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Part 2 to the angst for @blondielovesr5-blog

Michonne looks at the governor laying unconscious on the ground and then up to you and Daryl. She sees the blood on both your faces and silently ushers you both out of the room. You follow her out of Woodbury, eventually finding Rick in the woods surrounding the place.
“What happened in there?” He frowns, looking at the state of you both.
“We need to get her back,” Daryl says, looking at your face going paler by the second. Once you get back to the prison you collapse in the doorway and Daryl has to carry you in to see Herschel.
“Tell me everything Daryl, I need to know,” he says seriously, lifting your top a little and seeing deep purple bruising.
“She got hit a lot, she hit her head, he threw her to the ground. I dunno, I didn’t see some of it. I dunno what else he did,” he cries, tears falling fast down his cheeks.
“Ok, just go and sit, I’ll look her over,” Herschel says calmly. He checks around your ribs and feels a couple of breaks, then around your bruising, feeling for any hard areas that could indicate internal bleeding. Finally he checks your eyes and shines a light in them, seeing your pupils dilate. He gives you an injection of painkillers then checks Daryl over and gives him some pills.
“How is she?” Daryl asks, looking over at your still body on the table.
“Not great Daryl, she has a couple of broken ribs and very nasty bruising. Also, the bump on her head could leave her with some permanent damage,” he says sadly. Rick comes in after standing by the doorway and hearing what’s wrong.
“Daryl, come and get something to eat please,” he says softly.
“I ain’t leaving her,” he insists. Rick looks to Herschel and nods to the other side of the room.
“What’s the outlook?” Rick asks.
“Honestly? Not good. If she wakes up-”
“She has broken ribs and I can’t be sure one hasn’t punctured a lung. Her breathing isn’t great anyway, but I haven’t got the proper equipment to check her over with,” Herschel explains.
“Prepare for the worst then?”
“I would, yes. I’m sorry Rick.” Rick shakes his head and goes back over to Daryl.
“Come on, just 5 minutes to eat and you can come back,” Rick says, putting his around Daryl’s shoulder, leading him out of the room. They go and eat and Daryl rushes back with some scraps of food for you in case you wake up.
“(Y/N), in here. I’m not leaving ya again, I got some food if ya wake up,” he says, sitting next to you. Over the next couple of days everyone visits; Carl comes, then Michonne, Maggie, Glenn, Beth, Carol, and Rick brings Judith in.
“What is this? Ya giving up on her?” Daryl shouts at Rick as he realises everyone seems to be saying their goodbyes.
“No, of course not, we’re just taking it in turns to visit,” he lies.
“What do ya know that I don’t? What did Herschel say?” He demands.
“Nothing, he just-”
“Calm down Daryl. It’s just, we don’t know if she’ll wake up. The broken ribs, he doesn’t know if one punctured a lung.”
“WHY DIDN’T YA TELL ME?” Daryl bellows, then walks out of the room and out into the yard where he kicks the truck and screams at nothing.
“Leave me alone,” he sobs as Beth comes up behind him, placing her hand on his shoulder. He flinched away and looks down at the ground.
“Daryl, you need to come inside, (Y/N)‘s waking up,” she whispers, then turning and going back inside. Daryl runs past her to your room and leans over you.
“(Y/N)! I’m here it’s okay,” he pants. You open your eyes and look at him, his face blurred a little and you breathe deeply, feeling a sharp pain go through your chest. Your hand grips it and you look at Daryl panicked, not being able to get your breath back. Daryl puts his hands on your face and his tears fall on your cheeks.
“It’s okay just breathe,” he nods, breathing with you. You smile at him and lift your hand up to feel his, then your eyes close for the last time as you slip away beneath him. His face scrunches as he realises what’s happened and he drops his head into your chest.
“No no no no, ya can’t leave me,” he cries, hands gripping onto your tshirt, “ya can’t do this to me.”
Rick enters, sees Daryl crying into you and realises what’s happened.
“Fuck,” he mutters under his breath as he rushes to his best friend’s side, “Daryl, I’m so sorry.”
“She smiled,” he sobs.
“She woke up?”
“I’m glad you she got to see you Daryl,” Rick reassures.
“I need her Rick, I can’t do this,” he cries, “this is why I never wanted to fall in love. It was fucking stupid!”
“Daryl, you can’t stop feelings like that.”
“I can’t live without her.”
“You can, because you’ve got us.”
“What am I gonna do?”
“You’re gonna remember the good times, the moments you spent together alone, and you’re going to keep living,” Rick says, squeezing his shoulder. Daryl shakes his head, never imagining a time when he’ll be able to do that, then he remembers what’s got to happen next and looks to Rick in horror.
“I can’t do it Rick, I can’t-”
“You don’t have to. Go get some air and some water then come back okay?” Rick nods, knowing what has to be done. Daryl nods back, wiping his eyes with the backs of his hands, then walks outside to everyone standing the other side of the door, hearing Daryl’s strangled cries. He bows his head and walks past everyone. Rick takes his knife and slides it through your ear.
“I’m so sorry (Y/N),” he whispers looking away as he does it. Once the knife is out again he strokes your hair and a tear falls into your top. “I’ll look after Daryl for you.”
Beth comes up behind Rick, looks at your body and starts crying. Maggie then comes in and hugs her sister, the tears now streaming down everyone’s faces as they say goodbye for the final time. Daryl enters again and sees everyone standing around you.
“GET OUT!” He shouts and they exit the room hurriedly.
“Let me know when you want to bury her, I’m here for you,” Rick says as he walks out of the room. He knows it’s going to take Daryl a long time to want to let go of you, but he’ll be waiting for when he’s ready.


  • Hunk, frosting Keith's birthday cake: Hey Lance, how do you spell Keith's name again? I always get the 'i' and 'e' mixed up
  • Lance: I’ll have you know that I got second place in a spelling bee once so you can trust me when I say that it's spelled q-u-i-c-h-e
  • Keith, from across the castle: THAT'S NOT HOW YOU SPELL MY NAME AND YOU KNOW IT LANCE

me, feeling good about myself: i’m cute as hell why is no one dating me????
me, two seconds later, realising that i could absolutely be dating someone if i wanted to be and that my relationship status almost entirely hinges on my own indecisiveness, hesitation to trust others, lack of interest, and the kaleidoscope of my anxiety and self doubt: oh yeah nvm

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headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

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Kylo Ren searches The Falcon”      -(Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deleted Scenes)-

Lance: Look, it’s really cool that your dad is okay with you being gay. Texans really have  bad reputation for being…homophobic and stuff, you know?

Keith: Not so sure I would expect a guy who fucked an alien to think anything like being gay wrongful.


Since you lost your vision, he’s been anxiously sitting there the whole time…..

How can I make up for it…..Fuzzy?

I guess I’ll play ball with you!

at long last-- the small translation difference I noticed!

Disclaimer: I’m not perfectly fluent in german! But I’ve been studying it for many years and I can definitely call myself proficient. Sorry if there are small mistakes; if anyone is fluent let me know if anything’s a bit off! 

SO! During the battle against Vah Ruta, Sidon will explain the strategy to you and then tell you to climb on his back. There are two text options: 

If you pick the second one, as you can see, Sidon basically reassures you that yes, indeed, the two of you together can defeat Vah Ruta. 

In the german version, the same thing happens: Sidon explains the plan, then tells you to get on his back. But my curiosity was piqued when I saw the two text options, because the second option in german reads differently than the english version. Here, Link uses “darf”, which is a conjugation of the verb “dürfen”, which means “may”. So, Link is asking “may I really?”. I thought this was a bit strange, because it seemed to me that it would’ve made more sense to have Link ask “can I really?” if he was concerned about whether or not him and Sidon could really defeat Vah Ruta, and that no one would really ask for permission to try to stop an evil beast terrorizing a city.  

However, once you click the second option, Sidon essentially says “When I say that [you can climb on my back], naturally you may! Now come!”

So, in short, in the english version, Link is concerned about whether or not they can defeat Vah Ruta, and Sidon reassures him and is certain that together they will defeat the divine beast. However, in german, Link is instead concerned about whether or not he’s really allowed to climb on Sidon’s back, and Sidon reassures him that yes, Link may indeed climb on his back. 

Dangerous Curiosity

Request from Anon:  this is a request maybe for later idk!!!! a one-shot where pan gets ahold of Pandora’s box, hearing of the powerful being inside, aka the reader, who’s been trapped for many thousand years….desire and fascination ensue….

Note: Not sure if this is exactly what anon had in mind but I hope you all enjoy it :)

Peter Pan x Evil!Reader

Words: 1642

Warnings: A little bit of violence and some smutty behaviour. (Last GIF used in this piece should probably be classed as NSFW)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Pandora’s box. An item that had held so much mystery behind it for centuries, maybe even going on millennia, and a source of unimaginable power that drove even the kindest people to end the lives of anyone who prevented them from obtaining it. Yet even now there was no written record of anyone having witnessed the being that lay trapped inside of it. So many people had tried to discover it but each one of them had failed in their attempts.


An incredible source of power and it had chosen to end up in the hands of the King of Neverland himself…..Peter Pan. Of course he would believe that he had managed to come across the box himself but that wasn’t how it worked…the being that resided within in chose who ‘found’ them very carefully. If they were to end up in the wrong hands then all hell could break loose. No, only those who were deemed ‘worthy’ enough had the chance to feel the heaviness of the box in their hands and should they manage to keep it in their possession long enough their eyes would soon behold what lay inside.

Someone was yet to accomplish that task and Pan was determined that it was going to be him.

“Peter Pan…..”

Every time the box was within his grasp he heard the angelic voice calling out to him, increasing his curiosity in the ancient artefact, but right now as he sat by the flickering flames of the campfire the voice was speaking out to him more and more. His sharp green eyes were transfixed on the markings that decorated it as he wondered just how he was going to get it to open for him.

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