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*Shitty* niggas really do ruin womenz.

Take me, for example: I used to be a good girl. Hella understanding. Had hopes and dreams of falling in love and getting married (Pnina Tornai got a dress just for me, I already know), maybe (probably) having kids. Fell in love with two ain’t shit niggas that treated me like I wasn’t deserving of the kind of love I gave them in return, played me, etc. etc. and now the idea of falling in love makes me uncomfortable. I’m bitter because I gave a lot to ppl undeserving of what they got from me (not even just those two males, just most ppl I’ve cared deeply for) but I’m also (once again) uncomfortable in the skin I’m in because our natural tendency is to be introspective and try to understand where we went wrong, even if I know sometimes it ain’t you, it’s them. I’m aware I’m not without my issues and I question whether or not that makes me difficult to love. I don’t want to date. I don’t even want to text. I just want to be left alone. 

Cafe dates

(A/N): I Friggin loved this request

Request:I’ve got an idea for a cute Natasha x female reader imagine where Nat and the reader go on a date and have coffee together and then later on they take cute and silly pictures together inside a photo booth? And can you make it where Nat has her Civil war hairstyle? Pretty please?

Warnings: none

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   “Come on,” Nat states as she oh so casually tugged at your feet, nearly ripping your from the warm bed. “We’ve got stuff to do today,” You groan loudly, gripping the sheets below you tightly as Nat pulls on you more. 

  “Get back in bed,” You whine as Nat gives a particularly harsh tug. “I wanna cuddle with you,” Nat stops her tugs momentarily, just long enough to smile fondly at you before she begins once again, tugging even harder. 

   “No, I’ve got stuff to do today and you’re coming with,” You groan louder, your grip on the sheets only tightening. 

   “What stuff?” 

   “Just some shopping, I was thinking of maybe going and getting some coffee afterwards,” You stop in your attempts to fight off Nat, her statement on coffee having piqued your interest. 

    “What kind of coffee?” You ask meekly, slowly peeking at her from the corner of your eye. 

   “I found this really cute cafe just a few blocks from here and I was thinking you’d like to come try it with me?” Nat has stopped in her tight tugging, instead dropping your ankles back to the bed as she sits down beside you, smiling brightly all the while. You contemplate it a bit and in that time Nat has decided to start rubbing at your calves, slowly starting to win you over. “Please (Y/N)?” She whines and you’re damn near sure you can feel your heart melt, that and pair that with the small pout she wore and she had won you over in a heartbeat. 

   “Fine,” You grumble as you push yourself up groggily. “Just give me some time to do my hair and-”

   “I’ll give you five minutes to get dressed,” Nat leans over, pressing a quick kiss your cheek. “You’re hair looks adorable like this,” She smiles down at you, brushing some of the hair away from your face. 

   “Nat, I look like Shi-” 

   “You finish that statement and I will never let you see the sun, got it?” You meekly nod at the woman, her intimidating tone almost scaring you, almost. “Now,” Her facade has melted away, revealing that sweet smile once again. “Get dressed cutie,” She gives your butt a playful pinch before exiting the room, closing the door behind her. 

   Damn you loved that woman but she could scare the shit out of at times. 

   You had quickly gotten dressed in your usual attire, not really caring considering you were just going out to go shopping. You messed with your hair a bit, attempting to tame the unruly strands to no avail, plus Nat liked it like this, that’s all that really mattered to you. With a sigh of displeasure you exit your bathroom, throw open your door and walk out into the hall of your floor. 

   You hadn’t put much thought into your outfit, why not complete a shitty hairdo with an equally shitty outfit, right? But the look on Nat’s face as you entered the living room made you feel as though you were dressed up to meet the queen. Her eyes shined brightly and she was nearly beaming as she looked you up and down, more than once might you add. 

   “What?” You ask softly, looking down at your outfit. “What’d I do?” Nat merely smiles as she walks over to you, clasping her hands in your as she once again looks you up and down. 

   “Nothing, you just- you look amazing,” She looks back up to you and you swear the twinkle in her eye is nearly blinding. 

   “Nat, I’m wearing an old t-shirt and some pants, nothing about this is amazing,” 

   “Hush,” Nat murmurs as she suddenly presses her lips against yours. “You look amazing don’t doubt me,” You chuckle against her lips, breaking the kiss only slightly. 

   “Okay, I don’t doubt you,” Nat hums against you, pressing her lips against yours just a bit more before she pulls away, her smile still on that adorable face of hers. 

   “Good, now let’s get going, I found this new shop I want to go look at,” You groan softly but the smile on your face betrays your ‘annoyed’ aura. 

   “You’re lucky I love you so much because I hate shopping,” Nat chuckles a bit, shaking her head in amusement, causing her curls to fall around her face, framing it absolutely perfectly. 

   “You’re lucky I love you more than shopping,” 

    Shopping had actually been fun. Being able to watch Nat prance around like a child in some new dress was adorable and the way her face lit up when you’d praise her made your heart melt just a little bit. All in all you were glad you had decided to tag along today. 

   “Ready for coffee?” Nat asked as she offered you her hand, smiling as she does so. You smile back, gladly taking her hand in yours. 

   “I’m always ready for coffee,” You roll your eyes playfully as Nat hoists you from your seat, nearly effortlessly on her part. 

   “Then let’s go you dork,” 

    The walk there had been full of meaningless conversation, soft kisses, and tons of handholding. The two of you talked about everything and anything, ranging from what you were going to have for dinner to what the two of you were planning everyone for Christmas (the two of you had a tendency to plan things out way more in advance than needed). 

   It was almost a shock when you reached the small cafe, the time had flown by so quickly that it hadn’t even felt like the 3 blocks Nat said you had to walk. 

   “Grab us a seat and I’ll get the drinks,” Nat gives your cheek a quick peck before scurrying up to the register to order whatever she wanted. 

   Your smile never falters as you stare at her lovingly, the way she held herself so proudly, the way her hair fell so perfectly around her shoulders, the way her voice sounded as she ordered, the smile on her face as she approached your table with two cups in her hands. 

   “Got you your favorite,” Nat places the drink before you before sliding down into her seat. 

   “Favorite huh?” You ask, leaning forward to take a sip of whatever she had gotten you. Small bits of flavor explode across your tongue, familiar and warm. 

   “Hmm,” You hum, taking another sip. 

   “Was I right?” You nod your head, continuing to sip your warm drink. Nat smiles victoriously and you can hear her quietly murmur, ‘knew I was right’. “Don’t guzzle it all in one sitting,” Nat smiles playfully as she smacks at your hands. “God,” 

   “Leave me and my drink be,” You stick your tongue out playfully before taking more sips from the heavenly liquid. Nat merely chuckles, shaking her head as she sips from her drink moderately. 

   “You’re gonna burn your tongue,” She mutters as she takes another sip, staring up at you from under her lashes. 

   “Then so be it,” You sip some more down, staring directly at her as if to challenge you. Nat merely shrugs her shoulders, smirking as she sips her drink again. As if on cue the liquid burns your tongue causing you to yelp and drop your drink on your lap. 

   “Dammit,” You whisper as Nat laughs at you, snorting as you stand to reveal the huge stain on the front of your pants. “It burns,” You whine, stomping your feet like a child. 

   “Didn’t I tell you?” Nat chuckles shaking her head as she laughs harder. 

   “Stop laughing,” You chastise even though you’re on the verge of laughter too. “It burns and it’s sticky and it’s gonna freeze and then I’m gonna be cold,” 

   “If only you had bought those pants you’d been looking at,” Nat shrugs her shoulders as she attempts to reign in her laughter. “Okay you big baby, let’s get home and you can go back to wearing leggings,” Nat stands up, lacing your fingers through your own before dragging you off, not even caring about the small mess you’d left behind. 

   “I can’t believe you did this,” Nat smiles as she looks down at your pants which are completely soaked in coffee and whipped cream. 

   “Don’t remind me,” You mutter as you waddle uncomfortably, the chill of the cold coffee starting to set in. The chill air of New York was settling into your pants, causing you to shiver uncontrollably. Nat gives you a sympathetic smile, nearly feeling bad for you but every time she’d look down and be met with that obvious stain she nearly busted into laughter once again but she reigned it in, for your sake. She had been doing a really good job at it too but as soon as she saw the waddle intensify due to the now freezing coffee she lost it. 

   “Oh my god,” She breathes out in between laughs. “I’m sorry, it’s just that waddle and-” She gets cut off when she chuckles once again, nearly snorting as you turn to glare at her. 

   “I should have just stayed in bed today,” You mutter, attempting to waddle away from her only to have her start laughing hysterically once again. 

   “Wait (Y/N)!” She calls out, not even having to job to catch up with you. “I’m sorry, your waddle is just too cute,” You harumph slightly, folding your arms over your chest and turning your head away. “Oh come on, don’t be mad at me,” She smiles at you and you knew that if you even looked at her you’d melt under her gaze. “What can I do to make it up to you?” A number of things flash through your mind, most with an underlying sexual tone but then suddenly, the perfect idea comes to mind. 

   “You have to take those stupid cheesy photo booth pictures with me, the ones you say are ‘clichey’,” Nat absolutely hated those kinds of photos. She had always said they were generic and boring and that she would never conform to such mainstream things which is why it was the perfect measure of revenge against her. 

   “But (Y/N), you know I hate those and-” 

  “Fine then,” You turn and begin to waddle again. “I’ll just stay mad at you,” 

  “Wait,” Nat’s tone is gloomy as she grabs ahold of your arm, spinning you around on the spot. “Fine, I’ll do it,” You smile victoriously, mentally high fiving yourself for finally being able to convince her to do this with you. “let’s just make this quick,” 

   “There’s one downtown,” You smile as you begin to waddle in that general direction. “Oh, I am so going to love this, I’m going to frame it and keep it on my wall and-” Nat groans loudly, throwing her head back as you drag her along, almost reminiscent of this morning. 

   “I hate you,” 

   “Oh you love me, otherwise why would you be doing this?”

    “Because you hate me too…” 

   “Don’t be so dramatic,” You roll your eyes, smiling all the while. “Now let’s go be a stereotypical couple and get these photos taken,” 

   Nat had begrudgingly sat in the booth with you, frowning deeply as she did so. 

   “Nat, I swear to god if you don’t smile for any of these I’m going to-” You stop short when Nat presses a kiss to your lips, silencing you in the best way. Just as she does so you can see the bright flash of the booth light. You smile as you realize Nat had just caved in, she really was going to participate in this. The second the flash is over she pulls away, only to press her lips to your cheek in a cute, albeit overused pose. Flash after flash happens until you know the pictures are done. 

   “You liked this and you know it,” You poke at Nat’s side as she slides out of the booth, you following closely behind. 

   “Whatever, I hated it,” She grumbles as she swipes up on of the pictures, smiling faintly down at it. You grab the other one, looking at each photo with the utmost fondness. The two of you looked like total dorks but you loved it and by the twinkle in Nat’s eye she loved it too. 

   Sure, you’d spilled coffee all over your pants and now you were freezing and you’d been ‘forced’ into shopping but now, watching as Nat smiles fondly over something she was supposed to ‘hate’ you were glad that you’d gone out today. 

thornfield13713  asked:

I deny all responsibility for this new AU, as it was a) your idea and b) you got me into DS9 in the first place. Regardless, I would be interested to see how this changes things, especially when Emma turns up.

It may have been my idea, but it was just a little ember of a thing before you stoked it into a huge fire.

Emma hated going into the shop. Almost as much as she hated the man for which said shop was named. No matter how forcefully she opened the door, the bell above it always caused such an annoyingly pleasant sound. Before she could make more than two steps past the door, eyes as sharp as a knife pierced her and made her pause in her movement.

Dammit. Every single time. “Ah, Sheriff Swan. To what do I owe this pleasure? Need a new shirt again?” His voice was as charming as a fox and his smile twice as deceitful. The man got up from where he’d been kneeling in a motion that made it look fluid, effortless, serpentine. It never failed to cause her hair to stand on end.

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Here is some more of that au I made

Little Alpha Alfred can’t sleep at the kindergarten if he isn’t touching Arthur in any way, even if it is just holding his hand

The closest Alfred ever got to successfully mating Arthur when they where younger was the time he randomly pushed the omega down and started humping him for like two minutes before one of the workers noticed


As soon as Alfred met Arthur again in high school he probably said: “shit I still want to mate that”


For the first week of Alfred’s and Arthurs friendship in high school Arthur had no idea Alfred was the kid that had once tried to mate him and still wants too.


When they where young Alfred would always successfully scent mark Arthur while trying to bite mark him, which usually really ended up hurting Arthurs neck


Arthur having no idea what Alfred wants from him and just trying to shy away into a corner at kindergarten


The first time Arthur and Alfred had met the alpha immediately jumped Arthur

pearlrose WWII AU: “together after the war” things

remember my human AU where Rose was a nurse and Pearl was a supply pilot in occupied Europe during WWII? remember how I said it was basically just a setup for adorable domesticity down the line? well…

  • When Rose first comes and gets Pearl from that boardinghouse, the idea they agreed upon is that Pearl would come and stay until she was feeling better/found a better place to live/saved some money and got on her own again. But when those things actually happen and Pearl–with audible regret–mentions she’s looking at an apartment, Rose tries to act like it’s a positive step ‘cause it is but then she kind of. deflates and goes “I’m really going to miss having you around”
  • Pearl has a small, quiet panic, decides it’s now or never, takes a deep breath, leans toward her, and shyly, hesitantly says “I don’t…have to go.”
  • That settles that question once and for all
  • Later down the road people who know them will jokingly ask “So, has Pearl found a place yet?” and Pearl and Rose just clasp hands and laugh…yep sure she’s been moving out next weekend for the past 20 years
  • Their apartment has a (tiny) real fireplace and a (tiny) balcony which is almost entirely taken up by Rose’s potted garden. She grows flowers and strawberries and herbs and mini carrots in big tubs, it’s a regular farm in miniature and she is a HUGE GEEK ABOUT IT
  • Rose comes from a big close-knit family and on her grandmother’s side she actually is the product of A Long Line of Healers, she has family recipes for home remedies and pungent teas that ease pain and clear up colds that she can make with her garden produce…some of them she’s got down and she and Pearl both swear by them, some of them are still in the experimental stage. The first one she tried giving to Pearl had her sneezing for two days.
  • She also mixes up this homemade menthol ointment stuff that Pearl can put on the leg she hurt in the war since the joints don’t work so well anymore and she gets pretty bad muscle stiffness…Rose gets in the habit of massaging it onto her (Pearl’s) knee and her ankle every night before they go to bed and it’s amazing how she manages to make this routine practical old-ladyish-seeming thing feel like some kind of romantic spa treatment…the smell of menthol, in any context, makes Pearl instantly relax.
  • It’s an old building and their place is rent-to-own, and Rose has puppy-dog-eyed the landlady into letting Pearl fix stuff herself when it inevitably has problems. Every weekend she’s re-hanging doors and taking the sink apart. She’ll actually just generally take stuff apart at the slightest provocation…it makes Rose’s life difficult at times, but it’s also handy, nothing ever breaks for long and if something breaks more than once Pearl looks into it and rebuilds it better. She sings while she works on her projects and Rose loves just being around, feeling her enthusiasm in the air.
  • Rose gets a job at the city hospital and works a long shift, from mid-morning til about 9. Sometimes Pearl takes the bus there and visits her on her break, often enough that the nurses all know her and start conversations with her and she doesn’t know what to say and is generally very awkward. Rose would never dream of subjecting her to small talk and wishes everyone understood the joy of being talked at about space for two hours but she wants everyone to have the best chance at making friends right off and tries to help Pearl out with the people-ing…and the two of them have whispered conversations that go kind of like ‘Of course she likes you, ask her how her kids are doing’ ‘How her kids are doing what?’ ‘In–In general Pearl come on I know you have some idea how we mere mortals talk to each other’
  • In the mornings Pearl is always awake first and will be out on the balcony sipping tea (she is not allowed coffee, not since the incident) and reading the newspaper, looking all casually dapper in her stripey pajamas and red pom-pom slippers and her God Damned Monocle that she got because she apparently wasn’t gay enough
  • Rose sleeps in frilly negligees with curlers in her bangs and is Hates Mornings and about an hour after Pearl gets up she stumbles into the kitchen with her eyes shut…Pearl either hands her a cup of coffee and kisses her cheek and tells her she’s looking especially beautiful today or she’ll already be twittering about something that happened to run across her mind or that was in the paper and Rose will squint at her and go ‘dear it is seven o’ clock in the morning’
  • After her aforementioned long shifts Rose will usually come home to her wife busy writing and try not to disturb her but she always notices (it’s…not a big apartment) and comes and gives her a long hug and a kiss hello and they cook dinner together, shoulder to shoulder at their tiny stove, leaning on each other and singing harmony
  • Sometimes Rose has had a really hard day and Pearl settles her on the couch and rubs her back and braids her hair while listening to every detail…it really affects her when Rose is distressed and sometimes Rose hides how tired or troubled she is because she doesn’t want to burden her but Pearl knows her so well and is so captivated by everything she does that she has all her little signals down rote and she always figures out that something’s wrong. And makes it her business to make it as Better as she can. 
  • There’s a little local pub in the suburb where they live where they sometimes have a Night Out On The Town, they snuggle up on the same side of the booth and feed each other fries, joke around with the waitresses who all know them, Pearl has half a glass of wine and the next thing you know she’s flitting around boosting herself up on top of booths with her one good leg lecturing whoever will listen about mechanics and beating old men at checkers. Rose meanwhile is leaning up against the jukebox non-seriously flirting with everyone there…at least until Pearl gets flustered and comes back and gives her attention
  • They also put records on and dance at home a lot. Fun fact! Pearl is either fully supported or off the ground for 80% of the RBQ fusion dance, as long as her cane’s in grabbing distance she can still perform it with incredible grace, even if she can’t ‘get her leg to do that’ quite so well in this case
  • At some point, Pearl comes into possession of a derelict old biplane, which she spends hours perched on a precarious lawnchair-stepladder rig, lovingly restoring the machinery and giving it a snazzy paint job. She keeps it in a friend’s shed out in the country and goes out to work on it some weekends; Rose comes along usually and lounges around, chats with her, holds a beach umbrella to shade her in the heat of the day and pesters her to take water breaks. Finally at sunset Pearl is leaning on the fuselage all worn out and happy with a lil grease smudge on her cheek…Rose makes some noises about going home to bed and Pearl just says “Aren’t you coming for a ride?”
  • And they both scramble into the cockpit and Rose snuggles in with Pearl in her lap at the controls and a bandanna tied over her curls and take off into the sunset
  • There’s actually MORE of this but to be continued for now, this post is long enough

Ah but what if uryuu and orihime opened up joined shops where uryuu would make wedding dresses and downstairs/upstairs/next door orihime would bake the wedding cakes. I think I love this idea. This would have been a billion times better than the shit we got.

Just imagine how cute I’d be for husband and wife to have their own shops that work together.

How flipping adorable would it be when people realize that they’re married.

Orihime would go over at lunch time with some food to make sure uryuu didn’t overwork himself even though uryuu sometimes has to do the same for her.

At the end of the day they close up shop and head home together. Some nights Uryuu closes up his shop and heads over to orihime only to find her asleep(again) from staying up late making sure the cake is absolutely perfect, he closes up shop and carries her home.

Once orihime found uryuu asleep and tried to return the favor, it didn’t work out well but uryuu appreciated the thought.

TUMBLr being closed?

I keep hearing news about tumblr being closed soon enough cuz of yahoo. Honestly, I have no idea what I’m going to do. I’ve posted more art here than any other site I’ve used and I’ve spent most of my time here. I even got new friends and met lots of amazing people here.
How can I cope with losing this?
I dunno where I would even go since I would be starting at zero once again.
No it’ll be worse.
I might not get to see you guys again.
People I’ve followed even. I might not get to remember them cuz I can’t track back.
They would have disappeared from my life…..
If there’s anything I want right now, it’ll be having tumblr stay online and open to everyone.
I don’t want it to be closed. Lots of stuff already happened to me this year and I don’t think I might handle more up problems like this.
Someone save tumblr.


Hey there! Here we are once again!

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: what is Dralloween? I would like you, young traveler, to go and check out @dralentines-day. That should give you a good idea. The jist is that all of you will be sending in lovely little gifts (which will be referred to as CANDY from now on), and in exchange, a bunch of you will be receiving that candy!

I know it’s a lot, but please read this ENTIRE masterpost. I would not include any words if they weren’t very, very important.

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Okay so like, about ten minutes ago I got an ask telling me once again that I was the most toxic part of the phandom and I deleted it because I really am not in the mindset to be funny about it but I’m not leaving it at that because I don’t think I can.

I understand where the idea has come from. After Girl Online and tabinof, I do understand. I have criticised Dan, Phil and the phandom a lot over the past year as I became more aware of flaws.

But, personally, I see the toxic attitude as ignoring a problem when you spot it. Or pretending it doesn’t exist. Or ignoring your gut, your morals. To me, that is toxic.

Suppression of free thought and criticism under a guise of “#nicerinternet” and “#teaminternet” keeps youtubers morally above everyone else and free from critique from fans, because that would turn them into “not true fans”. And, to me, that is a toxic attitude. There’s a difference between hate and criticism. The closest I have come to hate on a youtuber is that one ask with Tyler and a couple of things I’ve said about Alfie. And I can stand up here and hold my hands up and say both of those things have been wrong and indeed, toxic.

But like, having an opinion? Unless it’s an opinion that oppresses someone, it can’t be toxic. The YouTube community is a young one, in the grand scheme of everything. It is full of flaws and those flaws are growing in number, and as consumers (which we are), we have to be aware of flaws. Content creators must be made aware when their actions are wrong. Fans must be made aware when their actions are wrong. It’s a two way street.

So basically, if you see me as the most toxic part of the phandom, you can leave. No one is keeping you here. If you don’t want to see my opinions and content that’s fine, you can blacklist my URL etc etc. But please, don’t send me asks like that. Because those kind of asks /are/ truly what makes the phandom toxic.