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Want to be better at connecting with your audience? Get tips on building news with a community, creating verifying news on social media, creating video for web and more in this roundup of resources from ONACamp Indianapolis, where more than 100 journalists joined us at the IndyStar for a free day of digital news training with a focus on community engagement.

I’ve been an NABJ member since 2006 and a member of the Online News Association since 2009.  I attended ONA’s convention in Boston last year and it transformed my life.  Which is why I’m SO excited that ONA is bringing its ONACamp to our convention this year.

Our attendees will get a full day Learning Lab Join with hands-on training with some of the top leaders in digital journalism. You’ll learn the latest in  digital investigative reporting, mobile reporting, social media, audience engagement skills, and web tools.  Click here to see the full slate of sessions!

Notes from "Building Online Communities on Tumblr" ONACamp session at AAN Digital Conference

Is it weird that I like to scour the internet for notes made at presentations given by Tumblr reps? It’s the closest thing there is to an official Tumblr best-practice guide. Also, it’s interesting to find out the story that the company tells about itself.

The presentation was by Mark Coatney, media evangelist at Tumblr.

If you see this on the dashboard: Go to permalink to see the Storify below:


More than 80 journalists, students and educators took over the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism & Mass Communications on Saturday for a day of free digital training, brainstorming and connection with peers.

Head to journalists.org for our full list of session resources and quick takeaways from our weekend in Minneapolis. This includes notes from the 12 sessions and digital resources from the presenters, who included the New York Times’ Kevin Quealy, NPR’s Doug Mitchell, the Washington Post’s Yuri Victor, Placeblogger founder Lisa Williams, Tomorrow Magazine co-founder Amanda Hess, the Denver Post’s Daniel Petty and more.

We also recorded audio from a couple of these workshops. They’re available, along with audio from ONA12, on ONA’s SoundCloud page.

All photos: Jennifer Mizgata, ONA

Happy Holidays, Tumblr! 

This year, as our gift we’re sharing our version of holiday heaven: links to great resources we’ve compiled through the year.  The Online News Association organized dozens of training sessions for journalists in 2012, and we’ve pulled together the highlights for you.  Get useful digital tips from our expert presenters at ONA12 and ONACamps, learn how to build your own Twitter app, meet our current MJ Bear Fellows and learn more about the AP-Google Scholarship, which will provide six students with $20,000 each.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful, peaceful holiday season.

Step up your business game with these tips from journalism experts

Check out the great resources from our recent ONACamp Phoenix, a free, full-day training at Arizona State University focused on how to better understand the business side of journalism and work more seamlessly toward the bottom line. Get your mini-MBA with audio recordings and presentations from experts from The Arizona Republic, AJ+, Chartbeat, Foreign Policy, Voice of San Diego, Southern Methodist University and more.

I spent the past week tethering my computer to the mobile internet connection on my phone. It was awful. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Used to fast broadband internet access? Leo Mirani challenges you to take some time to access the internet via your mobile phone so that you understand how many people across the globe access the web, as “it is now conventional wisdom that the next billion (or two billion or five billion) people to come online will do so using smartphones and mobile broadband.”

Read more: I spent a week using only mobile internet, and so should you - Quartz

Interested in how people access the news on their phones? Get inspired by the design camp that ONA organized in North Carolina, which focused on how news organizations might better deliver news on mobile devices

ONACamp @ NABJ12

Jen Mizgata, Justin Ellis, Jeanne Brooks, John Keefe, and Nonny de la Peña. Photo by John Keefe.

We had a blast at ONACamp at NABJ12 last week. ONACamps bring in top trainers from around the country to teach digital journalism skills and we spent the day in New Orleans marveling at the hottest tools. 

Participant Jason Williams wrote on the Huffington Post that his mind was “sufficiently blown after sitting through six plus hours of journalism innovations and best practices.”

Our friends at NABJ Digital created a number of Storify posts on NABJ12, full of helpful tips and resources. Here are links to the ONACamp sessions: 

Social Media as a Reporting Tool, presented by Niketa Patel, CNN Money 

Mobile Newsgathering: Reporting from the Field, presented by Justin Ellis, Nieman Lab

Mostly Free Tools, presented by Kwan Booth, Oakland Local

Tumblr for Newsrooms, presented by Phoebe Connelly, Yahoo! News

Google Fusion 101, presented by John Keefe, WNYC

We’ve pulled together links to the ONACamp at NABJ12 presentations and you can see the full schedule here

Forty percent of the traffic to CNN in 2013 came from mobile and the company is preparing for even more traffic this year. 

Read more about their approach to embracing mobile consumers:  The mobile inevitability: How CNN is prepping for the majority-mobile audience coming in 2014 » Nieman Journalism Lab

Interested in producing news stories for mobile audiences? Today is the last day to apply for ONA dCamp NC: Mobile, a day-long design camp to discuss and develop new ideas for mobile-first news. Join the Online News Association and mobile staffers from The Boston Globe, BreakingNews, CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and others to help imagine the future of mobile storytelling. Apply now