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You must choose one. Live for decades menstruating one week every month with super heavy flow, cramps, acne, etc. OR. Live for centuries with a 24 hour fertility period once every ten years with horrible pain that can only be treated with drugs or a full day sex marathon with some hot guy you barely know.

Question: Do the options for hot guy I barely know include John, Zsadist, or Blay and Quinn?

 The Transit of Planet Venus, in relation to Earth, creates a pentagram. Transits of Venus occur only once in a human lifetime, for a period of 8 years. So they’re a rare astronomical phenomena. The last 8-year cycle came to a completion in the year 1882. The most recent cycle began in 2004, and completed in 2012. Unfortunately over the past 2,000 years, the pentagram has been wrongly synonymous with evil, devil worship, and witchcraft. .as well as the name “Lucifer”. However Lucifer is the Latin word for Venus. The Christian church has brainwashed many into believing these things has something to do with Satanism or “anti-christ.”

Tornado alley is fucking eldritch and weird when you think about it...

So me and @angelevation were talking about tornadoes and living in Oklahoma and how interesting it is that humans adapted to it and have all these systems in place to help recognize and safeguard oneself from tornadoes.

And tornadoes are almost eldritch. Like, if you just change the aesthetics, you get a lovecraftian wasteland.

Imagine you live in a place where every year there’s a two season period where every once in a while a giant eyeball appears in the sky and fires a giant laser into the earth, obliterating everything in its path. It’s terrifyingly powerful, there’s no way to stop it or prevent it, it sometimes shows up with little to no warning, and sometimes multiple eyes show up.

You’d fucking move, right?

But the people there have grown used to it and have figured out how to predict it. Whenever it’s about to show up, the sky gets really dark and foreboding, and casts a blood red tint on everything (this is a legit thing that happens before tornadoes btw, the tint is just yellow or green). A lot of people can stand outside and just sort of FEEL that an eye is going to appear. The whole area is covered in sirens that blare whenever it looks like maybe one is coming, and they test these sirens once a week at the same time to the point where the people just get used to it.

So you’d think the people living here would be terrified of the eyes, right? Surely they’d flee at the mere mention of one?

No, not really.

The laser is devastating, but really only to the things directly under it. It will carve a path through the earth and obliterate everything in its way, but leave the houses next door completely untouched, with nary a blade of grass out of place.

And the people have even found ways to survive the eye laser! They’ve built rooms and shelters out of a special metal that blocks the lasers, but it’s unfeasible to build an entire house out of it, so it’s usually just one room in the house or a shelter just outside of it.

People will stand outside their homes and watch the eye laser go by. They’ll film it, take pictures of it, drive close to it, and generally not give a fuck until it’s headed their way. And even then they’ll reluctantly get in their shelters and hunker down and wait for it to pass by.

Each year these eyes come, and they typically go through the same areas and follow the same paths, and each year homes are destroyed. But the people here are hardy, and refuse to just give up, so they’ll rebuild their homes and get eye laser insurance and go on with their lives. It’s an objectively terrifying thing, the eyes, but the people here have been here for years, and they don’t plan on leaving any time soon.

It’s almost inspiring.

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why do we have to suffer thru periods every heckin month. im probably on my period on holiday which sucks because im gonna go swimming and all that but i just wonder, why couldnt periods just be once a year or sth. i dont want to have to deal with this every month until im 50 also i just feel sad right now so gotta release the feelings somewhere sorry to dump this on u. i just wonder.. once a year would be so heckin awesome!!

I AGREE 900%!!!!! Sorry you’ve gotta go through that anon :( :( 

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Professor, can family members of an omega in heat be affected by the heat or make them go into rut? Also does heat stop at a certain age like periods?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply! Long day. 

In my HC and probably other people’s HC, family members are not affected by their Omega’s Heat. Most likely because their scent is so similar to their’s that it wouldn’t affect the members of the family the same was it might affect a stranger. If that makes any sense. 

Heats will cease around the average age of 51, (google says 51 is the average age of menopause). As the Dynamic gets older the less and less intense the Heat is. May even be farther apart than normal. Ex: instead of going into Heat every 3 months, it’ll be every 6 months to once a year. (Differs between HCs). Granted, this all will happen over long periods of time. 

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How should I ask for birth control to manage my periods cramps? Is there criteria based on severity because for me, most months I get unbearable cramps and I'm often sick, but sometimes I'm alright and can deal with it. Also, how do I bring it up with my mum? She's the type to only take you to the doctors when you're at Death's door.

Hi! See this post with a list of legitimate reasons to see a gynecologist! It should give you SEVERAL standard reasons to start the convo with your mom.

I’m not sure how old you are, so if you can’t start with the usual “I’m at the age that I need to start going once a year,” then I’d suggest leading with “I have horrible periods and this is the 21st century—there is no reason for me to suffer from bodily functions when modern medicine exists.”

And ob/gyns are great. They’ll talk to you about your periods and usually will flat out ask if you have horrible periods and want birth control to help with them. If they don’t (they will/it will be on your form), just be like, “Sometimes I have horribly debilitating periods. Is there anything you can do to lessen my suffering?” And after you both laugh, they’ll be like “I know of several different types of birth control that have been known to help people with bad cramps.” 

You just have to ask/start the conversation. Be your own advocate! It can be awkward to talk about your genitals because—NEWS FLASH—we live in patriarchal societies where vulvas and vaginas are “alien” and “mysterious” even to the people they’re attached to, yet penises are funny and laughable and okay to talk about openly because god forbid a cis gendered male not be allowed to talk and joke openly about his penis and sexual prowess. Clearly, I’m not bitter about this at all.

So be your own advocate! And don’t be embarrassed because you have a vulva between your legs and a vagina that bleeds. I’m so over young women being unable to talk about bleeding vaginas in public because they might offend someone or make them uncomfortable. 

Vulvas and vaginas are half the human population and GDI if we want to talk about them in public or private we should be able to do so without ridicule. We should also be empowered to take care of them/our bodies and selves by seeking medical attention and guidance when we feel the need.

God. I’m going to shut up now before this derails any more. I hope you get the picture tho.

What are the pros and cons of the birth control shot?

Someone asked us:

So I’m thinking about getting the shot for birth control. I was wondering what some of the pros and cons for that are.

The good ol’ birth control shot — AKA Depo Provera — is a safe, convenient, and effective way to prevent pregnancy. You just pop into a health center to get an injection (in your arm or buttcheek), and then you’re protected from pregnancy for 3 months.

Like every kind of birth control, there are pros and cons to the Depo Provera shot. Let’s start with the good stuff. Fans of the shot like it because:

  • You only have to think about birth control 4 times a year, so it’s a pretty low maintenance method compared to methods like the pill, patch, or ring. It’s great for people who don’t want to have to remember to use birth control every day, week, or month.
  • It’s really good at preventing pregnancy. As long as you get your shot on time every 3 months, you’ve got 24/7 birth control.
  • It’s super private — nobody except you and your doctor has to know you’re using it. 
  • The shot can make your period lighter — in fact, half of people who use it stop getting their periods altogether within a year of starting the shot. (Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe to not get a period while you’re using birth control.)

Some of the potential downsides of the Depo shot are:

  • The shot doesn’t protect against STDs. So use condoms and dental dams along with your shot to protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections.
  • You have to go to your doctor’s office every 3 months. This can be hard if you live far away from a nurse or doctor, or have trouble keeping up with appointments.
  • The shot only works if you get it on time, every time. If you forget to go to your shot appointment or put it off, you’ll be at risk for pregnancy.
  • For some people, it can take longer to get pregnant after they stop using the shot than with other methods — your fertility might not return to normal for up to 10 months. So it’s not the best option if you think you’ll want to get pregnant within the next year or so.
  • Like other hormonal methods of birth control, the shot may cause annoying side effects for some people (but many of them usually go away after 2-3 months). The most common side effect is changes in your periods, like bleeding more than usual, spotting between periods, or fewer periods — this is most common during the first year. Many people stop getting their period after a year on the shot. (Once you stop using the shot, your period should go back to normal after a few months.)
    • Other, less common side effects include:
      • Nausea
      • Weight gain
      • Headaches
      • Tender breasts
      • Hair loss or more hair on the face or body
      • Depression
      • Slight bruising or, rarely, a small dent in your skin where you got the shot
    • Most of these side effects are temporary, and usually go away in a few months after your body adjusts to the shot. And lots of people use the shot with no problems at all.

So that’s the rundown on the basic pros and cons. If the shot appeals to you because you want effective birth control that you don’t have to think about every day, you might also want to check out IUDs or the implant.  Like the shot, these methods are safe, low-maintenance, reversible, and can help with PMS and other period problems. But they’re even more effective and convenient than the shot, because they last for years instead of months.

If you’re ready to get on the shot, or want to talk with a nurse or doctor about your other birth control options, contact your local Planned Parenthood health center.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood

>Sasuke tried to kill Sakura multiple times.

>Kishimoto deliberately developed NaruSaku as a misdirection. For the entire manga.

>Kishimoto literally said he couldnt think of a reason for Sakura to like Sasuke because they all sounded “contrite.” In the end, he says “shes just crazy for him”.

>Sakura will never understand Sasuke’s past or loneliness, and there is absolutely nothing to connect her with Sasuke.

>Sasuke seemingly does not care about Sakura or even Sarada’s health or well-being as displayed by the fact that he was more focused on the fact that the Shin could use space time ninjutsu even though his “wife” was just abducted and he didn’t even recognize his own daughter when he finally meets up her after 12 years. Oh, and the fact that he never once even visited during that 12 year time period. At all.

>Sasuke wont even touch Sakura with affection not even a goodbye kiss after not seeing her for 12 years, and won’t knowing that he won’t see her again for god knows how long.

>Sakura’s love is displayed as entirely selfish. Her love formed as a child over superficial reasons and literally never developed from there with Sasuke

and yet…… Sakura is  somehow Sasuke’s light???????

>Sasuke says that Sarada is the only thing that holds Sakura and he together.

>Kishimoto himself stated that he doesn’t know if Sakura and Sasuke remain together in the future.

Don’t try to pull the “you have to respect his work” when even he doesn’t respect it enough to end it honestly!

Married (TVD) [SS]

in this one, we’re pretending Jo didn’t die and that the wedding went as planned - no mention of Kai. Also, Steroline isn’t a thing.

imagine being nervous for your wedding with Stefan; the entire tvd crew helps you to relax.

updating mobile so the italics used for thoughts won’t show :(

“How the hell did you manage pulling all this off?” Jo snickered from her spot behind you, she was putting different flowers in 55 vases for each table.

“It wasn’t easy,” Jo laughed. “Don’t you remember me hyperventilating on your shoulder?”

Alaric, sporting his suit already, wondered into the room. “How could we forget?”

Everyone let out a joyful laugh at the thought. It seemed like only yesterday Jo was panicking about her bridesmaids dresses - in reality it was two months ago.

Jogging towards the entryway, you gave the couple a weak smile. “Thanks for your help, guys. I have a feeling it’ll mean a lot more when this is finally finished,” you chuckled.

The outside of the venue was designed, as well. There was huge, long, cascading white handsewn sheer material that draped at nearly 50 feet lit up by beautiful blacklights and white lights.

A sudden kind of bubble arose in your throat - you felt nauseous. Taking a seat outside, you observed the wedding arena as a whole.

The professional bar being set up, the huge square of draped fabrics at an extreme height, the inner venue where the after party and eating was. Everything was coming together but there was some much more to do.

Am I even sure I want to do this? You grimaced, ignoring the butterflies. What girl gets married under the age of 20?

“I can see you regretting this entire thing,” a voice awoke you from your thoughts. It was Caroline Forbes. “I want you to know that you shouldn’t.”

“It’s easier said than done,” you frowned. What if I trip down the aisle? What if the drapery falls and claims a live? What if Stefan isn’t over the Petrova doppelgangers - both Elena and Katherine?

“It’s going to be perfect -” Caroline glanced over her shoulder. “I-I think I heard someone mention me. I’ll be right back,” she flashed her pearly white smile and started screaming at Matt and Tyler the entire way to the developing bar.

Looking down at your outfit, you sighed. The same pair of black leggings and extremely loose white shirt graced your body for the third day. Stefan was busy with ‘secret bachelor stuff’ which apparently didn’t include Alaric for the day.

It made you happy that Stefan wasn’t involved in the wedding planning because you wanted it to be a breathtaking surprise. Besides, knowing him he’d already have some kind of something planned for you afterwards.

Most likely not a honeymoon because Stefan seemed incapable of distancing himself from the people of Mystic Falls unless he flipped his switch.

In your seat at the lone, half set-up table, you simply looked down at your hands clasped together in your lap.

What immediately caught your eye was the gigantic silver, diamond encrusted ring on your hand that was easily 7,000 dollars.

Your nails were manicured a solid white. Walking down the aisle, the dress, the lifelong committment thing was becoming increasingly daunting as you thought about it.

Silent tears you didn’t know you had began to sneak down your cheek. It wasn’t of doubt. Surely it was a panic attack, you tried to stop yourself from making a scene.

Once the tears fell from your eyes everything felt a little better. What if he doesn’t love me? What if we’ll end up divorced? You tried to excuse the thought.

“Y/N? Y/N, what are you doing? I’ve been calling you for - no,” Bonnie crouched down to meet your eyes. “C'mon, what’s wrong?”

Crying felt foolish, now.

“Nothing,” you sniffed, wiping away the tears. She gave you her famous ‘really?’ expression caused a tiny smile to break out on your lips.

“Bonnie, did you -” Now Elena was here? Great. “Y/N!” She shrieked girlishy, jogging over and sitting in the seat closest to you, Bonnie crouching in between. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing,” you puffed.

Bonnie raised her eyebrows again. “Come on, Y/N. Spill.”

Elena twisted the end of her ponytail nervously. “Was it something Stefan said? Or Damon?”

Rapidly, you shook your head. “No… But I can’t help feeling like he doesn’t really love me.” You weren’t sure if you were supposed to say what you said next but you did, regardless. “Not like he loved you and Katherine, I mean.”

Elena’s face wrinkled into that of disgust and shock. “Y/N, he’d never put a ring on my finger. I can’t speak for Katherine but Stefan Salvatore is over 100 years old and was never married once. People get married four times in a period of 20 years, remember Caroline’s third cousin Faye?”

“He loves you so much it hurts,” Bonnie whined. “I can literally feel it.”

“Okay,” you groaned. “It was stupid of me to doubt it…”

The rest of the day went as planned. The venue was finished on time. The girls all slept over, the guys had a sleepover somewhere else.

The bridesmaids dresses were the prettiest things you’d ever seen. They fit everyone exactly.

You were so thankful to have friends like the ones you did. If they weren’t there, you’d probably cancel the wedding or something! That or runaway.

By 11pm the girls were fast asleep. Knowing there was a long day ahead of you, your eyes began to flutter shut until a small sound caused them to open in curiosity.

Goodnight Y/N. I love you so much. I can’t wait until we’re finally together. I keep picturing you in a dress. It’s impossible. - Stefan.

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how bad is it if my period skips a month or two sometimes? i just blame it on stress because i really been under a lot these past months but im wondering if this is unhealthy? i didnt have it in may and it hasnt came for june... i mean its happened before but idk

It’s actually pretty normal to have irregular periods, and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is terribly wrong. Yes, it can be stress, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or hypothyroidism, or just your uterus being a disobedient rebel. 

Getting on a birth control pill could regulate your cycle, but if you’re not having other symptoms then you don’t necessarily need to do anything about it. You don’t really HAVE to have a period to be healthy, not unless you’re trying to get pregnant or something. I’ve been on a seasonal birth control for several years now, so I only have a period once every three months, and there doesn’t seem to be any problem with that. 

I would suggest you check out this tag and this tag from @themidwifeisin, and consider seeing a gyno if you’re having heavy periods, really painful cramps, weight gain, hair loss or hair growth in “male” places, sleep problems, depression, etc, as those could be indicative of a bigger problem. As long as it’s just a wayward period that doesn’t in of itself bother you, don’t worry.

Okay, so, I am generally live and let live post and let post. But I just saw something on my dash that infuriated me. It was by a non-American referencing an American event, and being that they are not American, I am going to assume that they don’t know how false and insulting the reblog was. 

I faced a hell of a lot of sexism and outright misogyny as a female in the Army, but the military is the least racist facet of the country I’ve ever experienced. My Facebook friends page is an interesting place. Once, during a tense period a couple of years ago, there was an extremely heated debated and a friend of a friend declared that the military was the only place where he’d been treated as a “man” rather an a “n*****”. Which I don’t doubt was true for him, but again, nice to be a male, not so good to be a female anywhere. 

But anyway, non-white veterans (a group pretty much invisible in pop culture but much more sizeable than you’d think) are going to disagree with your anti-US military shit. The fact that you assume most of the military is white males is a sign of your ignorance. 

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I have a period once a year and everyone told me if I had sex?? It'd become regular and me and my boyfriend have sex like everyday

Honey I don’t know where you heard that but I sincerely doubt it’s in any way true. Having large gaps in between your periods can be caused by a variety of things and you should talk to your doctor about it if you can.

A villager looks on as Mount Sinabung volcano spews thick volcanic ash, as seen from Beganding village in Karo, North Sumatra province, on May 19, 2017.  Sinabung roared back to life in 2010 for the first time in 400 years. After another period of inactivity, it erupted once more in 2013 and has remained highly active since.

Thoughts from a TOG Reread

Am I seriously the only one who thought Chaol was a bit of a knob…from the beginning?

It may just be my bitterness over puzzling out how the FUCK you say his name initially.  Cole? Cal? Chawl? Jowl? It can’t really be Kale?

Dorian my smol son. At least he is aware that his father is monster if not what kind yet. Yes! I’m throwing shade at you, Westfall.

Ok. Between Calaculla, Benjali, and the lotus blossom references I thought Nehemia was South Asian or that was what the influence was for Ellwye. But I always see her head-cannoned as Subsaharan African. Did I miss something?

Oh hello, Elena. You daft bitch.

I have to read too many books to get to Lysandra.

The women’s clothes in these books confuses the historian in me.

I don’t think they can sacrifice Hollin to preserve both our babies. Elena talks only of Dorian and Aelin to Nehemia as the possible ones back in book two.  

Wait wait, did Aedion clandestinely proposition Dorian in Heir of Fire? Um, yes?!

The most unrealistic thing in this series is that people immediately start calling her Aelin. There was very little, “Celaena…shit I mean, Aelin!” for it to be realistic.


I mourn for Ress.

I really do miss the name Celaena Sardothian though. If only because if I needed a pseudonym it would be similarly badass and start with a C.

Nesryn better get the in depth characterization she deserves in the side book.

Aw, look at my babies. Holding hands. Setting things on fire. Destroying the anti-magic patriarchy.

*cracks knuckles* On to Empire of Storms with a bottle of anti-depressants in hand.

I forgot how BAMF Elide is and I feel like I need to find her and apologize for my shortcomings.

If you’re going to co-opt something from Bronze Age Greece at least spell it correctly. It gives me undergrad flash backs before I taught Word how to spell Mycenaean.

Oh god, the Lysaedion feels. I love them both so much. Together or separate I do not care. (But together is preferred.)

Beach shenanigans are never an acceptable past time. I get second hand dermal abrasions just reading that scene, now matter how much I wanted it to happen.

Will we ever find out the name of Dorian’s father?

I’m super curious about what Vaughan is doing in the north.

I am so ambivalent about Manorian. I at times both love it and feel like I shouldn’t.

I don’t get the ship wars. I didn’t read these until this year and read them all at once. Not having a long period of time to get invested makes the progression much more seamless.

Lorcan, why?

ilovethesebookstoohard. ow.

This is a Bornean Orangutan, the only Asian great ape. Orangutans are the largest tree-dwelling animals on earth, and a male may stretch his arms more than 7 feet. They have one of the longest life histories of the great apes; female orangutans give birth only once every eight years—the longest time period of any animal—have the longest childhood of any primate, with infants and juveniles nursing until they’re six years old. Because orangutans are so dependent on trees, they are endangered everywhere they live due to logging, forest fires, forest conversion to palm oil plantations, and hunting.

This Sunday, celebrate the Lunar New Year at the Museum! We’re kicking off the Year of the Monkey with a festival celebrating Asian art and culture. On the Hall of Ocean life, experience contemporary choreography, traditional storytelling, and hands-on activities taught by local artisans, then head to the Primate Hall to take a look at the important cultural role primates have played across the Asian continent and explores what needs to be done to ensure their survival. 

Learn more about this full day of events at the Museum!


Summer is sticky-hot oppressive, the air stagnant and still like a swamp. The wind, when it blows, is hot, gritty, smoggy. Inside it’s even hotter, windows creaked and cracked on their crumbling, splintered frames, but no one in the Milkovich household can be fucked to fix the ancient air conditioner that had finally spluttered out last summer.

The sunlight coming in through the window shines red through Mickey’s eyelids. Ian is a hot presence next to him, stupidly long limbs stretched and sweaty and invasive, and Mickey would tell him to move the fuck out of his space if he wasn’t still sated and thrumming from orgasm, and if some girly part of him didn’t love the feeling of Ian’s body pressed against his own.

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