once again this looks horrible

the scene on the motel roof was adorable until prompto whipped out the “you mad, bro?” what a lad

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hey out of curiosity for Doctor Who (which I used to live but stopped watching because I lost hope for it), what happened that fucked it up this time? I don't care about spoilers, I'm just curious about how Moffatt keeps ruining good things

Okay, so, I’m gonna try to sum it all up, but if at any poit you think wait what this makes no fucking sense, that might just be the episode rather than me not explaining coherently. 


(cw: suicide, derealisation, dissociation. Seriously.)

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daddy - simon minter imagine

Originally posted by miniminters

idk why i thought of this tbh, hope you enjoy. send in some requests guys. just felt the need to clarify that when i call him lanky i mean it as a compliment, lanky guys are the best. this could turn into a father series idk x bel <3

requested?; nope

warnings; sickness

pairing; simon x reader

word count; 507 words

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Skincare and Self-Care

Skincare for me touches 3 of the four areas that Jessie discussed on why skincare can be and should be a part of your self-care routine. Skincare can do do wonders in terms of the physical, mental and emotional.  

I’m going to tell you loves a little story.  For years, I have hated my face and I detest my skin.  I have my good days, but the number of bad days have outweighed the good. I’ve always had really dry skin, skin that cracks and sometimes will bleed no matter the amount of lotion I put on or how often.  The skin of my face however is a different story.  It’s the most evil of skin types, oily and dry.  How this happened I have no clue but I have been in a struggle with my skin for years.  Skincare has always been one of those things where I knew what I was supposed to do (wash my face, don’t go to sleep without taking off makeup, etc, etc.).  I had breakouts here and there but nothing too major, then I got pregnant and my body basically gave a giant middle finger and became even more of a diva than it previously was.  For the last 3 ½ years I have been battling rosacea, acne, followed by wrinkles (lets face it I’m getting older and I used to smoke), and then the most recent trauma is a bout with cystic acne.  It was a huge hot mess that left me in tears and wanting to avoid mirrors, eye contact and anything where people looked at me for prolonged periods of time.  I was a mess and I had no idea how to change it, so I went back to one of the best skills you can have, research.  I started watching videos on acne and how to treat it, monitored my diet and cataloged things that made it worse, things to eat to make it better.  Against my better judgement, I even further restricted my coffee intake and increased my water.  I felt a lot better, healthier but my skin was still rebelling and if at all possible was even drier and more horrible looking.  Once again I started researching to an alternative to American skincare since even the organics were drying my skin so badly I was peeling.  

It was almost like a bright beam of light descended down and was sang to me of Korean Skincare products.  I wanted to just dive in but I took my time, did my research, read reviews, watched tutorials, looked at ingredients.  Before I knew it not only did I have a better understanding of skincare but I had a better idea of how I operated.  I knew what foods I tolerated, which I didn’t, how much coffee I needed to drink to not be a raging she-demon and how much water to not get a headache (a lot of my headaches I now know are from hydration issues) and most importantly by researching and logging what I was doing I felt a sense of accomplishment and control over myself.  I was doing something purely for myself and not anyone else and that was a huge step forward and made me see that skincare is not just about looking pretty, but for me it is deeper and definitely a big part of my self-care.  It forces me to take time for myself and really slow down and concentrate on me.  I have a routine and focusing on the routine and the pampering nature of a night routine helps me sleep better and I feel better knowing that I did something for myself that day.

Skincare can be a really long process and very involved.  Be patient with yourself and do not be afraid to try different things, see what works for you.  Do your research and make sure that you include yourself, not only will you find physical care but mental care from getting to really know yourself and let’s face it glowing happy skin makes you feel better about yourself.  Feeling better about yourself and being happy with yourself are so very important in creating a healthy and fulfilling life.

I wish you all the best if you start in a skincare = selfcare journey and please if you ever want to rap about different products feel free to ask!  (Skincare is now my biggest gimmee now thing)


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Hi I'm Billie! i love you and your blog so much!💕💕 I have depression and this week has been pretty bad for me.If you still do letters, I would love to get one from auncle Crowley (i love him so much😳) Have a great day xxx

Dear Billie,

I would like to apologize that you had a rather hellish week, darling, but I want you to know that I will always be here. A bad day or week does not mean a bad life. One day in the future, whether it be soon or not, your life will begin to look up once again. Life can’t be horrible all the time, because if it was we would crack under the pressure. 

With that being said, I would like to make a deal with you, and no, it’s not what you think. I do not want your soul, but I do want you to contact me when you are having a bad day or week. Uncle Crowley will try his best to come up with something that will make it better or take your mind off of it. First things first, though, you’ll be asked to talk about it. If you don’t want to, that’s okay, but in all honesty, Billie, I do think it’ll help. Getting the issue or issues off your chest removes an invisible weight, allowing you to breathe once again. The same goes with your depression. Let whatever is going on in your head out and let others in so they can help you. It may seem scary, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

The king of Hell is awaiting your calls, darling. The number is 666. It’s shocking, I know. I mean, who ever would have guessed that? Until then, I want you to stay strong for me and know that I will do anything and everything in the universe for you to be happy. You can’t feel it, but you have the ability to see hellhounds now. Juliet will be with you shortly after collecting the rest of the souls for comfort. She may seem threatening, but honestly, she wouldn’t hurt a fly unless I tell her too.

All of Hell stands with you.

With much love,

Uncle Crowley.

"Baby Girl" - Natasha Romanoff Imagine

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: Natasha x reader

Word Count:

Warnings: Self esteem issues, primarily with weight, bit ‘o fluff

Request: Could u write an imagine where [Y/n] is thick and uncomfortable in a dress but Natasha (girlfriend of reader) comforts her and says that the dress looks really hot on her and stuff like that? :)

A/n: This request was kind of difficult for me to write because I’m a bit on the chubby side myself, and I’ve been trying really hard to lose weight and stuff, but writing this made me feel good about it. I hope it makes you feel happy too c:

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Regina Mills Appreciation Week: Day Three

∟Favorite Season - Season Three

Season three Regina has to be my favorite, because she manages to be a bit of everything. In season three she’s the evil queen, she’s hopeful, she acts like a petulant child, she's the snarky mayor and she’s in top form all the way through. She’s learning that while redemption and “finding the light” so to speak is important, Regina also realizes that denying a part of yourself in exchange for trying to grow a different part isn’t the way to redemption, but instead it’s through the reconciliation of all the parts of you, good bad or whatever that produces well rounded, still flawed, better person.

;; tips for saved gifs over 1.05mb

There’s a lot of gif hunts out there, mine being one of the many, that include gifs that exceed the tumblr upload limit. Which is always a pain in the ass when it comes to roleplaying, even I’ll admit that. So I decided to share some of my tips on using those particular gifs and sorting them from the those that are under the limit. Please like and/or reblog if this helps you in any way and let me know if you have any further questions!

tips included are; 

  • A quick method for removing gifs from your folder that exceed the tumblr upload limit.
  • Using saved gifs that exceed the upload limit.

More tips will be added as often as possible so be sure to keep an eye out for that. 

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Through the Looking Glass Part 2

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2,079

Request: Continuation of other request

Warnings: Angst yo, mentions of death

A/N: This was super fun to write. Definitely one of my favs, and I wish I had more time to spend on it, but oh well. Hope you enjoy!

Tags: @thinkwritexpress @67chevyimagines @ilostmyshoe-79 @scorpiongirl1 @rainygalaxynerd @uqsficlets @mkay-chan (hope it’s okay I tagged all of y’all)

Part 1

Your name: submit What is this?

His words hit you like a brick wall, and you take a small step backwards, voice caught in your throat. You stand there, opening and closing your mouth like a fish, stuck in a staring contest with Cas. The entire camp is silent, watching the scene unfold in front of them with slack jaws.

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Make you feel my love [2/2] (CS High School AU) M

I finally pulled it off and finished writing this last part… a week later than expected. Sorry for those who were waiting for the next part on Monday morning, but life got in the way. You can throw things at me, I deserve it. 

SO. This part is part is based on #3 First time. Hope you all like it! Once again it isn’t edited so ignore the mistakes (I’m to excited to finally give you this).

part 1 | also on ff.net and ao3

Monday arrived way too quickly in Emma’s opinion. She spent the weekend thinking about the situation she got herself in with Killian, shame and guilt overcame her each time. Shame that he saw her in such a vulnerable position, crying over her insecurities, wondering if anyone would ever like her and guilt on ruining their friendship.

She wanted to regret what happened despite those negative feelings that haunted her but found it hard to. Being with Killian that intimately was extremely pleasurable and thrilling. He was now her first kiss, and well, her first everything in what foreplay was concerned. She had never experienced anything like it and she didn’t know if she should be happy that it was him or not.

Emma had imagined that her first kiss would have been with a potential boyfriend or someone special (not that Killian wasn’t special but it wasn’t the same thing). She would be lying to herself if she didn’t admit that she was attracted to Killian, because let’s face it, the man was sex on legs. But, that was it. She wasn’t in love with him, she didn’t even like him that way, she liked Neal. Killian’s reputation also what made her cringe in all of this, the bad boy and the man whore reputation. She tried to tell herself that it didn’t mean anything for him, at most, he did that with her because she was sad and needed someone there.

The bus arrived on time and Emma felt awful and like such a coward when she decided to take an earlier bus, not wanting to cross path with him right away. She knew it was stupid, she would see him eventually in class, but at least there, she would be surrounded by her friends and an ocean of other students. Their friendship was kind of a secret, her friends didn’t know they talked and she assumed his didn’t know either.

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Sastiel. Fem!Sam with really long pretty hair. She's tired of trying to touch it w/o her permission and is thinking about cutting it all off. Castiel always asking before playing with her hair and loving her with short or long hair.

Sam kept her hair long. She always had. Even when her father tried to say a pixie cut would be more practical, she pointed out that it would eventually grow and get in her eyes unless they cut it often… but long hair could be pulled into a ponytail or bun to stay out of the way. She won that argument.

But all her life, while she didn’t mind the compliments about her hair, people felt it was okay to touch it. She didn’t know why, but it seemed that most people didn’t consider long hair to be within someone’s personal space bubble.

“Oh, your hair is lovely!” And then someone would reach out to stroke it or play with it. Sam would always grit her teeth and bear it, afraid of seeming rude.

She thought it would get better as she got older. That, as an adult, people would see her as an equal and respect her space. But… for some reason, hair just wasn’t considered personal. It was almost public domain.

She was staring into a mirror in some random motel in Iowa, when she had the idea.

“I think I’m going to cut my hair…" 

"What, like a trim?” Dean asked, lacing up his boots. 

“No… just cut it off. All of it. Like Dad wanted.” Leaving the bathroom, she was met with Dean’s surprised look. “I’m sick of people touching it… touching me.”

Dean nodded, not able to totally understand since he’d never dealt with a situation like that, but trying his best to be supportive.

“Alright, but you’ve fought against cutting your hair… all your life. Just think about it for a week or so, first.”

Dean was right, of course. Sam would hate to chop it off and regret it. It’s a lifetime of hair growth (minus trims) that she would be getting rid of.


The next morning, Sam was brushing her hair when she felt a breeze behind her and looked up in the mirror to see Castiel. She squeaked with surprise.

“You okay?” Dean called, hearing her.

“I’m fine! Your angel just showed up.”

“Hey! Not my angel!”

“Yeah, yeah…” she muttered. She raised her eyebrows at Castiel. “Dean’s in the other room, if you want to go… what are you staring at?”

“I never noticed because it’s always… tied in some design, but you have exceptionally long hair.” The angel commented.

“Uh… yeah.” Sam cringed, knowing what always came after that, and closed her eyes.

“May I?" 

Sam opened her eyes, surprised to see Castiel standing close with his hand raised in the air. 

"Uh… what?”

“I don’t wish to make you uncomfortable, but may I touch your hair?”

It was quite possibly the first time anyone had ever asked, and Sam nodded dumbly out of shock. Castiel’s touch was soft. He only clutched one lock and ran his fingers through it with a look of deep concentration.

“It’s quite soft.”

“Yeah… I mean, it feels softer right after I brush it… which I was just doing.” Sam tried not to sound like an idiot, but she was too surprised by the fact that the hand in her hair didn’t make her skin crawl. And the only difference was that she’d given her permission for it. 


Two days later, Dean made a smartass comment about having a slumber party and braiding Sam’s hair. Sam laughed. Castiel looked at Sam with expectation in his eyes.

“May I try?” The angel asked.

“Cas, it was just a joke.”

Castiel’s head tilted slowly to the side.

“May I braid your hair, Sam?”

“Uh… yeah, okay.” Sam slid off of her seat and scooted to the floor in front of Castiel. Dean laughed and tossed them Sam’s brush.

When Castiel’s long fingers ran through her hair, grazing her scalp, Sam shivered. 

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No… it, uh… felt nice.” Sam could feel her face turning pink as she blushed.

The fingers once again ran across her scalp, gathering hair into three sections. Sam thought she might melt. Having another person play with her hair had never before been so enjoyable or relaxing.

Dean snorted and Sam swore she heard him mutter, “Don’t cream your jeans, now. ” She ignored his immature remark.


One year later…

Sam was leaning back against her angel’s legs as he ran his hands through her hair, sometimes mock styling it but mostly just running fingers through the silky strands.

She was so glad she’d learned how wonderful it could feel to have her hair played with. The only thing that had been missing before was consent. It made all the difference.

“I almost chopped it all off…” She murmured.


“My hair.” Sam turned, putting one elbow on Castiel’s thigh as she looked up at him. “I almost cut it off… I couldn’t stand people touching it all the time.”

“Oh… I didn’t know.” Castiel pulled his hand back, a guilty shadow on his face. 

“No! Not you. Everyone else. You’re the only person who ever actually asked. I like it when you play with my hair. It’s… I like it.” She shrugged. She turned back forward, leaning against Castiel once again and then sighed. “I would have looked horrible with short hair, anyway.”

“No. I think you’d be beautiful no matter the length of your hair. Your soul shines brightly through your eyes. I’m certain even humans can see it.”

“Cas…. what? I…” Sam spun around, lifting up to her knees and grabbed Castiel by his blue tie. “Really?”


Sam pulled on the tie, bringing the angel’s face downward, and she kissed him. It was stiff at first, but they both seemed to melt into one another and found where they fit. 

When they pulled apart, both sets of eyes were wide with surprise.

“Shit, Cas… I’m sorry. I should have asked if-”

She never finished her sentence because she was pulled into Castiel’s lap and her mouth was once again occupied by another pair of lips.

“Seriously???” Dean’s voice came from the doorway. “Dammit, Sam, you should have just cut your hair.”