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It must be weird being the official voice actor for Disney characters. One day, you’re recording for a preschool show. The next day, you’re recording voice clips for toys. The day after that, you’re recording an existential monologue on the duality of light and darkness for a video game series where Mickey Mouse once vowed to avenge Goofy’s death.

Can the Marauders sing?
  • <b> Sirius:</b> can sing and will sing, all the time, everywhere.
  • <b> James:</b> can't sing, but still sings till your ears screech
  • <b> Remus: </b>can sing, but won't sing in front of anyone
  • <b> Peter:</b> can't sing, won't sing
  • <b> Lily:</b> can't sing, but knows all the lyrics and will correct you

“I’m not a princess at all. I’m just an ordinary girl playing dress-up for a night.”

Flip Grid

This story takes place months ago, like 2 weeks into the school year. My Spanish 1 teacher introduced us to this app called flipgrid. Its like Snapchat but you say stuff in Spanish and send it to the teacher for a grade. My friend Wendy wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. She is very quiet, keeps to herself and never gets in trouble. Even though Wendy hated the idea of this as a homework assignment she did it when she got home. The next day l, in the Spanish class, the teacher turns on the projector and connects it to her laptop. She then sits dirextly infront of me and wendy. You can literally feel the dread of everyone in the class once everyone saw her mouse hit the flipgrid application. As expected, she begins playing the videos that everyone submitted. But, instead of going in alphabetical order she would click names randomly and as fate has it she clicks Wendy’s name. Before the video can even load Wendy stands up and yells “FUCK" in the middles of class. Everyone looked at her with opened mouthes and wide eyes. We then looked at the teacher and back at wendy. Out teacher silently stood up and wrote a detention slip. Funniest day of my life.

More Snily Headcanons

Lily’s not shy about being affectionate with Sev—liberally, genuinely, and spontaneously—and she’s perhaps the one person who’s allowed to be.

Snape can hotwire a car.

A mouse once escaped Lily’s bag and ran into Petunia’s room—the screams could be heard all the way to Spinner’s.

Snape never told Lily how he was treated at home; it was bad enough she saw what happened at school.

Lily was so delighted when she first opened a chocolate frog, Sev couldn’t help watching her with a smile.

Snape taught Lily how to play Gobstones, and even gave her tips—such as how to get the least bit of goo after a loss.

In contrast, Lily taught Sev how to play most Muggle games, such as “Hide and Seek” (which for some reason frightened him almost humorously at first—seems he thought she was making it up to get away from him).

While Snape visited Lily quite frequently, he never let her come to his house—not once.

One of Lily’s favorite places was the Astronomy Tower, and she’d stargaze whenever possible; Sev was invited more than once.

Snape knew things most—Wizard or Muggle—did not at age 9: where to get bootleg booze and cigarettes, what places held underground cock fights, and how much Amaranth was necessary to distract angry fathers.

Lily knew how to bake cookies by 9 and would often invite Sev over to try some, or bring them to share.

15-year-old Snape once overheard Regulus Black voice his impressed opinion with his skills to one Barty Crouch Jr. Apparently, “He can do incredible things, and he’s only a half-blood!”

Lily’s backyard had a huge flower garden, where she and Sev would share Butterbeer, biscuits, and tales of Merlin (a Slytherin) on lazy afternoons.

Both have the same favorite color: green.


“Go away Klaus.” You said, walking down the sidewalk and huddling yourself in your jacket. “I can’t do that, love.” he spoke, gradually following you like a little pest. “For god’s sake, can you just STOP?!” You yelled, swiftly turning to face him. He was always protecting you…that’s what he called it, anyway. “I don’t need you to be around and protect me 24/7!” “It’s very dangerous out here in the world. You never know what could snatch you up, darling.” He countered, a small frown on his face. 

“Klaus, I screamed at a mouse once and you crushed it with your bare hands.”

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blacklightco  asked:

What are some good additions to your mouse's food? I've heard of uncooked pasta noodles, green beans, and apple being used before I think.

Well it really depends on what the mouse’s daily diet is, I think. :) For example, if the food is lacking in protein, you could give a bit of meat once a week or two. So it is a way to fix the mouse’s diet if it’s missing something. But of course if your mouse’s daily diet is already fine, you can still give them something different once in a while. Many mouse owners give their mice fresh vegetables 1-2 times a week for example. Rare treats like that are very fun for the mouse. :) You can give almost anything to a mouse. Just use your common sense and if you’re unsure, ask.

Some of my mice’s favorites:
salad, cucumber, nuts, sour cream, dried insects, millet, pear, kiwi fruit

Here’s another Disney comic that threw me for a good loop.In context, Mickey is trying to celebrate his birthday, but there’s a magical imp that’s bent on ruining his day. As you see - 

Now I can get a lot of this - Horace being poor, a professor turned into a dumb caveman, Clarabelle turning old, etc. But… Minnie’s personal nightmare is… turning into a lion tamer??? Indiana Jones??? WHAT???

But the one that had me needing to take a break was when the imp messed with Mickey’s birthday present, turning them into deadlier or opposite versions of what they were -