once a kang always a kang

12; badboy!namjoon

just wanna kiss (12)
p: accidentally being forced inches apart from each other, staring at the other’s lips and just before they kiss someone pulls them back apart

namjoon wasn’t exactly a saint when it came to being on school grounds. well, even though whole heartedly you know he has good intentions, he doesn’t quite… follow the rules to achieve the goals behind those intentions. but when it came to you, he tried to abide by it to reduce the amount of times he’d get into detention because then he won’t have enough to see you (or at least, get away with it better).

it was hard to do that now when you look awfully… tempting from across the room.

a text was all it took for you to look up from your focus of eating your lunch, taking a glance around the cafeteria to meet with a gaze that makes you smile from twenty-five steps away. a quick point of the eye at a direction gets you to excuse yourself. your friends know all too well that they’re already eating your share of food so it doesn’t go to waste when you tell them see you in class and make no room for questions, filling the space of your hand with your purse, as it meets your pocket and then you begin to walk.

just as you make it out to the cafeteria, heading down a corridor that rarely has people traffic, the hand that darts out and grabs onto your arm makes you yelp but the force tugging you over pushes the air out of your lungs - spun to your back to meet the wall and - “n-namjoon…”

“you did it again, y/n,” he mutters under his breath, loosening his grip on you to slide his arm around your waist, backing you against the small corner by the locker of such a narrow passageway. you blink at him with the slight tilt of your head, hands already accustomed to his shoulders as you murmur, “what did i do?”

“…looked good,” he manages to rasp, licking his lips before he leans in to say it again as it dissolves against your lips: looked too fucking good. he kisses you hard and slow, taking his time, but it feels like he’s trying to imprint himself on your lips. an arm steadying you against him to keep you close, the other traveling up to your hair where he runs through them to reach your neck. gently holding it by the nape and it’s a habit for him to massage your flesh with familiarity as he kisses you, relishing on the mewls you grant him to swallow, drawing him nearer and nearer until you feel his chest pressed to yours.

his arm drags lower as the kiss progresses, just as he reaches your thigh and the line of your skirt, the sharp ringing of the bell pulls the two of you away and - “fucking hell…” he groans, heaving a deep sigh after as he looks into your eyes before gazing to your lips with half-lidded eyes, “i really want to kiss you some more,”

with a chuckle, you lock your fingers behind his neck, tilting your head the other way and namjoon hates (loves) how effortlessly the few strands of baby hair falls over your eyes, “how about one more to go? mrs. lee is always late during this period,”

he smirks and agrees by leaning in but - “mr. kim, miss y/n. as much as i understand when i was once young, the both of you need to head to class now,” the familiar voice of authority, mr. kang pours over like ice water and namjoon’s - “but sir!” (because mr. kang knows all too well of namjoon’s ways and let’s just say mr. kang dealt with him quite the number of times to let him get away with it), “she’s so pretty! can’t i just kiss her one more time?”

“unless you want detention again, go ahead. but from what i heard, one more and it’s gonna wreck your record, son,”

you reveal your face by looking over your shoulder from the corner, offering a grin, “hi sir,”

he waves a little with a smile on his face, what a cool dude.

“can i take your boyfriend to my class now?”

“he’s all yours,” you nod, hands releasing namjoon and that’s a cue for mr. kang to walk over and grab namjoon by the collar - “oh c’mon!”

Hogu’s Love ep. 11-12

spoilers for those who haven’t watched the episode yet. obviously. so scroll along..

this was surely one hell of a week for hogu’s love watchers

first, the highlights:

there was kang chul trying to steal a kiss from sleeping (beauty) hogu.

then there was that knee weakening kiss from dohee to hogu. (damn hogu why is everyone trying to kiss you)

then there was the baby heist. (which was epic. thank you writers. byun kang chul you’re awesome)

uhh. what else. 



wow.. so much tears.. so many emotion…

shall we talk about the character development?

let’s start with this fellow. 

he seriously has the biggest character development imo. i mean…

the metaphorical closet has been opened and byun kang chul is out of it.


i mean, i’m still confused. if he developed actual feelings for hogu amidst the heaps of confusions and misunderstandings. then does this mean he’s bisexual?

will he lose all those rapid heart beatings and stomach fluttering once he find out that his first love turns out to be ho kyung and not hogu? so does that mean he’s actually straight?

oh, but the questions don’t end there though. but we’ll get to the rest later.

i still wanna point out this important line from byun kang chul

yes, our narcissistic, insensitive and supposedly loner of a character has called himself… “A FRIEND..” 

rewind to episode 9 shall we.

i can relate to byun kang chul the most among the characters.

not the smart-rich-lawyer-prestigious-university-graduate part

but mostly the afraid-of-people-always-locked-up-in-the-house part

like our friend here, i also don’t like being around people. it’s hard to make friends because of my personality and i’m more comfortable alone.

which is why i always root for this guy. because, he’s trying. and learning. no matter how much he avoids human interaction, he still ends up being surrounded by good people. because he’s a good guy. 

so does that mean i’m a bad person because i cant make friends? lol but pity-real-life-stories aside, byun kang chul is the cutest peanut in the drama. well, second. geum dong holds first place :>

next is the other cute peanut.


kang hogu is undeniably the most likable character in this drama.

anyone who says otherwise will fall into geum dong’s pile of dirty diapers.

character development! *goes back to episode 1*

fast forward to episode 12!


i loved that moment so much you dont uNDERSTAND 

hogu: “good job today, you made money for diapers.”

dohee: “you too, good job today. for chaging diapers”


errr… i mean… AWW, SO CUTE.

our main character who was once so dense and foolish has now become a man who can read the atmosphere and people’s behaviors, (or at least do hee’s behaviors) investigate unanswered questions (dohee’s baby daddy issues)

and has also become a liar, apparently.


lol our has kid surely matured.

but no worries. he’s still our same old hogu :)

next is our fighter.. :)


oh boy…… this… ugh.. the ending of episode 12… i…

i ran out of crying gifs.

ugh… this girl.. i just wanna

imagine all the stuff she had to go through.. her parents dying.. the sexual assault.. her friend dying.. pregnancy..

speaking of friend dying. on to the questions!

i thought the friend she visits in the cemetery was the father of the baby. 

but then this happened. 

(cue scary bgm)

so who’s kyung ho? based from the intense music and dohee’s facial expression i assume he’s the assaulter?

i guess? 

then.. who’s the friend who died?

so dohee didn’t attempt to file a case for her friend’s accident, she filed a case because she was raped?

that’s why kangchul didnt accept the case?

because it will only  bring harm to dohee?

is that it?

oh the amount of question going through my head. why cant monday arrive faster already. (a sentence i never imagined i would say)

dohee baby girl… i’m so sorry all those stuff happened to you. you’re the strongest woman i’ve ever seen in a drama.. and to think you still kept the baby… took care of the baby.. loved the baby… despite him being conceived because of rape..

DOHEE YOU’RE A++++++++++++++


DOHEE. you said it yourself. geum dong is your treasure. why cant you just raise him?

save tons of money from cfs and competitions while hogu babysits. the after, hire an outstanding babysitter and buy a home for you and your kid. don’t give him to strangers. you will never find the perfect parents for geum dong because YOU’RE the perfect parent for geum dong. 

PLEASE WRITERS DONT GIVE GEUM DONG AWAY. IM COUNTING ON YOU. (i will seriously purchase a ticket to seoul and set fire to tvn myself im not kidding)

anyway it’s 1:30 am and i have to get up at 4. plus this review is way too long already wtf im so hooked to this drama it’s painfully obvious.

idk how to end this so imma just end it with a capture of this precious moment


(D-DAY Goodye Gary)

Thank you for the last 7 years Kang Gary! I want you Kang Gary! I love you Kang Gary! I know your decision took you months probably years to decide but I believe your decision will be the best for you. It may hurt us for some time but in the long run, if we are able to see you smiling brightly through your music or whatever you will do, we’ll be able to smile with you. You will always be a part of Running Man Family, in our hearts, mind and life because once a Running Man always a Running Man. 

  • Peaceful Gary
  • Straight Gary
  • Sudden Commander Gary
  • Dancer Gary
  • Hip-hop Warrior Gary
  • Can’t Lie Gary
  • Monday Couple Gary
  • Squid Gary

Such nicknames we are very fond off. I will wait for the time when you’ll be with the rest of the members again  but before that, I will continue to cheer you on as Musician Gary .May you be bless with peace and make/release awesome music that you’ve always wanted. “Feeling up and down all the time. That’s how goodbyes go. Hating yet crying over you.” Please don’t forget about us because we won’t forget about you! “Girl who can’t break up, Boy who can’t leave.” Thank you Running Man Kang Gary (2010-2016)

splatdragonff  asked:

Hi! I love your blog :) May I request RFA+minor trio reacting to the MC being a Neko (girl with cat ears and tail) and meeting her for the first time? Thank you!

Hi there! 

Here’s your request, hope you like it!

but especially, hope i got it right


  • w o w
  • that’s cool!
  • he’s super impressed
  • he loves everything about MC
  • he can’t wait to tell everyone that the pretty lady with cat hears and a tail is his girlfriend
  • super duper proud of her
  • if he had a tail, you can be sure it would be wiggling
  • blushes a lot whenever his eyes meets MC’s, because she’s just too cuuuute


  • he was not expecting it
  • when MC asked him “how about this cat? meow!” several days before, he thought she was joking
  • so when MC showed up at his door, with some fish-shaped bread…
  • he was surprised, to say the least
  • but now, they’re both on the couch, cuddling
  • and trust me, the sneazing isn’t the only thing he’s keeping under control
  • if you know what i mean
  • MC is also purring, as he’s stroking her hair
  • he doesn’t know how long he can handle it
  • the beast is about to be released
  • he has to admit he might take a liking to cats, though


  • definitely not turned on
  • i mean, why would he?
  • MC is only a girl with cat hears and a tail, why would he ever be turned on by it?
  • or at least, that’s what he’s trying to convince himself of
  • because it would be very awkward to think otherwise in that moment
  • especially since they are at a RFA party, in front of hundreds of people
  • and getting a boner right now would be very inconvenient
  • the fact that MC seems to be purring is not helping tho
  • on second thought, she is definitely purring
  • she’s quite close to him, so he can hear it quite clearly
  • he’s trying really hard not to do something he might regret
  • but he can’t help but blushing


  • not impressed
  • i mean, she’s not a cat-lover
  • she actually feels quite weird
  • she can’t help but worry about c-hair
  • so when MC approaches her to talk a little, she’s super embarassed
  • she’s blushing and stuttering, hoping MC wouldn’t notice how nervous she actually is
  • she’s also hoping mr han doesn’t see MC, since they’re in the company building
  • bc she knows the situation would get immediately weirder
  • and she needs to avoid that
  • or she’ll die of embarassment


  • did someone say cat girl?
  • bc he’s totally up for it
  • we could say it’s actually his biggest fantasy
  • right now, MC is standing in front of him, almost naked, because he had the great idea of going to her apartment when she was about to take a shower
  • you’re a genius, seven
  • he’s trying really hard not to become something that jumin would define a cat abuser
  • he knows he’s the one who would need a cold shower, after all


  • at first, he doesn’t even notice
  • it’s actually seven, being the lovely friend he is, who tells him
  • “dude, your girlfiend is a cat!” or something like that
  • so ofc he has to check that seven is not trying to mess with him
  • since he does that with everyone
  • so when MC actually takes his hand and puts it on her hear, he shivers a little
  • seven wasn’t lying
  • he’s not bothered by it, not at all
  • actually, he wants MC to be his model for a couple of shoots
  • and we all know MC can’t refuse


  • he’s seven’s brother, after all
  • so he might have a little thing for cats
  • and with might i mean definitely does
  • when he saw MC for the first time, he couldn’t believe his eyes
  • she looked definitely better than he ever imagined
  • you can bet he’s having a looooooot of dirty thoughts
  • he would never admit it tho
  • especially because he knows that seven would make fun of him and tease him about it
  • but he might mention it once he and MC are more… intimate


  • this guy is super chill
  • honestly, MC could have green skin and he wouldn’t be bothered at all
  • “cat ears and a tail? cool”
  • that’s it, that’s his reaction
  • as long as he is in public, of course
  • because once he and MC are alone…
  • well…
  • we could say he’s not chill anymore
  • if you know what i mean

Feedback is always appreciated!

Park Dong Joos letter
Kang Ha Neul
Park Dong Joos letter

“Soo wan. Yoon Soo Wan. When you read this letter, your surgery went well and you’ve recovered well. You can now probably see the sky again, see the stars, your father, and your friends. Am I right? That’s great. That’s really great! But then, it’s strange that I am not by your side, right? Are you very upset? Did you curse me a alot? I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Soo Wan, I… I need to tell you two pieces of bad news all at once. Don’t be too surprised. Brace yourself. Jung Hwa… Mom… She passed away. She was in a hit and run accident… It just happened that way. And also, because of Hye Joo’s surgery… Hye Joo and I are going to our aunt in the U.S. We needed to be there on a set date. So without being able to see you wake up, I had to leave. Soo Wan, I wrote down the address. I will write you once I get there. I will also call. You should write to me always too. Ok?”

Once a blogger, always a blogger. Dumadating lang talaga sa punto na minsan tatamarin kang magblog. Wala kang mablog. Puro scroll… refresh.. like… lang yung ginagawa mo kapag nasa dash ka. May pagkakataon na puro reblogs lang laman ng mga unang pahina ng blog mo. MInsan tatamarin kang magbasa ng mga post ng ibang blogger. Kung dati hindi ka makatulog dahil sa tumblr, ngayon kaya mo ng hindi magtumblr ng mga ilang araw. MInsan online ka nga, hindi ka naman nagpopost. Ganyan talaga ang buhay ng isang blogger. Normal lang na maranasan mo ang mga yan. Ang mahalaga.. in the end of the day, blogger ka pa rin. Babalik at babalik ka pa rin sa tumblr. Gaganahan ka ulit magblog.