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Maybe I'm late for this but I have to say something (sorry for my english) So I was watching that Vlive (again) where Jimin was hiding and I heard something. When V knocked on Jk's door and Jk asked who was it and V said it was him and you can hear around 6:26 (just before he said "Hold on, Im not wearing my clothes") Jk started saying Jimin's name...you can hear him saying "Ji..." and he stoped himself. Just watch once again, maybe you will hear that

BRO how did i not notice that before ?  i talked about that vlive here , here,here and no one (me included noticed that before bless you!)

at exactly 6:25 , you can literally hear jungkook saying “… JIM..” then  he stops mid-sentence realising what he just said.  before saying “ hold on i’m not wearing any clothes right now “

he said “jim…” right after taehyung told him that he was filming a vlive because he probably was getting a little freaked out about jimin being in his room … and calling his name sounded like the best thing to do when he was trying to find a way out of that and actually hide the man somehow.

that totally makes sense actually since the change in his “tone” was pretty notable … the way he said “who’s this” before know that tae was filming and the way he started talking after saying “JIM..” are two completely diffirent tones ,, while saying the first one he sounded a bit “enthusiastic” /”happy ,because he was in a middle of something with no other than jimin #having-the-time-of-his-life, then after knowing that taehyung was filming (and probably panicking about having jimin in his room) he said “hold on i’m not wearing any clothes” in a tottaly diffirent way .. [dissapointment showing ? yes] then he went back to trying to  be funny / speak in a weird way again . but his face throughout the whole thing was absolutely the one of someone getting interrupted in a middle of something he was dying to do; so there that .

this proves even more that jimin was indeed hiding in his room that night , thanks for sharing ~ :)

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:0 can you do a tutorial for this edit? Mostly the word search part! Also thanks so much for making such awesome stuff Ily and ur edits /post/129348976012/ikon

How to make this gfx

Ok first you need to know that english is not my first language and i’m really really really bad at explaining things also this is my first time making a tutorial but i’ll try my best so pls bear with me. This is the final result.

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blogrates + name aesthetics

been really absent lately and i want to get back into talking to you guys again and getting more involved with tumblr once again. so here is my second attempt haha

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How Do You Forget?

okay so here’s my take on something that has most definitely been written before and will be written again.

it’s an au, obviously, where jd and veronica are in college and together and happy. 

once again this is dedicated to the wonderful @jdronica bc i love her blog, she has given me so much inspiration and i need to stop right here or i’ll be going on all night.

thanks/blame to @gender-lessgoon for encouraging me. dammit woman this is all your fault.

i hope you guys enjoy this one as much as you did the last! i’m churning em out while i’ve got the motivation and ideas so… yeah, enjoy! (even though the beginning is rushed and it’s literally so short and once again unedited why do i keep doing this to you guys i am very sorry)

Originally posted by deadblogwalking


Veronica groaned as her alarm went off, rolling out of bed and padding to the bathroom as she wrapped her robe around herself, wiping her eyes and yawning as she started her day.

As she washed her hands, staring at her reflection, she noted a hickey on her collarbone and rolled her eyes. She loved her boyfriend, she really did, but JD could be a little…enthusiastic.

She made her way back into the bedroom, feeling her heart melt a little as it did every time she saw JD asleep. He was just too damn cute, she thought.

“Hey, you, wake up!” she said loudly, and JD grumbled faintly and burrowed deeper into the mattress. Veronica rolled her eyes again and pulled the covers off him.

“JD, it’s time to get up,” she said mock-sternly, and he rolled over to squint at her with betrayal written all over his face.

“Why must you hurt me in this way?” he croaked, and Veronica’s heart jumped at the gravel in his voice.

“I’m gonna do my makeup and then make eggs and bacon,” she told him, tossing his robe on top of him.

As she turned away, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down onto the bed as she squeaked in surprise. He nuzzled his face into her neck.

“Don’t get up yet,” he murmured. “Stay with me.”

“JD,” she sighed, pushing him away, “you know I’d love to, but we’ve got class at nine, and it’s seven thirty. We need to get ready.”

He grumbled again as she shoved herself up off the bed once more.

“Okay, but consider this-we could just not go,” he said, and Veronica sighed.

“JD, I’ve missed class five times in two weeks because of you,” she said, walking back to the bathroom to brush her hair and do a little makeup.

She heard him get up, and then he was behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder.

“I thought I provided an enjoyable alternative to academia,” he mumbled, and she chuckled, leaning forward to brush mascara onto her lashes. JD held very still, knowing that distracting her now was a supremely bad idea.

“Yes,” she hummed, finishing and leaning back into his chest to survey the results, “but you know as well as I do that we both need a good grade.”

JD sighed and lightly kissed her neck before he released her and went to go get dressed.


Veronica only burned the eggs a little, which she counted as a success, though JD sighed at her.

“Hey, you want unburned eggs, you get up and make them yourself,” she told him archly, and he rolled his eyes and sat at the table.

Breakfast passed in relative peace and quiet until JD spoke up.

“I’m thinking a spring wedding,” JD mused, “or maybe fall. Don’t want it to be too cold though.”

Veronica blinked at him and laughed.

“Babe, we’re not even engaged yet,” she informed him, taking another bite of her eggs.

He froze, looking at her with wide eyes, fork full of eggs halfway to his mouth. She wrinkled her nose at him and swallowed her mouthful, taking a drink of her milk before she raised an eyebrow at him as he slowly lowered the fork.

“So that’s what I forgot to do last night,” JD said eventually, shock and horror coloring his tone, and Veronica couldn’t help herself.

“Oh my God,” she choked, trying valiantly not to laugh. JD’s gaze dropped to his plate, and Veronica couldn’t hold it in anymore.

She burst out into helpless giggles, which quickly turned into a full on belly laugh as JD pouted.

“Don’t laugh at me,” he whined, and she pressed a hand to her mouth as her shoulders shook.

“I’m so sorry,” she gasped, “but love, how do you forget to propose?”

JD’s cheeks flushed, and Veronica’s heart stuttered slightly as butterflies erupted in her stomach, even after years of being together.

He stood abruptly, leaving Veronica at the table alone. Her forehead creased as she stood to follow him, but before she could, he was entering the kitchen once more, this time holding a small black velvet box that Veronica instantly recognized for what it was. Her hands flew to her mouth as he dropped to one knee.

“Look, I know it’s not romantic, and we’re literally in the middle of breakfast, but…ugh,” JD groaned, cheeks still flushed as Veronica’s eyes began to well up with tears. “I love you, Veronica Sawyer, and…I want you in my life, for the rest of my life. I want you to be mine, officially, forever. So, will you marry me?”

“Oh, my God, you idiot,” Veronica breathed, and dropped to her knees, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him with a force that knocked them both to the floor.

When they parted, Veronica laughed breathlessly.

“Sorry for knocking you over. Jason Dean, I’d be honored to be your wife.”

JD’s grin knocked the breath out of Veronica again just as she had begun to catch it, and she leaned down to kiss him once more, eggs forgotten and growing cold on the table.

They were late to class, and Veronica had to wear a scarf for almost a week, but they were engaged, and to her, it was worth it.


“So, spring or fall?”

“Definitely spring. The flowers will be blooming.”

“Yeah, but come on, they aren’t gonna be able to hold a candle to you.”

“JD, come here and let me kiss you.”

“Your wish is my command.”

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Not hating but personally i strongly dislike ushioi only bc oikawa and iwachan hate him like why would i want to ship my fave character with his rival lol

Well, strongly disliking something might not equal hating, but sending me this out of the blue.. kinda does. I mean, why did you do that? Okay, UshiOi is not your cup of tea, that’s cool, but it’s mine, you know? Why’d you go out of your way to tell me that? You knew that it would only upset me. 

I might be getting you wrong, but since you put this as a rhetorical question it definitely doesn’t feel like you’re asking me about my opinion on UshiOi in order to understand what’s appealing about it to me. If I’m wrong, correct me, but to me this is not what a friendly ask from a curious anon who’s interested in what I have to say looks like.

Moreover, I’m sorry, but you definitely shouldn’t be allowed to use strong words like “hate” because you clearly can’t handle them. There might be a million parallel universes, but in none of them Oikawa and Iwaizumi actually hate Ushijima. This is a shounen manga; it’s sports and school and comedy and deals with relationships between high school students who are passionate about volleyball. There are friendships and rivalries, jealousy, happiness, euphoria, disappointment, and whatever else, but there isn’t anything that could truly be called hate

A rivalry doesn’t equal hate, and actually having rivals can be a very healthy thing and is also pretty essential for the players’ development in competitive sports. There’s a lot more I could say about this, but I’m sorry, I don’t feel lke you’d care, and this is something that feels so obvious to me, I don’t feel like writing a long text about this.

Also, you do know that the rivals-to-lovers trope is actually a very, very popular one? People ship their favourite characters with their rivals all the time and for a lot of reasons. If you don’t, once again, that’s cool, but please don’t bother anyone who does with your negativity. 

Once finally reunited with her after the Crucible was activated, Garrus takes the absolute best care of Shepard as she recovers. Having looked after his mother for most of his life, he knows a thing or two about supporting people through tough times such as these; having to do things for them and assist them with many tasks, simple or not.

Garrus is always there for her, and despite Shepard sometimes having issues coping with herself, whether it be PTSD, disabilities or anything else, Garrus is there to help her through it however he can, and Shepard sees this and appreciates it. Somehow she loves him even more than she thought possible.

And whenever Garrus goes through his share of PTSD, Shepard makes sure he knows she’ll always be there to support him as well, no matter what she’s going through. And then, when they’re out of hospital and can finally be themselves, they do everything they can to make it all worth it, truly together at last. And it’s definitely worth it.

Hello there! And don’t worry, that’s alright, ahah. And no – I haven’t put my two cents in yet because lately I just have time to stay online a bit only to check the tag and maybe submit something from time to time >< also, I hate ship wars with all my heart and so I tend to avoid any posts that may bring to that. Furthermore, I’m not very rational when it comes to shipping, I just follow my own feelings & sensations and so I can’t really explain it…XD but you took your time to write to me, and so I should give you an answer!

Caution! Personal opinions ahead, be careful!

So, yes, I ship Gafou :) and I’ve always been a…monoshipper I guess (is that even a word) – I mean, if I ship A with B, I just can’t ship A with C, that’s a fact (Wesley from Buffy/AtS is the only exception that comes in my mind right now). Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Stanfou (and again, don’t take my doodles too seriously, I’m just an idiot who likes to mess things up – and I don’t even mind drawing it, to be frank). I just prefer Gafou, that’s it! As I’ve already said, I’m not very rational and when I saw the “there’s no one as easy to bolster as you” scene (and in Italian it’s even better), it gave me such incredible vibes that I was like “ok, that’s it. I’m doomed. No matter what happens, I’m shipping it”. And that’s exactly what happened XD Of course, there are other reasons as well: I believe the ship had a really good potential (“LeFou, you’re the best!” And much moar) and the chemistry between the actors (and the actors themselves in this case because Le Duo is probably one of the best things that happened to me this year) helped a lot indeed. Even if Stanley and LeFou dancing together was so damn cute, I just couldn’t help myself from thinking about Gaston being alive and ready to start his REDEMPTION ARC. And regarding those people who label it as abusive…well, I really can’t (and don’t want to) change their mind and they have every right to think whatever they want, I just wish they could keep it out from the tag (and the fact that the “anti gafou” tag actually exists makes me sad). Because it’s not about “being open to other’s opinions”, it’s often about people judging/bashing other people over fictional characters and I’ve read “gafou shippers should be burning in hell” so many times that it makes me sick. << As for Gaston, same story; some may defend him, some may not; I personally think that the events of the movie showed his worst side and nobody realized that (or realized too late as for LeFou in the Mob Song), because otherwise I believe that LeFou would have left him before (and they went to war together, so they had to deal with lots of scenarios similar to the attack on the castle I think?? Minus the enchanted objects of course). Ofc, He’s got his flaws (duh), but I strongly believe that he can change and that he deserves his redemption arc. And…I’m lost XD I hope I answered at least one of your questions, I’m sorry but I’m not really good at this and I’m so busy lately that I can’t even think straight in Italian XDD Thank you so much for your kind words anyway! <3

I just have a few things to say...

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Hello!! Uh, I've been wanting to say this for a long while, but I wanted to let you know how amazing your art style is.. it's really unique and your colors and lines are lovely when paired together. I've gotten inspiration from you several times and I wanted to thank you for sharing what you do with us! You're full of talent and I'm always happy to see when and what you've posted (especially sniperspy stuff because that's all I post on my art-blog really x_x). So.. keep up the great work! -v-

Ok hold on, I need to gather myself…that’s just so many nice things at once, oooh God ಥ‿ಥ You’re so kind, thank you very much! I’m really glad you enjoy my art style, this always means a lot to me and motivates me greatly! Ah seriously, I feel like I don’t deserve so much praise but hearing that I’m able to inspire others makes me so happy Thank you once again!

Lost and found

Pairing: Lavi/Allen

Word count: 2,900

Summary:  Allen finds out about Lavi carrying his ace of spades with him all the time.

A super late Laven Spring Exchange gift for @the14thnea - I’m really very sorry for making you wait this long ;A; Hopefully you will find this fic enjoyable even in spite of that.

[Read on AO3]

The night was stifling, washed blue with the light of the clear full moon, and once again restless.

Lavi lay on his back, watching the shadows drift across the ceiling. He had given up on sleep long ago, his head too heavy with the recent events to allow him anything better than a few fitful naps that left him exhausted and disoriented. The alternative was almost soothing in comparison. Staying awake meant he could at least try to put up a fight against the memories flooding his mind.

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Risky asks 1, 9 and 10 and really risky 7!

Once again HoLY crap this was late omg, I went to bed a little while before you asked probably. Also I’ve answered most of these but it’s okay haha, I’ll do them again! ^^

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

Ahhh okay different ppl this time: @marirosmo @hydrachea and @arsenicgrace

9.  what was your first blog URL?

On this blog? Still got it, good ol’ sympathykick, but I did have a different account a couple years ago. That URL was killerslowpoke (don’t bother looking it up it’s dead now lmao)

10. if you draw or write, show some of your really old work

Here u go

7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?

I have a lot, but today I’m really digging Red Hands by The Dear Hunter

sorry again for being so quiet as of late! with art stuff, i’m either working on commissions or sketching and then scrapping stuff;;; i’d like to work on some projects so bad so once i finish up some loose ends, i plan on doing so!

in any case, here’s a fluffy little animation i did nice and quick just now!  ๑•́ ₃ •̀๑


Aged up baseball boys sketches! 1st year uni students + 3rd year senpais. 

Where those two grew out of the mullets. And they visit Seido one random day (cue whispers up and down the halls, ”kyaa who are they” “they were on the baseball team, don’t you know?”), to visit their favorite loud pitcher. “Ah, Sawamura-senpai? He’s usually with Kominato-senpai!” Then those two make their grand entrance down the hall cherry blossoms fall loljk wait when did this turn so shoujo and HOW DARE WHO ALLOWED YOU TO GET SO HANDSOME TALL?!

I am NOT READY for the end of S2 ;A; at the same time, I’m also looking forward to being able to read the manga once it’s done?!