I tend to think into continuations of certain fics a bit too much.

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I recently had the immense pleasure of reading quartetship’s A Pane Between and it is a gift I’m telling you guys like seriously


Favourite parts of the video + favourite lines of the song

Play us like pawns and relentlessly confined
Into living up to gender roles and having absent minds
Don’t you think it’s funny how they tell us how to live?
Don’t you think it’s funny how we’re all delinquent kids?
Like hush now. Don’t say, don’t say.

Hush boy, oh hush boy don’t say a word
throw on a jersey no one gets hurt
Hush girl, oh hush girl Just bat your eyes
Play our little game, play our little game

Little game by Ben J. Pierce (x)


ya lit meme - 5/7 friendships
the inner circle of the night court  a court of mist and fury

The bastard- born warriors, the Illyrian half breed, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares…And the huntress with an artist’s soul.


congratulations to canada on getting gold for both men and women’s hockey!! the only winter sports that really matters tbh

also america gets justin bieber for another four years and he wears the special jacket mattie made for him (51 get the joke???? i’m lame.)

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