here’s some forries for vday!! because one of my 2015 goals has been more forries and more pairing art so why not both

some pairings i have with onaperd, narrishkeit, wizardgrum and seileag respectively (who belongs to who in the captions too)

happy vday!! even if means just doing what you normally do still have a good one

no that’s fine!! these asks couldn’t have had better timing


  • Elise works as a maid at the Inbetwixt hotel
  • before her job she was a guest there with her fiancé and was (inevitably) killed. however someone heard about how deceitful her fiancé had been to her (cheating/lying/etc) and asked the hotel to bring her back to life-which it did on the condition she would work there
  • she would never tell anyone but she’s had to glue her hair back in place a few times
  • she doesn’t take part in hotel killings. she doesn’t like it so she’s assigned clean-up instead
  • being a very short maid has made her tactical at climbing and stacking the right amount of items to reach a certain spot


  • although Tiberius seems silly a good deal of the time he is still a gashadokuro and participates in hotel killings as much if not more than a lot of people 
  • he likes singing bar/lounge tunes a lot
  • he’s a bit different from the average lore of gashadokuros seeing as he can shrink and take on forms of the former people he was
  • he’s the only person who has seen the entity of hotel in person and lived (or i guess not really) to tell about it
  • he induces a lot of unintentional migraines due to the ringing noise which follows him

I was gonna keep on working until the wee hours of the morning last night but I video chatted with my love for the first time in forever and it was such a good life choice because now I’m in a really great and motivated mood