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good soft fantasy ideas to write one day:

  • artistic witches who bottle the colors from sunrises and sunsets to use their paintings
  • wizards who couldn’t decide on one familiar so they just ended up taking care of a whole adopted family of black cats and three-headed dogs and smol dragons
    • wait. that’s hagrid.
  • dragons who hoard neglected children who need a good home
    • “why couldn’t you hoard normal things like spoons” says the dragon’s exasperated friend who got roped into helping him take the kids on a field trip
  • “and whatever you do, don’t ever walk past the enchanter’s cottage on a new moon” “oh no do they curse people??” “no that’s when they do their very complicated floating bread baking, we try not to disturb them while they’re trying to concentrate”
Let me start by saying I suck at meta but this scene popped out to me.

Rewatching season 3 and episode 15 and it’s interesting how everyone listens to Bellamy and not Clarke. It’s almost as if they are mid convo when they open up the episode.

She proceeds to tell him that they need a Nightblood only for Jasper and Octavia to dismiss her. It’s weird because the episode before everyone was looking to her for ideas.

Clarke tries to convince them once again, trying to appeal to their logic. When she sees that’s not working she turns to Bellamy who immediately shuts her down. The other two looking at her from behind him. That’s when she gives this defeated look because Bellamy has to understand, he always does.

I don’t know, just another example of how she’s lost touch with her people. I think this was one of the very glaring moments to her that she really doesn’t know her people, let alone the Delinquents, anymore. By her leaving, she’s revoked her voice as leader in a lot of ways. It’s also funny because Octavia has always hated Clarke after season 2 and Jasper has never chosen a side, but it’s glaring how he looks up to Bellamy a whole lot more than Clarke.

i just thought about lilah and lindsey platonically living together n i need 2 stOP


Poc Appreciation Week
Day 4: Magnus Appreciation

Mad men rarely make sense. Mostly, they just hate. And he hated the Downworlders, for the gifts that we possess that he could not have. He hated us enough to kill us all. 


Daytime Pines!

[Sunset: Stanford; Sunrise: Stanley; Midday: Mabel; Midnight: Dipper]

fantasy book with witches and wizards and magical people but all magic has a price, like

main character, in awe and slightly terrified: what did you have to give up to be able to control storms with your mind?

powerful enchanter, fighting back tears as they pull down the hood of their cloak to reveal a knotted oily mess: my beautiful luscious hair….no matter how many times i wash or brush it, it always looks like this

main character: [horrified gasp]

List of Au’s I Need
  • You always watch our soccer/football game but you’re always alone and I wanted to talk to our number one fan 
  • You suck at gym class and coach assigned me to be your partner, seriously dude, you can’t even kick a ball
  • You’re the cute nerd that keeps getting pushed around but you just punched your bully and I gotta save you
  • I’m a monster/guardian that the local village give sacrifices too and you’re the new sacrifice but don’t worry I won’t eat you, I’m kinda lonely
  • You’re my mate but you won’t except it, c’mon, it took me forever to find you can I at least get a hug or something
  • I just captured the ship you’re on and about to kill everyone on it, but you’re cute, I’ll keep you
  • You’re a princess that wants to escape castle life and I happen to be just traveling the world, totally not running away from bad people or nothin’
  • You’re the neighbor that keeps their curtains open, even when changing, and I can’t talk to you without blushing 
  • You just snuck into my apartment and wait is that blood
  • we’ve been roomates for a few months now and I never see you at night except this time when I caught you dragging a body into the kitchen
  • I needed to kidnap you for a mission but don’t worry I won’t kill you, you’ll be staying with my family for a while
  • You just threw your prosthetic arm at me for being an asshole but seriously dude I’m sorry, do you need a hand?
  • I’m that dork that makes stupid puns and you’re the nerd that actually finds them funny
Baby Witch Adventures 2/?

Does anyone know a spell for “calling” or anchoring cold weather? We’re FINALLY getting a cool front coming through Texas and I’d like to try and encourage it to stick around a bit? Maybe see if I can help it get a little colder?

I know literally nothing about weather witchery. ^^; Help? 


I sometimes wish I’d stayed inside

my mother.

Never to come out. 


i think this was one of the major turning points in the clip. they’ve been spending all this time in the suite, and even has been saying all these things, throwing ideas about weddings and wedding proposals and how it was all going to happen for the two of them. and at first isak smiles along, laughs along, tries to actually participate in the conversation, but there’s that moment, that turning point, where he doesn’t. he can’t. he can’t bring himself to smile back, not sincerely. and at that point he realizes that something is going on, but he doesn’t quite know, he doesn’t quite understand. and i think he was trying to hold on to the idea that this was just a fun, luxurious day spent in a hotel suite, a carpe diem kind of day, but there came a point where he started to feel lost, and holding on to that idea wasn’t possible anymore, and that idea was slipping from his grip.

and once again i must applaud tarjei, because his eyes said it all. no words, no frowning or tilt of the head. it was so subtle, but yet so so obvious


chloe posted a new behind the scenes video of the bing bang from robbies dream team!! i love the picture at the end lmao

so you know, after rewatching episode 10 for the 145th time, there was this little moment that somehow got me thinking. and my god it might be a stretch so just bear with me here ok?

but after their training in barcelona, victor asks yuuri what he wants to do next and then proceeds to say this:

that makes good sense, sure, but what we then see from the montage that follows is that it is still quite early? like they spend the entire day sightseeing, so i couldn’t help but wonder why victor would suggest to rest already. 

then it hit me. 

at this point we have, through other metas, established that victor has a ring for yuuri, so what if the suggestion he comes with was meant to be an excuse to get yuuri back to their hotel room so they could get some privacy. because victor wanted to pop the question right there. he wanted to propose in the privacy of their own hotel room, but couldn’t say no to yuuri’s plead on seeing the city and then yuuri freaking beat him to it instead. lmao you tried victor.

There are several things that this show does well and one of them is the friendship between the boys.

Most friendships with boys are always seen as very stereotypical scenes and when the topic of emotions comes up it’s always handled in a very awkward way once again portraying the gross idea that men should

 1.Not speak about emotions

 2. Are terrible at handling emotions. 

But that is nowhere near true. 

First we have Jonas who is probably one of the most introspective characters on this show. Jonas is an amazing friend who watches carefully and pays attention. He remembers the details even more so when he knows there might be reason to worry. And he is nothing if not loving and gentle with Isak. From not even thinking to put labels on his friends. To being willing to tell the rest of the boys if Isak couldn’t find the strength. To the reassurance and strength he provided Isak when he made the decision to come out. Jonas has been completely supportive and not only that he’s also so excited for Isak. His face of pure surprise and happiness when Even showed up, him leaving a comment on Isak’s instagram photo.

Then we have Mahdi. Mahdi who I don’t think even realizes how much relief he took of Isak’s shoulders when before he even came out he looked so affronted and offended at the idea of anyone considering him a homophobe. Mahdi, who at the crass (but honestly oblivious) nature of Mangus’ comment, immediately states that perhaps Isak is pansexual. He just immediately gets to it and doesn’t worry to much about what was happening before in regards to Even’s past hook ups but is more focused on the now and how that’s affecting Even. 

Finally there’s Magnus. Who … well Magnus is a bit of a comedic relief and honestly I would probably say he’s an asshole if he wasn’t just so absolutely oblivious to how his words come out. He genuinely means no harm from them and what’s kind of great about Magnus is that he doesn’t tip toe around Isak. Isak’s likes guys? Awesome, Magnus is still going to say 100% inappropriate things. Then there’s him trying to sneakily look at the phone to see if there’s a reply and you seeing him genuinely disappointed when there’s not one or his face of betrayal as he looked at Isak like ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE’RE NOT MEETING PRETTY BOY’ 

Honestly the scene of them drinking with each other is EXACTLY what girls do with their friends. EXACTLY. Come on how many times have we texted the groupchat going ‘I have screenshots what do I say’, how many of us have asked the ‘smiley or no smiley’ question. How many of us have literally squealed in excitement when something happened. 

I just love that this show is portraying the friendship between these boys in such a positive and healthy manner where they talk about their feelings and it’s normal. 

so apparently, before Michelangelo became The Famous Michelangelo and he was just an unknown artist, he tried to earn a little more money by passing off one of his sculptures of Cupid as an ancient roman artifact. the scheme was found out and he ended up losing money, but in the long term it kickstarted his career into an artist worth as much money as the romans he tried to copy. here’s the thing that caught me though: that cupid statue went missing sometime in the 1600s. we don’t know where it is or if it still exists.

so here’s what i want from hollywood right now: an ambitious, unknown artist in New York City, 2016, who’s desperate for some extra cash. she decides, hey… what if i can forge Michaelangelo’s forgery? artist forgery-heist movie, boom.


“A Father for a Son”

Pages 3-4 (I could’ve posted these with the first two pages but I thought it would look nicer if I posted these two at a time.)

Once again, this idea was originally created by @rascal-rose and you can see the original picture here.

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(How do I draw wingdings omg these took forever.)

Edit: On the fourth page, I forgot to draw Frisk’s bandage in the first panel and that was bugging me. Now it’s fixed.