on...you know

I’m standing in the open food court outside waiting for my food, when some girl on the third floor of the student union building yells down, “Hey! Hey black sweater guy! You’re cute!”

 I looked at the guy she was talking to, and he just looks up and shouts, “THANKS, I’M GAY!”

Then she said, “Cool! Can I come get your number for my friend then? He’s cute, promise.”


fantagio is an acting company

the overly-specific spotify playlist trend is beautiful and i want in

[all from my spotify] [insp post by @faeriefully]

your mum would’ve killed anyone who rubbed these off her “top of the pops” cassette tape

home alone, spinning round your room, belting at the top of your lungs until you get a stitch. pure joy

so sleepy and soft. personification of that head-droopy floating feeling when you’re finally near sleep

midnight drives, drive-through cups, radio static and flickering streetlights

after a long, troubled night you give up on getting sleep: make a cup of tea, slip outside and watch the sunrise. the pink of the sky makes you think just maybe things might turn out ok

10 hours of roadtrip songs: backseat duets, feelgood bops and lyrics you forget to be embarrassed about knowing by heart

no i’ve never had a s/o but yes i have a shortlist of potential wedding first-dance songs that’s normal right

banjos, tambourines, “heys”; stomping feet, clapping hands, a sheen of sweat on your forehead and a smile on your face

a pretty boy playing you an even prettier song on his guitar

pina coladas (or maybe just a peach juice) by the pool, shades on, sun beaming, spinning in your prettiest sundress