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This timelapse is from Point Sublime, the most delightful and hardest viewpoint to reach on the North Rim, Grand Canyon. An awesome experience. It takes a good vehicle and even 4wheel-drive at times, to reach the point and we had only one other family nearby for the evening. A photographer from the other group joined me and we took pictures and talked technique and life philosophy for several hours. The cliff light is from the setting moon that was a waxing crescent of about 8%.

Dean is straight because he says so....

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Because Dean never initially lies or hides anything about himself in this show…

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There is no evidence that his bisexuality is a part of what he does hide…

“…why do they assume we’re gay?” 
“well, you are kinda butch maybe they think you’re overcompensating…”

Or that he is well aware of what he is hiding and repressing and actively says that he does so IN THE SHOW….

Personally, I hope they delve deeper into the subtext and do bring it into the actual text to clarify it, but until then SPN writers…

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Dean’s climax and denouement in season 13. Expositions through season 1 mirrors.

So, I’ve talked loads about how I feel that season 13 is subverting the pilot plot wise:

- Mary is the parent who is lost to be found, John is the parent who is dead.

- The Sam/ Jess v Dean/Cas parallels of 12x23.

- The Sam/Dean role reversal (also the precise words Jared used *yay!*). Sam is the one set on hunting, finding a way to fix things, trying to keep things together, Dean is the one mourning the loss of the person he loves, out for revenge and angry.

Basically for Dean’s own personal story:

Pilot: Dean is first set up as uber-straight, butch and over compensating, faithless, feeling like he can’t have and doesn’t really deserve love, a hunter of the supernatural and living in the black and white, stab first - ask questions later, where supernatural beings are all evil and to be killed, he is Sam’s parent and guardian and Dean is less worthy of love and care than he is, whose mother up on her pedestal said that Angels were watching over him, but he’s not accepting of himself, expecting to die young, giving up his life for others and with a total lack of self worth.

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- Endgame: self worth, accepting himself for who he is as a whole, accepting that he likes things he has always repressed, that he is no longer Sam’s parent, that he needs to let Sam go, that he deserves good things for himself, that his mother and father are not perfect. That he is in love with a supernatural being, a guy, who represents faith, an Angel who watches over him (and who he can watch over when he falls), having said Angel give up something big for him as a mirror for everything he has given up for others, learning that the world is not black and white, where he finally accepts himself and thinks he doesn’t deserve to die young, finally feeling self worth

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Regarding how I think this will play out in season 13:

We know now that 13x03 features Missouri Moseley. Who was a massive John mirror and was an exposition to why Dean is the way he is, repressed, self loathing and feeling worthless while Sam is to be protected and cared for. She and her granddaughter Patience are also psychics, a real coincidence given the point we will be at in 13x03 with Dean’s grief and emotions, hmmmmm.

We also know that we have the Scooby Doo episode where Dean potentially might flirt with or will at least come face to face with Daphne, the epitome of Dean’s old fantasies, the sweet, non threatening, childhood reminiscent kind of maternal reminding cartoon character, the best metaphor I can think of for Dean’s old facade and old way of dealing with things.

Basically everything we know so far, which is very little, about spoilers for season 13 point to the fact that they are absolutely using season 1 mirrors to show how much Dean has changed and grown, I mean throw in a couple of wendigos and ghosts, maybe, Chuck I hope for an episode where we see 2 brothers again like 1x18 but Dean doesn’t blame himself and tells the older brother to look out for himself and not always just his brother. I mean I don’t know how it will play out of course I just feel this as happening as a theme and hey if we do see Dean acting at times like a dude bro douche reminiscent of season 1 it’s probably exactly for this - to expose it and then smack it down because this ISN’T who he is and he knows that now, it’s just to show US. 

off the top of my head (maybe I’ll meta properly about it at some point but right now I’m just flailing) but the themes in season 1 for Dean focus on:

- repression of emotions
- lack of self worth and self acceptance
- being Sam’s parent 
- toxic masculinity
- bisexuality
- not feeling he deserves love

And these should now be addressed in order to expose that he is moving past them and has come out the other side of his long path to self acceptance and they already seem to be using the pilot/season 1 both plot-wise but also thematically to expose these to then subvert them.

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