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bts reaction: you fall asleep on their crotch

request -  BTS reaction to Her Nuzzling Her Face into Their Crotch While Asleep

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kim seokjin - is the one to try to shake you awake, lowkey panicking and going like  (((><))), but you’d only mutter something and furrow your eyebrows, having him roll his eyes and giving in, going back to running a hand through your hair

jagiya! are you serious!

min yoongi - doesn’t notice until he feels pressure pressing onto his crotch and goes like  (•ิ_•ิ)? since he didn’t see you when he turned around. he looked down when he heard you say something in your sleep, going like  ┐(‘~`;)┌ since it didn’t hurt him and continued working on a new song

*laughs* ‘of course’

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jung hoseok - the one to go ‘oop!’ like when jungkook smacked his a$$ when he felt you tuck your head into his lap and nuzzle into his crotch. he lowkey froze and went like  (╥﹏╥) since he knew he wouldn’t be able to move for a good 20 minutes, but couldn’t help but laugh since you were literally on his dick

jagi, i cant move T.T’

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kim namjoon - smirks to himself like the lil shit he is, goes like  (//▽//) since he can’t believe what’s happening. probably mutters ‘babygirl, get up’  but you highkey go like  ┐( ˘_˘ )┌ and continue sleeping like it’s nothing while he just chuckles and goes back to working yo can i just say i love namjoon

‘ya, jagi’ *chuckles* ‘you’re something else’

park jimin - blushes so hard that he literally looks like a tomato, going like  (つω`*) and not knowing what to do at all. tries to get up, but his heart can’t help but melt while he hears you mutter his name, his heart going like  (ノ*°▽°*)

‘aish, what am i going to do with you?’

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kim taehyung - gasps so loud that he wakes you up, his reaction being  σ(≧ε≦σ) and highkey thinking it’s so funny, but his heart melts once he sees just how tired and sleepy you are, letting you sleep even if it’s in his crotch omg im laughing

‘YAAAA !! YOU DID NOT !!  (//ω//) ‘

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jeon jungkook - literally is like tt and becomes  ( : ౦ ‸ ౦ : ). only gets worse when you nuzzle into his crotch and make yourself comfortable LMAO, absolutely freezing in his spot and going like  (⊙_⊙)  ლ(¯ロ¯"ლ)  (//▽//) at the same time

‘errrm .. uhhhh .. jagiya ..’


        Mother and Father. They would have laughed. To see me all dressed up. The Bat-Man. They would’ve laughed and laughed. My father was classically dignified, my mother was classically kind. They were not people who laughed often. The world was a burden to them. A burden they bore with dignity and kindness. But once in a while. If they saw something–something particularly ridiculous…
        When I remember them, I remember them laughing. And they should laugh. Good and hard. Everyone should. It’s funny. The whole world should laugh. Do you think I don’t know? A grown man. Dressed as an animal. Sitting on a gargoyle. Waiting for crime to come. And when it comes, he’s just going to punch crime in the face. And if that grown man just punches crime hard enough, then that’ll just make everything all right. It’s funny. And what makes it funnier, what would make the whole place screaming, is that it’s not really a grown man. That’s just the mask under the mask. No. Way up there. Looking over us. Trying to save us. That’s that kid. That’s that little rich kid whose mommy and daddy got shot. And instead of mourning them properly, he got on his knees and made a vow. “I swear by the spirits of my parents to avenge their death by spending the rest of my life warring on all criminals.”
        A kid and a vow. The ears and the belt and the batarangs and the Batmobile and the gargoyle and the roof and the leather and the armor. How sad. How stupid. How immature. How hilarious. How hilarious all of it is. I want to laugh, too. Do you know how much I want to laugh?

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Did you see the icky stuff people on simsecret were saying about you? :^( I'm really sorry that you have to deal with mean stuff being said about you like that. People will always find something to complain about, I guess. Either way, I hope you have a lot of fun on your trip! Taking a break every once and a while is good, and I hope you come back rejuvenated! 💕

Yeah I saw it. This community can be so toxic. I just think it’s funny that people can be so angry over something so little. How dare I recommend the custom skin I used in my save to people downloading it to make sure all of my Sims look the same in their game?!

Ti Dom Problems - INTP
  • INTP: *leading something that feels like a particularly pleasant conversation*
  • ENFJ1: You're really insatiable today, huh?
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ... what do you mean?
  • ENFJ1: You just ...you have these days when you're like a bird with a metal beak and you just peck and chop and pick everything apart that people say.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...until it's down to its simplest parts and makes sense?
  • ENFJ1: ...until it's down to its simplest parts and makes sense.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...oh.
  • ***
  • INTP: *leading something that feels like a particularly pleasant conversation*
  • INFJ: ...wow.
  • INTP: ...huh?
  • INFJ: ...you have these moments when you dig deeper and deeper and completely forget all the rules of a normal human conversation.
  • INTP: Oh, I'm sorry - I was just really into it and -
  • INFJ: No, it's fine. I WANT you to understand. It's just so ...unusual.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...funny that you say that. ENFJ said something really similar a while ago. Like, how I keep chopping things apart.
  • INFJ: ...
  • INFJ: ...
  • INFJ: ...yeah, at this point it's not really a conversation anymore. It's an interrogation.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...oh.
Thor, Loki, Steve drabble

Request:  So, I volunteer with a bunch of kids and whenever I walk in they get super excited and yell Ms. (Name)! And they swarm me. So, how would Loki, Thor, and Captain America act if they followed their s/o to a daycare or classroom and saw this? -Anon


“I’ll just be quick okay? You don’t have to come in if you don’t want to” you said to Steve as you walked towards the classroom door whilst Steve followed awkwardly behind.

“It’s okay, I like to see where you work” he says with a smile and you turn to face him, stopping at the door.

“Sorry, I know it’s not as interesting as yours” you said with a small smile. Steve smiled at you and placed his hands on your shoulders.

“Oh come on, that’s not true. You really think Tony would be able to handle all these kids on his own?” he asked and you giggled before you opened the door and all the kids turned to face you, grins on their small faces. They all ran up to you and started talking and asking if they could play games with you before one of the girls pointed towards Steve.

“Who’s that?” she asked and you laughed at her.

“That’s Steve” you said, and Steve awkwardly smiled and waved at the kids which made you laugh.

“Is he your boyfriend?” she asked with a giggle. You smiled at her and nodded which made Steve laugh. All the kids started asking questions and Steve stood to the side simply watching you and couldn’t help but wonder, if this was what a normal life with you would be like.


“You sure you want me to come with you?” Loki asked you, picking at his hands nervously which was a common habit of his.

“I won’t be long, I’m sure they’ll love you” you say and Loki rolled his eyes as you walked closer to the door.

“Yeah, because I look like a bundle of joy don’t I?” he said sarcastically under his breathe, not intending for you to hear. You stepped away from the door and walked towards Loki, holding his hand and smiling.

“Yes, exactly” you said, kissing his on the cheek and walking towards the door while Loki just smiled at you.

You walked  into the class and all the kids looked towards you and broke into massive amounts of cheering and smiles,

“Miss L/n!” they all called out as they ran over to you and all spoke at once, swarming you with glee. You tried to talk to everyone at once and broke out in fits of giggles when they said something funny. Loki just stared at you and smiled. He couldn’t help but think, how on earth did someone like him deserve someone as innocent as you?


“Sorry hon, I just need to go in and pick up a few things and maybe talk to the kids for a bit” you said, walking towards your usual classroom with Thor following patiently behind you. He was always so patient and kind when it came to you and your job. He knew how much those kids meant to you and was finally glad to see these kids who bought so much of your affection.

“I don’t mind Y/n, I know these children mean a lot to you” he said, smiling at you warmly. You smiled back at him and the both of you reached the door and opened it, revealing all of the kids in the classroom who all looked up at the door as soon as it opened. Big grins appeared on their faces as soon as they saw you and they all started to giggle and swarmed you with glee.

“Miss L/n! Are you teaching us today?” one of the small boys asked you and you sadly smiled back.

“Sorry kids, I’m just staying for a little bit and then I have to go” you said. All the kids yelled ‘Awwww’ in sad unison and you felt really bad.

“Hey don’t worry guys, I’m going to be here all next week though” you said, and all the kids gleefully bounced up and down.

Thor smiled at all these children who loved you so dearly, and loved how much you cared for them. He awkwardly hovered by the door before you noticed him and laughed at the height comparison between him and the kids.

“You can sit over there if you want. I’ll try to be as quick as possible” you said, gesturing towards the corner of the room with one of the little girls deciding to sit on your lap and play with your necklace which made Thor laugh.

“It’s alright darling, I don’t mind” he says, standing in the corner of the room, noticing how gentle you were with these children. Your job might not have been one of a warriors, but he thought it was much more important than that. Your gentle nature was one of the reasons why he fell in love with you.

–Time skip–

You had finished playing with the kids and finally decided that you should make sure that Thor wasn’t too bored as you walked over to the corner of the room and smiled at the scene in front of you. Thor was sitting in the corner of the room, telling stories of Asgard to a set of shy brothers, one boy with jet black hair and another with light blonde hair.

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I saw this headcannon and was really hoping you'd write a fic? simon gets hit with a curse that makes everyone fall in love with him except for jace, simon thinks its because jace’s disregard for him is so strong not even MAGIC can effect it but really its because jace’s regular life involves him keeping his feelings for simon under control so this is just another day for him.

based off of @neonlightwood‘s hc!! thank you anon for taking my waffling desire to write one of those ideas and pretty much motivating me to DO IT

love by any other name || jace/simon, 4k+, love spell au || read on ao3

“I see Jace wasn’t hit.” Magnus says, his tone light even as he waves a hand and freezes Clary in mid-lunge towards Simon. He waves a hand over Alec and Izzy and they become similarly frozen; Simon nearly cries in relief.

“Yeah, no.” Jace says, curiously moving to poke at Alec’s outstretched, still hand, and then pouting as Simon slaps his hand away. “It hit me too, but since I - “ He freezes mid-pout, his eyes going comically wide, and then he turns away, facing Magnus and running a hand through his hair. “I just wasn’t affected.” He finishes, his voice curiously blank.

What? How could Jace not have been affected if he was directly hit by it? It’s a love spell, it should automatically make everyone fall in love with Simon, unless -

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Movie Night

genre: fluff/little bit of smut

summary: a movie night with jaehyun is that and more

a/n: I’m pretty sure this is my first time writing for nct, so hopefully it’s a good first scenario for them…I also haven’t done a request like this before and I haven’t done smut in awhile, so bear with me lol

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“Jaehyun just pick a movie already!”

You called from beneath the covers to your boyfriend who had been in the next room looking for a movie for the last fifteen minutes. He always did this. Taking forever to pick a movie, and then by the time you two start watching it, you’re asleep within the first hour.

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How you  Interact: Them visiting you at Work.

So this is a Mark, Ethan, Jack and Tyler fic where I write what I think they’d do if they were walking past/ came to your work-place. 

I had a friend today visit me at work and it was ridiculous. He was dragged out by security because he was being an ass-hat and not allowing me to work. 
Anyway, enjoy! 


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I feel like Jack wouldn’t be very disruptive if he visited you. But he’d try making your day a little brighter by just popping by and saying hello. 

He’d wear a silly outfit, or have some sort of ridiculous hat on just to make you smile.

But on the other hand, if he was in a silly mood, I think he’d try and distract you while being outside the premises. 

Which would include random dancing and making funny faces at you through the window. 

Once, he ran to your workplace just to show you something he bought from a dollar shop. He was so excited that you couldn’t be mad at him for barging in. 

“(Y/N) look, look! Isn’t it cool!” 
“How far did you run to show me this?” 
Physically sweating and slightly out of breath, “Not very far”

If you in an office he’d defiantly call your workplace and ask to speak with you. At first being professional about it, dragging out the joke until he lets something slip. 

As soon as you realise who it is though, you’d hang up and sigh. But it would bring a little smile to your face. 

Jack would also bring you lunch/dinner/breakfast, depending on what time you started work and/or what time he visited you. 

He’s always friendly with your workmates, and they always wave and point you out for him. Jack doesn’t stay long, because he doesn’t want to drag you away from work to often for too long. But they’ll be occasions when you’ll sneak out with him for an hour. 

No one will notice. 

Your boss is polite with Jack.  But sometimes asks him to leave so you can get back to work. Which Jack apologizes and leaves right away. He doesn’t want you to get in trouble because of him. 

If you forgot something he’d bring it to you. If you walk home or catch a bus, he’d go to your workplace on rainy days and bring you an umbrella. The of you would huddle underneath it, hurrying home as quick as possible. 

You look forward to his visits at work. He lights up the place and makes the rest of your day a little easier. 

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He’s a little shy going into your workplace.

He doesn’t want to intrude or cause a scene.

But like Jack, he’ll bring you little gifts or food to brighten up your day. 

Since you complain a lot about work, we wants to make the days easier for you. 

On your breaks he’ll sit in the lunch-room with you and just talk. It’s nice, and on occasion he’ll bring your favorite treat.

He’ll encourage you throughout the day. Texting you every so often a joke or reminding you that there’s only a few more hours to go till you get home. 

He also leaves little funny voice-mails on your phone. Going from asking you if you needed something at the shops, to loud, tuneless duets with Mark.

You share them with your friend at work. Who laughs and gossips with you about them.

If he passes by your window at work, he’ll wave and smile. Again, he doesn’t want to embarrass you or make a fuss. So he’ll do his thing and leave quickly. 

He’s usually pretty busy himself with all the stuff with his channel and possibly helping Mark with his. So, the two of you understand that it’s exhausting. And at the end of the day he’ll give you a hug and you’ll just lounge around the house. 

On really bad days, he’ll come into the workplace and take you out for your break. 

Whether it be just a walk down the street or a quick bite at a bakery. He doesn’t want you to feel too stressed about whatever is making your day worse. 

Your boss thinks Ethan is a little sweet-heart and adores him greatly. They have little chats, usual small talk about the weather and how they’re fairing. It’s nice to know you don’t have to worry about your boss throwing him out. 

Ethan is an elusive creature at your workplace. He’ll turn up, chat for a bit and walk out. You enjoy his little visits. 

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He’s a little sweetheart. 

Mark makes sure you brought food to work and if you didn’t, don’t be surprised if you find him carrying a plastic bag full of home-made delicious choices to your desk. 

Sometimes you purposely forget your lunch because you want some of his chicken dumplings. 

But when Mark does visit you, expect him to take a while to get to you. 

He talks to everyone! He knows everyone by name. Your boss will literally stop what they’re doing to say hello to Mark. 
You don’t really mind, but the smell of that food makes you really hungry. 

Other times, Mark will just duck in and give you a kiss on the cheek and leave without saying a word. 

Once you didn’t even realise he was there. You were working hard, your mind elsewhere, and suddenly there was a pair of lips on your cheek. Before you had even spun around, Mark was halfway across the building and running out the door. 

It became a little game and your boss keeps score of how many times Mark can sneak up on you. 

Mark is winning by two points. 

He got bonus points for tying a balloon to your belt without you noticing. It was rather surprising when you turned and found an inflated rubber ball floating behind you.

Like Jack, Mark doesn’t want to disturb you too much during work. So, his visits are quick but heartfelt. 

However, everything went out the window when he brought Chica to work. 

She ran straight to you but everyone wanted to pat her. You hid Chica under your desk when your Boss strolled over. 

But they were just as taken by the Lab as everyone else.

Also, if Mark catches your eye walking past a window he just happens to be besides, Mark will blow you a kiss and make weird faces at you. 

You just shake your head and walk away. He pouts at you till you give him a smile. 

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Like Ethan, Tyler is an elusive creature at your workplace. His visits are rare but he makes the most out of them. 

He’ll bring you a flower and place it somewhere so you can see it while working. 

Little treats are a must. He brings chocolate or pastry’s. Things that are sweet so you can keep your spirits up. 

He got into the Boss’ good books by bringing a box of goodies from the nearby bakery for everyone to share. 

Tyler is now allowed to waltz into the building whenever he likes. You called him a suck-up and he replied with a wink.

He’ll pick you up from work and drop you off, depending if you have a car or not. Sometimes he’ll do it just so he can see you smile before work, and make up for a bad day on the way home. 

If he spots you through a window he’ll wave and smile. Not wanting to distract you. 

Sometimes he’ll sit at you desk/workplace and just chat. Breaks are always nice when Tyler is there. He’ll chat with everyone in the lunch-room, not wanting to be rude and ignore everyone. 

If you’re working late, Tyler will bring you a coffee and dinner. He doesn’t mind dropping by at night because he wants to make sure everything is ok. 

On stressful days, he’ll drive you to a park after work and the two of you will just lounge on the grass. 


Heart pounding, head throbbing and skin sheeted in a thin layer of sweat as I bounced up and down. He lay in the same state as me, only with less of a relaxed expression and more of a tensed one. Instantly, without having to think I knew it was because of my rank. Who I was.

Y/N fucking L/N. Americans most wanted female.

Continuing my thrusts in an upbeat pase, I almost screamed in rage once feeling his hands snake up my thighs to grip my waist. He knew well who was in charge. And I didn’t like getting being touched, not even while I was having sex.

Only he could touch me. No one compared to him.

And this guy was not him.

With a snarl on my lips, I allowed my head to roll down to face the boy underneath me, showing I was not happy with his choice of where to position his hands.

The boy instantly retreated his hands back down to the white sheets, where his fists curled around the fabric instead.

“Fuck, I’m close.” He growled, voice strained and raspy.

“Me too.” It came out almost as a whisper. My pase fastened at the feeling of my high approaching but I’ll admit, it did take a little longer then I hoped for it to finally approach and take a hold of me.

After a few more sloppy thrusts, I finally threw myself onto the bed beside me, the boy underneath me making no effort to move.

“That…was amazing.” He sighed breathlessly. My face twisted slightly at the words. Was it really that good? Definetly didn’t feel like it.

“Yeaahh-noo not really.” I dragged out. But the boy seemed Unphased by my words.

suddenly turning towards me, a hand snaking around my waist as he nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck, an awkward feeling placed itself over my shoulders at the non existent attempt this boy was making at leaving.

I really didn’t think this guy was one to fuck and stay. I honestly thought that after a good fuck, he would leave. Which both he did none of.

My eyes wide in shock, body stiff as a rock, it was only a few seconds that had passed before I cleared my throat and shrugged his arm off my waist.

“Yeah I’m not one for one night stands. Think of this more as a booty call.” I explained, scooting my way off the bed.

“Wait, you want me to leave?” He asked in disbelief.

“Precisely!” I smiled.

After running around the room, picking up the few discarded clothing items which he had been wearing at the club we met in earlier, a look of shock hit his face as I aggressively threw his clothes over to him, showing no interest in the boy after a rather intimate 20 minutes.

He didn’t move. Staring at the clothing in his lap with a blank, almost saddened expression, but no sympathy was evident on mine. As I stood watching the boy which I had not learnt the name of, an agitated sigh escaped my lips at his attempt of leaving. Finally becoming fed up with his clinginess.

“Can you hurry up and get the fuck out?!” I spat.

The boys eyes shot up to mine in shock, quickly scurrying off the sheets to slide his alcohol stenched clothing back on.

With a roll of my eyes, I watched as he pathetically stumbled around the room in attempt to ready himself in a short amount of time before finally beginning to make his way towards my bedroom door.

A smile fell upon my face at the realization that he was finally leaving, and decided that it was probably best if I lead him out the house myself, instead of risking him walking into a confidential room and expose a stash of something illegal.

After throwing my silk, ankle length robe on, I crept out of the room in attempt to not wake anyone up at this hour of the night, it was a reliever to finally make it to the front door.

As I opened the barrier for the boy, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when he turned back around to look my way just seconds before he was outside.

“I had really good time tonight.”

Here we go.

“Really?” I asked sarcastically in a unamused tone while looking doing on my nails.

“I mean, yeah. And I was wondering if you would maybe wanna do something else together?” He smiled.

My eyes wondered to the ceiling in bordom, not giving two shits about what this kid had to say.

“Yeah you see, I would do that but…you kinda sucked, and I’m not really looking for a relationship, especially with some minor from a shitty club.” I fired, eyeing the boy in disapproval.

His face fell, eyes showing defeat before I pushed him the extra few feet back and shut the door with a lock in his face.

“Well aren’t you a delight to speak too.” His voice was smug with a hint of morning rasp to his tone, emitting that he had either just woken up or had just been dosing off.

My body spun around to meet his figure standing lazily at the door frame with an arm resting against it. He looked amazingly sexy standing by the entrance with nothing but the dim hallway light to illuminate his body. But in between the dark shadows and small amount of light, you could just make out his detailed tattoos inked onto his godly body.

Which may I say was almost completely bare.

A pair of grey sweatpants hung low on his hips, exposing not only his signature Calvin Kleins, but also a well defined v-line which sadly dissapeared into the waistband of his clothes.

“What are you doing awake?” I questioned.

“I’m a criminal Y/N. I practically sleep with one eye open, I can wake up to the sound of a pin dropping, and in case you haven’t realized, your a lot louder then a pin.” He sighed, running a hand through his bed head.

“Jealous?” I smirked to which he scowled.

“I’m not jealous of some flat chested fuckboy” Jason growled to which my smirk grew.

“It’s kind of hard to be jealous of yourself Jason.”

“Real mature! I wasn’t jealous.” He spat. “I just wanted to get some sleep but you and your everlasting fuck buddy don’t know what indoor voices are.”

My eyes trailed over his fingers tangled in his hair, licking my lips slightly to gain moisture from the sudden loss. Oh what those fingers could and have done to me. “Yeah well now you know how I feel when you decide to play with your toy.”

Jason chuckled, his eyes closing as he shook his head at the ground. “You always have something to say. Don’t you?”

“Wouldn’t be most wanted female if I didn’t. No one controls me. Never have, never will.” I added

“You see, that’s where I come in.” He stepped forward. “Being americas most wanted male. I was able to control you. That’s what makes me so bad.”

“Shut up, you didn’t control me!” I retorted. “If anything, i controlled you! That’s what makes me so bad.”

“No sweetheart, you must be mistaken. I control - others play along. Not the other way round.”

My heart fluttered at the nickname. Sweetheart. Even if it was sarcastic, I still missed the nicknames he had for me. In fact, I just missed him in general.

“What-the-fuck-ever Jason. I’m not in the mood for you tonight!” I shouted, hands wailing around widely.

“Wow, was the fuck that bad?” He chuckled to which I scowled. “Wouldn’t blame him, you always seemed to pick up bad fucks.” He chuckled but he really just inflicted this one himself.

“Then it’s no wonder I picked up you.”

Jason’s chuckle ceased, eyes burning with a unlit flame. No one ever calls Jason McCann a bad fuck and gets away with it but I couldn’t help and push his buttons today. He wouldn’t dare do anything to me.

Jason’s movements began with a few slow steps before picking up to a fast stride. Hands both fisted at his sides in anger before he was only a mere few inches in front of my face.

With one hand pushing me to the door, the other punching the wall beside me, startling me ever so slightly. His face was so close that with every breath he took, I could see his nose flaring. Eyes burning holes through my own.

“Say it again. I dare you.” He spat lowly.

I knew it was sarcastic and practically printed in ‘no’s! But my mind was telling me to press his buttons a little harder and see how far we could lead him on. Because something in my head knew he wouldn’t hurt me, even if he wanted to.

“Your a bad fuck.” I rephrased slowly.

Shocking me sightly once a literal growl left his throat, my eyes burned in shock and amusement while watching the boy.

“You think your fucking funny. So fucken smart? ‘Jason and I dated, he wouldn’t hurt me’. Well guess again princess. Might wanna rethink that.”

“Okay give me a minute….yeah still the same. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.” I smirked.

“You sure about that?”

“110 percent.”

“Well your wrong.” He spat.

“Oh yeah?” I growled. “Prove it.”

Jason stopped, his eyes softening slightly as he slowly and barely noticeably stepped back.

“C'mon Jason.” I pressed on. “Prove it. Show me that there is nothing between us stopping you. Prove that you still don’t feel anything for me, and hit me!”

He did nothing. “C'mon! Don’t be a pussy. Hit me! If your so baddass.”

Still nothing. That’s when my voice fell a few octaves, my tone matching his features - soft and sad. “Show me that you don’t still love me, the way I still love you, and beat me. Hit me so hard I fall to the floor. Punch my so agrresively I’ll bruise. Just do something because this is killing me! I need you to do something I can hate you for because I feel like shit knowing that what we are now is all my fault.”

Tears began welling in my eyes. Shocking not only me but Jason as well. I don’t cry, but then Again neither does he. Yet he still managed to shed a few tears the day i left. How do we do this to each other? I dont know.

“Please.” I begged, voice weak. “Just make me hate you cause loving you is too much…. Please.”

Jason stood staring for a while before looking down at the floor, eyes turning red and puffy, but not glossy with tears. At least not yet. “I can’t. I can’t because then I’d never be able to forgive myself. Knowing I hurt the person I love.”

My heart fell. Love?

“I thought I hated you after realizing that I did nothing wrong. That you left me believing it was all my fault. I tried moving on with another girl, going on more missions and even trying to force myself to hate you but I didn’t. I couldn’t. It’s like your family. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them you can’t. Cause they will always - not matter what - be family. Just like you always - no matter what - will be the girl I love.”

“Jason.” I sobbed.

“I know.”

Without another thought, I was In his arms, diving into his chest. Not even realizing that a small puddle of tears had formed on my own shoulder as well as Jason’s chest.

“I’m sorry.” I cried.

“Me too baby girl. Me too”


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Summary: Damon has always flirted with the reader, but is he just being himself or is their truth behind his words? After encouragement from both the Winchesters and Stefan the reader acts back. After testing the boundaries the reader makes a mistake…but is her punishment really a punishment? 

Word count: 5605

Author’s note: You KNOW you guys are in for it with both the title and the gif. I had so much fun writing this and it’s inspired about 3924 other ideas. So happy to be back writing, I love you guys!! 

You’d never met anyone like Damon Salvatore before there was just something about him. He always knew exactly what to say to send shivers down your spine or butterflies to form in your stomach. Damon constantly teased you because he knew how much his words affected you. It was almost like he dared you to act on things.

His words constantly replayed in your head always distracting you. You were in the Salvatore’s living room trying to research a possible spell to help Bonnie get her magic back when you kept thinking about Damon. You found yourself rereading the same line over and over again, but the information wouldn’t click.

You were distracted again when you felt hot breath against your neck and then someone whisper, “Thinking about me again?”. Jumping you turned around to see it was no other than Damon. He had a smirk on his face, “I’m dying to know what had you so deep in thought (y/n) I doubt it was that book…”.

Regaining your composure you said, “Never underestimate 1,000 year old grimoires Damon, they’re just riveting”.  He leaned over the top of the couch looking down at you, and there was a special look in his eyes. Damon shrugged, “I guess I’ll just leave you too it then unless..”.

You’d begun to speak before you even knew what you’d say, “Wait I-”. Damon smiled, he loved this hold he’d had over you. You cursed yourself for being putty in his hands, but you were distracted by someone else this time. For a moment you’d forgot Stefan had been researching with you until you heard his voice, “We could use some coffee now that I think of it, right (y/n)”.

Nodding your head you got up from the couch and made your way towards the kitchen, both brothers trailing behind you. You couldn’t shake the feeling of eyes on you and you turned around to Damon staring at you, more specifically your ass. You wanted to say something but you felt yourself begin to melt with his full attention on you.

Conflicted you just turned your head back around and continued toward the kitchen. When you got there Stefan sat down but Damon remained close to you. You reached for your glass on the top shelf, but you height stopped you from grasping it. Even on your tiptoes you were still too short, you cursed Stefan for assuming everyone was as tall as him.

Suddenly you felt someone press against you and an arm reach up further than yours to grab your glass. Before you could guess who it was he whispered in your ear, “Just trying to help you get what you want”. Turning around you saw it was Damon, his body still pressed against yours. Your voice was soft, “What I want?”.

Damon’s tone made it seem like you’d asked a crazy question, “The glass?”. You felt your cheeks begin to redden and you turned back around reaching for the sugar, “Oh yeah thanks”. If you’d turned around to face him you would’ve seen how smug he looked.

You continued making your coffee and made a glass for Stefan as well. Damon hadn’t said if he’d wanted any so you asked, “Damon do you want some coffee?”. Turning around for his response you were met with silence and another questioning look in his eyes. Again he licked his lips before saying, “I want something else to drink”.

It was sentences like that which sent shivers down your spine and filled your head with a thousand dirty thoughts. You couldn’t help but think how it would feel to have Damon’s teeth sink slightly into your skin while his lips also pressed against you, would it been a good type of pain?

You knew that vampires drinking from each other was extremely meaningful but what about a vampire drinking from a human? You were pulled from your thoughts when Stefan said, “(y/n)? You okay?”. What had he been saying before, had it been obvious that what Damon had said made you all tingly inside.

Nodding your head Stefan laughed, “You definitely need a break, that was too much research”. Damon smiled, “Does this mean we’re going to have fun for once?!”. You shook your head but you felt your insides tingle and what Damon’s fun would mean. You were pulled from the conversation when you felt your phone ring, it was Dean.

You picked up, “Dean? What’s up?”. You saw Damon mouth “Dean” to his brother while looking confused. Stefan whispered something in Damon’s ear and whatever it was caused him to roll his eyes. Dean sounded happy, “Guess what princess, Sam explained how you were stuck while researching on how to get your friends powers back and-”.

You cut him off, “You’re coming to Mystic Falls!”. It had been awhile since you’d seen the Winchesters because Mystic Falls had needed you more. The only reason you even knew the Winchesters was because of Alaric, he’d introduced you to two of his old hunting buddies.

Hunting had always interested you, it seemed like the only way to have some control over this unpredictable world. One thing lead to another and for the past year you’d been hunting off and on with them bouncing back from the Bunker to Mystic Falls. Sam and Dean had soon become family to you but you’d kept them separate from your Mystic Falls family, for the most part.

There had been a couple cases where the Winchesters had joined forces with the Salvatores, but something always felt off about it. Stefan and Sam clicked but Damon was almost jealous when it came to Dean. You assumed it was because Damon liked being the alpha male and he must’ve thought Dean threatened that. Regardless, you were excited for the Winchesters to come over.

You heard Dean laugh from the other line, “We’re about an hour or two away, Rick said we could clash at his place and we could all sort this magic thing out together”. You wondered why Rick hadn’t said anything to you but you shook that off. Grinning you said, “Okay, but first we’re going to have some fun tonight before we dedicate ourselves to research”.

Stefan raised an eyebrow at your statement, he didn’t expect you to allow yourself to relax. Dean continued, “Sounds good princess, Sammy will text you when we’re close”. Again you saw Damon mouth something to Stefan questioningly, this time it was “Princess”.

Hanging up the phone you said, “Yes Damon he calls me princess, I don’t know why but I’ve grown to love it”. You didn’t know why but a smirk formed on Damon’s face, he was obviously excited about something you’d said. Ignoring it you focused on Stefan, “Okay all we have to do is call Caroline and then boom she’ll figure out a party”.

Stefan seemed apprehensive, “You sure you’re up for this (y/n) since when do you actually like parties”. Before you could say anything Damon intervned on your behalf, “Let the girl live a little brother, this could be fun”. There was that look in his eyes again that made you both nervous and excited. Stefan smiled, “Okay fine, I’ll call Caroline and see what can be done”.

He dialed her number and left the room to take the call, his coffee in his hand. You finally took a sip of your coffee, happily hoping to perk up. Damon propped his head up with hand, “So you like being called princess?”. Damon wouldn’t let this go huh, it was just a pet name.

You rolled your eyes, “Damon what’s the problem with that, it’s just his name for me”. Damon laughed and you didn’t know why, this couldn’t possibly be funny it was literally just a word. He used his super speed and within a second he was in front of you once again pressing your body against the cabinets.

He placed a stray strand of hair behind your ear while he whispered, “I could think of a thousand dirty little names for you, but something tells me you’d enjoy having one for me…dad-”. Your moment was interrupted when Stefan made his way back into the room and Damon pretended to reach for something behind you.

For a moment or so you were left there trying to not only catch your breath but also stop the ache in your core. Stefan seemed excited, “So Car said that Tyler is down to throw a party at his house later so we’re all set”. Damon clapped his hands together, happy that things were falling into place. He grinned, “Alright I’m going to go freshen up for the night, let the games begin”.

You looked to Stefan and you both laughed at his brother. Taking another sip of you coffee Stefan put his empty glass in the sink behind you. He turned around to face you, “Okay what is happening with you and Damon?”.

You choked on your sip of coffee, how much had Stefan heard. Trying to seem cool you asked, “What do you mean? He just left-”. Stefan tilted his head to the side as if to say, really come on. You explained, “I don’t know Stefan he’s just being his flirty self and since he hasn’t gone out in a while I’m his victim”.

Stefan still wasn’t convinced, “It’s a lot more than just flirting, he exudes jealously at the thought of someone else calling you a simple pet name”. He did have a valid point, but you couldn’t accept that Damon felt something more for you.

Stefan could always read you like a book, “Why does the idea of my brother having feelings for you so hard for you to imagine?”. You didn’t realize but you thought out loud, “Because I’m not Elena”. Damon and Elena were epic loves, everyone knew that and now she wasn’t here. You always told yourself that Damon was just lonely and that’s why he showed interested.

Your words caused Stefan to shake his head, “Seriously (y/n) that’s it? That’s why you convince yourself to hide how you feel!”. You didn’t know how to react, the truth was out now and you couldn’t take it back. Stefan angrily smashed his fist onto the table, and then began to calm down.

He got closer to you, “I’m sorry (y/n) but that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been around for more than 100 years”. You shook your head unsure of what to say. Trying to explain you said, “Stefan, he wants Elena and he only wants me as a distraction”. Stefan sighed, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

It was his turn to explain, “I know my brother (y/n), and what he had with Elena wasn’t what it seemed…he depended on her and that’s not love. Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely thankful for everything she’s done for him but-”. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, you jaw almost dropped.

He continued, “Damon didn’t think he was good without Elena, and then you came into our lives. You helped him see what was truly there, it was like you brought the good out in him but rather you helped him want it for himself”.  Stefan was right, there was a difference there.

Stefan smiled, “Damon’s changed, he loves Elena…but not like how he used too”. You found yourself smiling, you’d always thought you’d really helped Damon and it felt good to hear someone else thought so too. Finally you spoke, “I really care about him Stefan, but how do I know he’s not just playing with my feelings”.

Now Stefan rolled his eyes, “Damon is testing you, I hate him for it but he is. He doesn’t really know how you feel, and he wants you to actually act on things, trust me”. He was scared to lose you, how did you not realize before.

His flirtations had increased but ultimately he never pushed the line. You started to process things, “Fuck…you’re right Stefan”. Stefan shook his head while looking up to the ceiling, almost as if he’d finally gotten the divine intervention he was hoping for. He placed his hands on your cheeks, “Finally (y/n) finally you actually realize the truth”.

You laughed at how excited he was but to be fair you had been in the dark about things for a long time. Stefan added, “Things are about to get interesting…you know Dean has always told me Damon wanted something more but I never believed him either”. When you’d said Dean it was like Stefan changed.

You raised an eyebrow and he explained, “Damon is insanely jealous of Dean I-”. You couldn’t help but laugh, Dean was family to you there were no feelings there. Stefan continued, “I know it’s funny to you but to Damon the guy is real competition”. That was still crazy to you, Dean was flirty by nature but that was it.

Stefan said, “Be careful tonight, jealous Damon-”. You cut him off, “Trust me Stefan, there’s nothing there and I’m not going to push Damon into doing anything, the balls in my court right?”. He nodded his head and you realized you needed to get ready.

Before leaving the room Stefan said one last thing to you, “My brother has a lot of sides to him, and jealously does weird things to him”. To you it seemed like Stefan was over reacting, you reassured him that you weren’t going to take advantage of your sudden realizations.

With that you went to your room, waiting for Damon to be done in the shower. You sat down on your bed checking your phone, Caroline had been blowing it up because of her excitement about tonight. You didn’t even hear the water shut off, or Damon start walking towards your room.

You only noticed when he stood there in only a towel, “The showers free”. Bringing your head up from your phone and finally taking in Damon you couldn’t help but bite your lip. Shirtless Damon was incredible, and you were suddenly very aware of the fact that he was only wearing a towel.

He grinned when he saw you staring, “Why don’t you take a picture (y/n) it will last longer”. Normally you would’ve blushed but you wanted to tease him right back. Getting up from your bed you made your way towards him, and he seemed surprised. You grabbed a towel off your desk chair and before passing him you whispered in his ear, “I’m just thinking of all the water we’re wasting taking individual showers…”.

You didn’t stay around to see his reaction, you knew he’d be a mixture of confused and aroused. Damon stood there his mouth agape, you never flirted back like that before. He walked towards his room, and for once he couldn’t get something you’d said out of his head.

It didn’t take you long to shower, you were too eager to actually start the night, before you knew it you were done. You went into your room and closed the door behind you, preparing to change. For tonight you decided on a simple yet sexy short black dress that also came with a thick black choker. To complete things you decided on black heels as well, they weren’t too tall.

For makeup you decided with a light pink smokey eye with cat eye, and a pink lip to match. You were scared you’d overdressed but Caroline sent a picture of her outfit and she was just as dolled up. Normally you only got dressed up like this on hunts and you knew it would be a big surprise for the Salvatores to see you like this.

Checking your phone you got a text from Sam that said they were outside, and you rushed downstairs to meet them. You passed both Stefan and Damon who were sitting in the living room, and they were completely shocked at how good you looked. You opened the door and hugged both brothers, they looked pretty good themselves.

They were their versions of dressed up, button downs and jeans. By this time the Salvatores had joined you in the hallway to see what the commotion was about. Dean took your hand and forced you to do a spin, “Damn princess you look good”. Remembering what Stefan had said you just laughed and said, “We all look nice”.

You felt Damon staring at you and when you looked at him you saw he really did look good; white v-neck, black jeans, and of course a leather jacket. Stefan was the first to say something, “Thank you for all the help too, it’s always good to have a different perspective”. The Winchesters assured them that they were just happy to help.

Damon was eager to leave but before he could open his mouth Dean spoke up, “So princess you wanna take shot gun in baby and direct us to the party?”. Damon confusingly said, “Baby?” causing you to laugh. You explained, “It’s the nickname of his car her full name would be; 1967 Black Chevy Impala”. Dean proudly looked at you, happy you remembered so much about his baby.

Damon wasn’t as impressed, “Nice car, little outdated don’t you think”. Stefan interrupted in order to stop a possible fight, “You know I love old cars I drive a 1963 Red Porsche 356B Karmann Coupe myself”. Dean nodded his head in approval, but you were dying to finally leave.

You smiled, “Okay so I’ll direct the boys and you two will follow behind?”. Everyone seemed in agreement and you all started towards the LockWood mansion. The second you got in the car Dean asked, “What is that guys problem?”.

You laughed and then proceed to explain everything to them both, happy about how things were for once. The first thing Dean said was, “Damn straight he should be jealous (y/n) you’re incredible”. Sam was just as happy, “I’m glad you finally know what you want (y/n), and that those feelings will be returned”. Before you knew it you were at Tyler’s house.

Getting out of the impala you waited as Stefan pulled up behind you, and then finally joined you. Together you all walked up to the door and you were greeted by a very excited Caroline. She couldn’t wait to hug you, “Oh my god (y/n)!!! You look so good, I’ve missed you!”.

Caroline was one of your best friends but the hunting lifestyle had separated you guys a little bit. You hugged her back, “I’ve missed you so much, you look as good as ever”. While hugging you she whispered in your ear, “Damon can’t take his eyes off of you”. You found yourself smiling remembering what you’d said to him.

Caroline addressed everyone, “Drinks are in the kitchen, I say we start there”. She linked her arm with yours and you both made your way towards the kitchen. You decided you’d only have enough to be lightly buzzed, but not drunk. Caroline started to pour everyone a shot wanting to get the night started.

Suddenly you felt someone behind you and it was Damon, “You look good (y/n), really good”. Turning around you smiled at him, “Was that an honest compliment I just heard, how much have you already had to drink?”. You got Damon to laugh which was one of your favorite sights, it normally didn’t happen often.

He had a full bottle of bourbon in his hand, “Nothing…yet”. Damon finished his sentence by taking a sip and you still felt like surprising him. You reached for the bottle, “Mind sharing?”. He shook his head and watched you take a long sip. While handing back the bottle he leaned in to whisper in your ear, “Those pretty lips of yours look so beautiful wrapped around something”.

You wanted to tease him right back so you whispered in his ear, “If only you could’ve felt how good that bourbon dripping down the back of my throat made me feel…”. This time you watched your words hit him, his pupils dilating further.

He opened his mouth to speak but you wanted to continue the game so you grabbed the bottle from him and began to walk away. You made your way to the dancefloor, bottle in hand. Starting to sway with the music you let the beat pulse through you body. Damon watched you, licking his lip, and you loved the attention.

Something had shifted inside of you, something about the way tonight felt made you extremely confident. You suddenly felt someone press against your backside, but it was Dean. You knew who it was the second they whispered, “Just helping with the game, princess”.

You knew Stefan had warned you about jealous Damon but part of you felt like it could be dangerously fun. You watched his expression change, when he noticed Dean he took a step towards you. Daringly you shook your head, allowing you hips to move with Deans. Your bodies moved as one to the beat but to reassure you he said, “It’s an act (y/n) I’m just making it look real”.

Taking another sip from the bottle you felt the alcohol warm your body up, making you feel ever better. Dean let his hands roam your body and you did you best to look like you enjoyed. Seeing Damon watching all of this sent a pang of need to your core. Dean’s lips were dangerously close to your neck and you wondered if he’d kiss you or not, but before he could Damon was there within a second.

He didn’t have to say anything, Dean kissed you on the cheek and then left you both alone. Still without saying anything Damon took your hand and lead you away from everyone. He lead you to Tyler’s dad’s office and you felt yourself melting with anticipation.

Damon opened the door, shut it behind him, and only spoke when he pressed you against it. His voice was low, “You didn’t listen (y/n) did you?”. You were trying to process things but the only thing you could focus on was the fact that Damon had you pressed against the door.

He forced your head up lightly with his hand by placing it under your chin, “And you’re not listening now…looks like you need to be taught a lesson”. You couldn’t help but laugh, which was the wrong move. Damon bit his lip while taking a step back, “So naive (y/n)…”.

You rolled your eyes, “You brought me up here Damon, we’re all alone, and now you back away from me? Do something”. Using his super speed he bent you over the desk, you were still facing him. With his thumb he dragged down your bottom lip, “All talk princess why don’t you do something?”.

Again hearing him use that word sent shivers down your spine, and made your heart race. He picked up on that, “It turns you on when I use little names for you huh (y/n), it’s always the good ones…”. Somehow you found the words, “You’re the one that whispers dirty things into my ear every chance you get”.

Damon laughed allowing his hand to trail down your body, “And I can only imagine how wet it makes you babygirl…bet it’s all you can think about until you have a chance to make yourself come undone”. Your breath hitched at his words and you bit your lip in order to hide a moan.

By this time both of his hands were on your hips, “I’m right aren’t I? How many times have you made that pretty little pussy of yours cum just thinking about what I’ve said to you?”. This time you let out a moan, this was all so much. One hand moved to lightly grasp your neck, “Answer me baby”.

Again somehow you found the words, “Too many times….”. An evil grin formed on Damon’s face, which reminded you that once again you were putty in his hands. You wanted to shift things, “Now how many times have you been thinking about teaching me a lesson? But yet here we are and you’re doing nothing…”.

Damon used his strength to turn you around quickly, your back to him. His lips were right below your ear, “Be careful what you wish for (y/n)”. After he spoke he kissed down your neck, stopping where it met your jaw. He lightly sucked that spot and you moaned again. His lips felt so good against your skin, better than you’d imagined.

He started to lift up your dress, exposing your ass. Damon then bent you down so your chest rested against the desktop. Before you could ask what he was doing he smacked your ass, “You shouldn’t have made me jealous baby”.

His slap made your skin tingle and you knew it was bad but you liked it, and you liked it even more when he rubbed where he’d previously spanked. You moaned again, and this drove him even crazier. Damon couldn’t believe that, “You like that (y/n)? Fuck you’re such a bad little girl”.

His words made you moan again you needed more, “Damon please-”. He cut you off by spreading your legs apart, bringing his face inches away from your ass. Damon kissed the red spot now forming on your ass, “You still need to be punished baby”.

Slowly he brought down your underwear, further exposing yourself. He placed a hand on both of your ass cheeks, “So fucking beautiful (y/n), so tight”. You were already soaked and he’d barely touched you, “Please I’ve learned my lesson”.

Damon laughed, “I haven’t even started yet and you’re dripping for me”. He brought his mouth even closer to your pussy, his hot breath teasing you even more. Spreading your ass he exposed your pussy, and he lightly kissed down your folds. With one hand he arched your back giving himself a better angle, “Fuck you look so good”.

You needed more, “I taste even better”. Another side of you was coming out and you couldn’t believe what you’d said. Damon threw his head back groaning at your words, he loved how dirty you were getting. With two fingers he spread your lips, giving better access to your clit.

Damon took you clit between his lips, sucking deeply. He let go to flick it quickly with his tongue sending shivers down your spine. He grinned, “So sensitive baby girl”. He sucked on your clit again, but not for long. Turning your head around you looked to see why he’d stopped but he just stood there smirking.

He turned your body around again so this time you faced him, and he lifted you up placing you on the desk. Damon placed his hands on the backs of your knees and brought your body closer to his, “You look so beautiful when you’re so desperate for me”.

Damon looked you up and down shaking his head, “You’re still wearing too much..”. Taking the hint you pulled your dress over your head, and to show him you were serious you also took off your bra. The cold air caused your nipples to harden, and goosebumps to form all over your skin.

He smirked, “I can help with that” lowering his head to take your left nipple in his mouth. Damon circled around your nipple before lightly biting it and you loved it, “That feels so fucking good”. This encouraged him and he started to tweak your other nipple with his free hand. Your whole body felt so sensitive and his touches lit you on fire.

Damon moved his mouth from your nipple to the place inbetween both your breasts, and he started to kiss up your chest. He was purposely leaving hickies all over you in order to let everyone know you were his. His face was now inches away from yours, “I’ve been waiting so long to do this”.

Damon placed one hand on your cheek as he finally leaned in and kissed you. It felt like your entire body was on fire and his lips on yours was the first spark. Your mouths moved together, tongues and all. The kiss had ignited something inside the both of you, and you were both more needy now.

His clothes were off in about a minute, and he picked you up again. This time he moved you both to the couch as he fell back, you on his lap. The kissing intensified and your hands roamed each others bodies, needing more. As Damon started to kiss your neck again you felt his extremely hard member pressing against you.

You couldn’t help but make a joke, “Is that a stake in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”. Surprisingly you felt Damon smile against your skin, and you didn’t know that would feel as good as it did. His voice was low, “That was funny but the only thing I want coming out of your mouth is my name”.

You took that as an opportunity to take his member in your hand and move it towards your entrance. Damon put his hands on your hips lifting your body up and you positioned him inside you. Moaning you sank down onto him, and he threw his head back. It felt incredibly good for the both of you.

Still his hands were on your hips and he started to guide you; forwards, backwards. You needed more so you started to slowly bounce up and down. Damon was moaning, “Fuck you’re perfect (y/n), so perfect”. You leaned forward while bouncing and he took your breast in his mouth again, giving you even more pleasure.

Damon’s tongue felt so good against your sensitive skin, “Oh fuck-I’m so”. Surprising you Damon lifted your body and turn you so your back pressed against his chest. Damon positioned himself inside of you again, but he kept his hand at your entrance.

You picked up rhythm again and Damon did the same, except now he used his super speed to massage your clit. It was like nothing you’d ever felt before and you knew you were close, but Damon was too. Damon kept saying the dirtiest things he could think of into your ear, “You gonna let that pretty pussy cum all over my cock baby?”.

With all the pleasure you were feeling the only thing you could do was nod your head, but he wanted more. Damon wanted to hear you say it, “Who’s fucking that tight pussy, who’s making you feel so good?”. The amount of pleasure you were feeling overtook your body, you were losing control.

It took everything in you to say, “You are Damon, you are”. Somehow Damon’s hand moved faster, his thrusts deeper. That was what he wanted, “Say it again (y/n), louder”. You said his name again and this time he groaned animalistically. He spoke again, “You’re close baby, I am too…cum with me”.

You nodded your head but Damon wanted more. His free hand wrapped lightly around your throat, “I said fucking cum baby, let everyone know who’s making you cum”. His grip on your neck made it a little harder to breath, and this intensified everything.

Between his cock hitting your g-spot and his hand massaging your clit you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You felt your walls tighten around him and you felt him twitch inside you, that was it. The knot in your stomach finally released and as you close your eyes you screamed out his name. Damon was right there with you, moaning and panting.

As your orgasm washed over your body you felt Damon release inside of you, and the feeling of being filled up turned you on further. You both became lost in the moment, all you could do was scream out each others names. Finally you began to gain control again, and you were left panting.

Slowly you lifted yourself off of Damon and turned around to face him. Damon looked so happy, the look of pure ecstasy on his face. He lifted your chin up and stared deeply into your eyes. That was all he did for a moment, just sitting there taking you in while catching his breath.

You felt yourself smiling too, the moment too perfect. Finally he slowly kissed you again, this time it was a different type of needy. It was like Damon wanted to remember this for the rest of his life, so he went slow in order not to miss anything. When the kiss was over he placed a hand on your cheek again, “I’m in love with you (y/n)”. You felt the butterflies in your stomach again as happiness washed over you.

You took his face in both hands, “I love you too Damon, I’m so lucky to have you”. He shook his head, “I’m the lucky one (y/n), and I’m never going to lose you”. He kissed you again and then laid you down on the couch. Damon pulled the blanket from the other end of the couch over you both.

You cuddled into him, resting your head on his chest. He ran his hands through you hair, “In my 100+ years on this earth (y/n) I’ve never felt something like I feel for you”. Damon kissed your forehead and you felt at peace with the world. Nothing could top how you both felt in this moment.

  Checking your phone you noticed you’d gotten texts from; Caroline, Dean and Stefan. Carolines read, “ See you went off with Damon….FINALLY”. You smiled reading it and then read Dean’s, “Hope my flirting with you didn’t cause any problems, tell me what happened tomorrow princess” which also made you smile. Finally you read Stefan’s, “I didn’t need super hearing to hear what just happened….don’t know whether to be proud or grossed out…”. Laughing you realized how loud you and Damon had been, but you didn’t care for once you were truly happy.

It’s funny how something that has become such a part of my routine can still be so hard. I’ve put in about 650 pump sites, give or take, and yet I still manage to psych myself out sometimes. I mean, I know giving yourself an injection isn’t exactly what you’d call “normal,” so it’s not that strange that it still bothers me sometimes. But I guess you’d think I’d have gotten used to it by now. But once in a while I put one in and it hurts so bad and then the next time I have to change it, that pain is all I can think about. Sometimes it’s not even because the last one hurt, it’s just because I started thinking about it too much.

Anyway, maybe no one else has experienced this. But if you have, just know you’re not alone! And don’t be ashamed because I’ve had diabetes for 12 years and it still happens to me. So I’m with you.

Twinkling Starlight

Scenario: You’re in the hospital for the holidays so I came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 3,684
Author’s Note: I’m sorry, I really couldn’t resist another Christmas story. Hope you like it :)


You don’t know if you should laugh or cry or do a very strange combination of both because—!

“What do you mean he fell off the stage?”

“I mean he fell off the stage!”

You rub at the crease between your eyebrows. “Yeah, okay, I gathered that much, Jimin, but how? I couldn’t really understand you on the phone in between all the shrieking and background noise.” But really, you suppose that a large part of this worry sprouts from your own idiocy of automatically assuming the worse from Jimin’s call.

Although, to be fair, you couldn’t exactly put a positive spin to the ‘something happened to Jungkook, we’re in the hospital right now’ opening line—that had been Jimin’s fault.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” Jimin at least has the decency to look apologetic, studying you disheveled appearance from your messy bun to the sweatpants and mismatched socks in your shoes. “I should have been more sensitive about the situation—but Jungkook’s fine. He got a little too close to the edge of the stage during the dance number and slipped off. The show was on a standstill for a little because the paramedics had to come get him. The rest of us had to finish the show but we rushed to the hospital right after—that’s when I called you—ow!”

He gives you a wide-eyed look of surprise as you lower your hand, having just punched him rather unkindly in the shoulder.  “You should have called me immediately as he was being taken to the hospital! He must have been alone in the room for an hour!”

“Yah, I was busy performing!” Jimin retorts, rubbing at his shoulder. “Besides, he’s been in surgery up until now so it’s not like he would known you were here or not—ow, stop that!”

Surgery?” You echo, eyes the size of golf balls as you stare at Jimin incredulously, unable to believe that he withheld so much important information regarding the physical well being of your boyfriend. “My boyfriend has been having surgery for the past hour and nobody called me?”

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…I hadn’t known Jeff extremely well, but we kept bumping into each other here and there.

One night we met for a drink at a pub in NYC, and started writing messages to each other on a paper placemat that was there, instead of talking, because the music in the bar was really loud or something. An interesting effect of that was that we found ourselves writing things that we would never would dare to say to each other out loud. I remember thinking that he seemed to be sort of lost and sad although he outwardly was very funny and lively and confident, and wrote something about that, among another things.

I didn’t talk to him for a long time after that — I went to England to live for a while and we talked once or twice and then nothing for over a year.

Then one night I got a voice mail message from him that said, “I just realized what you were trying to tell me that night”. I tried to call him back but the number I had for him was old, and then I got his new number but I was out of town again and it was difficult to call, and then I heard that he was missing, and presumed dead…

—  Aimee Mann

I was thinking.. because I see many Vegebul shippers.. noticeable that many, most shipp them, not that I don’t, I shipp them too. I think vegeta and bulma combine enough.
But I dont see the same amount of Gochi shippers (Goku/Chichi)
I dont know why, and as a couple, even with all the way of goku, they are the closest to a couple “real”.
Like, I know the vegeta’s loves bulma, but he doesnt know show, because of pride, and his way, he doesnt treat bulma fondly, or something, I know it’s the hang of it, and even bulma understand, but they are always ‘fighting’ because bulma also has a very difficult genius, that’s why they combine, and the moments between them are funny, but I miss seeing cute scenes between them, being affectionate, because I think Bulma deserved it, did not have to be always, but once in a while at least.
In the case goku and chichi, as if you can see this, Goku knows how to be affectionate with chichi, but it was not something that was from the beginning, it was something new from Goku, but you see that with the passage of time goku learned to be loving, Goku does not care to show the feelings and it is beautiful. This couple is beautiful, though, Goku always do what he wants, but many times you see him asking permission to Chichi like to train Gohan, or to go train with King Kai, it shows how much he care with the opinion of chichi.
It is clear how much they love each other, how much chichi loves him, and how he also loves her.

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We should get the anti terf blogs together and elect 2 or 3 leaders for the transcult. Since terfs keep telling me, a simple jester in the transcult, to order the other loyal members of our cult to stop doing something and have all the members of the transcult stop doing the thing at once. (This is a joke while at the same time I think it'd be funny if this did happen)

We need a whole trans cult/anti terf royal court so we can make rules and I’m sure everyone will follow the laws of the land bc we can totally control other people, right anon? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and if they don’t we’ll just drag them and call them out just like terf totally do with theirs (oh wait they don’t because they still need to call out @spencer-shayy for calling a rape victim “a future rapist” *side eyes terfs*)

The Hero You Need?

“Pretend to be my date at my family´s wedding and oh look we´re in love.” “You don´t need to be a superhero to get the girl, the right girl will bring out the hero in you - Deadpool” @frickfracklesackles

This is my entry for frickfracklesackles 1000 follower challenge.

Once more I´m so sorry for the long absence but I´m hopefully back on track. Feedback is much appreciated and I might even do a second part if you guys want to find out more about Jensen´s and the reader´s relationship. 

Wordcount: 1611

Pairing: Jensen X Reader

Warnings: Language, Fluff, wedding?

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~ Jensen´s Pov ~

I hated this, I´d been invited to Joshuas wedding and I had to bring a plus one. I didn´t mind the whole wedding thing but I have no one to bring, it´s not that I don´t have someone in mind it´s just that she just dosen´t see me that way… She needs a superhero and I´m sure I´m not one of them. I absentmindedly drum my fingers against the dashboard as I wait for Y/N to come back with our coffee. My mind wanders back to when I opened the invitation and how the first person I could think of to bring with me as my plus one was Y/N. Soon the passenger door being opened by her pulled me out of my thoughts and back to reality. She handed me my cup with a goofy smile.

“I got you the usual” she said causing me to return the smile but it must´ve been a bit forced because her´s fell slightly.

“What´s wrong?” her voice was etched with concern. I shook my head.

“Nothing´s wrong Y/N/N. I just need to ask you a favour and it´s a big one..” I say taking a deep breath, I knew I had to say it as quick as possible or I´d chicken out.

“I need you to pretend to be my wedding date at Joshuas wedding.” I said scratching my neck. She furrowed her brows in confusion.

“Why do you need me to be your wedding date? Don´t you have a girlfriend or something for that?” She said not understanding why. I sighed before continuing.

“They need mer to have a plus one at the wedding and since I know how mom will react you were the one i could think of that wouldn´t be weirded out by it.” I took a gulp of coffee studying her face closely for a reaction. Her face softens and I think I saw a light shade of pink on her cheeks but no matter how hard I tried not to think about it I couldn´t let it go. She smiled gently at me and placed her hand on my shoulder causing me to instantly relax.

“I´ll do it J. When´s the wedding?” I looked down at my coffeecup while fiddling with the lid.

“I know this is really short notice but it´s gonna be tomorrow…” This caused her eyes widened slightly before she rubbed her forehead.

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“A day?! Seriously J?! How do you expect me to find something to wear?” I really didn´t want to stress her out like this.

“I´m sorry. I guess I didn´t really think that through, I mean we are already on the road so we could go shopping now?” I half smile at her hoping she´ll calm down a little. She nodded while drinking her coffee before sighing.

“Fine, but you´re paying. AND you owe me food.” She said pointing at me causing me to chuckle.

“It´s a deal then.” I said while starting the engine and I drove to the nearest mall that hopefully had something that Y/N would be comfortable wearing at the wedding. Once I stopped the car I put on one of my hats hoping it´d lessen the possibility to get recognised by fans. I could feel her eyes on me before I heard her giggling. I turned to her with my left brow raised.

“What´s so funny?” I asked and she just shook her head smiling still giggling at me.

“Nothing. It´s just that whenever you put on that hat or whatever and think you´ll draw away attention from yourself it actually does the opposite if I have to be honest.” She said grabbing the hat and tossing it in the backseat.

“Let´s leave that here and I´m sure you´ll do fine.” She said getting out of the car. I chuckled and did the same before locking the car and following her inside.

“Let´s try that store first.” She said while grabbing my hand and dragging me along to the store that was filled with clothes. I can´t help but smile at the determined expression on her face. She walked over to one of the racks with dresses and looked at a few while mumbling.

“I hate shopping.” She walked over to a different rack and I did the same thing hoping I could help her find a dress. I picked out a dress (your choice) and felt the soft fabric between my fingers and I smile.

“Y/N/N, what about this one?” I say catching her attention. She walks over to me and looks at the dress before grabbing it to look at it closer.

“Well well Ackles, I didn´t  know you were this good at shopping. If I knew I´d bring you along for more of these shopping trips.” She smirked causing me to chuckle and roll my eyes playfully.

“Whatever Y/L/N, just ry it on.” I say. She smiles and walk towards the dressingroom and I follow and sit down on a chair outside the room. A few minutes later she stepped out of the dressingroom and I can feel my mouth drop slightly before I felt a childish grin creep onto my lips. She smiled awkwardly.

“So does it look okay?” She asked and bit her lip slightly. I nod not knowing what else to do. I wish I could just stand up and grab her and put a kiss on her perfect lips showing her just how good she looks right now or anytime really but I can´t.

“You look amazing Y/N/N.” I grin and she smiles back at me.

“Great! Now the only thing left is shoes.” She says while walking back into the dressingroom and changed back into her clothes. I pay for the dress before walking to a different store for shoes when she suddenly stopped and turned around facing me.

“Please tell me you already have something to wear.” She looked at me dead serious. I chuckled and nodded.

“Of course I have, well not me but since I´m the best man it was fixed along with Joshuas suit otherwise we´d probably be looking for a suit for me too.” This caused her to roll her eyes before turning back around and walking to the shoe shop. After she´d tried on at least eight pair of shoes she decided on (Your choice of shoes) and I paid for them too. As we strolled around the mall she grabbed my hand and I started to gently rubbing my thumb over the back of her hand while feeling some butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

“What do you say about getting some lunch?” I said looking down at her with a smile. She grinned at me before answering.

“Sounds great!”

~ Time skip to the wedding still Jensen´s Pov ~

I´m helping Joshua with his suit and tries to calm his nerves before we walk into the chapel and I searched the rows filled with family and friends trying to spot Y/N´s face not really paying any attention to what was said until I saw her just as Joshua said.

“I promise to be true to you in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.” When those words left my brothers mouth I couldn´t help but smile at Y/N and hope that we would stand here one day and I´d get to utter those words while looking into her Y/E/C.


~ Time skip to the afterparty Jensen´s Pov ~

As my brother and his newlywed wife were enjoying their first dance as husband and wife I snuck up behind Y/N and wrapped my arms around her waist causing her to jump slightly but she relaxed again when she saw it was me from the corner of her eye. I rest my chin against her shoulder.

“She found her superhero.” I whispered into her ear smiling. She smiled to while watching them dance.

“Well, you don´t need to be a superhero to get the girl, I think the right girl will bring out the hero in you.” She whispered back as she turned around in my arms. Her eyes was glistening filled with something I never thought I´d see in her eyes while she was looking at me and a small smile played on her lips. I realised how close we were and how my hands was still resting on her waist. I smiled back lightly at her.

“I think I´m a hero, here, with you in my arms.” I say nervously hoping her reaction wouldn´t be all bad. I barely have time to react before she grins at me.

“Finally.” She says before crashing her lips against mine. As we pull away both our cheeks are flushed and I smile at her while she giggles.

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“Look at us, we went to this wedding as two friends secretly in love with each other and we´ll leave this wedding as a couple. How cliché is that?” She giggles causing me to chuckle and place another sweet but quick kiss on her lips.

“Very, but if I´m gonna be cliché with anyone you´re my only choice. I can feel a childish grin spread across my face. Man am I glad that my family forced me to bring a plus one.

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May 30, 2017...

We’re hitting the road today. There’s a case about four or five hours away in Lincoln with children going missing and the local woods seeming to play a part in it. Sam is thinking wendigo even though they don’t much hang around Kansas. I’m thinking banshee, but we won’t know ‘till we start talking to the victims’ families. This is what we need right now, though. Being held up in the bunker cleaning after everything and having too much time to think wasn’t exactly helping with coping. 

Driving is therapy, you know? Except for when it rains after you’ve washed the car and then have to book it cross country. It makes backroads and other ways a lot muddier and more of a pain in the ass, even for people that have literally driven through just about everything, even a tornado once.

Actually? Yeah, let’s tell that story. It was when Cas was in the looney bin not too long after he showed up on my car covered in bees. I wish I could make this stuff up sometimes.

So I was driving and heading back after a case to a place where Sam and I would meet up, and at the time I thought Meg still had an eye on Cas. Outta nowhere the guy shows up in the seat next to me, not an uncommon thing in and of itself, but then he tries to make small talk. Now here’s the thing: Cas and small talk go together about just as much as oil and water. The guy was talking a mile a minute while I was driving. I wasn’t stopping him, mostly because I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, but I was driving and for once I needed to pay closer attention ‘cause the roads were starting to get wet with the downpour that had just opened up.

“It’s raining!” He said it like it was the first time he’d ever seen something fall out of the sky like the rain did in droves. I remember thinking how funny it was. “But it bothers you to drive in it,” Cas had said.

Then he gets an idea, and let me just say it again: Crazy Cas and an idea go just as well as Cas and small talk.

“Let me get the rain away,” he had said, his hands moving and doing something I couldn’t quite see, the rain having been so hard.

Then I look in the rearview mirror and there’s a goddamn funnel just touching down on the road behind me. The guy had actually gone and made a tornado to, and I quote, “get the rain to go away.”

To this day I still wonder how Baby got up to near 250 mph, but man was that something I never want to do again.

- Dean

Yesterday | Tomorrow


“Hey babe what you thinking about?” Maisie came back from the bathroom after a night watching girly movies and talking about life.
“Sorry what? I kind of zoned out while listening to Josie’s breathing on the baby monitor.”
“You’re such a mom freak already.”
“Shut up.” Evie chuckled.
“Hey Eve, do you ever wonder what made him just leave like that?”
“Who?” Evie said.
“You know who.” Maisie rolled her eyes.
“I’m not sure about Voldemort to be honest, I think Harry might have had something to do with that guy.”
“Oh, ha, ha. Very funny, you know I mean my brother.”
“Honestly, not really. Once he did that he was kind of dead to me you know.”
Maisie sighed upon hearing the words “I texted him if I was pregnant but he still hasn’t responded.”
“Well he seems to be scared of babies so don’t hold your breath.” Evie said grumpily.
“He’s still my brother.”
“I know, I’m sorry.” Evie sighed “I just didn’t expect this to happen. If you told me that I’d be a single mother I would have just laughed in your face.”
“I’m sorry, but you’ll never be a single mother because I’m always going to be here.” Maisie said rolling over on her back.
“Oh yeah huh?” Evie chuckled “I love you Mai, my lost twin sister.”
“Love you too babe.” Maisie giggled “Now can we have more ice cream?”
Suddenly they heard crying over the baby monitor and both sighed “Right after I get back to work.”

Do you know what is funny? That I always come back here with a new heartache. I fall in love, lead a happy life for a while; don’t think about it, til I get heartbroken once again.

I come here, recall my life before him, write something about him, and then make him into a just another subject of heartbreaks.

And this repeats and repeats.

—  Every man who has broken my heart.