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Holy crap… I can’t believe that there’s three hundred and fifty one of you following me. I never expected this gross blog that I made out of pure boredom to get so popular, honestly. Once I hit three hundred followers about two weeks ago, I got really emotional and extremely excited because I’ve never had this many followers on any of my old blogs. Every time I gain a follower a smile comes onto my face, because the thought of someone actually enjoying my posts and being on their dashboard just makes me so ecstatic. 

To be honest, I thought that no one liked my blog or my Tanaka muse in the beginning.. When I first made this blog I’d only seen about ten episodes of the first season of the anime and had yet to read the manga. I was really insecure in the beginning and was pretty sure that no one wanted to roleplay or even talk to me. But as soon as I started gaining followers and actually started to talk to people, my self esteem really started to go up (and still is!) I look up to so many of you and always looked down at my writing, but hearing encouraging words from some of you.. it’s really improved my self esteem. Those little compliments or comments you guys write.. they just make my day! 

I honestly just appreciate every single one of you so much, even if I don’t talk to most of you. Once again, thank you all so much for everything <3. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this blog.

The tags are down under the cut and are in no particular order! There are both mutuals and non mutuals, because you all are just awesome blogs no matter what! There are also a few side notes for those who I’ve grown really attached to.

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Sooo I just hit 1000 followers and I’m really really excited about that c: I decided to hop on the bandwagon and host my very first tumblr awards in celebration! :D Excuse the lame and simple header

Rules/How to Enter

Must be following this panda

Reblog this post. (Likes can be used as bookmarks)

Preferably humor blogs but you can be any kind of blog really o: Just adding this for your sake since this is mostly a humor blog


Best url after mine of course because mine is the best?

Best theme Read strikethrough above

Best humor blog

Best non-humor blog - if there are any

Best Fandom blog - if there are any

Best original post(s)

Best Icon

Cutest person/people

Nicest Person/people

Panda’s personal favorite

Panda Prizes

You get a follow from meeee unless I’m already following you…then I’ll unfollow you and follow you again!

I’ll make a page on my blog dedicated to the winners :D 

My amazingly lame everlasting love and friendship <3 I love talking to you guys

Reblogs/Likes on any original posts/selfies. Just let me know or tag me in them

Promos? :D 

I will choose the winner once this gets enough notes and the number of winners per category will be based off those said notes. If this doesn’t get any notes then I’ll be a sad panda and pretend this never happened.

Am I doing this whole thing right? I did a lot of strikethroughs. Oops.