it, you can’t explain how horrendous it was for her.

AC: Do you think the reaction to her death was a big factor in diminishing the stiff upper lip approach, and changed the way we mourn? Do you think the kind of reaction we saw when, say, David Bowie died last year, would have been the same without that reaction for your mother?

PW: No it wouldn’t. The massive outpouring around her death has really changed the British psyche, for the better.

AC: You do think it is for the better?

PW: Yes, I do think it is for the better.

AC: How much did that week after your mother’s death bring you and Harry together?

PW: We are very close.

AC: And that feeling of shock, sadness, you never felt it strayed over to what I would know as an illness, depression?

PW: I have never felt depressed in the way I understand it, but I have felt incredibly sad. And I feel the trauma of that day has lived with me for 20 years, like a weight, but I would not say that has led me to depression. I still want to get up in the morning, I want to do stuff, I still feel I can function. Believe me, at times it has felt like it would break me, but I have felt I have learned to manage it and I’ve talked about it. On the days when it has got bad I have never shied away from talking about it and addressing how I feel. I have gone straight to people around me and said, “Listen I need to talk about this today.”

AC: Like when?

PW: Last week with the air ambulance, I flew to a really bad case, a small boy and a car accident. I have seen quite a lot of car injuries, and you have to deal with what you see, but every now and then one gets through the armour. This one penetrated the armour, not just me but the crew who have seen so much. It was the feelings of loss from a parent’s point of view, the parents of the boy. Anything to do with parent and child, and loss, it is very difficult, it has a big effect on me, it takes me straight back to my emotions back when my mother died, and I did go and talk to people at work about it. I felt so sad. I felt that one family’s pain and it took me right back to the experience I had. The more relatable pain is to your own life the harder it is to shake it off.

AC: How has the passing of time helped?

PW: They do say time is a healer, but I don’t think it heals fully. It helps you deal with it better. I don’t think it ever fully heals.

AC: Is there a part of you that doesn’t want it to heal fully because for that to happen might make her feel more distant? So you feel the need to stay strongly attached? If grief is the price we pay for love, maybe you want to keep the grief out of fear that loss of grief means you love her less?

PW: One thing I can always say about my mother is she smothered Harry and me in love. Twenty years on I still feel the love she gave us and that is testament to her massive heart and her amazing ability to be a great mother.

AC: How different do you think the country would be if she was still here?

PW: I have thought about that, but mainly from my own perspective. I would like to have had her advice. I would love her to have met Catherine and to have seen the children grow up. It makes me sad that she won’t, that they will never know her.

AC: What about the public Diana?

PW: I think she would have carried on, really getting stuck into various causes and making change. If you look at some of the issues she focused on, leprosy, Aids, landmines, she went for some tough areas. She would have carried on with that.

AC: She was an extraordinary woman.

PW: She was.

AC: How hard do you find the scrutiny? I mean you can’t even do a bit of bad dad dancing without someone taking a video?

PW: [Laughs.] Honestly, I can dance better than that. It’s true though, camera phones, Twitter, there’s not much privacy. I don’t think it was too bad. It wasn’t as if I was falling out of a nightclub, totally wasted. I think people realise everyone has to blow off a bit of energy and tension every now and then.

AC: So how did you feel when some of the papers said you don’t work hard enough?

PW: Criticism is part of the turf, I’m afraid. I think the public are much more nuanced. I have my air ambulance job, I carry out the duties the Queen asks me to, I have my charities and causes and I am raising a young family, so I can’t let that criticism get to me.

AC: A couple of the papers do seem to have turned against you, though?

PW: There is a certain element of Fleet Street getting fed up with nice stories about us. They want the past back again, soap, drama.

AC: Do you see it as part of your job to avoid giving them that? A bit of normality, stability.

PW: I couldn’t do my job without the stability of the family. Stability at home is so important to me. I want to bring up my children in a happy, stable, secure world, and that is so important to both of us as parents. I want George to grow up in a real, living environment, I don’t want him growing up behind palace walls, he has to be out there. The media make it harder but I will fight for them to have a normal life.

AC: But surely you must accept it is an abnormal life?

PW: Totally, but I can still try to protect them as children.

AC: The Queen, your father, you, now George. Four people on the planet who might one day be the head of state in the UK. It is fair to say republicanism has lost, not least thanks to your grandmother. The monarchy seems to have bucked the trend even though we live in a non-deferential, anti-establishment age. Do you feel that?

PW: I do feel the monarchy is in a good place and, like you say, my grandmother has done a remarkable job leading the country - her vision, her sense of duty, her loyalty, her steadfastness, it has been unwavering. We now have three generations of working royals, four altogether, and having that movement through the generations allows for the monarchy to stay relevant and keep up with modern times. You are only as good as your last gig and it is really important you look forward, plan, have a vision.

AC: Do you not look at the Queen, yet another garden party, yet another investiture, yet another state visit, and think how on earth can she keep going?

PW: Yes I do.

AC: Do you, your father and the Queen ever sit down, just the three of you, and just natter?

PW: [Laughs.] What, about Lady Gaga or something? [Prince William had recently recorded a Facetime chat with Lady Gaga for the campaign.]

AC: I was thinking more about being head of state. I mean, how do you learn?

PW: You learn on the job. There is no rulebook. I sometimes wonder if there should be, but in the end I think probably not. Having that difference in how we do things makes the Royal Family more interesting and more flexible. If we all followed the same line, it would all be quite stifled. Our characters are different and the different opinions are important to have.

AC: Your grandmother has always believed in there being a bit of mystique attached to it all as well.

PW: Absolutely.

AC: Never ever given an interview.

PW: No. Never. I seem to have sold the pass on that one.

Kay, instead of flying into his usual passion, hung his head. He was not at all an unpleasant person really, but clever, quick, proud, passionate and ambitious. He was one of those people who would be neither a follower nor a leader, but only an aspiring heart, impatient in the failing body which imprisoned it.
—  T.H. White, The Once and Future King

Anne Boleyn is known for her motto “Aisi sera groigne qui groigne - Let them grumble; that is how it is going to be” which she adopted from 1529-1532. Perhaps as response to those who defied the future Queen of England and wife of King Henry VIII. 

Once coronated, she had adapted the motto “The Most Happy”, however it is not known why this motto was adopted. Perhaps to reflect her feelings in 1533 when she had become Queen of England. 

Anne is mostly known for influencing Henry VIII to create the Church of England, and is also known for being the mother to Queen Elizabeth I, the Golden Queen. 

Unfortunately, Queen Anne Boleyn was executed on May 19th, 1536; for false charges of incest, treason, and adultery. However, her legacy still lives on today, as one of the most influential queens of the Tudor Era. 

“She who has been the Queen of England on earth will today become a Queen in heaven.”

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The King-part 2

The King-part 1

Summary- Gwendolyn yearns for more. More freedom, more choices, and more pleasure only King Negan can provide. Medieval AU

Warnings- Smut, Knife Play, Possible Dub-Con, Punishment, darker than my normal stuff

Word Count- Around 4.3K

Author’s Note- Probably not historically accurate. Lol. This is my submission for @jeffreydeanmorganrarechar Red Velvet prompt as well as @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash Negan Writing Challenge prompt knife play. Thanks to @theatricalbride for the brain storming session. It helped a lot. This will probably be a collection of one shots.

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My beautiful moodboard was created by the lovely and talented @ofdragonsanddreams16. I love it! It is so gorgeous.

Gwendolyn gazed at her reflection. Her hand slid down the bodice of her dress. She finally looked and felt like a queen. Having been married for a little over a month, she had felt like a prisoner, a possession, and a failure but never a wife or queen.

She had been raised to expect to marry a king of her father’s choosing. He stressed that it was her duty to secure an alliance with a powerful kingdom. Her mother persuaded her that marrying for position, power, and the love of the people would provide her a life with purpose. Who needed the love of a husband? Gwendolyn was prepared to live without it. In fact, she was taught by her mother to live independently of a husband and keep her own council. Many men would be happy to share her bed and leave her to her own devices during the day, but she had not married just any man.

King Negan was possessive and guarded her jealously. In the stories of fair maidens being rescued by handsome knights, he would have been the dragon that burnt all would be suitors to ash and cinders. He isolated her so only those loyal to him had access to her. Her handmaidens were chosen by him, reported to him, and seem to delight in reminding her of that fact. There was no friendship, no shared gossip, none of the warmth she had had with her previous servants.

She fared no better with the ladies of the court. They knew she held no favor with her husband. Therefore, there was nothing to be gained by her friendship. It would only bring themselves under the scrutiny of the king. A situation everyone actively avoided.

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Forbidden [Kim Jongin] - Part 5

Summary: No one said, becoming prince’s future wife servant is going to be easy.

Genere: Angst, fluff (?)

Warnings: Voilence (somehow), swearing

AU: Royals

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

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Becoming lady Shin’s private servant was probably the worse thing I’ve ever experienced. When we were alone, she was cunning and bossy, but every time she was outside her room she changed into totally different person. She turned into kind and polite women with fake, but perfect smile on her face. I am still wondering why she chose me. Maybe she figured out that something happened between Jongin and me. Back then, when lady Shin arrived, he didn’t want her to pick me. Damn it. He even lied that I’m a seamstress. But there is one thing I know for sure. Lady Shin is smart. Too smart to miss something like this.

I was running to her room with another cup of tea in my hands. She told me she wanted to drink some coffee, so I just went to the kitchen to make some. When I came back, the first thing I saw was her devilish, cunning smile. She changed her mind. She wanted tea. I had no choice, but to obey. Lady Shin threatened me with a night in the dungeon. For her I wasn’t a human being. For her, I was like an item, her property.

Pushing the door open, I stepped inside her room. Lady Shin was sitting on a big sofa with a book in her hands.

“Finally” she put it down “What did take you so long?”

“I am sorry, my lady” I said and got closer to her “I just could not do it any faster”

“What a pity” her high-pitched voice always sent shivers down my spine “You better hurry next time. Because you know what will happen, right?”

I nodded. Thank to this few days with her, I just got used to the threatens.

I haven’t seen Jongin at all. I spent my whole time in lady Shin’s room, or just somewhere close to it, doing everything she wanted. I know Jongin and lady Shin were engaged, but it was obvious he didn’t want that marriage. But lady Shin was loved that idea. She loved that now, people had to show her even more respect than before.

Taking a deep breath, I bent down to place the cup on the table in front of Jongin’s fiancé. Of course, my clumsiness showed once more at the wrong place, in the wrong time. My ankle twisted and I spilled whole drink on lady Shin. I heard her scream and the next thing I felt was sudden pain. She pushed me so hard, I hit the ground and the empty cup crushed next to me. Shattered glass almost reached my hand.

“You peasant idiot!” she shouted and her palms went to her red dress “I just have enough of it!”

I started to look around me, not sure what to do.

“I am so sorry, my lady… I-”

“Just shut up!” she interrupted me and stomped her feet “Just shut up, you fucking servant!”

I’ve never heard any of the royals use such a language. Even when king Doyun was angry, he still controlled himself.

“I told you” her voice was ringing in my head “You do something wrong once more, you sleep in the dungeon”

No, no, no, no. I didn’t mean to do anything bad. She chose me as her private servant and now she’s insulting me and threatening me. That’s not how the future queen be like. Sadly, no one except me knew who she really was.

“Tonight, you are not going back to your room” she started to clean her dress “The guards will show you the way to your new bedroom”

What else could I say? I was only a servant, I was no one compared to her. I just sat on the ground with tears in my eyes, my whole body shaking. Now, I needed him. I needed Jongin. Even though I was trying to forget him for my own good, I just needed him to be here with me. I couldn’t handle being lady Shin’s private servant any more. I just wanted to scream into her face that she doesn’t deserve to be here and she doesn’t deserve Jongin. I wanted her to know who I really am.

But it didn’t matter now.

“Get up” she said harshly

I obeyed and in the moment I stood up, she grabbed me by my shoulder. Her fingers tightened around me and I almost hissed from unexpected pain. She pulled me with her and started walking to the door. I almost stepped on the broken glass. Lady Shin opened the door and almost threw me outside.

“Take her to the dungeon” she ordered the guard standing on my left “She’s spending the night there… And don’t give her anything to eat”

He didn’t even have to nod because she stormed back to her chamber, loudly shutting the door.

I took a deep shaky breath. Night in the dungeon without any meal sounded terrifying. I barely had time to eat in the morning because she needed me so early, so now I was starving.

“She’s horrible, isn’t she?” the guard’s question surprised me

“Y-yeah” I sighed and looked at him carefully “She is”

I wasn’t sure if I saw him before, but if I did I would remember him. He was tall and had fluffy white hair. Next thing I noticed were his pointy, yet cute ears.

“I’m Chanyeol” he introduced himself “And you?”

“Y/N” I replied “But I’m sure you’ll forget it”

“I promise I won’t. I will forever feel guilty for taking Y/N to the dungeon”

I managed to smiled at his words. For sure, he was some kind of moodmaker.

I didn’t want to sleep in the cell so badly. I was scared, terrified. I’ve never been in the dungeon before.

“I’m sorry, but I think me need to go” Chanyeol continued “Lady Shin might come back soon and I bet she won’t be happy to see you’re still here”

I slightly nodded and swallowed loudly. We began walking to the dungeon.

Another rat’s squeal echoed in the corridor, sending shivers down my spine. I was sitting in the corner of the cell on a small shaft of hay. I guess it was supposed to be some kind of bed for the prisoner. I brought my knees to my chest. I couldn’t sleep, even knowing it was the middle of the night. I had the feeling that I’m not alone here, but I wasn’t able to see any other person here. Guard or a prisoner. No one.

Night in a cell, in a big wet dirty dungeon without any meal for spilling coffee on a dress? That just didn’t sound right. It’s not a thing a good queen would do.

I was starving. I haven’t eaten for the whole day. It was freezing here and the only thing I was wearing was a thin dress for servants. My breath was shaky and I could feel shivers going through my whole body.

Once more I caught myself humming the anthem of Southerlands. My father taught me this melody when I was young. It was one of a few things I remembered about my home country. I couldn’t recall the flag or anything else. Just the anthem. Somehow it made me feel better. It made a small spark of hope appear in my heart. Maybe one day, people will finally know who I really am.

Suddenly, I heard loud and fast footsteps echoing in the corridor. I stopped singing and my eyes immediately went to the grille. They were getting louder and louder. Someone was getting closer with every second. Was it lady Shin? Other prisoner who managed to escape? Maybe the guards?

“Oh, God” the soft voice I’ve heard made me tear up

My eyes met gentle, brown ones of a person I wished to see for a long time.

“Jongin” I whispered looking at him

When my voice broke down, I saw him tightening his grip on the grill. I could tell he was angry. But not at me.

“We have to get you out of here” his voice was soft and quiet

“Your highness” a guard appeared next to him “You shouldn’t talk to the prisoner”

“What is she doing here?” Jongin ignored his words

“Lady Shin ordered to take this servant girl here”

“Open the cell”

I couldn’t see clearly from here, but enough to know how surprising prince’s statement was.

“Or just give me the keys” Jongin continued

“B-but your highness, lady Shin said-”

“I don’t care what she said!” the prince yelled “Just open it!”

The guard hesitated, but after a while, I’ve heard the clink of the keys. The cell opened and Jongin stormed inside. He grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled closer to him.

“You are so cold” he whispered “How long have you been sitting here?”

Tears started to fall from my eyes.

“I have no idea” I let him embrace me

“I will get you out of here now” he gently caressed my head “Can you stand up?”

I slightly nodded. He gently moved strand of my hair from my face and touched my cheek. I caught myself leaning for his touch. Jongin grabbed my hands and helped me stood up. My legs were shaking, so he just wrapped his arm around my waist, to help me keep balance. We began to walk, but I almost immediately started to get dizzy. I couldn’t feel my knees. Without a word, he put one of his hands under my legs and the second one under my back. He lifted me up and walked out of the cell. I curled my fingers on his shirt.

“If you will tell someone what happened here” Jongin hissed at the guard “I’ll make sure you will lose your job as soon as it’s possible”

He didn’t even wait for his answer. I’ve never seen him like this. Angry and threatening others. The most surprising thing about it was that I was the reason of it. Or more like, what lady Shin did too me.

“I will never forget what she has done to you” Jongin whispered against the top of my head “Never”

I felt myself losing consciousness, but for some reason I felt safe.

I woke up with a terrible pain in my back. I was sure it was a consequence of sitting by a hard cold wall of the cell. I slowly opened my eyes, trying to ignore the brightness going through the window.

“You woke up”

The voice I’ve heard made me shift on my arm. Jongin was sitting on the chair next to the enormous bed I was lying on. I looked around. I just couldn’t mistake this place. This was his room, and I’ve been sleeping in his bed. Pink flush appeared on my cheeks.

“Yeah” my voice was husky

“Did you sleep well?” he asked and folded his hands

“Yes, thank you… I’m just a bit sore”

He let out a sigh and his brown eyes landed on me. I looked down. I was wearing a big grey and silky shirt. It ended right above my knee and the sleeves were too long. It must’ve belonged to Jongin. I crossed my legs flustered and my hands went to the hem of the material. I didn’t remember changing. I was wearing the servant’s dress last night.

“Um…” I didn’t know how to ask the question “D-did you…”

“Did I help you change?” he raised his eyebrow at me and when I nodded, he just laughed quietly “No, don’t worry about it. I asked some female servant to do this, but first I made sure she was trustworthy. She’s not going to tell anybody”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just let silence fill the room. It wasn’t awkward. We both knew we needed that, to think about everything. Previous words were just excuse to talk to each other.

“I forgot to tell you” Jongin got up from the chair and walked to a small table “I asked to brought it here for you”

He returned with a tray. Suddenly, I remembered how hungry I was. I haven’t eaten for whole day, whole night and probably some hours more. On the tray I saw a small plate with croissant, on the other ones there were pancakes with some topping, french toast and an apple. I also saw a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea. I was wondering how will I eat all of this.

“You stare at the food with such an awe” Jongin laughed “You look funny… But cute”

Normally, I would blush, but I was still mesmerised.

“Thank you” I whispered “It’s all for me? Really?”

“Of course” he shrugged

I smiled brightly and began to eat. The food tasted amazing, probably because I was absolutely starving before, but I didn’t care. I quickly drank the juice and the tea. As I finished consuming, I sighed loudly and fell back onto the mattress.

“You must’ve been really hungry” the prince said

“I was” I murmured “Thank you once more. No one gave me that much food since I became a servant”

“So you weren’t a servant before?”

Now I realised what I’ve just said. It was so close, my secret would be revealed. I couldn’t tell him. At least not now.

“Yes, but it’s a long story and I don’t like to talk about it” I shook my head, hoping he didn’t find out anything “Jongin… How did you know I was in the dungeon?”

“I went to lady Shin’s room in the afternoon because my father wanted me to show her around the palace. When I came there, I saw a cup shattered on the floor. I asked her what happened and she told me…” he took a deep breath “She told she snt you to the dungeon for disobeying her. I didn’t want to come for you in the middle of the night. I wanted to come earlier, but my father told me to stay at the meeting about…”

He hesitated. I saw that. He just didn’t want me to know something.

“About what?” my curiosity won

“About my marriage” he breathed out

I blinked a few times and looked down. How could I forget about it even for a few seconds? I was serving his future wife after all. Lady Shin didn’t deserve him. Jongin was too good for her.

“Y/N” he sat on the bed and grabbed my hand “It wasn’t my decision. I finally have an opportunity to tell you that I don’t want it. I don’t want to marry lady Shin.”

I wasn’t brave enough to look at him.

“Then what do you want?”

“I want you” he took my chin between his fingers and made our eyes meet “I want to be with you everyday. Whole day and whole night. I want to fall asleep next to you and wake up next to you. I want to spoil you as much as I can because you are my only one. My treasure. I want to cuddle you, kiss you and do things I shouldn’t even think about. Trying to stay away from you was driving me crazy. It’s just impossible for me”

He let go of my chin and looked down. I saw his hands curling on the sheets.

“I told you before, when we were in the garden… I started to be interested in you when I first saw you in the palace. There was something in you that mesmerised me. After that night, during my birthday party, a small spark of hope appeared in my heart. I thought it would be gone by now, but it’s not” he took a deep breath “If you don’t want the things I want the just tell me. I will-”

“Who says I don’t want it?” I cut him, mustering up my courage

He was just staring at me when I took his face in my hands.

It won. The need of Jongin won. I know it was risky, but I just couldn’t help it. I was saying that I’m trying to forget him for my own good. Who was I lying to? Me? The others who didn’t actually know about anything? It just didn’t have sense anymore. It didn’t have it even at the beginning. I knew it before. Prince Kim Jongin was like a drug which I was addicted to.

I connected our lips in a firm, yet sweet kiss.

Author’s note: Sorry for not updating for so long!

ok but consider

An future!AU where the paladins have moved on to things beyond Voltron, the evil has been defeated they’ve settled down and are doing their own thing on both earth and New Altea.

Shiro and Allura are running new Altea which is essentially just a refugee planet as the king and Queen, Shiro stepped down from being black paladin once Allura had their first child. 

Pidge works as a intergalactic botonist and techie, has a girlfriend and is enjoying her time as a young adult 

Hunk became the castle’s head chef and unofficial babysitter, he runs a tight ship but everyone in his kitchen love the hell out of him, he and shay are together

Keith is a high ranking member of the blade of Marmora which is now like the universal police, they uphold the diplomatic laws or whatever.

But lance, Lance is the only member to stay with Voltron now as the black paladin, with his own team. No one is really sure why, by the one day the lions up and left new Altea coming back a week later with a group of confused kids who needed answers

So it was taken as a sign, something big was coming and they needed to be prepared. They explained the situation most of the teens agreeing to help.

Now lance has his own team, with his own red and blue paladins, he watches as they fight and bicker like he and Keith use to. Then he watches the blue paladin die at the hands of their new enemy. He watches as the blue paladins sister takes the reins after that.

He watches the red paladin antoganoize the new blue paladin out of grief, he watches the red paladin becomes enamoured with one of the four living Alteans

He watches as the yellow and green paladin start sneaking off together and start spending the night in each other’s  rooms, wearing each other’s clothes.

He watches and he smiles because this is what Shiro saw and his team loves him. Sometimes he gets a little out of it, because no everyone else moved on should he move on too? Then he hears red say something before a dully thud and world war 3 and thinks that this is exactly where he should be

Also klance, mutual but not offical with lance’s team screaming in the background whenever they interact

The Knight's Return

AN: Hi! It’s been awhile, so I hope this (rather long) drabble makes up for it a bit. I wrote it instead of working on my WIPs… (I do feel rather guilty about that). Anyway, it’s a Sherlolly Medieval-ish AU that has all the makings of a cheesy romance plot…I have no regrets. 

The entire kingdom was abuzz with excitement as the morning of the royal wedding dawned. Bakers and chefs were rushing about preparing the food for the enormous celebration feast and seamstresses and tailors were rushing to put the final touches on gowns and shirttails alike.

The castle servants were rushing about putting the final touches on the decorations and making sure each room was prepared for their guests.

Even the king and queen were a bit manic in their excitement, trying to oversee it all while welcoming their once-enemy kingdom’s royal family. Soon to be intertwined by their children’s union.

Yes, everyone was looking forward to the wedding.

Except, as it happens, the bride-to-be.


The princess leaned out her window and looked down upon the crowd below as the unfamiliar black carriages bearing the insignia of her future husband’s royal crest rolled inside the gates.

Her stomach roiled in fear and despair and she grasped tightly the ring that hung on a silver chain around her neck, praying for deliverance from whomever would grant it.

She had never met her betrothed and she was enraged that her parents had signed a contract of marriage without her consent. And to promise a wedding within 3 weeks of the agreement?! 

Call her romantic or fantastical, but she wanted to marry for love. To choose the man she would spend the rest of her life with, the man she would rule beside one day, overseeing their joined kingdoms.

She didn’t want to marry a stranger.

She wanted to marry her knight.

Her Sherlock. A knight as brave and honorable as she had ever met. She had give her heart to him almost as soon as he’d knelt before her father and sworn his fealty to the crown.

In only a matter of months, she found herself sneaking out of the grounds to meet him in the forest, their whispered words of devotion fading into the moonlit night. With a promise of love, he had given her a ring, crafted by his hand from the links of his armor.

‘So you know that wherever I am, a part of me will always be with you.’

But their time was precious and fleeting, for not a month after their first declaration, Sherlock was lost in battle against an uprising contingent. Molly remembered the devastating day the knights came back, bloody and exhausted, their victory marred by painful losses.

She had rushed out to meet them, ignoring her father’s order to stay back. She walked between the rows of knights, straining for any sign of her beloved Sherlock.

As the men thinned, she grew fearful. And then she saw John, Sherlock’s right hand and best friend. His face was pale and drawn. He caught her gaze and shook his head once.

Her heart had died that day.


The door to her chambers opened.

‘My lady, it’s time.’

Molly acknowledged Sir John’s announcement with a nod and tucked the ring into her gown. Unable to bring herself to smile, she accepted his arm silently and allowed him to lead her out.

Outside, the people were cheering and celebrating. But inside, the castle was as solemn as a tomb. Every servant was in attendance at the throne room, each knight and guest as well. Following weeks of endless preparation, it felt oddly calming to walk the stone halls in silence.

But each step closer to her bridegroom felt like a piercing betrayal to her love.

They paused outside the closed doors, behind which her future waited. Sir Gregory stood at attention, waiting for the signal of the bells to open the doors.

‘Do you ever think about him?’

Sir John stiffened slightly. 'My lady, surely today is not the day to dwell on-’

'Just answer the question,’ she interrupted quietly.

He sighed. 'Every day.’

'I wish…’ She couldn’t bring herself to say it, the words catching in her throat.

Sir John hesitated a moment before quietly admitting, 'If he were alive, you would most certainly not be wedding anyone else.’

Molly felt tears fill her eyes and she stopped to kiss John’s cheek. 'Thank you.’

'My loyalty will always be sworn to you, my lady. And I will always be there to protect you.’

Molly smiled for the first time that day. Turning back toward the waiting ceremony room, she braced herself. 'Then let us do our duties. For the kingdom.’

Sir John admired her courage and willingness to marry for the sake of her kingdom. But he cursed fate for tearing her true love away from her so cruelly.

‘For the kingdom,’ he agreed.

The bells rang out the hour and Sir John stepped forward to open the door to the throne room, Sir Gregory doing the same on the other side.


Every eye was watching as she walked toward the priest, her head held high. She kept her eyes locked on the cross hanging in the center of the priest’s chest. Beside him, with his back to her, was the prince. She avoided looking at him, knowing that if she did, she would abandon all hope of courage and flee.

She drew up to his side and accepted his arm as they knelt on the long cushion before the priest, his pristine white gloves stitched with black thread.

'We are gathered to witness not only the union between Princess Molly and Prince William, but the uniting of two kingdoms. Once feuding, now coming together as one.’

Her heart was pounding and her hands were shaking. She could feel the warmth emanating from beside her, but she couldn’t bring herself to look at him. Not when she desperately wished he was another man.

All too soon, Molly found herself promising herself to this stranger before God and man, for the good of their kingdoms. 'I solemnly swear so to do.’

And then the priest turned to Prince William, putting the same questions to him.

'I solemnly swear so to do.’

Molly’s heart stopped. That…it couldn’t be.

She slowly, hesitantly, turned her head. Staring back at her was a dead man, brought to life. She gasped as she took in the shorn curls, the tan of his angular face, and the unabashed love shining in his blue green eyes.

'Sherlock,’ she breathed in wonder.

He lifted her hand to his lips and smiled tenderly down at her. 'As if I would let something as ridiculous as death stop me from letting you marry anyone else.’

The priest was still speaking over them, but Molly cared not one wit for what he was saying. Instead, she pulled her knight, her beloved, into a kiss that went far in healing the pain of the two years they’d spent apart.

Behind them, their parents wiped tears from their eyes, their feud forgiven, as the crowd cheered.

'I love you,’ she whispered thickly when they broke apart. She couldn’t stop touching him, her hands caressing his tear-struck cheeks, taking in her resurrected love. 'I love you so much. But how could you have let me think- let us all believe-’

She pressed her fists into his chest in anger.

'A story that can wait for another day, my love,’ he promised, gathering her hands in his, and ran his gaze over her face as if she were a precious work of art. 'Today, let us celebrate the fact that a mission of intended espionage brought us together.’

Molly looked at him in question, but let it go when he kissed her once again.

The priest chuckled. 'Shall we consider the ceremony nearing its end and adjourn to the celebration posthaste?’

Laughter met his question and he quickly wrapped up with the announcement of the bride and groom. Quickly placing their new crowns atop their heads, the colors of their kingdoms woven together in metals of gold and black, the priest stepped back and announced to all who could hear:

'Long live the Prince and Princess. May their years of marriage be blessed.’

Sherlock helped Molly to her feet and they turned to face their people, hand in hand. 

‘And may they be many,’ Sherlock added softly, leaning down to kiss her sweetly. 


This was most definitely not how Molly ever imagined her wedding day. It was almost like a dream. 

The breeze blew through the room and she shivered, drawing her robe around her as she stared out into the starry night. 

Behind her, the door opened and her husband entered. She turned and tears filled her eyes at the sight of him. His tunic and boots abandoned in the outer chamber, he sauntered into the room in only his trousers and crown. His curls were browner than she remembered and he’d cut them close to his head, no longer dangling in front of his eyes. She hoped to convince him to grow it out once more.

‘I am most definitely glad that Sir John is on our side… for the most part,’ he grumbled, touching the tender bruise rising on his cheek. When she didn’t speak, he looked up at her in question.


She swallowed thickly. ‘I just still cannot believe you’re here,’ she whispered. 

‘I promise,’ he said, closing the distance between them. ‘I will never leave you again.’

Resting her head against his chest, listening to the beat of his heart, she asked, ‘Will you not tell me why you let me believe you dead for these past torturous years?’

He sighed and rested his chin atop her head. ‘I was sent into your kingdom as a spy. No one would suspect the crown prince to take up such a role. It was when I saw you standing there as I knelt to take that oath of knighthood, that I realised you could put my entire mission in jeopardy.’


‘Yes, you.’ He leaned back and smiled at her. ‘And you did. Instead of gathering information, I found myself falling in love with you. By the time of my pre-planned extraction, I was prepared to do everything in my power to bring peace between our kingdoms. So I could be with you.’

‘Your extraction?’ 

His lips twisted. ‘The battle in which I supposedly was left for dead. I was only supposed to fake my death. But something went terribly wrong and I was taken in the chaos. I eventually escaped, but not without being grievously injured.’ He turned around and she gasped at seeing the ugly scar that crossed his back, from the top of his right shoulder and down to his left hip. The extent of the scarring testified to the severity of his wound. Molly reached out and trailed her finger along the jagged skin. 

‘Oh, Sherlock,’ she breathed. 

He turned back around and caught her hands. ‘Never you mind. I’m here, I’m well, and our kingdoms are at peace.’

Still struggling to make sense of it all, Molly latched on to a single thought. ‘So my parents knew who you were when they agreed to the wedding?’

'Of course,’ he chuckled. ‘It took some time to convince my parents to meet with yours without risking bloodshed. But once I confessed that we had fallen in love, everything else fell into place. They would rather see us happy, merging our kingdoms into one with as many heirs as we will give them, than continue wasting lives, time and resources fighting a feud that neither side remembers what it is even about.’

Molly smiled in wonder. ‘And about time.’

Sherlock agreed. ‘Indeed, but enough about that. I believe we were married today.’

‘Yes, yes we were.’ She smiled widely, her arms coming up and around his neck, as he leaned down to kiss along her jaw. ‘And about time.’

He laughed against her skin and she closed her eyes, wanting to remember this feeling of pure joy forever.

‘Now, my lovely wife, we have the rest of our lives to look forward to. And I fully intend to make up for every moment of heartbreak I’ve caused you.’ 

He started backing toward the luxurious bed, his hand trailing down her arm only to catch her hand and pull her with him. She laughed softly and followed all too willingly.

‘You’re doing a wonderful job already, my love.’


And so the two kingdoms became one. And upon the ninth month of their marriage, the Prince and Princess welcomed the first of what would be their four children. 

And they all lived happily ever after.

Reading through RQ again I absolutely cannot believe that Victoria never made Cal never made a pun out of Maven’s name at least once. Like, THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES!

“Go on, I DAREVEN you to do it.”

“My little brother, finally SHAVEN’.”

“What are you RAVEN about now?”

“That’s my Mavey, always PAVEN the way for the future.”


Just Another Day (Thor, Loki, Sif, Fandral and Hogun X Reader)

Characters: Thor, Loki, Sif, Fandral and Hogun X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Thor

Warnings: Violence and injury

Request: Hi I really love reading you stories especially the marvel ones. Is there by any chance you can write one with Loki and the other Asgardians sorry if I’m vague

Originally posted by lokis-quinn

You were the cousin of Loki and Thor, and you were extremely close with them when growing up. You became a warrior like Sif, and you became close because of it. You often sparred with Fandral and Hogun, and these spars usually consisted of you punching them for making fun of Loki, often leading to Odin lecturing you, and Frigga covering you.

Today was no different.

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it hurts that maven calore could've been a different (probably not the cruel boy that he is) if he didnt have elara for a mother

im sad

maybe he could find love that his parents never gave him. (not with mare though gods) 

maybe he wouldn’t had his love for cal forgotten and twisted into anger and hatred. (’my brother. my father. i know i loved them once. i remember it. but i dont feel it. that love isn’t there anymore’)

maybe he wouldn’t have gone to the dark side. 

maybe somehow, he could’ve been happy.  pained for his past, but he could’ve had a future that doesn’t involve him dying in the hands of his enemies. (’the pain makes you stronger. love makes you weak.’)

i’m sorry he’s a monster, yes, i know that, but he was made; that led him to his fucking twisted path now.

fandom ships!

Random useless post that no one asked for, alias, a couple of books for each ship I could thin of (ship as the main one, not just a side ship)!

Arthur/Guinevere: Sword at Sunset (Sutcliff), Queen of Camelot (McKenzie), Guinevere trilogy (Persia Woolley),  Firelord (Godwin)

Arthur/Lancelot: Knights of Camelot series (Luddington)

Arthur/Mordred: Mordred and the King (Culovich)

Arthur/Morgana: Firelord (Godwin), Morgana (Michel Rio), The Road to Avalon (Joan Wolf), Bedivere Book One (Wayne Wise), Camelot Lost (Jessica Bonito)

Bedivere/Guinevere: Sword at Sunset (Sutcliff)

Claudas/Lancelot: Laid to Ruin (Arden)

Gawain/Ragnelle: Gawain (Gwen Rowley)

Guinevere/Mordred: Mordred’s Curse (McDowell), Arthur the Bear of Britain (Frankland)

Guinevere/Lancelot: The Road to Avalon (Joan Wolf), The Once and Future King (White), Guinevere trilogy (Sharan Newman), Excalibur! (Gil Kane)

Igraine/Uther: Arthur series (Attanasio)

Lancelot/Elaine: Lancelot (Gwen Rowley)

Merlin/Nimue: Arthurian saga (Mary Stewart)

Mordred/Lancelot: Mordred Bastard son (Douglas Clegg), 

Morgana/Lancelot: Mists of Avalon (Bradley)

Morgana/Vivian: Morgana (Michel Rio)

Let’s take a Moment to imagine...

Lets take a moment to imagine some time in the future of KC, once Clara’s like 5/6 years old.
Farley: Clara!! Come here already! Lunch’s ready.
Clara: *in her room* * playing with a beat up old toy*
Farley: Clara, I told you to come here minutes ago!! Come ON!!
Clara: Almost!
Farley: Clara Farley, come here right now!
Clara: *JUMPS to the kitchen*
Clara: Oka–
Clara: Mom?
Farley: *slowly smiles, holding back tears* Yeah?

In Sickness and In Health - shalaska - pureCAMP

A/N - hi everyone! i’m gonna put a disclaimer here - this will be a multichapter, but because i’m focusing on party, jttou and MQ, this won’t be updated for quite a long time. my apologies if you like it, lmao <3 

tw - blood, illness

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My Personal assistant to My future Queen

Pairing: T'Challa x reader

Anon request: Can we have smut between T'Challa and perhaps his assistant?

Authors note: i genually don’t know about this one. I’m sorry if it’s nothing like him and also sorry for my poor grammar. I’m super sleepy but I wanted to finish this request. Also if you want to be tagged on my posts just let me know, I’d be happy to do it

Y/n- your name
Y/l/n- your last name

Tag: @kaunis-sielu @theamazingworldofmarvelfics

“Ms. Y/l/n what do I have scheduled this week” king t'challa asked me.

“We have to fly to America, you have a meeting with mr. Stark at his compound. Don’t worry there is someone already packing your belongings for the trip.”

“Excellent, you are excused so you can pack your stuff”

“Thank you your highness” I nodded as I exited his office. I knew I wasn’t going to take long packing, seeing as I’ve got it down to half an hour. I’ve worked for King t'challa for over four years so I’ve mastered the art of packing for short noticed trips. Once I had everything packed I made my way into the jet to take us to America.

“Your highness you should get some rest, this is going to be a long flight” I suggested as we were taking off.

“I will do that, you should get some rest as well.” King t'challa responded before we fell asleep for the duration of the flight.

“We have arrived” the stewardess on the jet tapped my shoulder.

“Thank you” I replied as he left. “Your highness we have arrived” I touched his shoulder.

“Thank you for waking me up” he replied as we stood up. We made our way out of the jet and into the car that was waiting for us before driving off to the avengers compound.

“Your highness it’s so nice to see you again” I heard Tony Starks voice as we stepped out of the car. “Oh and I see you brought your stunning assistant. Always a pleasure ms. Y/l/n” he held my hand and kissed it.

“Of course I brought her Mr. Stark, she’s a very important part of my team” I noticed king t'challa getting upset.

“Oh of courses but unfortunately she won’t be able to attend the meeting” he turned his attention to me. “I’m sorry about that” he apologized.

“It’s alright, I should settle in, would you like for me to take your stuff to your room your highness” I replied

“Oh you don’t have to do that ms. Y/l/n, we are already taking care of that” he motioned to the people carrying our luggage. “But you’re welcome to explore the compound”

“Thank you Mr. Stark I’ll do that” I turned my attention to king t'challa. “Please call me when you are finished so we can go over future business projects”

“I’ll do that, thank you ms. Y/l/n”

“You’re welcome your highness” I watched as the two men started to walk away. I took up mr. Starks suggestion and began exploring the compound when I stumbled upon the living area.

“Hello ms. are you lost” I heard a mans voice behind me.

“Oh no, mr. Stark said I could walk around this place. I’m y/n y/l/n, King t'challa’s personal assistant” I answered as I turned to face the man that was speaking to me.

“Oh it’s so nice to meet you, I’m
James Rhodes. It’s nice to meet you ms. Y/l/n” he extended his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you too, but how come we’ve never met. We’ve visited multiple time but I’ve never actually met you?”

“I’ve been going to physical therapy because of the whole war between Tony and Steve”

“I’m so sorry to hear that” I was sadden that he was hurt because of the petty fight king t'challa had talked to me about.

“It’s alright, I’m getting better” he reassured me. We spent the next two hours talking about our pasts and how we ended up were we were.

“Ahh there you are Rhodey and I see you’ve been keeping the beautiful ms. Y/l/n company” Tony walked into the room with king t'challa who didn’t look pleased with what he was looking at.

“Your highness I thought you were going to call me once your meeting was done” I asked.

“I was but mr. Stark wanted to show me a few new things, but now that we’re reunited why don’t we go back to my room and discuss the business projects”

“Of course your highness, it was so nice meeting you mr. Rhodes” I turned my attention to the man next to me.

“It was nice meeting you too ms. Y/l/n” he kissed my hand before I left with king t'challa. Once inside his room I pulled out all of the paperwork I had for the business opportunities from the briefcase I was walking around with.

“Alright let’s get started” I sat down on his bed as I placed the papers on the bed. After an hour of organizing his schedule for the next three months. We finally finished and I was starting to pack up the paperwork.

“I’m sorry you couldn’t attend the meeting”

“It’s alright mr. Rhoads was keeping me company” I replied .

“What did you two do talk about?”

“Our past, why?”

“No reason”

“Your highness if I did something to irritate you I would like to know what I did wrong.” I began to panic because I didn’t know if I actually did something wrong.

“I can assure you that you did nothing wrong”

“Ok well if you need anything I’ll be in my room” I replied as I exited the room.

*time skip t'challa pov*

I spent the rest of the day wondering why I felt anger when I saw y/n and mr. Starks friend together. I have no right to be angry, I am not betrothed to her. She is free to date whoever she wants, yet I don’t want her to. I wanted to clear my head I decided to walk around the compound. Maybe walking around will make me think clearer.

Once I walked around a couple of times I ended up stopping in front of y/n room. Maybe I should check on her to see if she’s ok.

“Coming” I heard her voice from the other side of the room.

*y/n pov*

“Your highness what’s wrong” I asked as I opened the door and letting him in, not realizing I was only wearing a towel. “Oh I’m so sorry let me change” I sprinted towards the bathroom and put on my clothes on.

“I just came to check if you were ok” he replied as he sat on my bed. I started to blush when I realized he was staring at my legs.

“I’m doing great, I just took a nice warm shower. You know how gross it is flying for so many hours”

“I do indeed” I sensed something was wrong again.

“I’m sorry your highness but are you sure you’re ok? You seem a bit off” I asked noticing a change in his personality.

“I’m having certain feeling towards you” he bluntly responded

“Good or bad?”

“Good I promise” I don’t know what came over me but I placed my hand over his and looked him in the eyes.

“If their good then why don’t you tell me specifically what the feelings are.”

“Love?” He responded in the form of a question.

“Since when if you don’t mind me asking”

“For a while, but it wasn’t sure about them until I saw you talking to mr. Starks friend. I didn’t like you being around another man”

“You have nothing to worry about your highness. It was strictly platonic, I have no feeling for him but I do have feelings for you” the last part made me cringe because of how it came out.

“May I kiss you”

“Yes” soon I felt his lips on mine as we kiss for the first time. His hands were on my cheeks, deepening the kiss. I placed my hands on the back of his neck as I kissed him back and praying this wasn’t a dream. His right wrapped around my lower back and pulled me closer to him until I was straddling him. He smiled when he lift my shirt off my body and noticed I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Mmm” I moaned when I felt him sucking on my nipple, cradling his head as I threw my head back. He started sucking on the other one once I started grinding on him. I pulled him away and bent down and gave him a lingering kiss before getting off of him.

“Why did you stop” he asked before I got off the bed and dropped to my knees in front of him.

“I wanted to please my king” I undid his pants and snaked out his cock. I stroked him a few times before licking the tip and taking him in my mouth.

“Ooooh” he moaned as his hands rested on my head as I started to blow him. Since I couldn’t fit him all in my mouth I pumped whatever I couldn’t fit in my mouth. It didn’t take long to make him twitch in my mouth and soon enough I felt his cum in my mouth. I made sure I swallowed all of his cum before coming back up. I slipped my bottoms and underwear off.

“oh no my king, you just lay back down and let me do all the work. You’ve worked hard let me continue to please you” I noticed he was going to get up so I could lay down on the bed. I pulled his pants and underwear off of him, while he removed his shirt. Once he was laying back down on the bed I climbed on top of him so I was above his erected cock.

“Ooooh” we moaned as I sank down onto his cock. I stayed still as I tried to adjust to his size because I’ve never been intimate with a man his size before. I started to move once the pain subsided, moving slow because I didn’t want to hurt myself. Placing my hands on his chest I began to move a little faster.

“Oh my king” I moaned as one of his hands groped my breast and the other was on my lower back.

“Ohh that’s right keep doing that” I started riding him faster until I was bouncing on his cock and moaning so loud I was certain others in the building could here .

“Oh my king” I bit my lower lip as I felt an orgasm fast approaching. “My king please may I cum” I asked with desperation in my voice

“Yes you may, cum for your king”

“Ohhhh yessss ahhhh MY KING AHHHHH” I shouted as I came all over his cock and kept fucking him through my orgasm.

“Ooooooh yeeeessssss” I felt his cum shooting inside me as he came shortly after. I collapsed on top of him once both of our highs were gone.

“Ohhh that was mind blowing your highness” I glowed as I held onto him.

“It certainly was my y/n” I looked up at him shocked

“That’s the first time you’ve called me by my first name”

“And it won’t be the last, be my queen y/n. I want to rule wakanda with you by my side.” He held onto my chin.

“Ok my king” he kissed me again.

“Let’s go to bed my future queen”


ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 5, episode 10 : A Stitch in Time

past : Mary Margaret and Emma return to Misthaven and learn that in their absence, High King Stefan fell ill and died and Phillip and Aurora have already been crowned king and queen. As they give their final goodbyes, Aurora whispers with glee to Mary Margaret that she is pregnant. Emma and Mary Margaret enact the time-jump using Emma’s swan necklace, and they begin to bump their way through the timeline. They witness Snow White’s birth, Mordred’s deceit, Arthur’s death, and Morgan le Fay taking him on a boat to Avalon. They see Regina crowned queen next to King Richard, Red as a young girl visiting her grandmother in the forest, young Snow witnessing her mother’s death, and Regina crowned queen again, this time next to Phillip. They begin to flash faster and faster: Snow and Charming’s famous kiss, the Dark Curse taking over the lands, Emma’s arrival in Storybrooke, Emma kissing Henry’s forehead and restoring the memories, the moment Emma and Mary Margaret jump into the time portal, and then suddenly they come to a screeching halt in the present, where they are discovered at Henry’s playground castle by park ranger Ambrose Geoffrey.

present : Cynthia and Ruby finally go on their first date, much to the delight of Granny. Evelyn, emotionally devastated by the events in the cottage, resigns her position as mayor. Regina and David make amends and bond as they reminisce over Henry’s growth – but Emma and Mary Margaret’s return interrupts the moment, and all thoughts of Regina fall away from Henry when he is reunited with his birth mother and grandmother once again. Regina is exasperated, watching everything slip from her fingers once again, and confronts the only other person who is as broken as she is: Mr. Gold. Both former villains seem to have lost their vigor and their conversation reveals that they intend to take vastly different paths in order to find it again…

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Cate Blanchett as the Blue Fairy/Evelyn Oxford, Daniel Gillies as Peter Pan/Dr. Matthew Llewelyn, Corey Stoll as Baelfire/Nathaniel Thorn, Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Ruby Connor, Sonequa Martin-Green as Cynthia Fogg, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

recurring stars this season include : Olivia Cheng as Mulan, Bradley James as Phillip, Rebecca Ferguson as Aurora, Adetomiwa Edun as Lancelot du Lac, Eva Green as Morgan le Fay

guest stars include : Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as King Arthur, Ruth Negga as Queen Guinevere, Gwendoline Christie as Percival, Tom Felton as Mordred, Morgan Freeman as Merlin/Ambrose Geoffrey, Beverly Elliot as Widow Lucas/Helen Connor

[ previously on once upon a time ]

Ranking OUAT’s Villain Redemptions

10. Mr. Gold / Rumpelstiltskin - What redemption!?  Rumple was an out-and-out villain in S1, and he didn’t truly change at all in S2 no matter how often he publicly restrained himself to appease Belle.  S3 was the only time he made an honest effort at redemption, but it was fraught with failures, temptation, doubt and relapses into asshole behavior.  The only thing that made it succeed was that it occurred in a very specific set of ideal circumstances…and that Rumple died at the end of it all.  After being resurrected and losing his son, Rumple quickly regressed into the villainy he’s comfortable with, becoming the Big Bad of S4.  In S5, we had that brief “hero Gold” arc that was not only morally insulting and nonsensical, but also pointless since he ends up choosing to become the Dark One again by the end of it…the Darkest Dark One, in fact, who is thoroughly unpleasant up until the very end of S6, where - after being faced with the consequences of his own evil actions, consequences that include the potential destruction of the entire multiverse - he does the right thing once, which leads to Belle taking him back, allowing him to help raise their son, and him getting accepted at the big family dinner by all of his victims. What the actual fuck!?  That’s not a redemption - Rumple hasn’t repented of his evil ways, he hasn’t given up his dark powers, he hasn’t sacrificed one damn thing, and he only did something good after his own evildoing backfired on him. He is literally responsible for the crisis he helped resolve.  And yet he gets rewarded with his own “happy beginning” with his abused wife and helpless infant son?  Fuck off, A&E.

9. Regina Mills / The Evil Queen - I technically consider Regina to have the worst redemption on the show since I refuse to accept Rumple as even having a redemption. Regina’s first attempt at redemption happened quickly into S2, some may argue too quickly. While it seemed to be going well at first, it soon became apparent that she was only doing it in order to regain custody over Henry rather than out of any true remorse or desire to change. The moment something goes wrong for her, she turns evil again, and ends up being even more heinous a bitch than she was before.  If the show had been operating under any logic, Regina should have been considered irredeemable at this point.  But instead, she is given another chance, and for most of S3 she does a surprisingly good job…until the last five episodes, where her redemption is suddenly fasts-forwarded so that she receives all the rewards she has not yet done anything to deserve: a new boyfriend, easy reconciliation with Snow and with Henry, a True Love’s Kiss with Henry that breaks the Dark Curse, light magic out of nowhere that defeats her previously more powerful sister, and the complete trust and forgiveness of the entire town despite her past victimization of them. But then one thing goes wrong for her, and while she resists falling back into full-on villainy, she still returns to being a whiny, spiteful, self-pitying woman-child who is always looking for the easy way to get what she wants and occasionally does do evil things to achieve this, yet is paradoxically treated by the rest of the cast as a messianic saint, someone who has come so far and worked so hard and deserves her happy ending, with the narrative frequently giving her all of the big hero moments at Emma’s expense.  In fact, much of her development comes at Emma’s expense, since A&E clearly see her as the true star of the show.  And that show just isn’t any fun to me.

8. Cora Mills / The Queen of Hearts - This one is just bizarre. Cora was a villain of the highest order all the way up to her death, where she had a dying epiphany as to where she went wrong in regards to her daughter.  But for some reason, her death is treated as such a tragedy and as such a source of guilt for Snow (not how she killed Cora, no, just that she killed Cora at all) that one would think Cora redeemed herself before her death, which just isn’t so.  Things got iffier when Cora showed up in the Underworld during 5B, and after doing one good deed in reconciling with her daughters and getting them to reconcile with each other, she is allowed to go to Heaven.  While I personally find this acceptable since Cora actually did repent of her villainy and fully acknowledge that she would deserve to go to Hell if that was her fate, I can see why many would be bugged about one of the most evil villains in the show’s history being shown going to Heaven while other characters higher above her on the moral scale - Milah, Gaston, Auntie Em, and even Prince James in the same episode - are condemned to the River of Lost Souls.  When put into that context, it seems less like a good lesson on divine mercy and more a case of creator favoritism toward the character. Cora probably should have just remained in the Underworld to continue her redemption.

7. Maleficent & Ursula - Two thirds of the Queens of Darkness (the other one, Cruella, was an irredeemable sociopath in life and in death), both of them have things that work about their redemption and things that don’t work.  For Ursula, her redemption comes when, after Hook brings her father Poseidon to town who restores her singing voice, she realizes that her true happy ending wasn’t recovering that but reconciling with her father, who is now repentant of his past patriarchal abuse of her.  This is all well and good, but Ursula really didn’t do all that much evil for the redemption to be powerful.  She always came off as lost and confused and hanging out with the wrong crowd, not truly villainous.  And then there’s Maleficent, who has the opposite problem.  Her happy ending is also reuniting with a family member, her long-lost daughter Lily.  It’s sweet and touching, but it also glosses over all of Maleficent’s established villainy.  Maleficent cursed people, burned people alive, destroyed a village, was deemed as having the greatest potential for darkness by a Chernabog, but none of it matters in the end. Even her sworn vendetta against Snow and Charming (whom were made to look like villains and Maleficent their victim) is abruptly dropped and she’s suddenly getting along with them. It’s pretty much Regina’s bullshit redemption but on a mercifully smaller scale.  Since Maleficent did not actually repent of her evildoing, the show should have treated her character accordingly - as still a villain and a potential threat, but also a loving mother.  At the end, she’d be the gray-shading which is complimented by Ursula’s white and Cruella’s black. 

6. Tinkerbell - Aside from the villain-to-hero journeys of Regina, Rumple and Hook in 3A, we also got Tinkerbell, who was an ex-fairy turned trusted partner of Peter Pan.  The Nevengers persuade her to help them, but only if there’s something in it for her (namely, leaving Neverland and being able to confront the Blue Fairy about getting her wings back).  In the end, inspired by Regina and Hook’s progress, Tink learns to believe in herself and earns her fairy status back.  It’s a nice little arc, but it’s missing one crucial detail - the nature of her villainy.  We never see her and Pan interact, we never learn exactly what kind of work she did for him to make him trust her so much.  We see that she’s a scavenger who is prone to violence, but that’s it.  Wendy, Pan’s longtime prisoner, is friends with her, so she couldn’t have been all that bad.  This lack of clarity undermines what is otherwise a good redemption.

5. Zelena Mills / The Wicked Witch -  For the most part, Zelena’s redemption in S5 and S6 really works.  She was never as bad as Regina, so already her changing is more believable. When she realizes that her wicked lifestyle is actually harmful to her baby daughter, she allows Regina and Robin to take her in order to keep her safe.  She doesn’t join Hades despite him professing his love for her until she thinks she can use her own love for him to redeem him.  And when it becomes apparent that it won’t and never will, Zelena kills him in order to protect her sister and everyone else in Storybrooke.  When Regina is an ungrateful bitch and blames her for Robin’s death, Zelena is ostracized from everyone else.  But even when the Evil Queen comes along and tempts her to return to her wicked roots, Zelena keeps firmly out of the conflict, preferring to remain a neutral party for her baby’s sake until her hand is forced and she joins the side of good despite it not really getting her anything and no hero save for Belle caring much for her.  This commitment to doing the right thing comes to a head when she actually sacrifices her magic, the thing she’d defined herself by for so long, to help stop the Black Fairy, a sacrifice Regina should have made long ago but never did. After this, the other heroes fully embrace her as one of their own.  It’s a great redemption, but there is one snag - Robin, both the man and the baby named after him.  The baby Zelena conceived through deceiving Robin into thinking she was Marian.  By - let’s not mince words here - raping him.  It’s not quite as bad as Regina with Graham, especially since Zelena didn’t kill Robin and Robin was willing to give her a second chance of his own volition prior to his death, but it’s still rape all the same, and to have the rape victim die while the rapist keeps the baby is extremely squicky, no matter how surprisingly good a mother Zelena may be. This one aspect casts a shadow over Zelena’s redemption and it never should have happened. 

4. King Arthur - Arthur was a villain in 5A, a corrupt monarch obsessed with fulfilling his destiny and ruling over Camelot at all costs.  While despicable, Arthur was also somewhat sympathetic too, as he became more evidently pathetic as the arc went on and Merlin really did screw him up by filling his head with visions of a future he felt the need to achieve.  In the climax of 5B, Arthur escapes prison only to be promptly murdered by Hades.  Down in the Underworld, Hook confronts Arthur with the truth: he was a terrible king and will probably go to Hell if he doesn’t do something to atone.  Note that at first this is the reason why Arthur helps Hook in his quest for the book: he just wants to avoid the consequences of his villainy.  But as the episode goes on, a clear change in Arthur can be seen as he sees the depth of Hook’s feelings for Emma, his bravery and his nobility…in this lowly pirate, Arthur sees the man he had wanted to be and failed to become, making him feel true remorse.  Arthur then becomes invested in the quest to the point where he is willing to sacrifice himself to the River of Lost Souls so that Hook can get to the book.  And at the end, when a doorway to Heaven is open and Arthur has the chance to go through it, which was the whole reason he joined Hook on this quest at the start, he declines and opts to stay in the Underworld, to rule it as a benevolent king and make it a better place, which a short on the S5 DVD shows that he did indeed do.  In just one episode, Arthur had one of the best redemptions on the show, from a selfish cad to a noble hero.  While like Zelena, he also has a rape-like situation with Guinevere that remains untouched upon (he used magic dust on her to keep her from leaving him and turn her into his compliant wife), there was no confirmation of actual rape and even some proof against it (he was too consumed by his obsession with Exaclibur to do anything romantic for Guinevere, let alone sexual), so it’s not quite as harmful to his redemption.

3. Ingrid / The Snow Queen - Ingrid is an even better example of a great redemption being accomplished in just one episode.  Despite being terrifying, prejudiced and insane, Ingrid was also one of the most tragic and sympathetic villains to ever be on the show, with an absolutely heartbreaking backstory and her sole motivation being to have a family who loves her.  She cast the Shattered Sight spell in order to make everyone in Storybrooke kill each other save for Emma and Elsa, who would become her new sisters, but when Anna shows her a letter from her sister Gerta expressing remorse for imprisoning her and confirming that she still loved her, Ingrid realizes the error of her ways.  In one of the best redemptive villain lines in the series, she says “I am a monster. Not because of my powers, but because of what I let them turn me into!”  She then reverses the spell at the cost of her own life, telling Emma, Elsa and Anna that they are all amazing people and that she is proud of them, then saying that her happy ending will be to join her sisters in death.  The whole scene is acted and scored beautifully, and I can’t help but cry anytime I see it.  By acknowledging what she did wrong and accepting responsibility for it, Ingrid is one of the show’s best redeemed villains.

2. Anastasia / The Red Queen - One of the two main villains of Once Upon in Wonderland, Anastasia quickly began to look more appealing, sympathetic and redeemable in contrast to the monstrous villainy of Jafar.  Her main crimes, apart from aiding him, were giving up love for power and being a neglectful ruler to her people…and she was helping Jafar in the hopes of getting to change the past so that she never did any of that.  When this failed and it became clear that she wasn’t going to be able to take the easy way out, Anastasia gave up on her aspirations and finally took full responsibility for being a terrible queen, vowing to make it up to the people of Wonderland by fighting to save them from Jafar, a fight that she stuck through even when it got her tortured by the Jabberwocky and then murdered by Jafar. In the end, her redemption earned her life, being revived by the water from the Well of Wonders, and won her back the love of Will Scarlet.  Years later, she is still ruling Wonderland but now as the White Queen, who actively works to bring love, hope and joy to her people. Anastasia’s redemption is everything that Regina’s is not, with her being fully self-aware of her villainy, truly remorseful of her actions once she starts her redemption, and with purely altruistic motives - doing the right thing just because it’s the right thing and she wants to help make amends for her past mistakes.  Add in Emma Rigby’s performance and it’s nigh-perfect.

1. Killian Jones / Captain Hook - Hook’s redemption starts at the very end of S2, inspired by his regrets for failing Baelfire long ago and not wanting to do the same with his son Henry, putting aside his desire for revenge in favor of doing the right thing.  He had everything to gain by not making this decision, but he does so anyway.  Throughout 3A, he does an admirable job helping the heroes through Neverland and returning to being the honorable man he was long ago, although his motives aren’t entirely pure as he hopes to woo Emma. When he is separated from Emma and gives up hope of reuniting with her, he tries to go back to his villainous pirate ways, but is overcome with remorse after doing so, realizing that his time with Emma changed him to the point where it’s not just for her that he wants to reform for, but for himself too.  When he learns that Emma’s family is in danger and that he must find her and get her to go help them, he trades the Jolly Roger - and his home, crew, livelihood and reputation along with it - in order to do so.  He continues to do good not to “get into Emma’s pants” but to ensure her happiness regardless of whether she ever returns his feelings, and to be the hero he now sincerely wants to be. His redemption comes to a climax in S5, where he becomes evil again after Emma forces the Darkness upon him to save his life, and is once again put into a position where he’d gain everything he wants by following through on his villainy, but remembering that this is not the man he wants to be, he once again does the heroic thing instead, at the cost of his own life.  In the Underworld, Hook learns the value of self-forgiveness and accepts the possibility of a second chance at life, but when it looks like this is impossible, he promises Emma to move on to Heaven when she asks him too.  Unable to do so until his unfinished business of helping Emma defeat Hades is resolved, Hook has a heroic quest alongside Arthur where he proves just how far he’s come, and when he goes into the light to fulfill his pledge to Emma at the end of it, he is instead resurrected by Zeus, deeming him a True Hero worthy of being reunited with his True Love.  

Hook’s redemption is superb not just because of the events that transpire and his growth throughout it, but because of his overall attitude toward the whole thing.  He knows full well that he was a villain, is remorseful for every crime he committed and takes full responsibility for them, and whenever the chance to make things right with someone he wronged comes up, he takes it.  It takes a long time for him to fully get past his self-loathing for his past sins, as he doesn’t feel entitled to happiness just because he’s changed and is doing heroic deeds now, as opposed to Regina, Rumple and initially Zelena who all believed themselves entitled to a happy ending, their crimes and victims be damned.  And lastly, also unlike them, every privilege that Hook has by the end of the series he has earned through his own hard work at redeeming himself.  He has no leftovers from anything he gained as a result of his villainy, even the rings on his fingers have changed from ones that belonged to dead victims to new ones he presumably fairly bought.  His new wife and family, his friendships with others, his house, his ship, his job as deputy sheriff, his very life…all thanks to his heroism and the good karma it rewarded him with.  All of this is why Hook’s redemption is truly the series’ finest.


70th Anniversary of VE Day, 8th May 1945.

The future Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret were allowed out in to the streets of London for the first time, to experience the joyous occasion first hand.

The two princesses and their royal party, including the King’s enquiry Peter Townsend, charged with protecting the girls, left Buckingham Palace to join the celebrations. They mingled anonymously with the chanting crowd outside the palace gates and then continued along The Mall.

“It was like a wonderful escape really for the girls, I don’t think they’d ever been out amongst thick crowds and walked with a million other people. It was just freedom - to be an ordinary person.” - Margaret Rhodes, the Queen’s cousin.

Having danced along The Mall, the group of about sixteen people arrived at Horse Guards Parade. 

“I remember lines of unknown people linking arms and walking down Whitehall, all of us just swept along on a tide of happiness and relief.” - Queen Elizabeth II (x)

Determined to join in with the fun, the royal group also played pranks on unsuspecting members of the public, as the Queen recalled the moment a Dutch sailor had his hat exchanged with another and was forced to follow the group in order to get it back.

An hour and a half after leaving the palace, Elizabeth and Margaret arrived in Trafalgar Square, which was “jammed from end to end” as Margaret Rhodes recalls.

“Everybody was laughing and shouting and crying, and kissing policemen and kissing other people. Generally mayhem, but a rather nice mayhem.“

As one of the most crowded areas in London on VE night, King George VI was naturally apprehensive at the thought of his beloved daughters being caught up in this rowdy area. For the princesses, however, it was unavoidable.

The Queen and her friends entered the Ritz and started a conga line in the lobby, singing and dancing through the hotel. They passed guests who were oblivious to the fact that the young princesses - and their future Queen - were amongst the party.

“I don’t think they realised who was amongst the party, I think they just thought we were a lot of rather drunk young mad people. All I can really remember is sort of old ladies looking faintly shocked.” - Margaret Rhodes.

The royal group made their way back to Buckingham Palace as midnight approached, having partied on the streets of London for over two hours. Their route from Piccadilly took them through Green Park, another notorious area of London. Well known for its nocturnal activities during the war, as the group passed through the park, they caught sight of couples kissing and hugging… and even fornicating!

 “There were places like Green Park and St. James’ which one would never have walked through at night in the war, and there we were.” - Jean Woodroffe, Former Lady-in-Waiting.

Having been out for three hours, the two princesses and their entourage had completed a five mile trip around London on VE night and arrived back outside the gates of Buckingham Palace. Joining the roaring crowd once more and making their way to the front, the group began chanting for the King and Queen along with the sea of people. As an insider, anonymous amongst the crowds, Queen Elizabeth II later recounted how she had pulled some strings to give the people want they wanted.

“We were successful in seeing my parents on the balcony, having cheated slightly because we sent a message in to the house to say we were waiting outside.” - Queen Elizabeth II (x)

A once in a lifetime opportunity for the Queen to mingle freely with her future subjects had now come to an end.

“I think it was one of the most memorable nights of my life.“

(The Queen’s Big Night Out, Channel 4)