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✨This is more of a filler I guess. I kinda just want this series to feel more realistic in a way? I mean it’s not but what I mean is like they’ll have random texts and talk about random things or normal things lol idk!! But the next part I have planned 🌚 and it’s gonna get MUSHY! I feel maybe this series will have at least 5 more parts? Maybe a lil more? Idk honestly I’m still making them as I go✨

I only just found out it was Soriel Week yesterday?! But thankfully, it gave me the perfect boost I needed to finish a piece I started forever ago—and just in time for the appropriate day~! :’D

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Do you happen to know if there's anywhere to watch the newest episode without the censorship? It's not that I enjoy gore, but the huge black bars randomly in the middle of the shots were a bit off putting and kind of ruined the immersion.

Usually if an anime is censored like that, an uncensored version is released with the blu-rays. So not for now, but it’ll probably be available at some point in the future!


Right. I have a few more little travelling adventures coming up soon, but first up I’m actually off to Romania from 10th September. WiFi is very difficult to get ahold of where I’m going (and DEFINITELY no 4G!) so I’ll be having to sign off.

My idea is that you guys could send some drabble/headcanon requests in the next couple days which gives me time to write as many as possible and then queue them to post while I’m away! My inbox will be open for requests until Monday 29th August (ie you have the whole weekend!)

So, send me a number or two and a character (Absolutely anything Marvel or Supernatural!) and I’ll queue it for sometime when I’m away!

1) “I found it like that!”

2) “Where the hell are you?”

3) “Every girl’s handbag should have a [object of your choice here].”

4) “I’ll take a double shot.”

5) “What was that!?”

6) “It’s the only way.”

7) “In my defence- Okay, I have no defence”

8) “Does it come in black?”

9) “Raise a glass…”

10) “Fair warning, it’s sharp.”

11) “Do I even want to know?”

12) “Just keep smiling.”

13) “What’s the worst that could happen?”

14) “I’m not threatening, I’m promising.”

15) “That must’ve hurt.”

16) “Just pretend. Quickly.”

17) “I thought you two were an item.”

18) “Funny story… it’s gone.”

19) “Is that the best you could come up with?”

20) “Shut up.”

21) “Well would you look at what the cat dragged in.”

22) “I’m going to need at least 50 showers.”

23) “Karma’s a bitch.”

24) “Do you remember me?”

25) “You’re such a dork.”

26) “I did not need to know that.”

27) “A one-way ticket…”

28) “I was worried sick.”

29) “You have no idea.”

30) “Why are you in my bedroom?!”


ayy 2 OC posts in 1 day.. im on fire..! And look, the approximate height differences between my children  (งツ)ว

Souls Alike

[read on ao3]

“You’ve been asleep. For over seventy years.”

And that’s just.

The most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard. Yet, his surroundings look like the future, bright and shiny, even in the twilight.

“You gonna be all right?” comes next and Bucky swallows. “Captain. Rogers, you still with us?”

It only takes a fraction of a moment, but all Bucky can think of is how they think he’s Steve, how Steve is gone, how he should be here, alive, in the future, how it should be Bucky the one left behind, and Peggy… Steve would be devastated about Peggy. Hell, Bucky is, too.

“Yeah,” he rasps. “I just… I had a date.”

In which Steve and Bucky used to switch roles during the war. It was Steve who fell from the train and Bucky who brought down the Valkyrie. Seventy years later, the world still believes Steve Rogers was in the plane when they defrost Bucky Barnes is his Captain America suit. In 2012, Bucky begrudgingly embarks on a journey of re-discovery as he takes up the role of Steve Rogers, finds friends, a home, and the part of his soul that fell into an icy ravine.
Do you know what a soul is?

Written for the Stucky Big Bang 2016


Here is my first art I am posting. I hope you guys will like it. Is my favorite girl in the One Piece world. Koala! I headcannon Koala as follows:

She is a strong girl both emotional and physical. After being a slave in Mariejois and rescued by the sun pirates, this incident has made her to become a tougher person and it helps build a foundation for her to be able to withstand more emotional hurdles ahead.

She is confident and able to protect herself. After all, she is a fisherman karate instructor and knows how to kick ass. So don’t get on her bad side unless you are prepared to face her pinchy cheek attack.

Hardworking and dedicated to her work is a given. Due to her experience as a slave, she is taught to work hard or else will be killed. Because of this, she can be a bit uptight at times if things don’t go according to plan. During these times, Koala will need someone fun and light hearted to help her loosen up a bit before she strains herself on work too much.

As for her hobbies, I see her liking all things cute and have a subscription to her fav fashion magazine.

She can be a very sweet and caring friend and a great person to talk to if you are feeling down. She is very observant of others (such as the time Hack was injured in Dressrosa) and also she is intuitive to others feelings. (The time she console Sabo when he cried after meeting with Luffy).

Her pet peeve is selfish people who does whatever they want at the expense of others. And also being refer to as Sabo’s girl, subordinate, partner, …. After all, Koala needs no Sabo and she can be independent and tough on her own. XD