Dean peeked over the top of his cards, eyeing the men sitting around the table with him. Bobby sat to Dean’s left, cards sitting in a neat pile on the table. Pastor Jim was in front of him, elbows on the table, cards fanned neatly in his hands. Rufus was sprawled to Dean’s right, the chair back on two feet, his hand tucked into the breast pocket of his button down. 

“Alright kid, what are you going to do?” Rufus asked, looking at Dean. Dean looked down at his cards- he had a run of spades (eight through Jack) and another Jack to make that a pair. He decided  to risk it- laying down the second jack he request one card from the dealer. Bobby passed him a card and Dean held his face still- he’d gotten a four, though he had been hoping for a seven or Queen. (Which he would have said was impossible. Sammy, little smartass that he was, would have corrected it to improbable, Dean.

Going back around the circle they placed their bets, shoving M&Ms into the center of Bobby’s kitchen table- he said he wasn’t going to let no kid in his care lose what little money he had, so candy was the currency of the evening. Pastor Jim folded, Rufus called, and Dean tried to bluff his way around.  

They revealed their cards, Bobby winning with three deuces. 

“Alright kid, I knew you had nothin’,” the grizzled hunter said, passing the deck of cards to Pastor Jim, who started shuffling competently- if he hadn’t gone to seminary, the man would have made a hell of a Vegas man. He could do card tricks with one hand while shooting the stem off an apple with another.

“How?” Dean complained, sure that this time he had kept his face still. 

“Called a tell,” Rufus butted in, munching on a pretzel twist. “See Bobby here, he usually won’t play poker with me any more because we know each other’s tells. He touches his beard when he’s bluffing and will take a drink when he knows he’s winning.

“You,” the hunter gestured to the twelve-year old with another piece of trail mix- “you go blank-faced when you’re bluffing. Try to act natural, pick at yourself or something. Hell, only times people are that still normally are when they’re at a funeral or sleepin’.”

Dean stored all the information away- ways to shuffle the deck in his favor, how to bluff and take advantages of other people’s tells, the importance of props, like snacks or a drink, when playing with strangers. Though they didn’t say it, Dean knew that one day he would need money, and that his would be one of his only semi-legal options for it. 

By the time Dean was fifteen he wasn’t allowed to play with the group anymore, as they claimed he had an unfair advantage and that old men shouldn’t have to see the day that the kid beats them at their own game.

At seventeen Dean discovered that strip poker was a thing and he never looked back. 

Three word prompts!

Accidental ||Jill+Phillip

> Letting out a slow breath, Phillip started the last trek to Forget-Me-Not Valley. Jill was apparently one of the only farmers, so it wouldn’t be that hard to find her, right?

> After about a half hour of searching, he ended up in front of her door. Here goes nothing.

> Phillip knocked on the door, suddenly amused by his own two feet. He knew this was going to be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable…for both of them.

  • calvin:carries taylor on his back
  • tumblr:UMM??? What? This is so anti-feminist and woman-hating. You think Taylor is unable to stand on her own two feet? You misogynistic pig. She can hold her own, plus you. She is a phenomenon, and a warrior. What she isn't is your toy. She DOES NOT NEED A MAN to do ANYTHING for her.

You have no idea who said the last line. Could be Mabel, could be Dipper. What you do know is that this killed me inside to write.

It’s like a nightmare. No. Worse than a nightmare. It’s as if all of his fears morphed together and is now standing two feet in front. What makes it worse is that it’s in the form of his sister almost in tears.

He backs away slowly from her, “No,” he whispers shaking his head, as a response and to push any disturbing thought out of his mind.

Her mouth opens, but fear keeps her from saying anything to him. Instead, she lets out a sob and the tears could no longer stop from flowing down. He hates this, seeing her crying from the obvious pain he’s causing and him not knowing what to do. He knows there’s only one thing that could help her, but God forbid him from even going that far.

“Stop,” he sighs. He’s exhausted from all of this, “Do you know how much it hurts me to see you like this?”

Her eyes snap up. Too much anger, too much… hatred. It makes him physically ill.

“You’re hurt? You’re hurt?!” she’s screaming now. He tried to keep her down, but the second her hand almost hits him, he realizes to keep a distance, “Y-You… you hurt me. Do you know what you said to me?”

“I know what I said, but you said you had feel-”

“Shut up! Just stop! I expected you to be upset. I didn’t expect you to call me…” she sighs and it leads to whimpering, “I hate you.”

“No, you don’t. You said it yourself. You said you love me,” he nods his head, but she just ignores it all.

“I really fucking hate you. And if I’m so ‘disgusting’ to you. Then…”

Just as the emotion in her eyes he saw earlier fear takes over him. Fear and regret of this entire night. He shouldn’t have said that. He should’ve kept his mouth shut. But once your sister tells you she’s in love with you, what else is there to do?

“I don’t know if I want you in my life anymore.”


~Imagine you’re stuck in a cramped motel room with the boys on a rainy day~

Word count: 442

Pairing: friendship

Warnings: None

y/n - your name 

Rain drummed overhead, breaking the silence with a pleasant hum and hissing as it met with pavement outside. You were a pluviophile at heart, and usually coveted rainy days for curling up somewhere warm and watching the sky change. Rainy days were your favourite.

However, this became irrelevant if your particular situation involved two men over six feet tall, and a claustrophobically small motel room. Which, unfortunately, was your exact situation.

“Sam, I swear to God, if I hear you trip over something one more time, I’m gonna freaking punch someone.”

Sam stood up, hunching his shoulders guiltily, and looked at you with a wounded expression. “I was just getting some more coffee, y/n, gimme a break.” He walked with an exaggerated limp to the coffee pot just to piss you off, and you knew it.

Dean had been resting his head on a hand, face slightly smushed while he dozed off. Now he jerked back awake, and looked over at you drowsily. “Jesus, y/n, calm down. Why are you so pissy?”

You narrowed your eyes at Dean. “I have been stuck in this room with the both of you all damn day. To say I’m feeling a little pissy is an understatement. This room is too small for the three of us!” You knew you were whining, but it was true. You’d been stuck together for ages, it seemed, waiting out the rain while hunting down a case. Already, Sam has tripped four times in a few hours, and Dean had walked in on you in the bathroom – twice. The boy didn’t understand the concept of knocking. Thank God you’d been washing your hands both times; at least a sense of timing was something Dean did possess.

Sam poured himself another cup of coffee before again maneuvering his way back to his seat, giving you a pointed look after his successful navigation. You stuck your tongue out at him.

“Dean, please tell me you’ve found something?” you begged.

He shook his head. “Nada. No trace of ghosts or ghouls or anything in between.”

“I guess the rain’s keeping everyone in today,” Sam said.

“I’m gonna die if I stay in here any longer,” you moaned into the comforter of your crappy motel bed. You were sprawled across it like a blanket yourself.

Sam looked at you with amusement. “Then go outside.”

You sat up, mischievous smile growing on your face. Dean furrowed his eyebrows in concern.

You screeched, “Last one out makes the next batch of coffee!” And bolted for the door. The boys were up right behind you as you flung open the door, Dean shouting “Dammit, y/n!” good-naturedly behind you.

yourcaptainlauren asked:

Sousuke kissing his s/o for the first time?

Sousuke is pretty popular with you all, eh? XD Almost everyone asked one with Sousuke, not that I mind, tbh. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Sousuke had just finished his very first date with you, and was now walking you home. “I had a good time, thank you for this.” You smiled up at him as you continues walking. “I had a good time too, it was fun (Name).” Sousuke smiled down at you and brushed his hand against yours, causing your cheeks to be dusted with a light pink. The rest of the walk home was in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. A couple of times you tripped over you’re own two feet, but Sousuke would always catch you before you hit the pavement. Eventually, you reach your house, and you stopped and turned to look at him, causing him to raise an eyebrow. “We’re here.” “Let me walk you to the front door.” He said to which you nodded, and turned back around to walk up the steps of your porch. You reached the doorknob, inserted your key, and turned around to face him once more. “Again, thanks for the wonderful time. I had fun.” You smiled to which he smiled back. “Me too, but before you go…may I…give you a goodbye kiss?” He asked hesitantly. You looked up at him with wide eyes, then you smiled softly and nodded. Sousuke leaned down, and gently placed his lips onto yours, enjoying the softness of them, before pulling away. “…Good night, (Name).” Sousuke smiled and kissed your forehead. “G-Good night.” You stammered and blushed befor heading into your house and closing the door. Sousuke turned his back to the door and started walking home, smiling all the way.

kimmiehier asked:

De vogeltjesdans? Really? Dude, you need to get your ass to sleep (said the person who needed to get his ass to sleep)

This is my 4th day of being awake. I’m a roll!

Just imagine though, the pirate doing the dance to summon Emma, I think it would be hilarious. Or Snow, who has two left feet and keeps screwing up the moves and Emma’s just watching and sighing, “Really mom!?”

Ugh. Okay. I’ll stop. :P 

There’s this pigeon behind our office (well there are dozens of pigeons but you know) that decided to nest under the gross terrifying fire escape stairs that most people take to get into the building. It’s a really not pleasant place. There is a lot of garbage and dirt and poop. But this pigeon just laid an egg on top of it all. And then sat there (seemingly) without ever getting up for like a month. Every time a person goes up the stairs, it has got to be the most terrifying experience for that bird. Loud metal noises and big human feel like two feet above its head. Travis’s imagined inner bird monologue whenever someone goes up the stairs “I fucked up. I fucked up. Shit." Tim and Julia and I named it Bib (bad idea bird).

About a week ago the egg hatched! So now there’s a little stringy pigeon baby under the stairs surrounded by trash and poops. Not an ideal deal. I hope adult pigeon knows what it’s doing.

Last week I was leaving and saw the baby for the first time. Some lady from another company was also leaving and we were both taking pictures of the bird. She said she was pregnant so it was making her all in a tizzy. The next day I was coming into work and that some lady was on the fire escape looking at the bird and as I climb the stairs she really defensively and hilariously says "oooohhahaaaa I’m trying to take a picture” and I’m sure she was thinking well jeez this stranger prob thinks I’m a bird freak who does nothing but stare at this pigeon 24/7. It was good.

My Fall Out Boy M&G

So I figured I should probably share my experience with meeting my all time favorite band, Fall Out Boy. Let me start by saying how absolutely terrified I was. Like, we drove past the venue on the way to the hotel and could hear people practicing and I started bawling. I was terrified. So skip forward a few hours to us standing in line for the M&G. I made us go to the very back of the line because I wanted to push off the experience for as long as possible (who knows why). We had been waiting for FOB to come for probably an hour, and as the concert time got closer, I started getting even more nervous. Then, along with the slow rumble of a golf cart, I hear screaming. FOB is here. The cart drives past with all four of them about two feet away from me and I absolutely lose every power I had not to cry. I start sobbing, I mean, I’d just seen my heroes in person for the first time ever and realized that they are real people. My friend who I went with whips me into shape and I calm down a little bit. As the line moves forward and people start coming back from meeting them, I see a lot of unfriendly faces walking back. As people ask them “How was it?!”, many people respond that the guys were “rude” “angry” and “unfriendly”. Well, this scares the hell out of me and I lose it again. How could the men I completely adore and trust be mean or rude?! As time goes on the tears stop but my heart is completely in my throat, I can barely breathe. Eventually it is our turn to go in. We place our bags and phones on the table and then I make my friend go in first. By this point I was shaking like I was about to erupt and I’ve got my letters and gift in my hands. The guy who is in charge of letting us in tries to calm me down, but it was not working. After a few minutes he tells me it’s my turn to go in, and that it will all be okay. I take a few steps forward and turn the corner and look up and there is Patrick Stump with the biggest smile on is face. (It’s probably worth mentioning that my friend who went in before me told them about me and how nervous I was bc she wasn’t as into it and was there for my support) Patrick can tell I’m nervous as hell and so he goes” Hey!” while grinning with the friendliest face. Pete and Andy also say hey but Patrick was the first I had seen. I respond with a hello and barely am able to speak, but I do manage to say that I had letters for them and a gift for Pete. I start trying to had out the letters to the respective recipients, but as I was shaking so bad they decided to help me out and get the letters sorted. As I give Pete the emoji stickers I had bought for him and tell him there’s a letter for Meagan as well, he goes “Oh, that’s so sweet!” and then upon seeing the stickers he smiles and responds “Oh man, these are so cool! They’re perfect!! Thank you so much!!’ as Patrick is laughing and saying something along the lines of “Oh wow, well thats perfect for you Pete!”. After all of that is sorted out, its my turn to speak. My turn to tell them what they’ve done for me. They look me in the eyes and wait for me to speak, and I head into what I planned to say. “I just wanted to let you guys know how much you all mean to me. And today I’m 5 months self-harm free and it’s all thanks to you guys, I couldn’t do it without you guys.” I stop here because I’ve lost it and am practically sobbing and can’t talk. Patrick looks at me with the sweetest look ever like he’s about to cry and immediately goes “ Oh my god, come here” and pulls me in for this huge bear hug. While I’m crying and he’s holding me and squeezing me tight he goes “I’m so proud of you- that’s wonderful! I’m so so proud of you and I’m so happy you told me. Thank you so much. Oh gosh, it’s okay.” Then he finally let go of me and Pete grabs me in a huge hug saying “Thank you so much for telling me, you have no idea how much that means to me. I’m so happy for you!” and after a few moments of squeezing he lets me go. All the while I’m hugging Pete, Patrick just keeps repeating “I’m so happy you’re here today.” “I’m so happy you’re alive” “I’m just so so happy you’re here and we got to see you” and I’m in total shock that these men are giving me so many hugs and are genuinely happy I was there and thankful for my existence. I ask if we can do a group hug for the photo and there is a collective “Oh well OF COURSE!” and I am immediately tackled and pulled in the largest group hug snuggle thing that was so tight and safe feeling. They all squeeze me and Patrick squishes his face up right against mine and then relax a little so you can actually see my face in the picture. I smile (while praying my makeup isn’t totally running down my face) and the picture is taken. They hold on a little longer then let go. I turn to them to say thank you and leave but before I can turn to go Patrick goes “Hey, come here!” and pulls me in for yet another huge and tight and safe and cozy bear hug and just wraps me tight while I cry. He again says “I’m so proud of you, okay? Thank you so much. I’m so happy you’re here today. I’m so happy!” and slowly lets me go while rubbing my back. They all smile at me and I am able to squeak out a “Thank you so so much.” and I quickly turned around the corner where my friend was waiting. She looked at me and went “How’d it go?” and I hit the floor sobbing. The guys spent more time with me and hugged me more times than they had to, they were so incredibly sweet, and you could just feel their love. I spent probably the next half hour sobbing until we were let into the pit. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that FOB is unkind, uncaring, or rude. These men really do care, and they love us. They have the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met and I am so thankful they are my heroes- I couldn’t ask for anyone better. 

ps- At the concert I was center barrier and the first time Patrick saw me we made eye contact and he looked away then did a double take and looked back, remembering me, and smiled. He kept looking at me through the concert and smiling and winked a few times. Anytime I was taking videos or a picture, he would look right at my phone for a few moments. He threw a few picks my way, but the pit got them from me. Patrick is a literal angel. 


Finishing Miras 3d print,

  the first photo her apprehensive expression the second her grumpy expression (I think she really wants finished! and clothed!).

  Mira is the first doll Ive made that’s ENTIRELY 3d printed, everything up until this point has either been half hand sculpted or like my old sculpts 100% hand sculpted. There are lots of little technical things i ran into during the process, like traditional doll making you learn and you work, even so finishing her took about a third the time as it would have if i made her traditionally.. I’m excited about the possibility of releasing a new character every 3-4 months as opposed to one every year.

  As you can see most of her body still has visible print lines. Most of her parts have only had one coat of primer applied and a few (like her slightly smoother chest and face) had two, her feet are still unprimed as they are a different print material that requires a slightly different finishing process. Forgive the blue fun-tac in her wrist and ankle joints, those are the 3d printed acrylic hand and feet masters in the photo, the channels for the hooks will will remain undrilled for ease of molding, the final hook channels in her hands and feet will be drilled after casting..,

   One of the early tutorials i plan to post on my Patreon is the technique i use to finish nylon powder prints as well as acrylic prints, Its a somewhat tedious process but if done correctly you can get a perfectly smooth ready to be cast or painted part in just a few days, Ive learned a few tricks finishing Steve faces that may be useful to anyone who’s interested in working with 3d prints :-). The below 3 photos show a few stages of taking a raw print and transforming it into a finished smooth piece.


The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

“How grief and love run side by side is sensitively and intensely explored in this energetic, poetic, and warm-blooded novel.—The Guardian

In honor of Jandy Nelson’s birthday today, we are reviewing her debut novel, The Sky is Everywhere. We also dedicate this book to our hardcore YA fans, who love emotional reads about real life. Meet seventeen-year-old bookworm and band geek Lennie Walker who remains in the background of her older sister Bailey’s shadow. Now, the spotlight is on her and she has two contenders at her feet: Toby, Bailey’s boyfriend who consoles her and the charming Joe who is new in town.

A sweet, real and youthful portrait on love and loss, The Sky is Everywhere is beautifully written and a great summer read describing forgiveness, vulnerability, romance, and wanderlust. 

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Waltz (FE: IF/Fates)

For the anon who requested Leon teaching Kamui how to dance. I’m not really knowledgeable in dancing so I did some research, but I still apologize if anything I’ve written is off.

Set pre-decision.

f!Kamui x Leon (he will be forever Leon to me)

The castle’s usual bustle had since settled down for the evening. Everything was mostly still and dark save for some of the servants attending to their final duties of the day and the guards making their rounds here and there. Leon had finished his usual studying in the castle’s library and was off to retire for the night when he found himself hearing a strange clip-clop sort of sound echoing faintly through the halls.

He paused from his walk, straining to hear the sound. It was then after a few moments that he realized that the sound often repeated in a distinct, yet rather sloppy, three beat tempo. Of all things, what in the world was making that? Curiosity had gotten the better of him by now and he began tracking down the source.

After a round-about around the castle, past two wings, the library again, and avoiding a few servants, Leon found himself on the main floor of the castle and approaching the largely unused ballroom. The clip-clopping sound was much louder now, and noticing that the heavy double doors were slightly ajar, Leon slinked forward to peeked through the space.

He felt his heart pound and his eyes widened at what he saw.

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The Signs & The Night Sky
  • The ones who stop mid-sentence to look up at the moon:Virgo, Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces
  • The ones who trip over their own two feet trying to find constellations:Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius, Libra
  • The ones who are total space nerds and know the name of every star in the sky:Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Gemini

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