once again im just experimenting so

My entire life has been around the “all or nothing” type mindset. Either I’m completely blinded by my past trauma or I act like it didn’t happen and doesn’t affect me now. It also affects my work. If I’m late once and if I’m worried about my managers yelling at me, my first thought is to just quit my job so I don’t have to go through being yelled at (even if I’m not sure I will get in trouble). If I get into a minor disagreement with a friend, I try to avoid them at all costs because I don’t want to disagree with them again. Its all about protecting myself from future bad experiences that I’m not even sure will happen. Im a very unstable person due to my mental illness.

  • stephinteevee It’d be impossible to thank everyone enough for joining the crazy train that was #CarmillaMovie - a fulfilling, challenging and wonderful experience with just the right amount of madness. @baumanelise and @natvanlis made magic once again, worked incredibly hard as did the rest of our super cast, and all of us care so much about this little movie. We had terrific crew all around that went above and beyond. We’re really lucky. Can’t wait to bring it to you. 🍻
how to make artsy geometric aesthetic thingies

today imma show u guys how to make these kinds of backgrounds

okay so ur gonna need two apps for this: Pixlr and Toolwiz (i provided the links there, well for android users anyway, sry if ur on something else)

imma put this on a read more bc this is gonna be kind of long and I’m a Mess

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Ardyn hell fans gather around!!

so i was thinkning about this:If we are ever blessed by Square Enix with an Ardyn prequel game, movie,tv series etc how do you imagine his Afterlife scene?

We saw Noctis and Luna getting together cause thats what they wanted throughout the whole game and they got rewarded.

I believe that the FFXV Afterlife isnt a place like our Heaven here in our world.(if you are good you go there,if you are not you go to hell).In my opinion the Afterlife of FFXV is a personal place,a place where you go and live, do, experience  the one thing you couldnt do in your previous life,something that you wish with all your heart that happend but didnt!!

Now in Ardyn’s case what do you think will happen?

Cause in my headcanon i dont think he did all this so he could reunite with a loved one(even though i have hc for that too),what  i truelly believe is  that he just wanted peace,quiet and to be remembered!!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter!!

of course once again im going to tag some Ardyn experts :D

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fine and cool and chill

Summary: During class, you become wildly over-stimulated for no particular reason. Your SQUIP takes it upon itself to help you.

Author’s Note: WOAH HEY I hadn’t listened to Be More Chill in like, over a month, and suddenly I remembered how much I loved the Squip. Anyway, here’s this. Let me know if you have any requests!!

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house drama is finally over i can breathe again


“remember the night we first hung out?”
“mhm, yes i do.”
“i remember we slow-danced. my little ploy at getting closer to you after you wanted to hear me sing. i sang and hummed to you as we rocked back and forth, and i just remember, pulling my head back to look at you, seeing your beautiful damn eyes, with the moons reflection dazzling in them; i wanted to kiss you so bad right then and there. it was so tempting, but i had to think of something else so i can keep seeing you.”
Luna smiles, looking into his eyes.
“and here we are… you’re here. with me. never in my wildest dreams would i thought to have a lady like you in my life. tonight, with you in my arms, slow-dancing again like our first time, made me realize how lucky i am. lucky to finally be able to kiss you and hold you like there’s no tomorrow.”
Milo pulls in closer.
“you made me realize not only how lucky i am, but that there is real, pure love out there in the world. because that is what you have shown me in the past couple months we’ve been together. and it’s been the best damn months in my life. i love you, Luna. thank you for all you are and what you’ve given to me. thank you for making me believe in love again.”


sorry ive been bombarding you all with colour pallettes! ‘^^

i just cant help luving colourz i guess lol

anyways, seeing as its autumn now i shall give you all a kokona outside in ze cold, and im once again experimenting with brushes, dont know how long this phase is gonna last but well see i guess? and yes, kokona haruka, the girl form the yandere game, i like her :3

so ye enjoy 

Don’t claim my stuff as your own cause that’s stupid

ok, it’s basically my life motto to avoid Discourse™ like the plague (especially here on tunglr) unless entirely necessary, but this shit abt the latinx portrayal in d–irty laundry has really peeved me so this is all i’m gonna say on the matter:

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anonymous asked:

I found out the guy i gave a second chance to who was my first love and everything lied to me and I guess was playing me the whole time. It hurts cause I thought he had changed. I feel so stupid for bringing him into my home, giving him my body and telling him so much abt my feelings and life. How can I get over this betrayal a second time? Why would he intentionally hurt me again? I thought he loved me but I guess he never did & I feel like I’ll never be able to trust anyone again.

he hurt you because he doesnt give a fuck about you. if he gave a fuck you wouldnt be in this position. i dont believe in giving people chances, maybe its just me butt fuck up once and then im out. you need to take from this experience and apply it to your future relationships. Everything hppens for a reason. Pain carries the most lessons, so dont let this lesson run past ur head

condoms & lube

I accidentally deleted? posted? a question in my inbox and didn’t catch the username of the sender but they asked: “so flavored condoms are NOT for penetrative sex, but what if the condom is lubricated?” (or something to that effect)

the answer is: flavored condoms aren’t really lubricated, because u don’t need lube for a mouth. any other condom that is meant for penetrative sex will usually have lube on it already, but in some cases it might not. whether it does or doesn’t come with lube, it’s a good idea to have your own (preferably water-based) lube to use in addition, because lubrication is important!

lube is important because if there is inadequate lubrication during sex, there will be friction. this will be painful for everyone involved. dry skin scraping against each other is extremely uncomfortable(chafing, summer thighs, chub rub, the real bad shit u kno what im talkin abt). you could also cause micro-tears in the vaginal wall or inside the anus, which could lead to bleeding, soreness, severe pain, a burning sensation, and increased risk of infection. lube makes everything slippery-slidey and easier to manage.

additionally, a too-tight or unrelaxed hole will be uncomfortable to both pitcher and catcher, and lube can only help so much. remember that foreplay is important and gentle fingering to stretch and relax the muscle is important too, so that less friction occurs and lube can do its job properly.

using lube is simple! lube goes on whatever the condom is going on(a penis, a dildo, a banana/cucumber for education purposes, etc), AND whatever the condom will be penetrating(an anus, a vagina, an onahole, etc).

once again, im not an authority on anything, I just know a thing or two from education and experience.

have fun

“I don’t deserve to receive it yet,
Because I have so much more sweetness to give to you…” 
(๑˘ ᵕ ˘๑)

hello hello (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。its aqsa returning with another follow forever!! there’s not much time till the clock strikes 12 (tbh i’ll probably be done with this by like 1 am watch), and it seemed appropriate to share a bit of love for the start of valentine’s day, so here i am~ though it’s only been around a month and a half since i made the last one on new years (and around 9 months since i’ve joined kpop wow can you believe that thats a whole pregnancy), i cannot tell you how much i’ve gained in such a short amount of time. i’ve also hit that lucky 777 follower count, so it’s the perfect time for a ff, no? i have met the most wonderful people, laughed and cried at the success of our boys, and overall had a way happier experience on tumblr than i’ve ever had before. this is 50% bc of the blogs that i follow that always seem to make my dash so lovely and pretty and nice to look at and 50% bc of my followers who are always there, supporting this messy af blog in all its entirety. i want to take this time to say how much i appreciate your blogs and how absolutely wonderful you all seem to be; you make me proud to be an ARMY & carat have they announced the name yet lol tick tock boys and i know i would not have enjoyed my experiences in this fandom as much as i do with you all here to make my day better with your beautiful edits, helpful info, and hilarious tags ♡ all of you deserve to meet your biases and be serenaded in their sweet voices or boss ass raps (or both if you’re a kookie, coups, woozi, or hobie stan, in which case you’ve lucked out); and that goes out to all my followers as well, i hope you know how much i love all of you; you make me smile everyday, and we should totally talk!! my ask box is always open, fyi (人 •͈ᴗ•͈) any who, since this is getting super long, i just want to once again say ty to my followers, my mutuals, and those i follow for letting me have such a nice kpop experience ^^ so, without further ado, here is the long awaited list!! 

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i always see you guys in my activity and i want to say thank you :-) most of you have been with me since the beginning and i really really appreciate you guys  ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) there are lots more, dont think i’ve forgotten about you guys!!!

and there we go! i was right, it’s over 12…its 5 minutes to 2 he lp. anyways, i hope i got everybody i needed to, and i hope you all have a wonderful valentine’s day! if i’ve forgotten a mutual or forgotten to tag someone please do tell me! this was made in an extreme rush ahaha you dont know how long i’ve been listening to “i like it” by bts on loop (special ty to the anon that gave me the song cause jhope’s part is lit af) 

anyways, have a wonderful night!! we’re getting our name soon, so stay tuned, svt stans! and ARMY, keep watching over our idiotic children ♡ thank you!

jinki-bunny fan-account: SHINee "The Wizard" Concert

Seriously this is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

The below is all written from my own point of view! Sorry for the text spam ahead! I hope to share this with everyone so that you can read it and relate to the awesome fancam pictures circulating on tumblr right now, so please pardon me for any mistakes or typos (i’m still spazzing from the experience seriously. Plus im not fluent in Korean so..)

It is also not easy for me to attend a SHINee concert as well so I kinda understand how it feels.. I hope this can help my awesome tumblr international fan friends feel like they were there with me at the concert~ xD


Before the concert started, SM rookies performed many songs and dances. Seriously they are good! They even did items like Lucifer and Bonamana!

SHINee boys entered wearing pure white (my fav) and started with Hitchhiking, followed by Nitemare. Then Dream girl (Onew condition appeared and Jinki dropped his mic stand while spinning it. The performance still went on smoothly though!)

The boys then introduced themselves. (Minho said Merry Christmas!)

They performed Sherlock next. I am forever in awe of their perfect sync and coordination.

Then the boys went in to change and concert MV started. It was a magic show put up by the boys dressed in top hats n black suits (too handsome omg *squealing just by recalling*)

Followed by Jongkey performance! they started off really silly.. Jonghyun had a rudolph nose and they came on stage in tiny cars. (when getting out of the car jjong’s leg got stuck lol) They then walked out onto the extended stage to sing and dance and they threw things to the fans! (Did I mention that jjong’s jacket was open and you can see his torso?! It was covered with kiss marks omg. He even topped the sexy time by taking off his coat at the end while exiting I almost died.)

Then it was a solo by Minho. That boy is so full of aegyo and overflowing with cuteness. His charisma is really no joke! I managed to get a clear shot here yay! Then he suddenly pulled out a girl? from the fans and turns out it’s the 6th member of SHINee Jun Hyun Moo cross dressed LOL too cute seriously they all~

Taemin did a solo slow song next.. This boy’s singing is really good!

Finally the moment i was waiting for - Jinki’s solo performance. He sang In your eyes omg! He was wearing a suit.. so so so handsome kyahh!!! Then suddenly he exited the stage abruptly acting like he was crying (lol?)

And Minho appeared with a real messy wig and started dancing to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. After a few silly antics, suddenly he discovers a bag. And he drew out a Mexican hat and stuck 2 black duct tape to his face to make a moustache LOL! And Jinki re-appeared with a similar hat and lots of duct tape on his face to make a moustache. Then they performed Macarena I almost died laughing they are so hilarious! Jinki looked so lost towards the end he’s really so cute!

Jonghyun, Taemin and key entered to start talking while OnHo went in to change. Key and Jonghyun danced the SHINee Macarena too~ xD *fangirls*

Then Minho and Onew came out together with their arms around each other’s shoulders!! They then talked a lot more but sadly I couldn’t understand korean well and there was no translation. =\ *mental note to self to really learn my korean more diligently*

They then performed Sleepless night, Honesty (Jinki asked the fans to sing along *i think!* and everyone sang together it was really such a beautiful moment), and In my room (all acoustic so so awesome really!) The boys are so sweet they thanked the guitarist and pianist every time!

The boys continued talking and Jonghyun seems to be saying something about him mixing up Japanese and Korean lyrics~ (I might be wrong but my korean is really level zero!)

Then they performed Run with me, followed by Dazzling girl (one of my favourites omg and Key waved in my direction during the song!!!!! *dies from happiness*)

Then it was the MV of Wizard of Oz! (LOL I really laughed so hard watching this) Jonghyun is sassy Dorothy with long red hair (he keep bashing the other boys lol), Onew is the tin man (who is forever in love with everyone omg damn cute seriously and playing around with that ax of his), Min Ho is the scarecrow (it was a cutout cos I think he was busy with filming to do this MV together) Taemin is the lion (omg he is sooooo adorable with that whiskers and all!) and Key is the witch (Now we know what his instagram pic means! It was the make up for this concert MV).. and best part, they defeated the witch (Key) by removing his eyeliner HAHAHA!! xD Best ever!

The boys then re-entered and performed 3(?) dance songs (Ready or not was one of the songs). (By then I was seriously so high and standing up jumping and dancing around at my seat with the boys. I think it was at this point (honestly I forgot when exactly) that they entered by the aisle near the fans OMG MINHO CAME BY MINE! Halfway through the performance Jonghyun came by my side on a moving platform OMG HE WAS SO NEAR!! I got a decent shot of him yay!!!)

After that there was a DJ stand in the middle of the stage, and Jonghyun re-entered first, followed by the rest of the boys and they did a remix of Lucifer followed by a remix of 아름다워 (Beautiful).

The boys changed into sweaters and coats, and they entered by the moving platform at the sides. They sang Haru while travelling around the concert area on that small moving platform OMFG they were so near me like 2-3m away only OMG OMG OMG I seriously can’t. I really died a little inside when I saw Jinki. He even high-fived some of the fans who ran down to the railing (urgh I din!)

Then they sang Bodyguard, followed by a slow song, then it was the end of the concert and they exited.

All the fans started chanting Encore~ followed by “SHINee, SHINee” non stop. We really carried on for a long while and then the boys came back!

They performed Everybody!!!!!!! IT WAS SO DAMN AWESOME TO SEE IT LIVE. Jinki did the propeller move but can tell that it is not as vigorous as before (im glad actually).

They then sat down to talk (Jinki was tying his shoe lace at one point, and he did the little bunny nose action that he tends to do!!! *kyahhhh!*) At one point I think they talked about hair color, and they kept repeating the word “colourful” in between their convos. I’m guessing they are talking about the MV released yesterday cos they mentioned something about merry Christmas as well.

They performed Green rain, followed by (OMG MY FAV) Colorful! Their dance is so simple, cute and sweet! After the performance, Jinki said something about his coat when he was turning around during colorful dance (I think he meant that it kept swinging around hehe)

Finally, the boys ended off with a speech each, starting with Onew (he was so cute he did some kind of aegyo voice at one point), followed by Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and then Key.

And then, they sang Selene 6.23 (*AFDHKJDF~*)

The boys are so sweet they went on to thank the fans on each part of the concert hall and along the way Jinki picked up this red bunny ears hairband and wore it *aww!!! Jinki bunny!*

At some point of their talking all the fans started chanting Saranghae and Minho (some of the other boys may have chanted too) chanted together with the fans omg so cute!!!

Then it’s the final end and the boys left. They then played a “Behind the scenes” video of their preparation for this concert. (LOL Key and the bird was so funny and cute xD)


(OK this post is the first thing I did when I got back to my hotel. Time to get some food and rest up and continue spazzing over this experience. It feels so .. urgh I cant even put it into words I’m just so happy! This Korea trip is really full of wonderful experiences and this SHINee concert was way unexpected and I can only say that I am a really lucky girl and I just want to share my joy and love for SHINee with all of you. Thank you if you reached this point (and is still alive reading). And once again pardon me for any poor descriptions or grammar.)

anonymous asked:

I'm not saying you haven't replied. It just most people I've tried messaging. Maybe it's my looks? Cause I have a selfie as a profile photo. Idk. I just stopped cause I've messaged about 20 people that say they're nice and they always reply. But only 2 have messaged me back ever. And then stopped talking to me after like a day. I'm not rude or anything. So idk why that happens. It kinda just fuels my depression and anxiety. Which isn't good so I've stopped.

Oh sweetie I don’t know what happened on other blogs and I can’t really control that. I can only speak from the experience I have and that is writers are a friendly bunck. I am sadden to hear you have learned differently. 

Again I can only speak from my own expirience. Some people IM me and I talk to them just once (not for any paticular reason - just that they don’t message me again and I kinda suck at remembering to reach out again unless it is people I talked to a bunch of times so with me you kinda just have to keep at it - it is not that I don’t wanna talk I am just forgetful!)

One thing I can say is I never ever decide on if I wanna talk to someone based on a selfie. I could care less how you guys look. I just care how you act and you seem like a friendly person so I am sorry that is what you have been met with. 

I gotta say that two of my best friends on here are followers that 1) started tagging me in stuff all the time @harley7509 and 2) that started sending me asks and IMing me out of the blue @tia58 

I got a lot of other friends on here but I don’t really remember how those friendships started - they just did :) 

If you ever decide to talk to me of anon I promise you you will meet no hate!