once again i love this cast

Yuuri takes a breath, like he’s gathering up his resolve. He offers his hand. “Dance with me?”

Viktor feels a soft chuckle bubbling from his throat before he can help it. “Now?”

“You doing anything else?” There’s a teasing note in Yuuri’s voice as he curls his fingers in invitation. “Only if you want to, though. We don’t have to – ”

“I’d love to.”

It’s so easy to allow himself to get lost – in the music, in the slow steps they take in sync around the room, and the warmth of Yuuri’s hand around his. The glow from the fireplace casts flickers of light in Yuuri’s eyes, and Viktor finds that he can’t look away.

A scene from the final chapter of And Miles to Go Before I Sleep (collaboration fic between me and @orchids-and-fictional-cities for the YOI Reversebang!)

I think one of the more annoying forms of sexism in fiction is when you have a diverse cast, but it just so conveniently matches up that the people having the big confrontations and the big events are dudes.

Because most people will still love these stories, and try and sell it on the “cool female characters” but in reality it’s a bare minimum effort that’s not actually a bare minimum, and woman are just once again relegated to second string, while all the cool arcs are given to dudes.


Jenna Rolan calling? Jenna Rolan calling..Jenna Rolan calling.

Well here’s my collage our Gossip Queen herself, Jenna Rolan!

First off, can we talk about Jake’s face in that one picture? What a special boy, I love him. Secondly, let’s also talk about how even SHORTER Rich looks when he’s sitting down in front of everyone. Adorable. Thirdly, Michael giving Jenna bunny ears (and that face he’s making…)

Once again, taking requests for who do next.

the signs as oasis lyrics

aries: supersonic // I’m feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic, you can have it all but how much do you want it?

taurus: stand by me // said I would and I’ll be leaving one day, before my heart starts to burn

gemini: some might say // you’ve made no preparation for my reputation once again

cancer: don’t go away // damn my education, I can’t find the words to say with all the things caught in my mind

leo: let there be love // come on baby blue, shake up your tired eyes, the world is waiting for you, may all your dreaming fill the empty sky

virgo: live forever // lately did you ever feel the pain in the morning rain as it soaks you to the bone?

libra: little by little // true perfection has to be imperfect, I know that that sounds foolish but it’s true

scorpio: cast no shadow // bound with all the weight of all the words he tried to say, chained to all the places that he never wished to stay

sagittarius: whatever // you’re free to be wherever you, wherever you please you can shoot the breeze if you want

capricorn: slide away // slide away, and give it all you’ve got. my today fell in from the top. I dream of you and all the things you say. I wonder where you are you now?

aquarius: stop crying your heart out // we’re all of us stars, we’re fading away, just try not to worry, you’ll see us someday

pisces: half the world away // I’m still scratching around in the same old hole, my body feels young but my mind is very old


As you can see, it’s gonna be about this cast for a minute y'all. My obsession hasn’t died yet😭 As hard as it was I ranked them in order. I love them all tho😻

1. Woody McClain
He’s so fine, funny, and humble. Like I’m really in love with him y'all. I’m mentally married to him and everything.💍😭

2. Keith Powers
He’s such a cutie😍 and he’s so laidback and chill. It’s so funny when he jokes the other members of the cast😂

3. Luke James
His voice💞 his confidence, his coolness. He dresses very nice too. His whole vibe just sends out black excellence.

4. Bryshere Gray
I’ve had a crush on this guy since the first season of Empire😩 I love the way he acts, he’s amazing. His smile is so beautiful💕

5. Algee Smith
It was so hard to figure out whether I should put him before or after Bryshere 😭but Algee is so cute💞 he has those bedroom eyes.I loved him as Ralph and I really wanna see more from him. He’s so positive and that’s what makes him even more attractive.

6. Elijah Kelley
I love his energy 💖omg. It’s so cute when he gets worked up and excited about something. Also have y'all seen this man’s outfits lately? His fashion sense is A1. And we cannot forget about the fact he’s fine dark chocolate🍫

Once again this was very hard for me😭 Let’s see if y'all can do it. Who’s your favorite? 👀

Laurent’s “I miss you. I miss our conversations.” really gets me thinking about how closed off and lonely laurent was after his brother died, how he felt that he could not confide in anyone and was perceived as cold and frigid in the court, a cast iron bitch. How he was even unwilling to get too close to Nicaise, to love him as a brother. How he probably couldn’t call anyone his friend in years. And then Damen came into his life, and he laughed with him and he shared his thoughts and he Missed that bc once he finally had found someone to be himself with and talk to he didn’t want to be deprived of it again. 

So I was wondering how Credence will turn out after what happened in Fantastic Beasts, and my personal conclusion : Soft!Credence Barebone.

  • Credence who wears lots of knitted jumpers and socks cause he’s been cold for so long he needs the heavy clothes
  • Credence who lets nifflers and kneazles and even occamies sleep in his bed even though they shouldn’t be allowed there and excuses them by saying he was cold and they brought warmth
  • Credence who gets all smiles and soft voice around children and Newt’s creatures and gets lots of respect for that
  • Credence who learns about Obscurus and helps fellow Obscurials to control their powers
  • Credence who can’t bake or brew potions cause it requires too much precision and the risks of messing it up give him anxiety, but who excels in charms and at decorating cakes cause you can re-try taht as many times as you need
  • Credence who learns all sorts of spells, but is best at the most practical ones
  • Credence who falls alseep in front of the fireplace and who gets levitated to his bed
  • Credence who talks through his sleepless nights with Queenie or Newt, or who just goes out and help Jacob at the bakery since he starts working at 4 am
  • Credence who likes to hold hands with his friends and steal their clothes

Just, soft!Credence who is given all the space and freedom and love he needs and who heals at his own pace and who definitely never becomes a villain overcome with anger and betrayal

Other headcanons :

Queenie  Newt  Tina  Jacob  Graves


The Cast of Still Star-Crossed

Still Star-Crossed Appreciation Week: Why You Love the Show

Still Star-Crossed has absolutely enthralled me. Since the very first scene, I knew I was starting once in a life experience that I was going to thoroughly enjoy, and indeed I did. This show and the cast deserve everything in the world and I’m very thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to once again get excited about the wonderful story, to meet new friends, and to let me see that there’s a possibility for better future where there is no place for racism, misogyny, and  homophobia. The diverse cast did a wonderful job – they allowed me to see a group of people who are fond of one another, but mostly so talented and mesmerizing that I couldn’t take my eyes of them, every emotion acted out in such details that their actions are believable and understandable. Lashana Lynch proved to be an excellent actress, her face is so expressive and without pretence as if she truly was Rosaline Capulet with all her ferocity, sorrow, affection and love. Wade Briggs presented the character of Benvolio with indescribable honesty, showing us a good man, letting him be vulnerable without taking anything of his strength and character. Sterling Sulieman performed Prince Escalus with inner turmoil always readable on his face and Medalion Rahimi played his sister Princess Isabella, whose posture always resonated with unquestionable ability to rule Verona. But I must include everyone else as well because there truly was no weak link; all the actors were perfect fits for their roles and all the performances were utterly breathtaking.
Most of all, I’m forever grateful for the diversity that has been absolutely wonderful and very natural.
Thus I want to thank the whole cast (and crew) for giving me the characters I fell in love with, the characters, who are so, so human. THANK YOU <3

lparrilla: Congratulations #OnceUponATime on a S7 pickup! I’m so excited to be a part of a show that has inspired so many people and look forward to creating new stories for all to enjoy!

It’s been an incredible 6 years working with such a talented cast and crew! I will miss those who will not be joining us in the next chapter and wish them the upmost success on all their future endeavours!

Cheers to Season 7!! See you again soon! #LongLiveTheQueen 🥂
Love -
Lana 💋


The Day Great Comet Stopped the Show

Yup. I was there. Sunday the 23rd of August

It was a last minute decision to go, since my friends and I were just going into the city to see Thomas Sanders and then we were going to go home. And then when they announced the show was going to close, I knew I needed to convince my friends to go see it with me again. 

And low and behold, I did. 

We sat in the rear mezz, two rows behind the only platform in the mezzanine. 

It was a memorable show if you ignore the fact that the sound system went out, so I’m just going to go through the whole show. 

-I can’t remember who threw a dumpling at me, but I saw them afterwards and told them I really appreciated it.


-Shoba was on as Natasha, and let me tell you she is so freaking amazing. I absolutely loved her performance. 

-Brittain Ashfore as Sonya literally blew me away she was more amazing then the cast recording(I saw Ingrid the first time)

-The Opera was even weirder the second time 

-A threesome happened right in front of us during The Duel. My friends and I were thoroughly shook. 

-Scott’s Dust and Ashes were absolutely amazing(I think Oak’s was better, but I think overall, I think Scott may be my favorite Pierre)

-Seeing the entire cast up in the mezz singing Dust and Ashes with Pierre was amazing

-Amber Grey killed me once again 

-Letters is a much more static number than I remember it. 

-Shoba’s Natasha&Sonya was SO AMAZING I LOVED IT 

-Now we get to the Abduction sequence. I raise my glass with my $10 soda, and Brittain Ashfore comes by and clinked it. 

-During the “goodbye my gypsy lovers” I was rocking back and forth and singing. One of the ensemble members saw me singing, smiled, and nodded at me before continuing to do her thing. 

-When Lucas had everyone sit down, he sat down and was panting. The girl he sat next to held out her water bottle. He just looked at her and she looked back. Then he took the water and chugged half of it. Then he handed it back. Then when he was holding out his hands getting ready to tell everyone it was alright to start dancing again, the girl held out her hands too. Lucas broke character. 

-Now the part you’ve all been waiting for. Just as In My House was starting, the mics started going out(I never realized how quiet everything is without them). You couldn’t hear what anyone was saying. Then the announcement came over that we were going to have another brief intermission. At one point, someone yelled “I LOVE YOU GRACE” and everyone started cheering. Then they told all the actors to go backstage. 

-Scott, however, did not go backstage. He just stayed at his desk. The theater was pretty quiet, so I just yelled “HI SCOTT!” and waved to him. He waved back and everyone started clapping. 

-Then someone in another part of the mezz stood up, started clapping and singing Anatole’s “wooooOOAAAoooooAAAAooooAAAAAOooooAAAAooooooOOOOOoooooh”. Just about the entire mezz joined in. (on GC insta live stream)

-Then someone onstage started a wave (also on GC’s insta live stream)

-Also, apparently Ben Stiller was there doing the wave as well. 

-Then the show started again right at the very end of The Abduction when Anatole is at the top of the stairs. 

-After all the actors were in place, Lucas said “does anyone remember what happened?)

–We learned at the stage door via Nick C. that while they were sitting backstage waiting for the sound problem to be fixed, Lucas sat there and was like *clever smile* “I have a line”

-After Natasha freaks out because she poisoned herself, Brittain goes bolting off the stage in a dead sprint after her. From what I remember of Ingrid, her run was less urgent. 

-Andrey is such a cold and bitter character but Nick B. couldn’t be a sweeter human being. 

-The curtain call was really really short. They didn’t even play any music. I’m assuming it was shortened because of the sound problem, but I didn’t get to stand and applaud them all for 5 minutes. 

-The only main characters that didn’t come to the stage door were Grace and Amber. But I got to meet Lucas and Brittain and Paul this time which I was really happy about because I didn’t get to meet them last time. 

You know what really sucks? I almost recorded audio of this show. When I found out there was audio of Scott as Pierre out there, I didn’t want to risk taking it since I didn’t really have anywhere good to hide my phone. Now I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t. If anyone was smarter than I and took the audio please let me know

After Hook cast the Dark curse, we were shown three waves of rainbow magic sweeping across town. It seemed like overkill at the time, but they were the perfect way to distract us from the fact Hook’s Dark Curse was never broken. Since the curse seems to follow the desires of the person who cast it, I thought it would be interesting to look at what that might mean.

“I want to hurt you, like you hurt me.”

Apart from Hook wanting what he always wanted when he cast the curse - revenge on the Dark One - he also revealed what he wanted to do to Emma when he found out he was the Dark One in Storybrooke. He wanted to hurt her like she hurt him… so how did she hurt him?

  • Turned him into a villain again, a person he didn’t want to be
  • Lied to him
  • Stood in the way of his revenge
  • Took away his agency
  • Controlled him
  • Chose to save Regina over being his happy ending
  • Stole his memories

Right away we saw him hurt Emma in retaliation by taking her memories after finding out he was the Dark One in Storybrooke. It was her last crime - in his eyes - that wasn’t accounted for under his curse. All the other ways in which she hurt him, he knew about when casting it. This means they already were part of the curse and his memory loss was the last thing that kept his curse from taking on its full effect in Storybrooke, but they were a slave to it as soon as they landed, maybe as soon as the smoke came. They were already compromised. Emma may have taken their memories without anticipating she would be under his spell once in Storybrooke. After she got there, she may not have been capable of cleaning up her own mess. It was only a matter of time before their entire world was bent to his wishes.

When Hook cast the curse, he was incredibly angry about Emma controlling him with Excalibur.

Emma: “I’m never going to try to control you again. I love you.”
Hook: “It’s just I’m usually the one who has to say that first.”
Emma: “Yeah, well…”

After that exchange - with Hook showing surprise about Emma expressing her love - they go to Camelot’s displaced Granny’s where Hook casts his curse almost right away. The anger driving him was all about creating a world where nobody controlled him - and one where he controlled Emma specifically.

Emma: “You were playing me the whole time.”
Hook: “Once you lied about Excalibur all bets were off. I knew it was just a matter of time before you tried controlling me. And now, no-one will ever control me again.”

She just promised him she wouldn’t try to control him again and she follows that up by telling him she loves him. Their kiss didn’t work to break the Dark One curse. Hook later goes to talk to Belle. He already suspected and now he knows for sure she was lying, especially if he feels certain of his love for her. If he wants to hurt her like she hurt him, it makes sense for the curse to take complete control of Emma. He would use emotional manipulation on top of the curse itself and take her lie about love and force her to live it.

In this light, the conversation where Emma tells Regina there is no Savior for the current curse takes on a new meaning. If Emma can’t really control what she does, she was working within the limitations of Hook’s curse already. She may not even be capable of being nice to Regina anymore - Hook was jealous she chose to save Regina - and she is incapable of telling her the truth. So she antagonizes her, trying to challenge her into being their Savior.

This conversation may mark real Emma’s final moments of resisting Hook’s curse, before she lost control over her life completely and became a slave to his desires. It was the only way to try and let Regina know she was powerless.

“Good you, still in there.”

The scene where Emma angrily tells Regina to step up and do what needs to be done reinforces this. Regina specifically describes seeing good Emma shining through. She’s right but the thing she doesn’t realize is that Emma isn’t limited by the Dark One curse, she isn’t compromised in the way Regina assumes. She’s limited by Hook’s curse. The good part of Emma is the one yelling at Regina, trying to give her a message. That’s why Regina doesn’t understand what Emma’s trying to say.

Gold warns her that ‘you always lose the ones you love the most’, after which Emma goes into the shed to cry over her memories in private. Just like the others Gold assumes she’s only under the influence of the Dark One curse. We are once again misled because we see Emma choosing Hook over and over again and the person who is most familiar with the Dark One curse tells us that she has a choice. Right reasoning, wrong curse. Emma can still cry in private, but she can’t tell anyone what’s really going on. She feels she’s already lost them at this point. It’s telling that the people she hurts the most as the Dark One are the people Hook has a vendetta against. Hook turns Emma into a villain like she did to him. Since then we’ve seen her become selfish and judgmental, acting like an addict when it comes to Hook.

When Hook regains his memories and takes her memories instead, it seems like Hook made it particularly easy for Emma to find the stolen memories, but can we be sure they weren’t edited? They were stolen and added to the curse with just one dreamcatcher™ while in Storybrooke there were several ones. Technically both Emma and Hook could have done their own editing. There may be memories the characters - and the audience - still don’t know about.

“Evil doesn’t always look evil. Sometimes it’s staring right at us, and we don’t even realize it.”

What we do know for sure is that this seems to mark the end of Emma fighting back. His Dark curse seems to be taking full effect. Hook gets forgiven for everything by everyone, Emma endangers her entire family and takes them to the Underworld for him after he tries to kill them all. Nobody questions it because the Dark One curse was lifted and Emma looks like herself again, but we were warned by Regina herself that evil doesn’t always look evil.

Emma seems to have identified Regina as the key to breaking this curse. Was it because there actually is a Savior for this curse - built in by Merlin who put it together? Darkness wants to snuff out the light, we know it came for Regina right away when it was free. The curse isn’t just Hook’s, it was described as the darkness using him to get what it wants. So his desires serve a greater purpose. If Regina is the one to bring back light together with Emma, then the darkness fighting the light and using Hook as a vessel - because it wants Emma and Regina apart… seems to have worked.

Or is it because Emma knows there really is no Savior, only leaving the most powerful magic of all as an option to break this curse? Knowing that it can only work if Regina loves her back. Was Emma giving Regina the dagger a way of telling her that she loved her and had the power to save her or destroy her depending on Regina’s feelings? After all True Love’s kiss up to that point was the only way we’d seen the Dark One curse almost being broken. Is Regina’s insecurity about being worthy of love the key to breaking this curse?

We’ve all noticed that Emma seems more like her old self as soon as she gets close to Regina. Regina is the only one who stands up to Hook and has expressed criticism since the curse took hold. It does seem like the curse has less of a hold on her. If all the heroes are compromised except for her, then at some point she will have to realize her power. She will have to rely on her inner compass instead of on mimicking what Emma and the Charmings do. Right now it could be she’s blinded because she still sees herself as a villain and them as heroes just because of their old labels.

“It’s like my whole life is darkness and when you’re around, things are brighter.”

When Lily told Emma she made her life more bright, Emma didn’t listen, now it seems like she is in the same position. She couldn’t understand how Lily could have everything she could only dream of and throw it all away. How she could still be unhappy. Now technically Emma too has everything she ever wanted and yet… it’s not what she needed.

Regina seems to be to Emma what Emma was to Lily in the past. We’ve seen it before. Regina doesn’t try to save Emma. In Neverland she taught Emma magic so she could turn on her own light while Hook and Neal were fighting over her. She has been loving and supporting Emma, going to the Underworld for her without expecting anything in return, saving her from the wish realm. Regina has been a light in that she tries to remind Emma of who she is, remind her of her own power. A light that brings clarity in its brightest moments.

The power of the Dark Hook curse seems tied to Storybrooke and Storybrooke’s magic. Emma acted more like herself when they left Storybrooke for New York and the magic was tied to the crystal. Proximity to the crystal seems to impact them. Regina and Emma were interacting like before and parenting Henry together. As soon as magic came back into the crystal, Hook came back and when they arrived back in Storybrooke, she went right back to him. In the wish realm Emma also acted more like her former self once she remembered who she was… until she returned to Storybrooke. Same with their time in the land behind the mirror where they were working together. Seems like there’s a bit of a pattern there.

“I should have known that Operation Cobra: Part Two wouldn’t have been as simple as I thought. Because it’s a sequel, and they’re always more involved than the original.”

What unifies the entire story is the Black fairy’s Dark curse. Everyone used and adjusted her basic recipe to cast it, but beyond that we can actually divide the story in two parts. Regina’s Dark curse was the original. Emma broke its hold and Regina herself destroyed it completely after sending Emma and Henry away taking them all back to the Enchanted Forest. The second part starts right after the missing year with Snow White’s curse. We know everyone’s memories were returned, but that part of the curse was Zelena’s addition, so since we never went back and Emma started giving in to Hook as soon as that curse was cast, we may also still be influenced by Snow’s desires. She even admitted she started planning Emma’s wedding after the first curse. Then Hook cast his curse and Emma marrying him while singing and dancing would definitely seem like something that would happen where Hook and Snow’s desires intersect.

The Black Fairy’s curse is now added to both of these curses, but they seem to form a whole. It seems like Regina possesses a particular power she is unaware of, so it makes sense that the Darkness used the desires of people like Snow and Hook to set the stage. Snow carries resentment towards the Evil Queen. She may want Regina to be happy, but that’s not all there is to it if you look at what happens as soon as Snow’s curse is cast. Regina falls for a man she previously wasn’t interested in, but she always keeps losing him… just like Snow kept losing Charming because of the Evil Queen. Marian showed up, putting Regina in the same position she was in when David was married to Kathryn. Snow also wishes very traditional things for her daughter, like a marriage and a man. Where Emma always kept a bit of a distance with Hook, after Snow’s curse, she started to let him in. Hook’s curse took all these things to the next level, with Emma torn by the desires of others and Regina far away from her. They barely interact.

Emma & Regina were always the power couple. Together they have defeated most of the threats to the town. So what did the darkness achieve, exactly? What did those two curses achieve? They weakened Emma and Regina’s bond and they kept them apart. We weren’t made to fear the Black fairy. She’s not the scariest villain we’ve ever had. What we are made to fear is that this is really how the story ends. What is everyone really going into the Final Battle for? What are we worried about? About the Black Fairy or about the fact that Emma Swan doesn’t seem like herself anymore and that Henry’s parents are talking even less now than back when they seemed to hate each other? What set this story in motion in the first place? We can sense that the Black Fairy and Gideon are a summary of all of Emma’s fears she needs to face in order to win. Emotionally, however, we all feel exactly what this battle is about.

The songs in Emma’s heart are all the elements that go into the final battle. In the past Hook says he doesn’t need Snow & Charming’s treasures, their gold or their title. In the present he married their golden-haired greatest treasure, which technically makes him a prince… but he’s shown right for the wedding he’s still driven by that same revenge from the past. Meanwhile Regina’s Evil Queen song is one about resisting love. She tears Emma’s baby blanket up, she gets upset when Granny sings about the princess and when Snow and Charming sing about their daughter, she sings about her happy ending at the same time. Emma carries this conflict in her heart. What’s different between Hook and Regina is that Regina isn’t the Evil Queen anymore. She has let love in. Self love. She loves Henry. She let Robin love her and cared about him. She has profoundly changed since singing that song.

As the Evil Queen mentioned earlier, there is a very thin line between love and hate…

…and they’ve both worked too hard to have their happiness destroyed.

So, this is it. The Final Battle indeed.

Dear Y/N Y/L/N

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader.

Summary: Reader is basically a female Evan Hansen. If you haven’t already, I suggest you go and listen to the “Dear Evan Hansen” Soundtrack, it’s amazing. Anyway, here is a better summary; Y/N Y/L/N was instructed by her therapist to write a series of letters addressed to herself, to help with her social anxiety. She ends up losing these letters at her new school, but she makes a friend (Peter Parker) on the way. Y/N spends most of her time with Peter, her busy mother unable to provide the happiness she needs in her life. What happens when Y/N finds out who has been stealing her letters?

A/N: If you read this whole thing; thank you! I’ve worked very hard on this. Please let me know if you enjoy this! Oh, and I’d like to dedicate this story to @that-sokovian-bastard, because she has sparked my love for Dear Evan Hansen, even though tbh it’s not very good especially compared to her writing.

DISCLAIMER: I personally do not have a social anxiety disorder, everything I have written here is solely based on Evan Hansen, and it wasn’t 100% perfect. Though I do in some ways (In my fictional story) I do not mean to romanticize real life anxiety disorders, it’s a real problem and not to be taken lightly. My story is strictly fiction and I’m not intending on anyone taking it any more seriously than just fiction.

Though I don’t have a social anxiety, I do have suffer from an anxiety disorder. It’s not fun, and it’s very serious.

With that said; Please enjoy.

WC: 2,376. I think…


Originally posted by navigaero

“Dear Y/N Y/L/N,” You read aloud, “this is going to be a-a… good… day, and here’s why-” You leaned back on your bed-frame, trying to come up with any possible way this day could be okay at all, it just couldn’t. Another day starting a new school, except, it wasn’t new at all. It never was, you were always going to be the weird new kid, you were never going to fit in. You shook your head, trying to shake away the negative thoughts with it.

“Because.. Well, you’ve got nice- no. You’re personality is… Never mind. Well.. Y-you’re not completely hopeless… That’s not true. Let’s face it, would anyone even notice if you just disappeared? Of course not, you don’t matter to anyone. The-”

“Hi honey!” Your mom poked her head through your door, “You gonna be ready for school?”

“Yeah, yeah.” You moved to the foot of your bed, closing your laptop abruptly.

“Oh, have you been writing those letters to yourself? Y'know, Dear Y/N Y/L/N, this is gonna be a good day, and here’s why!”

“Yes, mom.” You rolled your eyes, “I just started one.”

“Those letters are important! They’re gonna help you build your confidence!”

“Yup.” You mumbled swinging your backpack over your shoulder. You winced, remembering your arm. You rubbed your cast.

Your mom seemed to notice this, and you could just see the gears turning in her head.

“I know! Why don’t you go around today and ask the other kids to sign your cast!” She rubbed her hands together excitedly.

You sighed, “That sounds perfect mom. I’ll see you later.”

She watched you with sad eyes as you walked out of your room. “You okay on refills!?” She hollered at you.

Her voice was faint, but that didn’t make it any less annoying. “Yes, mom!”

You loved your mother, but she could be a pain. She always insisted that you needed ‘fixing’. You wondered what it would be like to have parents that just loved you for you, and didn’t pester you about medicine, or therapy, or making friends on the first day. Besides, the only time you ever had ever made a friend, your mother had packed you up and moved you away again. Why couldn’t she just have a normal job?


Before you knew it you were walking up the steps of your new school.

“Midtown Science here I come.”


“Watch it loser!” You rubbed your cast for the tenth time that day. Once you were a good five feet away from the person, you mustered up enough courage to tell them off, “Just leave me alone.” You whispered.

“I’m sorry?” An unfamiliar voice asked you, but it was coming from the other direction.

Your knees went weak at the sight of the boy in front of you, “Oh, n-nothing n-not you it’s okay never mind.” You turned around quickly.

“No, it’s okay, I just didn’t understand you… A-are you new? I’m Peter” He was trying to keep himself steady as well, you were the most adorable girl he had ever seen.

“Um, yup! I’m new! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean t-to bother you… I was just- I was just leaving.”

What you didn’t notice was when your letter fell out of your pocket, and landed in front of the Boy’s locker.

“Wait!” He called to you, but he was too late.

He picked up the letter and examined it, then looked around the room. Everyone had already gone to class, he was going to be late anyway.
He shrugged, deciding that the letter couldn’t have been that personal, considering the fact it had been hanging out of your pocket.

“Dear Y/N Y/L/N,” He began, “Y/N Y/L/N.” He repeated the words again, trying to remember someone of that name.

“You don’t matter to anyone.”

The letter seemed to be written to one’s self. He figured the note must have been to you, from you. But why?

The rest of the day Peter tried to get to you, but you were doing a very good job of staying away from him. It wasn’t until later in the week that you had opened up slightly to him, at which point it was much too late to tell you about the letter. No, Letters. Somehow he had managed to steal four of your letters.

And to make matters worse, you knew somebody had taken your letters, and Peter knew you knew.


You sighed, grabbing your books from your locker.


You gasped, slamming your locker shut, a deep red spreading across your face when you saw the boy in front of you.“Oh, P-Peter? Sorry, I’m in your way.” You moved back, assuming you had been blocking his locker.

“No, you’re not it’s just… Did you-”

“Hello?” You answered your phone.

“Yes, mom.” He backed away slowly, trying to pick up on the conversation you were having.

“But you promised! Fine… Okay.. No, it’s okay, I’m not hungry anyway. No mom! You have to talk to the person when they come to the door, and- okay.”

You noticed Peter looking at you, and quickly averted your eyes.

“Is-is everything okay?” He looked at you.

“Y-yeah, it’s um. It’s just my mom, she promised she’d be home tonight but, I guess she has work. And I just - I just hate ordering food, because you have to try and make conversation-” You cut yourself off, “Sorry I’m probably boring you to death. I um- I better get home.”

Peter’s heart broke at the disappointed look on your face when you told him about your mother.

“Why don’t you um, come to my place?”

“Oh, I don’t… I couldn’t..”

He smiled warmly, “Really, it’d be fun, I’d love to get to know you better.”

“Oh, um, okay.” You tried to smile. You were happy that Peter had invited you over, but you were very nervous. His parents certainly wouldn’t like you, and then your 'friendship’ with him would be over before it even started.

“Why don’t you come over six?” He ask you, squeezing your hand. A bold move for Peter.

“Okay,” You smiled shyly, playing with your bracelet, “See you later.”

“You must be Y/N!”

You took a step back, shocked by the sudden outburst that came from Peter’s mom. She was happy, but just a tad bit too enthusiastic.

“Oh, a-are you Peter’s mom?”

She smiled warmly, obviously Peter hadn’t prepared you for your visit. “I’m Peter’s Aunt, you can call me May.”

You blushed, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be!” Your shoulders went up as she ushered you inside. “Peter! Y/N’s here!”

Peter ran into the living room within a matter of seconds. He had wanted to be the one to open the door for you, he was afraid that his Aunt’s loud personality would scare you away.

“H-hi.” It was his turn to blush.

It was a fun night. The dinner was amazing, May had really grown on you.

You played some games with Peter and May, and then you played some video games with Peter.

You told them all about yourself. All about your father who has a very high position in his work, and how the only reason your mom had to leave for work tonight was because she had an extremely important client, and your dad was on a business trip.

These lies won’t become anything more. You told yourself.

Peter was completely shocked that a girl he was so enamored with would show any interest in him. Normally he would be too shy to initiate anything, but he knew you were to nervous. Not only did he bring out the best in you, but you brought out the best in him.
It was a good night, it was a good week, a good month.

You honestly loved Peter, and Aunt May. You finally found a family that loved you for who you were. Even if it was just the two of them. Peter brought you out of your shell, and May had never ever told you that you needed fixing, or pestered you about anything.

Your mother had barely even noticed that you were gone. She was always at work anyway. And when she wasn’t, you would tell her you were going to Melody’s house.

Melody was your mother’s friend’s daughter. As much as your mom wanted you too, you didn’t get along very well with her. But it was a good excuse for when you went to visit Peter.

Pete: Hey! Wanna come over later? Aunt May’s ordering pizza!

You: Sure I’d love too!

Pete: Cool! Pete: See you at 8? ;)

Y/N is typing…

You closed your laptop when your mother entered your room.

“Hey Y/N!”

You smiled weakly, “Hi,”

“So I know I’ve been really busy lately, but, I was wondering if you wanted to look over those essay contests with me tonight? We could order takeout!” She raised her eyebrows, dancing on her feet.

“Oh, I uh- I can’t tonight.”

“Oh.” Her expression dropped.

“Yeah, I’m… Going to Melody’s,”

She put on a fake smile, attempting to not look like her world had fallen apart around her, “Well. It’s good you’re making some friends.” She looked around the room for any other thing to talk about.

“You okay on refills?” She reached for your pill bottle.

“Actually, I.. I’m not taking them anymore.” You scratched the back of your neck.

“You’re not? That’s- that’s good! That’s great! I’m proud of you!”

Your weak smile returned, “Mom. I’m kind of- kinda busy right now.”

“Oh, okay. Have fun at Melody’s.”

“Thanks,” You mumbled.

Y/N has logged back on.

You: Sorry, my mom came in. Yeah 8 works.

Pete: See u then!
Another night spent well at the Parker household, you had decided to excuse yourself from the dinner table and call your mom, asking her if you could stay the night.

“Yeah, I’m at p- Melody’s house.”

“Really?” There was something in the tone of her voice telling you that she didn’t believe you as much as she had earlier. “Because I’m at Melody’s right now. And, I don’t see you.”

You nearly dropped your phone

“I’ll be home in a few minutes.” You hung up.

How could this happen? Just like that, everything was ruined.
The situation couldn’t get any worse, until you noticed something on Peter’s desk.

“D-dear Y/N Y/L/N.”

You could feel the tears well up in your eyes. Peter had been taking your letters? Peter? The one person you thought you could trust.

He had been listening to you talking about who stole the letters for what must have been hours, nodding along and agreeing. And he had been lying?!

“Y/N?” You dropped the note when you heard your voice being said softly.

“Leave me alone Peter!” You pushed passed him.

It was absolutely the worst day of your life. The day you learned that you couldn’t trust anyone. You couldn’t even trust yourself.

When you got home that night your mother was already waiting for you on the couch, ready to interrogate you. She was shocked when she saw the expression on your face. Your eyes red and puffy from crying, your chest rising and falling rapidly as you panted.

You broke down completely when you saw her.

“I-I trusted him.” You sobbed into her chest.

It was that moment you explained everything. You didn’t care anymore, you just needed to get it off of your chest. And it felt good.

“I- I didn’t know you were feeling this way.” She rubbed your back.

“It’s okay, I didn’t tell you.”

“But I’m your mother. I should have known.” She shook her head. Searching for any kind of sign that you might have been feeling that way. “I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”
You didn’t talk to Peter all week, all month.

It had been a month.

You ignored him for a month.

The longer you didn’t talk to him, the harder it became, until eventually you both parted ways.

But, you never forgot the influence Peter had on you, he made it easier to talk to people. You were actually able to speak a sentence to strangers without stuttering your face off.

You thought Peter moved on, but you were very wrong.

Peter thought about you everyday. He watched you during class. But he never initiated a conversation with you, he was afraid you would just walk away again. So after five long weeks, he finally made a decision.
You opened your locker, squinting your eyes when you saw something fall out of it.

“Dear Y/N Y/L/N?” You said out loud. You hadn’t written one of those letters to yourself in over a month.Your eyes skimmed over the letter.

Dear Y/N Y/L/N, I just wanted to apologize.

I’m sorry.

I know you’ll probably never speak to me again. But just hear me out, I didn’t think this would happen, I tried so hard to return your letters, I don’t know what happened.

I just want another chance.


You pierced your lips, folding up the letter tightly. When you looked to your left, you saw Peter.

His eyes grew wide, his eyebrows raised.

You blinked slowly, “Pete.”

He had wanted to hear your voice again for so long.

“I don’t know what happened. I overreacted. But, for so long I wanted a family. A family that just loved me for me and didn’t insist that I needed to be fixed. I wanted a family that would be there for me, and not completely forget about our plans so they could go work a shift as a nurse..”

“I thought you said-”

“I lied.”

You walked over to Peter taking his hands into yours, beginning to sob.
“When I found out that you were the one who was taking my letters I freaked out, because you’re the only person I thought I could trust. But, I’m sorry.”



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Never Again (Evan Hansen X Reader)

TW; Suicide attempt, suicide note, a lot of angst

WC; 1,667

A/N; Forgive me in advance for this sad fic. I almost cried. Please don’t read this if you’re in a bad state of mind where you could do something dangerous to yourself from reading this. Love y’all. Message me if you need someone to talk to, please. <3

Your chest was heavy and tears fell from your eyes as you walked through the forest. You had choose the longest hiking trail to walk alone, and the silence was killing you. Stumbling over tree roots and rocks, your eyes were focused at the top of the trees.

‘Maybe the the world is different from up there’  You thought to yourself, heading to the largest tree nearby. You wiped the tears from your swollen eyes and took a deep breath. Shaking, you placed your hands on a tree branch and hoisted yourself up as best as you could. Your hands somehow found the next branch and pulled you up again, and again. You took a deep breath and sat down carefully, your whole body shaking as you looked down.

‘Even from the highest branch,’ You thought, your sobs slicing the silence. ‘The world isn’t different.’

Your father frowned, hugging you again. “I’ll be home late again, tonight, okay? There is some money on the table for you to order pizza.” He placed a kiss on your forehead, clearly worried about how quiet you were.

“Okay, dad. Thanks. Love you.” You muttered, looking at your computer. Your dad sighed and closed the door, leaving for work. He barley had time for you, since you were all low on money. He loved you and tried his best, but he knew it was never enough.

You held onto the branch tightly, thinking about the days events. How you screwed everything up. The one person you relied on had been too busy, but that was okay. It wasn’t his fault.


‘Are you there?’

You read over the messages you had sent to your cousin, worried you were being needy. He was probably at Summer camp, anyways. He was the only one who knew you struggled. He probably wouldn’t call you when he saw your messages. You two got into a huge fight the week before. He only hung out with you because he was your cousin, and his parents offered to pay for his car insurance if he hung out with you. You shook your head and stared at the contact “Evan H.” on your phone. You considered texting him but decided against it when you remembered how you freaked him out by telling him you liked him. Tears gathered in your eyes as dark thoughts swarmed your mind and actions once again. You reached for your coat and stopped, quickly writing a note on a napkin before leaving.

You swung your legs over the tree branch and looked down, your tears falling to the ground.

‘Just let go.’ You shook your head, your eyes glazed and blurred with tears. ‘Nobody would even notice you were dead.’

“Nobody would care.” You said aloud, trying to convince yourself. “Nobody would care.”

You started panting and panicking, looking all around to see if anybody was even here. You didn’t want to do this. But you had to.

You looked up at the sky and slowly slid off of the branch until you couldn’t hold on any longer.

The fall felt so good, it felt like you were flying. It was peaceful, but you swear you could hear voices screaming.  You closed your eyes as the world went slow-mo and your body went limp. You crashed into the ground and felt a burning pain everywhere. You had somehow landed on your back, with your arms spread out. Your whole body shook as you sobbed, and the shaking hurt.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” A voice screamed, diving next to you.You turned your head as best as you could.

“Hey, Evan.” You smiled, tears running down the side of your face.

“I’ll-We’ll get you to the hospital,” Evan started crying. “Jared! Connor! I-I found her!”

Twigs crunched as you heard people running towards you, more than just two. Evan gently slid you into his arms, which made you wince.

“Oh my, oh my god.” Jared started panicking as he bent down to try and help Evan pick you up.

“Oh goodness, I’m-I’m calling an ambulance!” Alana pulled out her phone while Zoe stood next to her crying and traumatized.

Connor shook his head and spoke with a shaky voice. “Guys, put her down. She’s obviously in pain. We-we can’t carry her out, this is a two mile hiking trail!”

“He’s-He’s right, oh gosh, what do we do?!” Zoe shouted, sobs erupting from her mouth.

You coughed, a bit of blood coming up. Evan held you in his arms while Jared was kneeling next to you. Evan’s face was red and blotchy, and he was holding back sobs. Jared had silent tears running down his face, and even Connor was teary eyed.

“Y-You’ll be alright, I promise. We’ll be alright.” Evan whispered, letting his head hang by your shoulder.

You smiled, your eyes flickering opened and closed.

“Love you, Evan,” You whispered. “All of you,”

You faded out of consciousness, only hearing the sound of a helicopter and people begging you not to close your eyes.

      ‘Dear person who finds this,

 I’m sorry I’m not good enough. I’m sorry I can’t do much right, and that I hide away from the world. I’m sorry I’m alone. I’m sorry I told Evan I love him, and that I ruined our friendship. I’m sorry I can never hug or help Connor again. I’m sorry I can never joke around with Jared again. I’m sorry Zoe, Alana and myself will never have a sleepover again. I’m sorry dad, for not talking to you about this. I’m sorry for being a screw up. This was my choice. It was nobodies fault except for mine.

  With much love, (Y/n) (L/n)’

Evan read the letter over and over. He would glance up at you, hooked up to the machines in the hospital. He tried not to blame himself, but he had known he was the last straw when you had told him you loved him and he just walked away. You told him because he was the last person you thought you had left, and you needed him to hold you and kiss you and tell you everything will be alright.

He knew you hadn’t seen your father all week. He knew you had fought with Jared and Connor that week, and that Zoe was ignoring you. He knew Alana was too busy with school to even speak to you. He just let himself walk away from you, even when you were in such a fragile state.

Your father had been in the hospital only two times in the four months you were in a coma. He had taken extra work hours to pay off the medical bills you needed. He was angry, and he thought you were selfish. He hadn’t read the note.

Evan took it when he called the others to search for you. Evan didn’t know how he knew where you were, but he thought about how over the summer he had tried the same thing in a much smaller tree.

He was going to your house to tell you he loved you back when he found the note taped to the door.

“Evan?” A raspy voice whispered in the early morning light, making Evan shoot up,

“(Y/n)?! Oh my, oh my god, you’re-you’re okay!” Evan shouted, hugging you as best as he could without hurting you.

“I’m sorry,” You whispered, tears falling from your eyes.

Evan quickly shot the group chat a text, not caring it was only 6am on a Sunday.

‘She’s awake.’

He got a various responses of ‘OMW’, ‘I’m coming’, and ‘See u in 10′ from everyone. “I love you, I love you so much. Please, please, don’t apologize. I love you.” Evan whispered, crying into your shoulder. You let out a small whimper and hugged Evan. "I love you, Evan, I love you too.” You and Evan stayed there in each others arms for about 10 minutes when there was a knock on the door. A face peeked around the door and Evan waved them in. "I’m so, so glad you’re okay, (Y/n), I-I don’t know what I would’ve done if..” Jared sighed, his eyes gathering tears. Evan backed up and let the others get a look at you. ”“I’m sorry, we’re all sorry.” Zoe whispered, a smile on her face and tears dripping down her face. Alana nodded and quickly hugged you, as well as Zoe. Connor took one look at you and bursted into tears, dropping onto his knees next to your bed. He held your hand and cried silently into it, his actions speaking louder than his words could. Evan pushed your hair behind your ear and you noticed the cast on your left arm. You raised your eyebrows and saw that all your friends had written their names with little messages and hearts. Connor had wrote his name the largest, just like on Evan’s old cast. ”“I-I love you guys, I’m so sorry I tried that.” "We’re sorry we let you feel so alone, and like that was the only way out.” Alana whispered, wiping tears from her eyes. "Never again.” Evan whispered, sighing quietly. "Never again.” The rest of you promised, one after the other. And never again did any of you feel alone. There was a happy ending for you, for once and for all.
Parenting is Never Easy

Word Count: 3.1k
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Description: When Taehyung had to deal with his 4-year-old son.

There was a loud sound of a chair scraping against the floor coming from across the room. You stood up from where you were sitting and looked to the source of the noise. There was another sound of something being dragged, a bit louder and longer.

You dragged your feet to move towards your kitchen and you could hear the noise getting louder. You took a peek to your kitchen and you saw a small boy trying to climb up on your dining chair that was now placed against your refrigerator.

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9 and 23 with Jungkook. Thanks.

Prompt request: “Will you be quiet?!” + “If we get caught I’m blaming you.”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff + Humour

Summary: You and Jungkook are spearheading this year’s senior prank. After all is said and done, at the end of the night, the prank is the last thing you have on your mind.

Word count: 1.6k words

The sound of your footsteps thumping across the linoleum floors echoed through the empty building. You and Jungkook sprinted down the darkened hallways, attempting to hide from the approaching janitor.  

As you turned a corner, Jungkook grabbed your hand and roughly pulled you towards him. You tumbled into an empty classroom, nearly tripping over your own feet. Jungkook gently shut the door behind him, and you collapsed to the ground.

“I. Can’t. Believe. You,” you cried, each word punctuated by heavy panting. You were on all fours, head bowed, attempting to catch your breath in vain. Sweat was forming on your forehead.

“Will you be quiet!?” Jungkook hissed, peering through the small window on the door. Suddenly, he dropped to ground. He pressed his finger over his lips, trying to get you to shut up, and his eyes were frantic.

You covered your mouth with your hand, trying to muffle the sound of your heavy breathing. Through the door, you could hear the sound of nearing footsteps. In the silence of the empty school, the thump, thump, thump of every step was deafening.

Eventually, the footsteps receded and you let out the breath you were holding. You scooted backwards, leaning against the wall. Soon, Jungkook joined you, tossing his backpack to the side.

“What’s in there?” you asked, nodding your head towards the black bag.

“Supplies,” Jungkook replied, wiggling his eyebrows. “At least one of us came prepared.”

“I can’t believe I got roped into doing this stupid prank thing!” you exclaimed, crossing your arms petulantly. “If we get caught, I’m blaming you.”

“Go ahead, Y/N,” he shrugged, a huge smile on his face. “The seniors do this every year. I doubt they’ll do anything to stop it now.”

You lapsed into comfortable silence, both of you watching the setting sun through the windows facing you. The sky was streaked with beautiful hues of pink, orange, and purple. You thought it was a fitting way to end your senior year.

“Can you believe we’re graduating in, like, one month?” you breathed, still looking at the sky before you. “We’re all gonna leave this stupid town and never see each other again.”

“I guess,” Jungkook answered after a couple seconds. “But this way, all of our memories will be preserved, you know? I’d rather remember everyone as they are now.”

“It’ll just be weird,” you sighed, looking at your hands that were clasped in your lap. “We grew up together. I’m only moving to another city, but it feels like I’m leaving my whole world behind.”

“We’ll forget about almost everyone here,” Jungkook said with certainty. “The people who matter most will stick around.”

“Will you stick around?” you asked, finally turning to look at Jungkook. He was already facing you, his eyes piercing into yours.

“Do you want me to?” Jungkook countered, his voice raw and honest.

Jungkook was the boy you had loved for as long as you could remember. Every feature on his face was so familiar to you, but you were afraid of forgetting one day. The warm sky cast a golden glow over his skin, highlighting the edges of his face. In this moment, Jungkook looked beautiful, and you desperately wanted to hold on.

“Jungkook, I–”

Suddenly, he slapped his hand over your mouth, on alert once again. You sighed inwardly, tempted to nip at his fingers, but remained still.

The janitor neared the room you were hiding in. As he grew closer, you and Jungkook shared a frightened look. The footsteps grew louder and louder, until they finally stopped. Right in front of the door.

Slowly, the doorknob turned. In the eerie quiet, you could hear the sharp sounds of breathing. Almost as if time had slowed, you watched Jungkook blink slowly at you as he mouthed indecipherable words.

A jingle of keys snapped you out of your stupor. The door above you was locked, the harsh sound cutting through the classroom. Both you and Jungkook sagged in relief. Once again, the footsteps receded. You let a few minutes pass, and once you were sure the janitor had left, you sprung into action.

“Let’s do this quickly,” Jungkook said, swinging his bag over his shoulder. “We’re gonna get onto the roof and I’m going to suspend you over the edge. Then–”

“Hold up,” you interrupted, eyes widening. “You’re suspending me over the roof?”

“Of course,” he replied nonchalantly, opening the door. He swung it open and stepped into he hall, waiting for you to join him. “It’s not like you can hold me up. Besides, how else did you think we were going to do this?”

Jungkook turned on his heel, walking down the long hall quickly. You had no choice but to follow him, quietly cursing under your breath as you went.

By now, the sun had completely set. You and Jungkook stood on your school’s roof, a gentle breeze brushing by you. Jungkook was pulling things out of his backpack, and you really weren’t looking forward to the events that were about to unfold.

“I can’t believe you,” you repeated for the millionth time. “I am going to die tonight.”

“Stop being so dramatic, Y/N,” Jungkook replied, unable to hide the fond smile that spread over his lips. He straightened up, holding what looked like a small harness in his hands. “Here, spread your legs.”

“At least take me on a date first,” you said, scandalized, placing a hand over your heart.

Jungkook looked up at you dryly, rolling his eyes. He quickly attached the harness around you and himself, anchoring you to him. He handed you a screwdriver.

“Just climb over the the edge and I’ll lower you slowly,” Jungkook instructed, gesturing to the ledge that separated you from falling off the side of the building. Which was now apparently your objective.

Sighing loudly, you approached the ledge. Peering over the side, you observed the large distance between where you were standing and the hard, concrete ground. You gulped audibly and swung your leg over the side of the edge. You cast Jungkook a glance over your shoulder, and he smiled encouragingly.

Eventually, you lowered yourself so you were dangling over the ledge. You were holding your entire body up with your arms. You braced your feet against the side of the brick wall, getting ready to descend.

“Okay,” you called out to Jungkook. “Lower me down.”

Once Jungkook’s pulled the rope taut, you let go of the wall, completely suspended by Jungkook’s weight. You clutched the rope tightly, ready to be lowered gently.

You weren’t expecting to suddenly plummet to the ground.

A scream lodged itself in your throat, and your heart stopped as you tumbled downwards. But as quickly as you had fallen, you had stopped. The rope tightened again, and your entire body was jerked as Jungkook stopped the fall.

“Jungkook, what the fuck!?” you shouted, clutching your wildly beating heart.

“Sorry, sorry,” Jungkook called down breathlessly. “That was my bad. Won’t happen again.”

You rolled your eyes at him, pulling the screwdriver out of your back pocket. Miraculously, it hadn’t fallen during your descent.

In front of you were huge, rusted metal letters that spelled, “Fulton Black Institute.” They spread across the front of the school, seen by everyone who passed by the building. It was your job to strategically remove a few letters so the sign read “Fuck it” instead.

It had been Jungkook’s brilliant idea.

Quickly, you set to work, unscrewing the letters and letting them drop loudly to the ground. The sky was darkening rapidly, and you could barely see the small screws.

“Move me a bit over to the right,” you called up to Jungkook. He complied, dragging you unsteadily, but slowly, thank god, to the right.

After several long minutes, you had finally detached all of the unnecessary letters. The metal pieces lay mangled on the ground below you. Belatedly, you wondered how long it would take the school to replace the destroyed letters.

“I’m done, now,” you called up, tugging the rope gently. “Beam me up, Scotty!”

“Took long enough,” you heard Jungkook mutter.

“I can hear you.”

He laughed loudly and began to pull you back up. The ascent was much smoother, and you were slowly raised back up to the roof. Once you had a secure grip of the ledge, you lifted yourself up and swung over side.

You tumbled over the ledge, landing on your back. Jungkook peered down at you, and you met his gaze with a smile.

“We did it!” you exclaimed happily. “Senior year: complete!”

Jungkook laughed again, grabbing your hands and pulling you upright. You couldn’t help it–you wrapped your arms around his broad body and squeezed tightly. He stood frozen for a second, but after a moment he returned your embrace, his hands winding around you.

Eventually, the two of you pulled apart. As you leaned back, you took a deep breath and steeled yourself. Just as you opened your mouth, Jungkook spoke.

“Wait,” he said with a smile, hands moving up to cup your face. “You don’t need to say anything, Y/N. Me too.”

“W-what?” you spluttered, your cheeks heating up underneath Jungkook’s touch.

“Me too,” Jungkook repeated, smiling even wider.

Then he leaned down, his lips meeting yours. It was warm, and soft, and perfect. You wrapped your arms around his neck, returning his kiss with equal enthusiasm. You could have stood there for minutes, hours, or even days. The only thing you could feel was Jungkook–Jungkook everywhere. You were completely wrapped up in him, unaware of everything else around you.

But you did know one thing. Everything was going to be okay.

- Girl in Luv

In honour of Jungkook graduating (and me lmao)! Hope you enjoyed. Sorry it took awhile to get to this request!!! 

This is crazy...

I loved the picture today of Jamie (Sam) and I really appreciate the fact that we got a little something for a change. But Starz/Lionsgate, you left us behind after season one. Right now it appears that your idea of PR is to “sell” one of your leads as a hot, single, sex machine, that bounces from one blonde bombshell to another. Why? Because someone in charge thinks that women who love and support Outlander finds that so desirable? You need to get a clue. Maybe it would be a good idea to actually take a poll, listen and read what we write and say about our devotion to the show, the actors, and even their charities. Take time to get to know the real human beings that pay for a premium TV channel, support Sam and Caitriona beyond Outlander, and open their wallets to do what they can to fight child and blood cancers. I venture a guess that you would be surprised that selling Sam as just a magnificent piece of meat is not what we find appealing or hot. And while we are on this subject, let me remind you that in the poll that you take, you will find that the majority of us are well educated, incredibly talented, and career oriented people. So when you try to “sell” us a relationship or a story, it better be beyond good. This latest scenario is truly a joke. We see right through it. Sam said it himself in an interview once, “no long distance relationship” would ever work for him AND you chose a person that is no where near Sam’s league. TBH, Sam is an incredible actor, but he can’t even sell this mess. Want to know what we find sexy? A man who is devoted to one woman. A man who is socially conscious, kind, and treats all people with respect. A family man. That’s what we find hot. Don’t look too far for that because you have one right in front of you. Sam. You don’t have to make him into anyone else but himself. Trust me.
While I’m at, let me say that you also suck big time at supporting your lead actress. She is an A+ class act and you better start appreciating her because with all the awards she is stacking up, she may just say “so long” and that will leave you in a big pile of crap. Cait is a woman of grace, an amazing actress, and works hard for those less fortunate. Don’t screw that up too.
I love Outlander and I love Sam and Cait. I just wish for once that “you” would actually read our posts and listen to us. It wouldn’t take much to please us. We would like pictures, more interviews, BTS “secrets”, just more. How about some previews? Some real life stories about Sam and Cait and some of the other actors in the cast. We would eat it up. Again, trust me. As I wrap, let me also say that allowing S&C to live their lives, out in the open - free, won’t hurt your numbers or the bottom line in anyway. You just might find that the results could be the exact opposite. I know what I’m talking about. Trust me. You got one last shot with your fans. Take the plunge. After all, that’s we all did three years a go for you. Isn’t it?

Monoma Neito Appreciation Post

The latest episode of BNHA made me realize Monoma’s got more apparitions in the anime than the manga during UA sports festival. Like when Kendou went and caught him during recreational games, or when he climbed up that wall separating class A and B seats to pick on class A. I like how the animation staff rely on him to include more funny moments, because Monoma really is an interesting and dorky character. He may seem annoying and cunning, but there’s more to the boy and I really grew to like him. So here comes a Monoma Neito appreciation post.

Monoma is maybe arrogant but he’s so childish, it’s more annoying than anything. He’s always picking up fights and provoking others but it’s never really mean, and it seems to be quite useless as he’s only seen as an idiot for doing so. It’s mostly used for comic relief, because he’s not really threatening, but there are also specific reasons as to why he’s behaving like that. His mental health condition his often brought up, but I don’t think Monoma got issues about it, and don’t really appreciate how it’s used to mock him. Monoma doesn’t pick up fights for himself and for the sole sake of it, but for his whole class, and for the sake of his classmates. Hori said so himself in Monoma’s inside story “This plan of his to take down class A was concocted to the furtherance of all of class B”. Whenever he goes and pick on class A, it’s not because he wants to feel better about himself, but because he’s creating rivalry between their classes so they can be recognized as equals and not just invisible students. In most of panels where he addresses them, he’s always using “Class A”, and not any student in particular.

So it’s really not free bullying, and more stirring things up to say “Hey, don’t you dare forget about us and act all mighty. We’re here too.” But the way he does it only makes it looks funny, because after all, Monoma is terribly childish.

Speaking of their interactions, I noticed it’s often Kirishima (who else?) who actually listens the most and answers to Monoma, and it’s hilarious how Kirishima, who’s usually kind and easy to get along with, just finds him plain annoying and loses his patience because of how idiotic Monoma can be.

Apart from disliking how class B is underestimated because of class A, Monoma doesn’t really hold a grudge against anyone personally. He really isn’t a bad guy at all, and his childish attitude kinda cover up how he’s even more of the careful and observing type. During the sports festival, we saw how he has true leadership abilities, knows exactly how to make the most use of his quirk and his teammates4, and is able to plan things way ahead to secure victory as much as he can. He’s very rational, but it’s kinda playing against him, as stated by Aizawa. He lost against Bakugou because he didn’t included in his plan the boy greedy desire to win and be the best. That, because he doesn’t experience that kind of passionate feeling.

I found quite weird how he was the only one to take supplementary lessons during training camp, given his intellectual abilities. It made me thought he was actually shaken and messed up his exams because he was really affected when he realized the gap between their abilities, as it’s shown later when he’s relieved they won’t have to fight against each other during the provisional licence exam. Monoma is aware of that difference, but that doesn’t stop him to go and pick on class A anyway to make sure they know class B isn’t falling behind.

Monoma planned things ahead and really gave it a thought, yet it revealed quite useless in front of a prodigy such as Bakugou. Monoma’s team was second during most of the human cavalry battle, but they ended up losing despite his efforts because sometimes, you can’t win with logic only. Monoma has a really great quirk, but he needs to trust his guts a little more and learn how to be more flexible in a real fight when things don’t go according to plan. Quick reaction time in a fight is as important as careful plans, because it’s what allows you to escape truly dangerous situations and save your life and others’. I guess Monoma is the type to overthink and therefore put himself in danger because he has trouble making quick unplanned decisions. He has great abilities, and is smart enough to come up with good plans, so I’m curious as to how he actually behaves in fights, because despite talking big, when never saw him in a real tough situation. He does seem uncomfortable with improvisation, as we saw during the human cavalry battle he didn’t really know what to do and choose safety over fair fight when Bakugou unexpectedly took their headbands.

Class B is also full of resources, as we saw it in the training camp arc, and Hori did an amazing job giving them good characterization. Monoma obviously loves his class, as he’s always thinking of his classmates’ sake and trying to bring up his class by bringing down class A, but he’s making a terrible job at showing it honestly. He’s frustrated by the shadow class A is casting on class B, so he takes it out on them because he wants his classmates to be acknowledged too. Look how proud he is of his classmates after the provisional licence exam. Once again, note how he’s using “We” and “us” and not “I”, because he doesn’t think of himself but everyone in class B.

He tried to show off during the sports festival because class A really was taking all the credits, letting class B pretty much unnoticed, which could be harmful for them and their chance of getting good internships with pro heroes. His comment about how there’s only one student that failed his exam in class B while five in class A messed up during the training camp just shows how he puts his class interest first by bringing their rivalry again rather than mocking personally others students. He does take it personally on Bakugou though, because he’s obviously the one that takes the most of the spotlight and looks down on everyone else. To be honest, I like Monoma’s careless attempt to provoke Bakugou because he was offended how little he actually thought of his classmates when he talked as the representative.

Even if he’s annoying for class A, he’s always standing up against them for class B’s sake, as visibility is crucial for your future career and they obviously aren’t given a lot of it because of class A. He also greatly thinks of his classmates, and finds unfair they’re not given the same credit at all. So yeah, basically, Monoma’s a good kid that loves his classmates but is pretty terrible to make it appear like that and ends up behaving like a total idiot. But what can I say, it’s part of his charm too.