once upon a time in wonderland

Things I will never forgive OUAT for:

1. Milah’s treatment. I don’t think anything else needs to be said.

2. Emma (and to a lesser degree Snow) never finding out what happened to Graham.

3. Genie/Sidney never being freed.

4. Belle going back to Rumple and that being considered a ‘happily ever after’

5. ‘Forgetting’ about Anastasia, and just the spin off in general, especially after Will came back. Also, recasting Jafar rather than waiting for Naveen. Like I want to make it very clear that I mean no disrespect for Jafar’s new actor there. He did a great job. I just personally hate recasts.

Things you missed out on if you stopped watching OUATiW because the cgi was bad (or for whatever reason)

- a platonic relationship between a man and woman that is valued just as much (if not more) as the true love romantic relationships. Will and Alice is the primary relationship on the show and it is never even considered as anything but close friendship. 

- a love story between two characters who are both good and noble and kind and don’t need unnecessary drama between them- a little cheesy but ultimately very sweet. 

-a love story between two characters who are both snarky and jaded and witty but are secretly giant softies and sweet and love cheesy romance and love each other so much they’d tear the world down for each other

-a villain with a sympathetic backstory that fully explains why he became evil and why he does the things he does without the show ever trying to justify or excuse these things and who in the end is not redeemed

- consistent tone and world-building that fits both with the world of OUAT and also with established Wonderland mythology while still feeling unique. No large gaps in the show’s mythology (in the sense that there aren’t contradictions or plot holes, there are things that are simply unexplored)

-merging the mythologies of Wonderland and Agrabah and focusing on that idea and doing it well rather than trying to mix in a bunch of stuff and not doing it justice. 

-A really cool action packed finale that stays within the rules of the world, still does justice to character development and has a satisfying ending for all characters. 

-The cgi isn’t that bad when you realize wonderland has always, since its inception, been intended to sorta seem like a drug trip anyway so it sorta fits. 

-The jabberwocky who is weird and cool and different and interesting and makes for really intriguing character scenes

-Alice who is sweet and kind while also being strong and capable and intelligent (a lot like season 1 Snow White, but without the subsequent seasons of character assassination)

- Cyrus who is gentle and loyal and patient and full of knowledge about the magical world and filled with guilt over his past mistakes but does his best to make up for them 

-Anastasia who gets a good evil queen backstory and redemption arc and love story and who actually becomes a hero and who has conflicting sides to her that make her layered and interesting

- Will Scarlet who is snarky and sassy and clever and funny and makes sarcastic quips in the face of ultimate evil he can’t hope to defeat.

-Will Scarlet who names all the stars after his girlfriend because “it’s the most beautiful name I know” and who would be perfectly content without money or power or even an actual home as long as he has the woman he loves with him.

-Will Scarlet who gets himself into trouble and is a skilled thief and breaks hearts and made half of wonderland and half of storybrooke and half of the enchanted forest hate him because he’s a scoundrel

- Will Scarlet who would rather tear out his own heart than deal with the pain of his true love betraying him but who is ready to forgive the minute he gets his heart back, who would dive off a cliff into a river without knowing how to swim in order to save his best friend, who would journey back to a land where he’s a wanted man and where evil sorcerers are hunting them and where the woman who broke his heart is in order to help his best friend find her true love, who while dying would use his one wish to save his friend, who would risk the fate of the world to save the woman he loves.

-Basically anything and everything Will Scarlet because Will Scarlet is amazing and OUAT did such an injustice to him, because there are only a few characters on OUAT who I wouldn’t trade for Will in a heartbeat. Like, specifically two. Maybe less.

-Naveen Andrews as Jafar.

-Genie mythology and Amara.

- Will Scarlet.

Who is Lucy’s mother?

Alice and Cyrus’s daughter?

Lancelot and Guinevere’s future daughter?

Sidney Glass’s daughter?

Phoebus and Esmeralda’s daughter?

Milo and Kida’s daughter?

Tiana and Naveen’s daughter?

Aladdin and Jasmine’s future daughter?

Ursula (Goddess or mortal)?


Tiger Lily?

A relative of Tamara?

Cinderella’s fairy godmother reborn?

A relative of Gus?





Descendant of Kuzco?

Jafar’s bastard?

A relative of the Tin Woodsmen?


Custom Funko Alice Kingsleigh (OUaT:IW)

Another one of those cases of you stare at a bag of spare parts and cute things happen.  I had taken the head off an Alice Kingsleigh from Through the Looking Glass for another project and her body still worked for… a different Alice Kingsleigh.  Emma Swan’s head was floating around the bag of parts too after I made a Dark Swan and it seemed great for the job.  Also from the bag of parts I took two parts of a sword I had cut off Emma’s hand and glued them together for incredibly violent Alice.

I know there probably isn’t a ton of interest in Wonderland pops but I love this one.

@darthmelyanna you were right…