The Yearbook Committee has been hard at work deciding who should win our Tumblr Yearbook Awards this year. We have made some very important decisions and are ready to announce the category winners! (A few days early, sorry about that)

And the winners are:

For Name Game Jocks (urls)

For Leonardo da Themies (themes)

For Tech Geek Chic (mobile themes)

For DP Divas (icons)

For Shakespearean Wordsmiths (original posts)

For Class Clown (funniest selfies)

For Photogenic Aesthetic (cutest/prettiest people)

For Miss Congenialities (nicest people)

For The Plastics (our favourites)

And finally, this year’s Queen Bee (overall) is

Congratulations to all those who won! Isabel lamesturl, Brandon abraham-twinkoln and I thank all those who entered, running these awards has been a lot of fun and we had such a hard time picking winners from an amazing group of blogs. If you won, you’ll soon get a message about your prizes, (probably in the next few days coz I’m lazy).

Until next year, Yearbook Committee out! xx

hiya it’s me with the winners of my awards!! i sorta procrastinated and i really needed to get this finished so very sorry for the wait!! anywho here’s the winners!! :)

best url:

best icon:

best theme:

best mobile theme:

best original posts:

best humor blog:

nicest blogger:

cutest boy:

cutest girl:

best overall:

grand supreme:

congrats to all the winners! make sure to check out their blogs! i’m v sorry to all those who didn’t get anything and thank you to everyone who entered!! :)