once a knight now a king

Daily Monster 144: Valravn

Region of origin: Denmark

Valravne were depicted as the result of ravens who ate from the bodies of kings or generals who had died in battle but had not yet been given proper burial. The birds would gain intelligence and supernatural powers from consuming the leaders, such as taking on the forms of knights or wolf-raven hybrids,

Alternatively, in some darker tales the creature would have once been a man in life, now a restless spirit taking the form of a raven, with the only way to break the curse being to eat the heart of a child.

Here is a head-canon: Knight Knignt, being a knight was once a member of the royal guard, perhaps she even was high ranking since her weapon the “Good Morningstar” seems like a unique weapon. Now at the true end credits if you sung them to sleep, their epilogue text reads that they has finally gotten a good rest. Perhaps she went through a traumatic experience as a royal guard member that she left her post and could not sleep well since?

Perhaps something like, killing a human child on orders from the King? So afterwards they felt more like a hired killer than a guardian and refused to continue to hold the title of the royal guard if she was expected to kill children human or no.

This could explain why they are kneeling, instead of standing at full intimidating height, when fighting you, either out of guilt or courtesy since you are so small (or just to fit inside the battle box). And also explain why they refuse to talk with you but before every attack say something like “Farewell” or “Good night” being very formal about attacking you as if trying to make this easier for the both of you. Also notice how their (eyes?) are shifting during the battle, like they can’t stand to look at you for too long.


ABC’s Once Upon A Time is heading to Camelot for its upcoming Season 5, and a couple of weeks ago the series found its King Arthur in Liam Garrigan. Now OUAT has inked deals for more recurring guest roles that will join him: Elliot Knight has been tapped to play Merlin, and Joana Metrass is set to play Guinevere.


the wedding guests shriek as the Queen of Darkness appears.
“you fools!” she laughs, “I enchanted your darling princess’ ring! she is under my spell now, and will forever be mine..!”
“my princess won’t be taken from me!” shouts the Prince, loudly and forcefully as ever, “she is too pure and innocent, and our love is true!”
the crowd gasps as the princess reaches for the Queen’s outstretched hand and grasps it firmly, and the prince howls in anger as they vanish in a cloud of ravens.

within few years, the queen and the princess conquer the lands, defeating all kings and knights in their way. their magnificent fortress oversees the ruins of a once prosperous city, now overgrown and infested with dragons, fairies and other dangerous creatures.

the princess nervously approaches the queen as they lounge in their castle’s luxurious chambers, to tell her something that has been on her heart.
“my love.. I have something to confess to you.”
the queen sits up, a worried expression crossing her face. “what is it, my darling princess?”
“back then, at the wedding.. I didn’t come with you because of the ring’s enchantment. I had been harbouring feelings for you, and felt trapped in a marriage with a man I didn’t love. I made this choice myself.”
the Dark Queen laughs, gently, and says: “I know. the ring you wear bears no magic.. I never enchanted it.”


Once Upon a Time Season 5 Promo “Exciting New Chapter" 
Once Upon a Time makes every Sunday night a television event. It’s taken us from Neverland to Oz with frozen heroes and wicked villains. Now an exciting new chapter begins as the bravest of warriors joins King Arthur’s knights as the battle of good versus evil continues!


When she was just a little girl, her father had promised her that she would marry Rhaegar. She could not have been more than six or seven. “Never speak of it, child,” he had told her, smiling his secret smile that only Cersei ever saw. “Not until His Grace agrees to the betrothal. It must remain our secret for now.” And so it had, though once she had drawn a picture of herself flying behind Rhaegar on a dragon, her arms wrapped tight about his chest. When Jaime had discovered it she told him it was Queen Alysanne and King Jaehaerys… There had been no final feast, no toasts to celebrate her betrothal to Prince Rhaegar. Only cold silences and chilly looks between the king and her father. Later, when Aerys and his son and all his gallant knights had departed for King’s Landing, the girl had gone to her aunt in tears, not understanding. “Your father proposed the match,” Lady Genna told her, “but Aerys refused to hear of it. ‘You are my most able servant, Tywin,’ the king said, ‘but a man does not marry his heir to his servant’s daughter.’ Dry those tears, little one. Have you ever seen a lion weep? Your father will find another man for you, a better man than Rhaegar.”… Her aunt had lied, though, and her father had failed her, just as Jaime was failing her now. Father found no better man. Instead he gave me Robert, and Maggy’s curse bloomed like some poisonous flower. If she had only married Rhaegar as the gods intended, he would never have looked twice at the wolf girl. Rhaegar would be our king today and I would be his queen, the mother of his sons.I never forgiven Robert for killing him. But now i’m the queen, and the wolf girl is dead, I won.

TBR || April 2016

I’m participating in a few events this month, so my tbr reflects those. 

The first is @knitsandbones 24-Hour Readathon as well as the end of @bookwallflowers Wallflower Readathon which both end on the 3rd. I’m hoping to finish Summer Knight (not pictured) and Crash

Then, throughout the month, @slytherin-bookworm-guy is hosting #aprilclassicreadmonth, so I plan to read Peter Pan and Agnes Grey for that. 

Lastly (but not least), @buttermybooks and @books-wrote-my-story are hosting the Raven Cycle Read Along, so I’m re-reading The Dream Thieves and Blue Lily, Lily Blue between the 11th and The Raven King’s release. Of course this list also includes The Raven King as well, once it’s out. 

Hopefully, I can get to all of these. I will tell you now that The Raven Cycle books are my top priority. Everything else will be planned around those. I also want to take a moment to thank all the aforementioned bloggers for hosting these events. So, thank you all. I’m really excited to participate!