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why do you think onew doesnt take off his shirt?

There was once a pic of him (and the rest of shinee) in a hotel pool about 2 years back taken by a hotel staff member (I do not have that pic cuz it was taken without his consent obviously) and in that photo he was shirtless. He was with friends/shinee and felt comfortable but once the cameras are on him that would be super uncomfortable and make him self conscious. Its one thing to be shirtless with friends and family than it is being half naked in front of the whole world ya know?

Well, I have thought many reasons over all the years. First It was shyness then later he got more confidence so then I thought it was modesty. He is confident but wants to keep his body to himself. He even said that in an interview and he said that it doesn’t feel good people looking at his body. I also truly think perhaps it’s because he wants people to pay attention to his talent, his amazingly smooth sexy angelic voice, instead of his body.

He also fluctuates in not only weight but with and without abs (Plus he’d probably feel pressure to keep the muscular abs once he shows them and that is a lot of work)… Sometimes his tummy is smooth and flat, sometimes cute soft and pudgy and other times it’s muscular…This would make anyone self-conscious of their bodies especially if they were constantly in the public eye like he is. If one minute he is Abs- a –rific then the next he isn’t then headlines would read something mean like  “Shinee’s Onew let himself go” and that would make him feel like crap or woman would be creaming their panties when he is built “OnABSSSSSSSSSSS” and  he might think they are only his fans because of his body and not his voice…of course real fans would never love him just for his body. But I feel he might feel this way sometimes. (Silly Jinki we love you for you, you are a beautiful soul and we love the package it comes in no matter what it looks like and if you show it off or not.)

Maybe it’s a mixture of some or all these things. If he doesn’t feel comfortable or simply just doesn’t want to I am cool with it. And not for pervy reasons but whenever he is ready to show his body I’ll be there supporting him. I want him to do it because he WANTS to not because he feels he has to.  


An extra theory!….

One day I was talking with the awesome missdubu and we came up with another theory of our own.  What started as joke about a mark or shadow we saw on OnTummy.. I’m an ontae shipper so I joked saying Taemin left a hickey on his belly… But then we noticed that the mark is on more than just those pix from that event. It’s on pix from different times… So we thought maybe it isn’t just a shadow or a bruise from that time. What if he had his appendix taking out or something? Because we did notice a dent or scar type of thing on his lower left side of his stomach. It is a very light mark and hard to see but there is something there. So then we felt maybe that is could be another reason he doesn’t show off his belly. He is self conscious of his scar/mark???  I don’t know maybe we are just seeing things. *shrugs*  

 Ever since I heard about Onew getting abs for his new years resolution I’ve started exercising every day to “be with him in spirit.” It may not be as much as needed to be considered healthy, but on a good night I spend about 10 minutes exercising, which is pretty good progress for someone lazy like me. It’s amazing what being a fan of something does to me sometimes.

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Onew abs.

Onew mother-effing ABS.

I have died and gone to heaven.

I am dead.

I can’t compute

Why am I not capslocking

too much of a shock