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Famous!Blaine AU fic recs

These are all AUs where Blaine is famous for some reason :-)

Complete fics

Wake Up To Me, by a-simple-rainbow.

Notting Hill AU, beautifully done.

Skin on Skin, by ulysses31dancer

Blaine is a rock star, Kurt wins a VIP backstage pass. Very smutty.

The Understudy, by ASuperGleek

Blaine is a Broadway star, and Kurt is cast as his understudy.

Teenage dreams and movie scenes, by @saraklaine100.

This story is AMAZING. Laugh-out-loud funny. Guaranteed to cheer you up however blue you’re feeling. Blaine is a famous singer, Kurt is a famous actor with a crush on said singer.

Nobody said it was easy, by @alexacardew.

Blaine writes Broadway musicals. Kurt is married and has a child, but isn’t happy in his marriage and falls for Blaine. You’ll root for these two to get together from the very first chapter.

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The time that Kurt and Blaine told their daughter a bedtime story uwu

The dim light from the lamp throws a golden glow over their bed as Blaine rests his head against Kurt’s shoulder, buried underneath the comforter. Blaine trails his fingers absently over Kurt’s arm as Kurt furrows his brow at his phone, scrolling through an email before a yawn breaks his concentration. “Mm, maybe we should go to sleep?” Blaine hums, kissing Kurt’s shoulder.

“I’m prolonging the part where I have to wake up early to take Hepburn to school,” Kurt mumbles, tipping his cheek so that it rests on top of Blaine’s curls.

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Fic: Something Real

Length: 2K

A 5.12 reaction fic inspired by januarium’s prompt: “Someone write me fic of Blam holding a meeting with the newbies while Will shows off the plaques to the people who aren’t or soon won’t be at the school any more plz.“ 

For two other fantastic responses to this prompt, check out ficdirectory’s “Not the Only Ones” and adampascalfan’s “We Got Us”. This fandom is truly an embarrassment of riches.

Thanks to my betas amongsoulsandshadows and gluttonouspenguin!

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“Can we go home yet?” Blaine hears Kitty before he sees her.

He and Sam find the sophomores and juniors draped over the chairs like disgruntled puppies. At some point, Ryder and Jake must have given up on the chairs entirely and sprawled across the floor, their heads resting on lumpy piles of backpacks and jackets.

It isn’t until Kitty sits up in her makeshift bed of plastic chairs, that Blaine can find a body to go with the voice. “Hello?” she asks again. “Are we allowed to leave, or do we have to keep pretending to worship the great and mighty original members of a defunct club?”

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Fanfic - I'm Glad You Came - 1/1

Title: I’m Glad You Came

Prompt: Ten years later Sebastian and Blaine meet each other again at a Warbler reunion.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1349

A/N: A prompt fill for Magnusland who wanted a fic where Sebastian sings.

Blaine walked down the grand staircase at Dalton as a flood of memories came back to him. It had been ten years since he set foot in this school. All of it seemed to be like a long forgotten dream. The first days he came here broken and scared. Singing with the Warblers and feeling for the first time that he belonged. Both meeting and proposing to Kurt on this very staircase. Memories of a certain green eyed boy came back as well but Blaine didn’t linger on those, it hurt too much to do so.

“Blaine! Its awesome you could come.” An older but no less enthused Jeff waved to him at the bottom of the stairs. The rest of the former Warblers that had gathered there turned to smile and wave at him. Blaine felt a tinge of guilt at their warm response. After all they had their conflicts with each other through high school once he left for McKinley. But once a Warbler always a Warbler, and Blaine couldn’t resist an invitation to their ten year reunion.

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