once again

I had some free time and so I drew some Shallura.I don’t know why did i draw these crystals around them but… why not :) 

And yeah,I always wanted to draw space.

P.S: Please do not copy my drawings.Thank you ^^


“In the same way the other man had always used to watch him, Yuuri found that his eyes now seemed to follow Viktor wherever he went, without even his conscious decision for them to do so.”

From @kazliin​‘s amazing fic

Cover for the podfic voiced and edited by @father-nikiforov​ and @cleardye​ 

anonymous asked:

where are some places to buy incense and crystals?

Besides buying from 2 metaphysical shops that are near me, I buy my crystals off of etsy and amazon. My first crystals purchase being off of amazon. You can usually buy bulk there.

And I’m always on the hunt  for crystals for the low-low. My fav places on etsy so far are

And I have a Blog dedicated to finding witchy item for under 30USD called Witchy Deals and you can look around the crystal section and see if you can find something.

Sterek makes this life worth living. All those fanfic writers and artists and editors out there created such a beautiful bubble of a universe right here in this universe, right at the time where I have the honor to be alive and experience it and I make this revelation all the fucking time but damn, I am over the moon for you guys. I am so so so grateful, for sterek, for you loving them just as much as I do, for you having that passion, and the time and will to create such beautiful things that make it real and touchable and all the hell more enjoyable. And yeah, I just finished reading a fic that made me happy when I thought I couldn’t be and yeah, I’m emotional. I love you guys. I love Sterek. And this ship will never go down if I have anything to say about it.