On An On Every Song taken from their magnificent debut album titled Give In consisting of beautifully constructed songs that build up the tempo one by one.

Gloomy in lyrical disposition trying to explain the hardships and moody in every other possible way, this album is surely one of the best listens of mine this year.


~to keep you alive~


ON AN ON - The Hunter 

The last few nights...

Over the last few nights I have been up to LOADSSSSSS

Tuesday: Ministry of Sound

It was my friend Crina’s birthday and she made it traffic light themed, except Blue was also the sign for single, as you can see I opted for maximum subtlety… 

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No but I do happen to wear a lot of blue too…

Wednesday: Roxy’s….

Well, almost. I drank up, got to the club, pushed and shoved for about an hour and by the time I got the front I was so not up for it anymore, so stumbled back drunk whilst on the phone to my Dad and wrote a song in my room, as you do. HAaha.

Thursday: Pacha

Such a good night. Literally everyone was there it was insanneee. All the LSE lot, Psychology people, halls, Econ lot- everyone. The club was rather toasty though I won’t lie- thought I was going to die ahah. Colt was hilarious as he couldn’t cope with the close proximity of all the people to him waving their arms about ahah, his boxer instinct was having to be massively suppressed he looked like a lost puppy :p.

Friday: Piccadilly Institute 

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It was Aisha’s birthday shabang and it was the first night that I was on the Vodka as opposed to the wine and um lets just say I wasn’t on top form. When I was resting with my head on the table the shot-girl asked what was wrong with me to which Prash replied “Oh she’s just recieved some really bad news”.

That provided valuable minutes in which I could a) do nothing and b) get taken outside for some fresh air. I honestly thought I was going to have to go home which is why when I started to function again I was like YAYYY. And then it was a really good night, it’s a good club too (used to be Onanon, and is still pretty much the same but yes, fab!)

On An On - Ghosts (2013)

sounds like: Along with “Leaves”, I think “Ghosts” is probably the most cliche metaphor in indie-rock… fortunately this song is sweet.

Los Angeles: these guys are playing the Echo on Friday with Geographer, headlining. I’d show up early if I were you.