once an inspirit always an inspirit


“My mother has once said that everyone will have a day they collapse. Honestly speaking, my mother’s wrist/elbow is not in a good condition, my dad is third level of disability. This is all because of them having to raise up three children…I’ve always had a smile when saying this, so probably nobody is clear about it… (seeing the crowd of tears) I’ve always been hard working and sincere, please, stay healthy (to parents and inspirits)” - Jang Dong Woo

dear inspirits or anyone seeing this, I want to apologize for letting all of you understand false information(the one up there) The quote up there is translated by myself from another language I could understand, but apparently that piece of information I read, was false. Spreading false news is the last thing I want to do. So I am here to sincerely apologize to every one of you. I am sorry, very very sorry. :(

150722 - hoya twitter update

오랜만에 나온 인피니트로 1위를 해서인지
잠이 안와서
밤을 샜네요ㅎㅎ 정말 정말 감사합니다~
우리 인스피릿!
저 그리고 우리 인피니트 멤버들이 아닌
다른 무언가 때문에 너무 스트레스 받지마세요 ~

인스피릿과 인피니트 둘의 관계말고 다른 이유로
여러분들이 지쳐서 떠날까봐 늘 두렵습니다…
제가 표현은 잘 못하지만 엄청 많이 사랑하는거 알죠?!

제가 더 열심히 해서 더 유명해지고 더 힘이 생기면
우리 인스피릿이 준 사랑 몇배로 다 보답할게요!^-^
항상 고마워요

spent the whole night awake because i couldn’t sleep,
maybe it’s because it’s been a bit since we won no.1 as infinite? hehe
really really thank you~
our inspirits! 
please don’t be too stressed out because of a reason other than us infinite members~

i am always afraid that you might leave because you are tired/worn out due to a reason between infinite and inspirits…
i know i don’t show much but you all know that i love you a lot right?! 

i’ll try even harder and once i become famous and get the power/strength, i’ll repay your love in several times more! ^-^
always, thank you

© trans. by allaboutmang7 | please take out with full credit  


Can we take a moment to appreciate how every album of INFINITE has an amazing name?! It’s not the just the music, the videos and clothes - there’s more to INFINITE than that! The albums have such meaningful and amazing names - it just shows how much thought they put into their album names (not to mention the names of their concerts).

They started with First Invasion, when they first broke into the Kpop scene. They evolved into a more mature image with Evolution. Then came the fans and they became Inspirit with them. Then they aimed for the top and beyond with Over the Top. They got 1st place with Be Mine, which is like Paradise - very literally too, as they changed dorms. Once they achieved their dream of winning first place, they set on a challenge to INFINITIZE everyone. But the weren’t satisfied with that, because INFINITE is always improving and challenging themselves, so they present themselves with a New Challenge. Just before their ambitious world tour, they release Destiny because they know 7 people getting together and meeting INSPIRITS could only be fate. Finally, after all this, we have them going back to their origins with The Origins album, the core of their music, the instrumentals.

I’m proud of how much they have grown but at the same time they remember their beginnings…I love INFINITE so much! And I’m glad they have Woollim, and the CEO, and all their wonderful staffs who helped them along the way!