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The signs as Achievement Hunters
  • Aries - Geoff Ramsey
  • Taurus - Jeremy Dooley
  • Gemini - Ryan Haywood
  • Cancer - Michael Jones
  • Leo - Ray Narvaez Jr
  • Virgo - Steffie Hardy
  • Libra - Jack Patillo
  • Scorpio - Matt Bragg
  • Sagittarius - Gavin Free
  • Capricorn - Kdin Jenzen
  • Aquarius - Caleb Denecour
  • Pieces - Lindsay Jones
You Understand Right? (Part 2): What Happened?

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Bobby Singer

Length: 1294+ words

TW: Suicide. Depression. Abandonment. Character Death. 

A/N: There was so much interest in continuing this fic! I am so glad you guys enjoyed it, and I really wasn’t expecting this to become a series! Feedback is encouraged!


“Dammit, Y/N! Don’t you dare hang up the phone! What the hell do you mean?!” Dean paced around his motel room, running his fingers through his hair continuously. They had just wrapped up a case in Nebraska, and was planning on visiting Bobby for some down time. Sam reminded his older brother that they haven’t seen Y/N in over several months, and he had been missing her.

“I understand, Dean,” she answered vaguely. Dean’s heart was thumping against his chest, as he tried to understand her message.

“What- What is it, sweetheart? What do you understand?” He started throwing clothes into his duffel bag, knocking on the bathroom door where Sam was currently showering.

“You and Sam need each other… But you don’t need me.” With that, she hung up.

“Y/N? Y/N?” Dean shouted into the phone, knowing that it would be futile. “Fuck.” He hung up his phone, and knocked louder against the bathroom door. “Sam! Get your ass out here.”

Sam opened the door with only his jeans, his face lined with annoyance. “The fuck Dean?”

“We’re leaving NOW!”

“What’s going on? Did you talk to Y/N?” Sam quickly put on his shirt, seeing the gravity of the situation in Dean’s eyes.

“Yea, but she kept saying things,” Dean answered vaguely, shaking his head as he continued to pack their stuff. 

“What did she say?”

“She kept saying how she understands- how she knows that we needed each other, but we don’t need her.”

Sam furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Why makes her think that? She knows we love her.”

“I have a bad feeling about this, Sam. C’mon.”

Both brothers made their way to Bobby’s house with tension between them. The four-hour trip only lasting 3 hours with Dean’s driving. Nothing else had been said. Nothing else needed to be said. Not until they find Y/N, hopefully alive. 

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600 Follower Celebration fic for @fuckyeahfeysand

Summary: Your semi-regular phone call with a sex hotline brings you to meet a very attractive stranger.

warnings: smut, dirty talk, phone sex, explicit talking about sex, mutual masturbation

word count: ~3000

(pic not mine)

You were sluggish as you walked up to your motel room door.  It had been a long day, and you wished that your company could be nice enough to shell out the cash for a real hotel on your business trip.  You glanced around before you went in your room, noticing only the motel manager through the office window and another guest leaning against a car…

Well, you may have given more than a glance to that guest, seeing as he was a real-life Adonis, but you didn’t let yourself look for too long.

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Inkborne - Chapter 2 - harrylee94 - Bendy and the Ink Machine [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Here it is! The second chapter! Sorry it’s so late (in the day), but I’ve been out celebrating my sister’s 21st, and we went to London for the day (fun times - my dad and I found the Belstaff shop and he may have worn a particular coat (there may also be photos of this, which could be shared on my main page if there is enough interest)).

I had so much fun writing this chapter, and the idea I placed in there…I hope you guys like it!

@the-vampire-inside-me​ is entirely to blame for this, and also @squigglydigglydoo as well now! Thank you both for your amazing art; they’re always just so inspiring!

Summary: Henry, once citizen and artist of the great city of Yharnam, has spent many years travelling the world as a Hunter for reasons that few know, and even fewer speak of. But then, one day, he receives a letter from a friend from long ago, and he returns to the city he once knew, but has been twisted to something beyond his recognition.

Yharnam had indeed changed in his absence.

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@andromedainwonderland said:

Teen Wolf-Scooby Doo, as in, the Teen Wolf crew driving around in the Jeep solving supernatural mysteries. Just me?

So I don’t know what this is, but this fic turned out to be my ARCH NEMESIS, so, you know, make of that what you will. It’s even alternating POVs, which I haven’t written in years upon years. So please appreciate how much this story wanted to kill me, and how we’re still eyeing each other with open hostility from different corners of the room.

The groundskeeper has gnarled, knotted fingers and rheumy eyes, and it takes five hundred years for him to turn the key in the rusted padlock.  The gate creaks almost as loud as his bones, and Derek flicks an ear in irritation.

“That’s a big dog you’ve got there,” he says, only mildly curious.

Stiles buries one hand in the scruff around Derek’s neck. “Not sure he is one,” Stiles says, and Derek cocks his head up at him.

Scott has the van idling behind them.

Derek takes a deep breath and sneezes. Decay, old blood, and sulfur flood his senses—he whines softly. He doesn’t have a good feeling about this.

The old house looms in front of them, stone and spires, ominous, cloaked in shadows thrown by the nearly full moon. His skin ripples under his fur, uneasy, and he tucks his tail between his legs.

“Relax,” Stiles murmurs to him. “This is easy money, right? A simple salt and burn.”

Derek huffs, knocks into Stiles’ side as he hastily turns around, and then slinks back to the van. He doesn’t like this place. He never likes haunted places, too much lingering despair that stirs up old guilt, but this house feels like it’s made out of skeleton bones, dread sits like a stone in his belly.

Lydia already has the side of the van open. He hops in, slides past Kira, and then digs into Stiles’ open duffle, buries his snout in an old t-shirt that smells a little bit like Scott, too.

“Dude,” Stiles says when he climbs in after him. “Come on.”

Derek growls, low in his throat, and Stiles backs off with a huffy, “Fine, be that way.”

The van grinds into gear and rolls forward slowly, tires bumping over the cobblestone drive, and Derek feels like his chest is caving in.

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You could never sleep in a new bed, it always took you a few rough nights of sleep to adjust to the new bed but by then you’d normally closed the case and moved on. Sam always joked that that particular trait was completely absurd for a hunter.

This motel was especially uncomfortable, lights from the all night store glared through the window and the mattress was more bumpy than an old country road. On top of that, the window didn’t close properly so the cold Oregon air gusted through in the small storm that was brewing up outside.

You shivered a little, but Sam noticed, he always noticed and before you knew it, your own personal Winchester blanket was wrapped around you, shrouding you in his warmth. You slotted into his frame like the final jigsaw piece of a puzzle.

“Are you okay, darling?”

“Just a little cold, plus this bed is uncomfy as hell”

“Hmmm, hell is a lot more uncomfortable I swear” you giggled quietly in response to his dark jibe.

“How can I help you sleep?” he continued. You rolled over to see his gorgeous face barely lit by the faint red glow of the store lights across the street.

“Tell me a story, proper cliche style!” you gleamed at him, feeling immature in your sleepy state

“Seriously? Aren’t you a little old for bedtime stories?”

“Please Sammy!”

“Fine” he relented “Give me a minute to think of something”

You snuggled deeper into his broad chest waiting for him to begin, a minute later a gentle throat clear announced he was ready to start

“Once upon a time,there was a fearlessly strong and beautiful hunter called Y/N” his narrative began whilst he stared off into space and idly fiddled with your hair

“And her fiancee was even more impressive!” chuckling as he spoke earning himself a playful punch from you

“Whenever the couple came up against a creature of unspeakable evil, even when the brave hunter was scared, his powerful huntress always had his back. They were an unstoppable team who could face any foe that dared challenge them. One cold afternoon in Oregon,they faced a fearsome rugaru who was trying to slaughter the entire town. So the brave pair geared up and set out to destroy the beast”

“And then what happened?!” you burst out, more wrapped up in this story than you expected

“They cautiously approached the monster in the dark …and then just started beating the absolute shit out of it” from there he just began mimicking the actions above your head and excitedly making the corresponding noises to his air-slaying

“And then they set the bastard on fire like WHOOSH!” miming out a fireball “and then it was dead,sent to purgatory like all the other monsters”

You smiled with an easy laugh,you were glad Sam was enjoying himself,considering his childhood,he probably didn’t have much experience with bedtime stories,aside from whatever book or magazine little Dean could get his hands on.

“When night fell, the two headed for the nearest motel and had amazing sex, ridiculously amazing, they both were sore till the next day kind of amazing”

“Wow Winchester, way to ruin the mood” snickering as you spoke

“You loved the story, be realistic”

After a loud yawn you uttered “Okay it was pretty good, thanks Sam, it did really help”

He kissed the top of your head and tucked you tighter into the blankets you shared

“Go to sleep Y/N, dream of me as your knight in shining armour, I always will be”

“Please, you’re definitely the damsel in distress here” the last words you uttered before you finally fell asleep embraced in Sam’s musky warmth.

A super cute request from @lapseasteelis (who’s username, unfortunately doesn’t seem to be active anymore, but hopefully they’ll see it anyway) 

Thanks for reading all and hope you enjoy!

A/N: Been busy lately and looking forward to getting going with some requests I’ve had building up :D 

anonymous asked:

Why do you supposed Djura and Eileen remember/know about the Dream? Since Gehrman tells you you'll forget all memories once you reawaken? Also, what's your theory regarding the statue/grave behind the Rune altar in the workshop?

Both Djura and Eileen explicitly say that they remember the Dream. So it’s not really speculation on my part ;)


“Oh, don’t worry, I’ve taken blood. Enough to save an old woman.”

“No more dreams for me. This is my last chance.”


“Yes, very good. I no longer dream, but I was once a hunter, too.”

“I should think you still have dreams? Well, next time you dream, give some thought to the hunt, and its purpose.”

About what Gehrman says… what does he know? I always assumed that he hopes that’s what happens to people when they wake up but he has no real way to know if it’s true or not. Perhaps the Hunter will remember the Hunt but not the secrets they discovered about the Great Ones, the nightmare etc. Perhaps we forget only about the most traumatic experiences, those that would really change our perception of reality as it is and won’t allow us to live normal lives anymore. And since Gehrman himself considers the Dream to be ‘horrible’, it’s only logical for him to assume that we too want to forget about it as much as he does.

Here’s what the protagonist of H.P Lovecraft’s story “From Beyond” says after witnessing the activation of a machine that tears the veil of reality asunder revealing the monstrous beings that lurk unseen between dimensions, just like the Amygdalas:

(…) the doctor told me that I had undoubtedly been hypnotised by the vindictive and homicidal madman.
I wish I could believe that doctor. It would help my shaky nerves if I could dismiss what I now have to think of the air and the sky about and above me. I never feel alone or comfortable, and a hideous sense of pursuit sometimes comes chillingly on me when I am weary.

Neither Djura or Eileen seem to know/remember anything about the influence of the Great Ones but they do remember the Dream. And now they’re just going on with their lives doing their business: Eileen hunting blood-drunk hunters and Djura protecting Old Yharnam.

As far as the statue behind the Memory Altar goes, I have a lovely theory based on NOTHING that makes a lot of sense to me and that I just like to accept it as canon for the sake of world building. And because it’s cool. Let me explain:

The “Gods” worshipped by the citizens of Yharnam are obviously the Great Ones but I sincerely doubt that the common people imagine them as the tentacled monsters that they really are. Yharnamites depict their gods as human-like because it’s easier to relate to and understand something that is similar to us than beings that are completely alien. The very idea that ‘man was created in the image of God’ is crucial in most cultures.

The high-ranking members of the Healing Church know the truth, of course, and that is why we can find statues depicting Amygdalas, Celestial Children and even Moon Presence only in places that are kept a secret from the general public or are off-limits like Yahar’gul and Upper Cathedral Ward.

Beasts and messengers, on the other hand, are a common motif throughout Yharnam not unlike gargoyles, angels and dragons are a common sight in medieval cities’ architecture. Messengers may have become some sort of folkloristic legend just like faeries and goblins are to us in the real world since many Hunters visited the Dream and came back with faded memories of their little helpers ;)

So, let’s try to identify some of the gods by looking at their statues:

The one on the left is located in the Tomb of Oedon and the wise-looking guy there seem to be wearing a shroud. Obviously, I do think this fine gentleman to be none other than Oedon as Yharnamites imagine him. Perhaps he was not even seen as a God but as a prophet or a martyr of some sort just like Logarius is. Or perhaps he was one of those Gods that ‘die’ as part of their myth and become the rulers of the underworld upon some other deity kills them, like Osiris.

The statue on the right is the one located on top of the altar in the grand cathedral and I believe her to be Ebrietas! Not only the statue is winged, but it also seems to have long braided hair that may be reminiscent of long tentacles. In addition, the action she’s performing is that of pouring what is presumably the Old Blood down on the altar. And let’s not forget that  Ebrietas is Latin for ‘drunkness’ (”Ebrezza” in Italian)

It’s also located right below the door that leads us to the elevator that allows us to have audience with the REAL Ebrietas! :D Coincidence?! I THINK NOT! If you’re a Yharnamite visiting the Grand Cathedral… you are closer to your Goddes more than you think you are!

Long story short, what I want to say is that I believe the statue/gravestone in the Hunter’s Dream to be a representation of Moon Presence! Not only it was initially most likely used instead of lamps to warp back to the Hunter’s Dream…

…but its positioning in the Workshop is also very prominent and right in front of the altar where we pick up the very Umbilical cord that was used to beckon none other than Moon Presence.

“Every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate. The Third Umbilical Cord precipitated the encounter with the Pale Moon, which beckoned the hunters and conceived the Hunter’s Dream.”

(I am intentionally ignoring the pre-patch description for this analysis)

So here we go, that’s what I think about the Workshop statue. Now let’s partake in communion and pray in front of this lovely gijinka of our Moon Mom.

We Intertwined: Ch. 1

An Ignis Scientia Story

AO3 | Chapter 2
Word Count: 1,600

@ladyscientia @chocobro-daydreams @chocobrodreamteam @iinkpools @mistressoli @cupnoodle-queen @itshaejinju  

Ever since he was a child, Ignis had a curious mind. He was always seeking knowledge, always curious to know minute facts about seemingly insignificant things. He wanted to know about the geography of Eos, the traditions of the Lucian royal line, the tales of Ramuh and Shiva. He loved hearing those stories, loved falling asleep to his mother’s voice, telling him about the might of the Archaean.

But Ignis’ favourite bedtime story by far was the one about soulmates.

“It’s said that everyone has a soulmate,” she’d told him one night, running her slim fingers through his tawny hair. “The Astrals created life on Eos. Creatures that walked on four legs with four arms and two heads. They had two hearts, two brains, and two souls. The gods were so afraid of their power that they split them in two, and humans have been wandering Eos in search of their missing halves ever since.”

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Inkborne - Chapter 3 - harrylee94 - Bendy and the Ink Machine [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Surprise third chapter! I had this running through my head while at work today and I managed to write it all down (despite it being 2 in the morning). I can now sleep!

@the-vampire-inside-me​ is entirely to blame for this, and also @squigglydigglydoo as well now! Thank you both for your amazing art; they’re always just so inspiring!

Summary: Henry, once citizen and artist of the great city of Yharnam, has spent many years travelling the world as a Hunter for reasons that few know, and even fewer speak of. But then, one day, he receives a letter from a friend from long ago, and he returns to the city he once knew, but has been twisted to something beyond his recognition.

Yharnam had indeed changed in his absence.

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Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

Pairing: past Dean x Reader, past Sam x Reader, Cas, Hunter (OC)
Word count: 1,181
Warnings: angry!Sam, slight angst

Part 6 of Dean’s Soul Mate

Thankfully, your trip to the store was quick, as you knew what type of shoes he preferred, and there was no need to browse. You also grabbed some men’s body wash and shampoo, figuring it was the least you could do. You were dreading that night when you went to bed. Once you were alone, and the house was silent, you would break.

Sam was the first one up that afternoon, making his way to the kitchen just after one. Yawning, he looked around, feeling weird. It was still hitting him. He had a kid- who was much closer to being a teenager than just a kid. While he understood why you did what you did, it was killing him. He wanted to have a serious talk with you, soon, sans Dean. Having him around did nothing to make it easier.

Opening the fridge, he sighed, honestly not that hungry. He shut it, debating on going back to bed, or what. Finally, he got curious. Moving quietly through the rooms of the first floor, he found himself in the living room.

His hazel eyes took time soaking in each picture- Hunter blowing out the candles on his last birthday, Hunter ripping open presents on Christmas, beaming, a frame with all his school pictures, and his newborn picture on the middle, each one adding to the pain he felt. His eyes watered and he let out a breath. The very last one he saw was the worst- a younger you, lying in the hospital bed, holding a newborn Hunter. You were looking down at him, lovingly, your hair slightly messy, the flush still on your cheeks, and a sheen of sweat on you. And you were still beautiful.

But you weren’t his, and you never would be.

The urge to hit something took over, making his jaw clench. He couldn’t have you, he wasn’t there to raise his son, he wouldn’t be there for his first day of high school, or his prom. He wouldn’t be there to see him graduate, either. Milestones that he’d be far from- just to keep him safe. It killed him, but he knew that’s what he needed to do.

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Top 10 Facts Of The Day (March 15, 2017)

10. Daniel Radcliffe wore the same dirty hat and jacket for six months in order to frustrate paparazzi because the pictures would always look “old” and couldn’t be sold.

9. On 12th September 2001, the day after 9/11, The Queen ordered her Royal Guards to break protocol and play the USA’s National Anthem for stranded Americans in London.

8. Miami Vice star Don Johnson once asked Hunter S. Thompson to answer old Zen philosophical question: ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’ Hunter S. Thompson answered by reaching up and slapping Johnson upside his head. 

7. To help airline passengers deal with travel anxiety, San Francisco International Airport has hired the nation’s first airport therapy pig. LiLou wears costumes and performs tricks to help travelers calm down before boarding their flights.

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anonymous asked:

Hi beautiful and amazing human! Could you please give me some domestic!winchesters? :) Thank you!

Curtain!Wincest Fic Recs

hello nonnie, I think most of them are wincest but I put a few Gen there too, hope you like them!

Know the Water’s sweet but Blood is thicker by: Sijglind  There are two new guys in your apartment block. They’re hot. Maybe a bit old—over thirty, you guess—but they are the kind of men people always compare to fine wine, getting better with age and all that crap.

Rankle and Gall by smalltrolven AO3 right here Post Gadreel-reveal: after a month of not really finishing their unfinished arguments,  Sam and Dean finally do finish one, and get back on the same page so that they can deal with the Mark of Cain the Winchester Way -  together. An alternate take on Season 9 with Cain summoning, soul-bonding, Oz-sourced magical spell casting, much lasagna baking, and angsty reunion-type schmoop.

The Secrets You Keep by  runedgirl  Dean started nesting the second week they were at the bunker. Sam took a little bit longer.

I’ll Wait For You by: morganaDW  Sam’s hurt in ways that can’t be healed easily even by Death. Facing the risk of Sam remaining how he is, Dean struggles to heal his brother in the only way he knows how even if that means giving up his life as a hunter.

Reading Into The Past by  jasmineisland This picks up after Sacrifice, and now that S9 has premiered it’s AU. The trials are over, and, even though the gates of hell aren’t closed, for the first time Sam and Dean are truly on the same page. They have a real home in the batcave, and have formed a relationship that makes them both happy. But it’s been a long, hard road to get there full of secrets, miscommunication, and manipulation from both sides. When Charlie opens the door to their virtual life, meaning the rest of the books online and the small community that knows they are real, they are shocked by the way they were both truly played. It gives them an insight to each other that goes a long  way towards healing old hurts. They manage to clear the air, figure out just how bad and worse the options they had to choose from really were, and they find each other in a whole new way.

The House Always Wins by selecasharp After the angels fall, the boys take some hard-won time away from the world so Sam can heal. Things at their new home aren’t as restful as they’d hoped, however, as old feelings between the brothers begin to resurge. As if that weren’t enough, it turns out that they’re not as alone in the bunker as they thought.

Of Ghosts and Men  by stardust_made (Gen/Sherlock-SPN Xover)  A year after Sherlock Holmes’s death John Watson returns to 221B Baker Street hoping to turn a new leaf. He finds that a stranger has come to town—while John was gone Sam Winchester moved in to the flat below. John’s interest is piqued, but he isn’t the only one curious in the household. Both men are trying to come to terms with their past, but as is often the case the past refuses to stay away. Sam and John are taken on a journey where adventures and revelations are going to put new and old relationships to test. (Gen fics are not my thing, I confess, I love wincest and the ponier the better, but this fic is made of awesome)

Wherever We’re Together That’s My Home by shannondoll It’s the small town gigs that keep them going - once a hunter always a hunter. Dean wants to do something special for Sammy, and a nice reclusive cabin in the Tennessee hills might be the perfect solution. A month of domestic bliss would do them well.

Clean Getaway by vicious-trade  It was cute for about a week. But it it’s been several months now and somehow Sam is still not getting it.

The College AU by Canon_Is_Relative, stardust_made Canon divergence post season two where Sam doesn’t die and Dean doesn’t make any deals, and their lives take on completely new turns. Sam goes back to college and Dean keeps hunting…but can they stay apart? A get-together story in a universe where the forces of Heaven and Hell left them alone.

Ignorance Would be Bliss by delanach Kevin knows more than he wants to about Sam and Dean, and he really wishes he didn’t.

Will You Settle For Love by verucasalt123 They’re out of the life. Pretty much. But regular jobs and friendly neighbors don’t negate the fact that the supernatural is still out there. This is a story about the choices and consequences that come along with retirement, and a test of how strong their relationship is when confronted with their past.

Lessons Learned by lyra_wing   It’s 2012. Six years later, and the hunt is over for Sam and Dean. But it’s just beginning for Michael, and he goes looking for the guys who helped him all those years ago.

He Who Fights With Monsters by bellajayd Dean leaves with Sam to go to Stanford. When John catches up with them years later things are very different.

Over The Hills, Far Away by askellington somewhere in the middle of season seven, this world careens towards the left. Dean looks at Sam and decides enough is enough. They need to settle down for a while, take a breath

Ways of Communication by  jiru_jiru_chan After a hunt gone awry Dean is left deaf and depressed, unable to cope with his situation. When he almost kills himself in an attempt to prove himself as a hunter Sam takes a drastic decision and they move to a secluded, out of the way town. Hoping to prove to Dean that he is more than his ability to hunt Sam tries all he can to let Dean help him, something that is not an easy task to accomplish.

Take My Hand and We’ll Make It by akintay post 8x23. It takes three days for the pain to stop and another four before Sam is strong enough to get out of bed. Dean is there to take care of him.

Loose Lips Sink All the Ships by miriad   They should have known that it’d happen, sooner or later. Two men, living together, small town. They were bound to get caught. Except, they hadn’t exactly lied. From the beginning, they had said they were brothers. The Brothers Winchester. It wasn’t Sam’s fault that everyone thought he meant “brothers” or Dean’s fault that everyone assumed it was just some kind of Brokeback Mountain thing

Never Be by rejeneration  Alternative WIAWSNB in which Dean is shocked to find himself living in domestic bliss with Sam (rather than Carmen)

Closing Time by 9091   The boys buy a bar and serve the hunter community. Futurefic, where they grow old together.

cottongandy  asked:

Hi, sorry I don't know if you answered this, but I recall you mentioning paleblood in a recent ask about one of your hunters, but what do you think paleblood is?

The nameless moon presence beckoned by Laurence and his associates. Paleblood.  [Lecture Building Note]

I believe Paleblood to be Moon Presence herself. Or at least what the scholars called her since she’s nameless. When we find the note “Behold! A Paleblood sky!” in Yahar’gul, the color of the sky isn’t white like the doll’s blood, but reddish/purple-ish. Colors we find in MP’s design and also in her blood, which is red and not gray like that of most Kin.

Not all Great Ones are classified as ‘kin’ tho, and in fact, Moon Presence is neither beast or kin despite looking like a combination of the two things. She is alien-like like most kin are, but at the same time she shares a whole bunch of similarities with beasts, especially Silver Beasts (exposed ribs, walks both as a bipedal and a quadrupedal, the head is tilted etc).

But what ‘sells’ it for me is that she’s able to halt the hunter’s ability to heal. Our Hunter has Paleblood running through his/her veins, we entered the Dream thanks to Moon Presence’s blood (which is also what brings the doll to life, if you ask me ) and we’re bound to it because we’re bound to her.

No other being in the game can prevent us from healing except her and hostile hunters throwing Numbing Mist at us as far as I remember.  So basically, if we submit to Gehrman he severs our connection to the Dream… by bloodletting us through decapitation.

“The Bloodletter assumes its true and terrifying form after it draws upon blood from the inner reaches of one’s body and soul.
This is the only effective means of expelling tainted blood, or so Brador, isolated in his cell, continued to believe“ [Bloodletter]

This idea of purging oneself from corrupted Blood was most likely a pretty common practice among those connected to the Church. And even if Gehrman is never ‘listed’ as an official member, we know for sure that he knew Laurence and he even goes so far as to say:

“The Healing Church, and the Blood Ministers who belong to it…were once guardians of the hunters, in the times of the hunter…Ludwig.”

Interesting, don’t you think? :D What better way to be a Hunter’s “guardian” than helping them not to succumb to Beasthood/Blood drunkness by bloodletting them? Just a thought!

Back to our hunter having MP’s blood in their veins, I believe Paleblood to be the reason why after becoming an infant Great One, the Hunter could be considered as Moon Presence’s child. Great Ones always lose their children but MP was a smart great one and was well aware of that. She may even have lost a few squid babies in the past and that’s why she orchestrated the whole crazy plan that is the Hunter’s Dream. (With the unwilling help of a few stupid humans, of course. Great job, Laurence.) Her goal was to steal the cords/power of other Great Ones’ babies in order to generate one of her own. Our hunter happens to be the lucky *cough* one.

Trend in white haired anime boys (spoiler alert, maybe?)

Who doesn’t like them? I mean they are good looking dudes,

like very good looking.

But why do they always have to have a tragic backstories

that pains your heart?

And why do they die once you’ve grown attached to them?

Because then you’re like

Not all of them go by this trend but still…

all credits to respectful owners, I don’t claim any of the gifs or fan art to be mine.


Pairing: Dean x reader

Genre: ANGST  

A/N: This is for Bev’s ( @chaos-and-the-calm67 ) Milestone Challenge, which I am so glad I saw pop up on my dash! I hope you really like! And ‘Foolin’ by Def Leppard is one of my favorite songs ever! 

Word Count: 1,704

Warnings: lonely!dean, language, ANGST,  and a dash of intense making out, slight subtextish and mention. Dean being a a-s-s 

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He closed the door shut and leaned back against it as if it wouldn’t stay shut without the weight of his body. He felt like he had half the world chasing after him. An exaggeration, yes, but when you started adding up people like…

You, at one time. 

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