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Yooran Week Day 5: Strawberry Festival (kinda) (okay not even close LOL I’M SORRY;;)

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Continuation of the shocking Day 4, the Epic Battle draws to a conclusion! Now that Devil Saeran is captured what will Angel Yoosung do?? Find out in Day 6, folks!


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since I'm just getting into them, I need some more convincing..... top 5 gayest pristin moments? -kiss scene anon

ksajdghlkjadsglk what can be more convincing than their existence itself LMAO JK i’m glad you’re trying to get into them, I’m actually very happy for you bc askdjlgakl only good things are on your way ;) instead of doing a top 5 I’m just going to list you some gay stuff they’ve done

But first some pics as a warm up ;)

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sorry, forgot to introduce myself. call me jesus. (x)

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"You're a bitch" + "Don't be fucking rude"

this is inspired by the fact that I suck at putting on sunscreen and am currently Suffering, so I’m going to deal with it by making my fave freckly hockey player suffer too. 

It had seemed like a good idea at the time.

Or… scratch that, it had never seemed like a good idea in Dex’s opinion. But most of the plans his teammates come up with seem like terrible ideas in the first place. They decided to hold a car wash to raise money to support the charity that Jack and his dad decided to start, designed to help educate young athletes about the importance of mental health, and to provide help to those who need it. Dex fully supports the charity and all that, but it’s the car wash thing he’s got an issue with. 

It had gone exactly as he’d expected. Chowder managed to convince the women’s volleyball team to partner with them, and he and Farmer were stationed at the end of the street, scantily clad and waving signs. Ransom and Holster were dressed in speedos (because of course they were) and spent the majority of the time flirting obnoxiously with the “customers”, the volleyball team, and their teammates. There was a lot of suds action and water spraying and screaming. Dex had tried to keep his distance. Bitty had on little short shorts and a tank top tucked in, running around serving lemonade and mini pies to the people waiting for their cars to be washed. Tango and Whiskey were the only ones actually working, dressed like normal humans in swim trunks and SMH t-shirts. Dex himself had gone down that route, donning his faded blue swim trunks and an old Boothbay High School Hockey t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.

And then there was Nursey.

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When you come home really late

Words: 580

Fluff since JinJin is such a cutie with a little bit of comedy idk

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”Ugh,” you groaned when you got off the bus that you had barely missed half an hour earlier. It was already 11 PM and you were super tired. Usually, you came home a lot earlier but today you had had way too much going on. After climbing the two staircases you walked up and down every day – somehow they were a lot more tiring today – you headed towards the familiar door at the end of the hallway. You yawned, took out your keys and opened the door after a few minutes of struggling – you tried to open it with every key but the one that was the right one. It was dark in the apartment and you almost fell thanks to a pair of shoes that was laying in the middle of the freaking hallway but you were too tired to even notice that. 


You were startled by your own reflection in the bathroom’s mirror. You shook your head, washed your face and brushed your teeth quickly. It was pretty dark in the apartment so it took you a while to find your pajamas. Eventually, you were ready to jump into bed. And you did. But you jumped off immediately after hearing someone scream under you. You went to switch on the lights and turned around to look at who was sleeping on your bed.

“What the hell Jinwoo?” You asked when you saw your sleepy boyfriend looking at you with half closed eyes. “I almost had a heart attack!”

“What about me then?” he whined while rubbing his side. “You almost crushed me and my poor bones ______…”

You took a deep breath, switched off the lights and went over to the bed. Without a word, you got under the sheets and lay on your back. Jinwoo lay down too next to you and you inhaled his familiar scent.

“You forgot, didn’t you?” he asked while playing with your hair.

“Of course I didn’t,” you lied, not knowing what he was talking about. You felt bad for forgetting - even though you didn’t remember what you had forgotten - but you had no energy left to argue with your boyfriend.

“Our movie night?” he asked, doubting you.

“I did forget,” you mumbled sadly. “I’m sorry. I just had such a crazy day…”

He chuckled a little. “It’s okay. This is pretty good too.”

“I promise we’ll do that next Friday…” you said, already drifting to sleep.

“Or…” he said quietly with a smile. “We can just stay here tomorrow and watch movies all day.”

You smiled and leaned closer to him under the warm blanket. “That sounds good too.” 

“You know,” Jinwoo said.

“Hmm?” you hummed, your eyes fixed on the movie that you two were watching while lying on your living room’s couch.

“I was kind of worried yesterday,” he said making you turn your head to look at him.

“About what?”

“You came home so late, I was really worried when I waited for you,” he pouted.

“I’m sorry,” you pecked his lips. “I’ll text you next time.”

He smiled warmly and nodded. After that, the two of you spent the rest of the day watching movies that you had already seen like ten times. It didn’t matter though since you were watching then with Jinwoo. The sweetest boyfriend ever. (Though you did have to nag to him a little about the fact that he had left his shoes in the middle of the hallway once again.)

Idek what this is, I just wanted to write something with Jinwoo in it. Also, sorry for the cheesy fluff included, I have to write this kind of scenarios once in a while~