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pjo theatre au

have some theatre au headcanons because it is that time of the year again and ya girl nia is in Theatre Hell™

  • Piper basically lives in the theatre ok aside from volunteering at her local animal shelter sometimes she doesn’t have a life outside of this
  • She is the Drama Queen. Head Thespian.
  • imagine every theatre stereotype you’ve ever heard. that is piper.
  • Jason is literally that kid who remembers everything. He’s memorized the script, all the blocking, all the cues. h o w
  • annabeth is SM and she’s never taken a job this seriously in her entire academic career
  • if you miss a rehearsal without informing her at least two days in advance she will make it her mission to hunt you down
  • nico absolutely hates being in the spotlight but he always volunteers to work crew for a show so annabeth promotes him to ASM
  • they’re both really intimidating so you can imagine the productions the department put on are A1
  • percy was that one swimming jock who decided to give theatre a try and ended up being crazy talented
  • he performed Sante Fe for a showcase one time and everyone was moved to tea r s
  • Leo, Rachel, and Hazel are those who like to double as techies and actors
  • honestly there would probably be no set ever if they didn’t have Leo
  • Rachel is basically #1 when it comes to publicity ok she designs all the posters and t-shirts for the productions
  • she once made everyone “I can’t, I have rehearsal.” T-shirts for the hell of it
  • but when she decides to act in a production she leaves that to Hazel because boy does she immerse herself in her characters
  • She takes method acting so seriously like when she was casted as Madea she literally started a protest outside the school over the dress code
  • piper: “i’m a thespian” someone: “did you say lesbian” piper: “that too”
  • Calypso is in charge of costuming and if she doesn’t make the most beautiful intricate well put together costumes every damn time
  • Frank usually just does run crew and honestly they wouldn’t have it any other way because he can lift set pieces that would usually take like 3 ppl
  • he also goes and gets pizza for everyone during tech week thx frank
  • everyone has seen each other half naked at one point it’s not even weird anymore
  • “nico the production is over you don’t have to wear your show blacks anymore” “what are you talking about these are my normal clothes”
  • it’s a tradition to have the entire cast go out to eat after a final performance in stage makeup and all 
  • everyone in the ihop gives them strange looks
  • the employees are used to it
  • they hate them
  • glitter. glitter everywhere.
  • Antigone. Madea. Oedipus. Trojan Women. Heracles. all sold out.
  • Greek plays are just their specialty lol no one’s sure why
  • once piper and percy convinced half the department to stand on the side of road at a busy intersection and bucket fundraise
  • they also ran around a nearby parking lot for a Wal-Mart and put their show flyers in the windshields of parked cars
  • leo almost got hit by a car twice
  • their director made them run laps when they found out but it was fcking worth it
  • a pre-show tradition they always do is to have everyone drink a cup of tea and then do the penguin dance
  • if you don’t know what the penguin dance is i’m referring to this 
  • someone once dared leo to say the M word for 20 bucks and hE DID RIP IN PEACE
  • that day during their dress rehearsal they had a stage light fall, 3 broken props, one costume malfunction, several missed cues, and their director tripped during a blackout and split their forehead open and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches
  • Annabeth wanted to kill him lol it took Nico Percy and Piper to hold her back
SpockFact #29

Spock’s quarters are covered in glow-in-the-dark star stickers. They were originally put up as some long-forgotten prank, but by the end of the 5-year mission Spock can’t sleep without looking at the stars. After a few weeks he arranged them into the positions of the stars as seen from Vulcan, completely accurate down to the very last one. He can name all the constellations and spent a great many nights teaching Kirk the Vulcan constellations. He can even point out which star is Earth’s sun. Every night he falls asleep looking up at familiar cosmos that make him feel completely at home, that guide him into his dreams on their soft light and good memories. The only real downside he can see is that as a result of the stickers, looking at the stars for too long can make him sleepy. He has subsequently been found on numerous occasions asleep at his station while in the midst of mapping out new star charts and has even fallen asleep as a direct result of looking out the view screen for an extended period of time. The Captain doesn’t mind, though, and keeps a blanket near his chair at all times for just such an emergency.

Title: Tinder 

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Day 1 of 20. I’m posting one imagine every weekday during April. The request is listed at the bottom of the post. Questions, comments, concerns, feedback? Lemme hear it. 

Word Count: 1,709

“(Y/N).” Sidney said trying to get your attention as he lay on the opposite end of the sofa, the TV show he was watching long forgotten. You had stopped by for lunch and, admittedly, had been a pretty boring guest. You hadn’t noticed he was trying to talk to you, only realizing it when he kicked your thigh lightly with his foot.

“Sorry, what?” you questioned, glancing up from your phone.

“What are you looking at? You haven’t looked up from your phone for the past hour.” he said, pushing himself into a sitting position, scooting across the sofa to sit next to you.

“I made a Tinder account. I’ve been setting up my profile and trying to figure it out.” You mumbled, glancing back down, resuming your swiping.

“Tinder? The sex app?” he questioned, raising his eyebrow.

“Sid, it’s not a sex app.” you said, rolling your eyes at him. “I haven’t been on a date in a while. I guess it’d be nice to meet somebody.” you explained with a shrug.

“You can’t meet people, I dunno, by going bowling or something?” he said, a tone of judgement slipping into his voice. “A bar? A library?”

“The last time I went bowling I was 12. I wasn’t really looking for a hot date then. Bars creep me out. And the only man I ever talk to at the library is Frank, one of the volunteers and he’s like, 105.” you expounded. “Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony; it’s how everyone meets now. It’s just easier this way.”

“If you’re looking for a serious relationship, maybe it’s not supposed to be so easy.” Sid said, a hard edge in his voice. “People on these apps are desperate or just looking to hook-up.” he said. “Probably not the types of people that take relationships very seriously.” he lectured frustration evident on his usually calm face.

“That’s a bit harsh. A bit judgmental don’t you think?” you questioned, glancing up from your phone and cutting Sid an annoyed look. “Not everyone who uses these apps are bottom feeders. I’ve been on this app for less than an hour, Sid, and I’ve already come across at least 3 of your teammates.”

“You didn’t accept them or friend them, or do whatever you do on Tinder with them, did you?” he grilled you, his lips settling into a firm line.

“What is your problem?” you demanded, shoving the phone in your pocket.

“You know, I think it’s time you head home. I have to nap before I go the rink.” he said angrily, rising to his feet and heading towards his bedroom. “Lock the door behind you on your way out.” he shouted over his shoulder, his bedroom door slamming shut moments later.

Shaking your head, you grabbed your things, locking the door as Sid asked before making your way home. Over the past few years, you and Sid had always gotten along really well. You had met at Penguins charity event and had bonded over your disgust at the choice of appetizers. Pulling rank as the most famous athlete in Pittsburgh, he managed to convince one of the caterers to make the two of you sandwiches, which you’d hurriedly eaten behind a partition by the kitchen before heading back to the party. You’d remained friends ever since, almost 2 years now, and not once during that time could you recall Sidney ever getting mad at you. Annoyed, sure; but never angry.

Later that night, as you folded laundry, you turned the Penguins game on. You were soon drawn in, as usual, by Sidney’s play. But tonight was different than usual.  Tonight you were drawn in by how poorly he was playing. Penalty, give away, off sides, penalty, bad line change, missed pass. Every time he touched the puck everything he did was so uncharacteristically… well, awful. The game ended; the Pens losing 6-1. Based on the post-game commentary, you weren’t the only one who noticed Sidney’s mistakes.

“Crosby needs to get it together, that was easily his worst performance since coming into the league.”

“Don’t know what got in to him tonight. This is not what you want to see from your captain.”

You picked up the remote as the program went to commercial, hoping to find something less painful to watch when you heard a loud knock on your apartment door. You stood up, walking to the door as the knocking continued, harder now. You pulled open the door, an angry Sidney standing in the hallway. His hair was still damp from his shower, his suit not as crisp as it normally was. He pushed his way into your apartment, marching to the kitchen. Shutting the door; you turned the corner, your eyes locking on his raging frame; he was leaning back on the counter, his arms crossed over his chest, his lips in a hard line.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were planning on coming over. What are you doing here?” you questioned, treading lightly; trying to figure out why exactly Sidney had barged into your apartment so late at night.

Before he could answer the post-game program came back from commercial, the commentators still critiquing Sid’s performance.

“Shit.” he muttered angrily. “You watched the game?”

“I watch all your games, Sid. Now, why are you here?” you asked again.

“Because I played the worst game of my career tonight and it’s your fault.” he said finally.

You were floored. Your fault? How could any of this possibly be your fault? “How is that my fault?” you questioned; matching his stance, you crossed your arms, your eyes narrowing.

“You had to go and get that Tinder account and then I was distracted, I couldn’t nap—“ he began.

“You couldn’t take a nap because I downloaded an app?” you asked in disbelief.

Sidney’s eyes widened, realizing he wasn’t making sense; not willing to back down from his argument he continued. “Yeah, and since I didn’t take a nap it ruined the rest of my routine. And then—“

“My Tinder account is such a distraction it caused to you lose your fucking mind?” you asked angrily, cutting him off. “I download an app, and your life is affected? I download an app, and you come storming into my apartment at 11:00 at night to blame me for your bad game?” you hissed, anger seeping through you.

“Don’t be like that.” he said, dropping his arms to his sides; his posture slumping.

“Be like what?!” you roared. “You’re the one who told me I’m a desperate, sex crazed weirdo for joining Tinder. I just want to go on a date.” you said firmly. “You’re the one who shows up at my place after playing, apparently, the worst game of your NHL career; you show up to tell me it’s m y fault because I downloaded an app? What’s really going on here?” you pressed.  

“Well, it’s just—“

“Cut the bullshit Sidney. Tell me the real reason you’re here; or get out.” you said, voice stern as you pointed to your front door.

He sighed, his attitude softening when he realized how serious you were. “I’m sorry.” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I was distracted by what happened earlier this afternoon. It wasn’t your fault. I just…” he faltered, unsure of what to say. He stood by the counter his body slumped in defeat.

Seeing Sidney so upset, so vulnerable was a new experience; your anger fading as you watched hurt cloud his eyes. You sighed as you walked over to him, leaning on the counter beside him. “Just what?” you asked quietly, nudging his elbow with yours. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I was upset with myself because I didn’t tell you sooner.” he paused, taking a deep breath before continuing. “If you’re looking for a date, I want to be the one who takes you out. I’ve liked you for a long time and thinking about you going on a date with some stranger from an app freaked me out. I mean, have you ever seen Catfish? Some of those people are fucking psychopaths.” he said; his eyes skimming over your face.

“That’s what all this was about? Sid, you could’ve told me all of that without barging in here after a game; without snapping at me about a stupid app.” you said softly, reaching up and resting a hand on his shoulder.

“I know, I handled it poorly.” he sighed. “I’m sorry.” he said, hanging his head.

“You want to take me out on a date?” you asked, giving his shoulder a squeeze; happy that this was the reason for Sid’s poor attitude and not something more serious.

“I do, yeah.” he said, lifting his head. “But only if you really want to. Not because you feel bad about this whole situation I created.” he clarified.

“We’ve known each other for so long.” you said, glancing up at him. “You never said anything, so I assumed you weren’t as interested in me as I was in you.” Silence filled the kitchen, your nerves building as Sid soaked in your admission.

“Wait, you liked me, too?” he asked after a moment, your words sinking in; his brown eyes meeting yours, the look of hurt replaced with hope.

“I still like you.” you offered quietly.

“You never said anything either!” he chided, a smile pulling at the corners of his lips.

“You’re always so focused on hockey, you didn’t say anything, I just assumed you weren’t looking to invest so much time into a relationship.” you shrugged.

“I mean, we see each other at least 4 days a week. I think we’ve both invested a lot of time in this relationship.” he reasoned as you nodded in agreement. He paused, biting his lip before continuing. “So, if you haven’t made plans with any of those guys on Tinder, would you maybe be free tomorrow night?”

“I think I can clear my calendar.” you smiled, leaning into him.

“I can pick you up at 7:00?” he suggested.

“7:15?” you asked. “I need to make sure I have time to delete that app.”

Sidney wrapped his arm around your shoulders, bending down he pressed a kiss your cheek. “Sounds like a plan.”

HockeyWritingCollective Masterlist (X)

20 Day Challenge Queue (X)

Request: Sidney Crosby where they’re both too stubborn to admit their feels for each other and how they finally do? Maybe where y/n is a realist and takes no bullshit but also gives a damn about the people she cares about? I’m so excited that you’re taking requests- you’re a really great writer! Thank you in advance!  

in memoriam

rest in peace, Club Penguin. 

maybe it’s cheesy and dumb of me to do, but I legitimately want to say a few words in memory of this game.

I was always a shy and awkward kid, suffering from bad social anxiety as far back as I can really remember. When I was 7 and stumbled upon Club Penguin, it was like pure magic, It was whimsical, funny, innocent, exciting, and enormous. I was in love.

As lame as it sounds, this game shaped me in a lot of ways. I realized that being goofy is okay, and humor can always lighten up any situation.

I learned that people of all different colors (literally!) can come together and share in their differences, learning from one another and creating a better community.

I realized that, sometimes, you really just have to throw yourself out there to achieve what you want, whether that be making new friends, getting people to visit your lame igloo, or joining in on a group.

As time went by, I stopped playing as devoutly as I had once done, but it was still something I came back to on late nights, in moments of nostalgia or sadness or being overwhelmed. It was always a comfort, a secret little wonderland full of goofy penguins that I could escape to for a while when I needed to.

And so, with all my nerdy gushing aside, I say this; as weird as it was, as childish of a game it was, and as long as it’s been around, Club Penguin was so much of my childhood. I’m gonna miss it a lot.

Waddle on, friends.

So I’m wondering, has any of our fandom’s great gifset creators, done a “Rise and Fall of Oswald Cobblepot” by season yet? Or if anyone has chart making as a hobby, I think that would be an interesting one to see.

I was thinking earlier about how far Penguin has fallen but then I realized him being shot and tossed in the bay doesn’t actually seem like that bad in comparison to other “lows” he’s had.

Take S2. You think him holding his dear mother as she dies would be as low as he could get, but then he finds himself in Arkham with his brain being melted out of his ears. And then, he loses his newly found father! It’s like does this kid ever catch a break!? But in the end he’s the one saving the day as Butch blows Galavan to bits.

It just seems like the lower he falls, the higher he rises. I think that depending on how he gets himself out of this, if he has his wits about him, he can turn this around rather quickly. He’s bounced back from worse! And even higher than before. I think it’s one of the things we all love about him. His ability to get up no matter what knocks him down.

Ed hurt him. He let himself be vulnerable and he was earnest and it didn’t matter. He still lost this fight. He is undoubtedly down right now. But he won’t stay there. It’s only a matter of time before The Penguin rises once more.


Originally posted by gabrielokun

I knew I was a little once;

▪I asked for a bunk bed when my room was getting redecorated (instead of a double sized matress like other teens)

▪My boyfriend (now ex) got me a penguin stuffie as a surprise and I gave him a nickname.

▪I always wanted my ex attention and I love cuddles!

▪I knew I could easily watch disney movies all day and sing all the songs. I still find Maleficent scary from the original disney movie.

▪I hate being alone in the dark unless I have Jewie (my penguin stuffie).

▪I knew I’ve always preferred to wear a onesie to bed instead of grown up pjs.

Oswald x Reader- Your Song (Rated M smut)

I was given a request for the Kink Challenge “One catches the other masturbating” thanks Anon! Rejoice in the finger/hand porn!

Warning- Sexual content, masturbating, blowjob, restraints, fingering, Oswald hand porn, punishment, Domswald

Originally posted by dont-bless-me-ive-sinned

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Ain’t It Sweet, Feel That Body Heat (3150 words, NC17)
In which Cass has to share a bed with Enzo in a cold motel room. 

a lot longer than anything else i’ve written so far, and there are quite a few cliches in it, but ayy. enjoy~

* * * * *

There’s been a mix-up, they’d said. No other rooms, they’d said.

And now Cass found himself back-to-back with Enzo in a bed that felt too small in a motel room made for one. He hadn’t shared a bed with Enzo in a good, long time, and the few instances that he had, they’d both been too drunk or too exhausted to care — or both. But this time was different.

This time, Cass was wide awake and completely sober. And this time, he had new and improved feelings for his best friend. Dreams fueled by cold medicine can make a person realize a lot of things. 

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Blue Eyed Babies

Hi! Can I request an imagine? The reader and joker had a fling. She hasn’t seen him since but she finds out that she’s preggo.. She eventually had the baby, things were going well until she runs into him… Thank you!

A/N: Let me know what you guys think! to the anon who requested it, I hope you love it!!


“You come here often dollface?” The pale faced, green haired man asked as he stood in front of you rubbing his hands down your arms.

“Not really… It’s my friends 21st birthday party. So, I got dragged along I’m not really much into the nightlife social scene.” You replied gazing into his bright blue eyes that had you in such a trance.

“Not one for being social huh? I could change that.” He purred while kissing your neck.

His smell was intoxicating, his skin was warm. He made you feel… safe, like nothing in the world could harm you as long as you were in his embrace. You wrapped your hand around his back feeling the taut muscles through his silky red shirt. He removed his lips from your neck, and tilted your chin up analyzing your face with such curiosity.

“You look like something out of movie doll.” He said causing a smile to form on your lips.

Then ever so slowly he leaned his face closer to yours his eyes flitting to your lips. Next thing you knew he was kissing you. It was the most passionate kiss you had ever experienced. His hands went to your waist pulling your body closer against his. You moved your arms to wrap around his neck going on your tiptoes, making it easier to reach his lips. His tongue explored your mouth, leaving a metallic and delicious taste. He bit down on your bottom lip letting it linger between his teeth.

“How about a nightcap?” He purred.

“You read my mind,” You smirked up at him.  

He took your hand and lead you out of the roaring club, while barking at someone named Frost to take over his meetings.

You awoke the next morning, with black satin sheets wrapped around your naked body. The night of passion was still evident from your body. The was a satisfying ache between your legs and love bites littered your soft skin. The Joker laid next to you his green hair messy, with his cheek pressed into the mattress as he growled lightly in his sleep. Quieter than a mouse you slipped out the massive bed, retrieved your clothes and ever so silently left the most dangerous man in Gotham to wake up alone.

The sound of your coffee saying it was ready broke you from your revere. You sighed as you looked down at the pregnancy test that had just revealed your worst fears. You were pregnant with the Jokers baby. You quickly tossed the test in the trash. You went to your pristine kitchen and poured yourself some of the hot coffee, mixing in your favorite cream. You went to put the mug to your lips when you slowly stopped and dumped its contents down the sink. You had remembered that caffeine was not encouraged during pregnancy, and after all you were going to be a mother. It wasn’t such a uncommon horrible thing you thought to yourself. You were doing very well for yourself, in a secure high paying job. Your apartment was nice and even had a spare bedroom with a window that overlooked the city. It would make a perfect nursery, after a little redecorating. You had obviously hoped to be married when you started a family, but that prospect had been looking dismal for a while now. You smiled to yourself and retrieved your purse deciding to get a jump start on all things baby related.

J stretched his arm out across the king bed in search of the lovely little thing he spent last night with. If he was being honest he quite in enjoyed her, she was very pretty, listened well, and not to mention was a riot in the sack. He might just have to keep her around. When his search came up empty, he growled out loud as he lifted his head up to search for her, but the bed was unoccupied. He eyes immediately scanned the room searching for any sign of the women who intrigued him so much. All of her things were gone, except for the black lace panties he had removed from you last night. He snacthed them off the end of the bed and held him in his pale hand. He wanted to be mad at her for leaving without his permission but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to be when he pictured her smiling face. He laughed loudly stretching his arms out as he sat cross legged in his bed and yelled for Frost. Oh he always did love the thrill of the chace, and that is exactly what she was giving. Frost opened the door a solemn look on his face. J’s smile dropped from his face upon seeing frost’s expression.

“What is it?” He growled at him.

“It’s The Penguin sir, he is back in Gotham.”

‘You’ll just have to wait for me girly’ Joker thought to himself as he readied himself to take down the penguin once more.

It had been 11 months since the penguin had been wreaking havoc all over gotham, usually the Joker didn’t mind chaos but when Penguin began taking over the Jokers terf something had to be done.

You had your two month old baby girl, tightly wrapped in her soft purple blanket as you waited in line at the bank. She was her mother’s daughter in every way. From her Y/HC locks that matched yours so perfectly to your same nose and skin tone. You were practically twins other than one thing… she had her father’s eyes. You gazed into her blue eyes that had you spellbound as she cooed at you while wrapping her tiny hand around your freshly manicured finger. You smiled at her, she was just so perfect. BANG! A gunshot erupted, you looked around to see the security guard fall to the floor. As all sorts of characters flooded into the bank heavily armed. One man was in a panda costume while the others had arrays of masks donning their faces, you even thought you had caught a glimpse of a batman. Oh no you thought realizing who it was before you heard the famous laugh. You covered your little girl’s head and pressed her tight to your chest concealing her from view. Relieved that the gunshot had not made her cry. You quickly got on your knees like everyone else and let your long hair cover your face as the Joker delivered his monologue.

“I usually am not one for accompanying my men on average bank robberies, but since this is a bank The Penguin has declared his, I thought i’d tag along for the fun of it.” He shouted at the hostages pacing back and forth on the bank counter while his men emptied the vault.

“Since we have a couple minutes before that pathetic excuse of a police department shows up. How about we play a little game? I like to call it ‘duck, duck, penguin.’” He said as he jumped down and being tapping people on the heads while saying duck.

When he called someone penguin he shot the man in the forehead.  And so he continued his messed up little game.

“Duck” he said while tapping the balding man on his head one person away from you.

“Duck.” he said again while ruffling the little boys hair to the right of you.

“Penguin.” He said as his hand fell to rest on your head.

“Ought oh, we’ve got ourselves another Penguin,” he laughed to know one in particular.

He roughly grabbed your chin and jerked it up to look at him. Recognition immediately flashed across those blue eyes your daughter possessed. You could tell she had fallen asleep in your arms and prayed he wouldn’t notice her.

“Well isn’t this a lovely surprise. Long time no see… HA! I don’t think I ever caught your name dolly.”

“Y/N, my name is Y/N”

“Y/N.” He purred, “Well that feels good on my lips. So tell me Y/N what is that little thing you are trying so desperately to hide from me named? HMM? You don’t want me seein whats under your coat no more huh? HAHA!” He pressed his gun under your chin and made you slowly rise to your feet. It was a challenge to do it with no arms and you would have fallen over if J hadn’t caught you. But the jossle caused your grip to loosen on your little girls blanket and her face was revealed to J.

“A baby!” He shouted with what you assumed to be mock joy, as he clapped his hands together loudly obviously trying to make her cry. She didn’t stir. You wanted to run away and keep her safe, but knowing the Joker he’d probably shoot you as soon as your back was to him. So you stayed, your grip shaking and your eyes filling with tears.

“Don’t hurt her.” You begged.

“Hurt a child? Me? My dear that’s simply terrible.” He laughed loudly causing your baby to stir.

Her bright blue eyes opened to meet the ones she had gotten from her father. He squinted his eyes at her, she looked so familiar.

“What’s her name?” He asked slowly never breaking eye contact with her

“Jay,” you said, “She is named after her father.”

His eyes snapped to yours as you watched the realization of what you were saying spread across his handsome devilish face.

“Well this is certainly… unexpected.”

cacophonyofolives  asked:

How do you think Austen's characters would feel about memes? Darcy, Lizzy, Emma, Tilney or others?

Darcy: wouldn’t always understand them, but would chuckle quietly once the joke was explained. Might try to replicate/use them and 50/50 would either get it spot-on or else fail entirely.
Elizabeth: gets them right away, sometimes participates with clever variations.
Emma: feels they’re a bit silly, trying to steer Harriet away from them.
Mr. Knightley: doesn’t often get the jokes, himself, but sees no harm in them
Tilney: loves a good “me, an intellectual” and “I am forcibly removed from __“
Catherine: laughs until she snorts/cries at some of them, doesn’t always understand others, but laughs heartily once Henry has explained them to her, whether she finds it funny or not, simply because she wants him to think she understood and appreciated it
Anne & Wentworth: share a smile over the same ones, now and then–biggest inside-jokers of ALL Austen couples
Elinor: likes Socially Awkward Penguin as it reminds her of Edward
Marianne: earnest aesthetic blogger, doesn’t think much of memes
Fanny Price: just IS Socially Awkward Penguin


Imagine being afraid of thunderstorms so when one occurs Fitz is always there to comfort you

Requested by Anon | Gif not mine | Fic submitted by thekaitj

You don’t like thunderstorms when you’re on the ground. You most certainly don’t like them when you’re up in a plane! You sit on the floor of your bunk, leaning against the bed, with your comforter pulled over your shoulders. You flinch at every crack of thunder and even scream when someone knocks on the door.

“It’s just me, Y/N.” It’s Fitz. “Let me in.”

“It’s open.” You reply quietly.

He shuffles in with his own comforter and a laptop. “You won’t get electrocuted if you’re touching the sides of the plane. Come sit on the bed.” He makes himself comfortable on the bed, leaning against the wall.

“I know.” You blush slightly and sit next to him, hesitating slightly before finally leaning back against the wall. Once you are comfortable (at least as comfortable as you are going to get), Fitz leans over and puts his arm around you and rests his head against yours. His presence always has a calming effect. “What’s the laptop for?” You mumble.

“I found a funny video of a penguin getting slapped by another penguin. I thought it would make you smile.” He explains as he opens the laptop and pulls up the video. “You ready?”


He hits play on the four second video. You giggle as the second penguin falls into the water, and hit replay a few more times. One particularly loud crash of thunder sends you into hiding under the blankets.

“It’s alright Y/N. He shifts so he is hugging you. “I won’t let it hurt you.” Fitz rubs your back and holds you close. “You’re safe with me.” He repeats until you stop shaking.

AKB48 Request Hour 2013 - Sayaka borrowing Paruru’s costume

Once again, Sayaka always somehow finds a way to stand out in a concert back then doesn’t she? XD

On the final day before the encore, Sayaka appeared wearing a Hashire Penguin costume that belongs to Paruru. Ain’t that fun? She gets to wear the old Team 4 center’s costume.

Funny when you see most of the members noticing or are already staring at Sayaka as they gather on stage before they did a bow. Then you spot Sae asking Mariko to ask Sayaka who she borrowed the penguin costume from.

I’m surprised how Sayaka was able to fit in Paruru’s costume. X3

A Gay Angel? by Annie Dillard

In 1792, Annie Dillard, the Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Pilgrim At Tinker Creek wrote the essay, “A Gay Angel?”, a work which she considered to be her magnum opus– describing it as “hilarious,” “a real study of the human character,” and “soap.” However, unfortunately the manuscript was lost and until this day has yet to be published. However, after a concerted effort involving “bribery, intimidation, and raw sexual power,” the manuscript has been recovered and it presented here in its entirety. So without further ado, “A Gay Angel?” by Annie Dillard.

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