Aromantic Spectrum Blog Masterlist

Here is a masterlist of all kinds of aromantic spectrum blogs. Some are dedicated to talking about aromanticism and others are simply fandom blogs that are run by people on the aro spectrum. Let me know if your blog is not on this list and I will add you. 

*keep in mind that this is a masterlist and not a blog recommendation list

Numbers: 8xenon8

A: admiral-lord-nelson / aishlingchanalicetheredkingalohishaaluckymessanarchoace / anatomical-anomalyaro-ace-wonderwomanaro-bics / aro-pan-genderfluid-life / aro-planearoace-spacearoaceplacearoaceraearocrona / aromanticmurphyaromantic-heartstrings / aromanticaardvark / aromanticallosexualarospecawarenessweekaromanticnerdaroramblingsarosruntheworld 

B: badmecha007 / bane-of-technologybealighton / behlendorfe / bgamerica / blink782bluelyrium / blugrl96 / bohemianmachine / boozysuzy

C: cadavverini / caladblogcatsgomacensoredsecretchistery-schoppingfredericclueless-dan / commandermaycontaminatedtoxicanscrucia-airlines / cupiosexual-cupioromantic

D: deepspaceneen / didarobotcallmeaboutcarinsurancedragoncharmingdragoninapibox / dragonite-babe / dub-em / dwarvenaro

E: ecafnnyleimaj / emmibeach / emmiwulfiextortion

F: faeriedustfromthemoonfoxumbrella / freereligionsfriedmombofroot-loop-in-a-bowl-of-cakefrost– / futzingfutz / fyeahqueerplatoniczucchinis

G: gamoragranola / ghoinghostgingerbreadeffects / grayros

H: heyimnotsyntheticahhaannaammiiyyaahikobane 

I: ifeeltresbon / inanimus / intergalacticangel international-nerdinternkiraironicdavestrider

J: jawnlocked221b / jaythearrowacejust-big-boned33

K: kyralovesrupertgrintkyusuto

L: leavesofleatherlishurdtonguelonestarcelt / lordjesusofficial / luckilywednesdayluckycharmkittylycanthrowup / lynnisamystery

M: madieorallymagic-octopi / mayonnaiseparade / meanqueer / melodie-emerald-obsidian-jackson / mild-madness / millymeter / mojomee / monsterselfmypearisnotdelicious

N: neophallusneverhetero / nexusinvitae / no-romo / nuaorenylazornymphieweasley

O: ofspadesandhearts / ohgoshdang / ohnonotanotherfakegeekgirl / onange

P: parvill / pastelflowerspavonineturophile / perksofbeingaropets-are-better-than-peoplephantomsfillthesky / philcoulsonismyhero / pkmahjayplatonicizeprince-utena

Q: queenpeixes / queer-normative / questioninglilacquoiromanticpride

R: reallymisscoffee / red-rocksrighteous-indignationroanokesrobert-downey-jesusroboticwolfdeityromanadvoratrelundamngirlrubixburdrvwiv

S: sauntering-vaguely-downwardsscavengerhuntsmanserendipitouscataclysm / sexualtheoryshades-of-grayro / sketchbookofbalderdash / soldiercatssomethingharrypotterstarcult-potterstiffysmithystraightiesstubbornseedling / suavebadassswaggisbroatheonswedishfangirlsftw / swimsuitsandfandoms

T: tatsufailslife / tea-music-books / thalassa-gramaryethatonearomanticthe-almighty-sandthearomanticthelittleonewhocantshutup / theredmackinaw / transdragonqueen

U: unicornprincenunintentionallyanxiousunstoppable-phoenix

V: vagitterianvaniljrosorvile-specimen

W: warpcorps / wellwehaveadragon / whitecheddarbooty

Y: yawnlennonyouarerageandserenity / ystoria

Z: zaydenrosszubious


ayyy hi guys this is probably really unexpected but i just hit my goal!! and it’s my half birthday today!! i never thought i’d ever get this many followers! i’m really thankful and i thought i’d do something special so here is a list of 75 amazing blogs!!

A ~ D

alphabitches amypohlar anusjpg appledevice arrowdactyl babyhater baegal beyonception bootytbh chipotleh chocolatechlp chromeofficial clelusional clraft cockblocksquad connecticutest crayolo crrabs crybaybe dickpicjpg

E ~ N

eggnored goclzilla hotboysofficial hotlocalnun joeyjoe69 kimpissable koolaicl lameongrab lasagnababy mcrude meatbicyclevevo memeofficial memeulous methlab-partner milotlc nateruessofficial nerdjpg nicedildo nicememe nlghtvisions nootdoot

O ~ R

official90s officialokcupid officialramennoodle onange orlandobloomfistmeintheass pikachuties pingponging plantinq politold raddlest rnasturbaking rudeshit

S ~ #

sexymilk sharkvveek slothvevo squidwardofficial srryimperf stamosa starinq surprises therealnashgrier tornrnypickles tortillas tubins visacredit theawesomeadventurer waluiqi wifibox wifired wigglytuffvevo winking youngvlcanoes 2007official 295

The Yearbook Committee has been hard at work deciding who should win our Tumblr Yearbook Awards this year. We have made some very important decisions and are ready to announce the category winners! (A few days early, sorry about that)

And the winners are:

For Name Game Jocks (urls)

For Leonardo da Themies (themes)

For Tech Geek Chic (mobile themes)

For DP Divas (icons)

For Shakespearean Wordsmiths (original posts)

For Class Clown (funniest selfies)

For Photogenic Aesthetic (cutest/prettiest people)

For Miss Congenialities (nicest people)

For The Plastics (our favourites)

And finally, this year’s Queen Bee (overall) is

Congratulations to all those who won! Isabel lamesturl, Brandon abraham-twinkoln and I thank all those who entered, running these awards has been a lot of fun and we had such a hard time picking winners from an amazing group of blogs. If you won, you’ll soon get a message about your prizes, (probably in the next few days coz I’m lazy).

Until next year, Yearbook Committee out! xx

It was really hard to choose because there were lots of great blogs, but these are the ones that really stood out to me:

Best URL:

Best Theme:

Cutest Guys:

Cutest Girls:

Nicest Bloggers:

Best Original Posts:

Overall Favorites (I really tried to stay in the limit I set, but you guys are just so great omg):

First Place Trophy Blog:

Thank you all for entering! :)

hiya it’s me with the winners of my awards!! i sorta procrastinated and i really needed to get this finished so very sorry for the wait!! anywho here’s the winners!! :)

best url:

best icon:

best theme:

best mobile theme:

best original posts:

best humor blog:

nicest blogger:

cutest boy:

cutest girl:

best overall:

grand supreme:

congrats to all the winners! make sure to check out their blogs! i’m v sorry to all those who didn’t get anything and thank you to everyone who entered!! :)

Hey everyone! First, I would like to thank all those who entered, the response to these awards was unbelievable and I really am touched. A lot more people entered than I thought would, and even though I told myself I would cut down on winner this time around, fuck it, its my awards so I make the rules, and so there are 4 winners per category! :D I’ve really enjoyed looking through everyone’s blogs and I know this is cliche but I really wanted everyone to win, however I can’t really do that :( So, the winners are:



Mobile Themes


Original Posts

***Flawless People

Nicest People

Favourite Non-Humour Blogs

Favourite Humour Blogs

And finally, my Favourite Overall Blog is


Congratulations to all those who won, I’ll go and follow those I haven’t already, tag me #illegalaustralien if there’s a post you want me reblog, and message me for a promo anytime :D (you could also talk to me, send me an ask, that would be cool too)

Happy Holidays everyone! :D xx