To Break An Omega [Pt. 4]

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Summary: It”s going to take time, but the Winchesters are determined to put Vic in his place and put you back together. All while Dean contemplates changing your lives forever. 

A/N: Strap in folks, it’s a long one.

Warnings: SPN swearing, touch of A/B/O dynamics

You opened your eyes, expecting to be sore, but the stiffness in your muscles was gone. Your body was pressed into something warm. Blinking away the sleep, you lift your head slowly. 

“Hey, sweetheart,” a deep voice says gently. You push yourself up, sliding away from Dean who were just curled against. In your panic, you nearly fall off the bed, but the Alpha catches you  

“It’s okay,” he says softly, “you’re home, sweetheart, you’re safe.” One of his hands slowly makes its way through your hair, cradling your head.  

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Please Say Yes (One Shot)

A/N: I do not own Supernatural or any of its respective characters. Only this story’s plot.
Pairing: Reader x Dean  

Warnings: Angst 

Word Count: 1100

Summary:  Your past mistakes are finally weighing on you.

You stood in the cemetery leaning against a tree. It was a cold night, but the fire from the grave next to you was at least keeping you warm.  This had been a simple salt and burn and you didn’t really need any help, but you had called your ex along anyway.

You and Dean didn’t end on bad terms, the hunting life just made it difficult for the both of you. After the breakup, you always kept in contact and you whenever you found yourselves in the same town, you would share a bed.  Everything was fine until Dean caught you at the tail end of a bad case. A few people had died, and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t make yourself believe it wasn’t your fault. To add insult to injury, you never even caught the monster.

Dean was the first to call you after that and you took all your anger out on him. You told him you were tired of how stubborn he could be, tired of him only calling when he needed something, tired of having feelings for him and having to hold them back, tired of everything. You told him he made you miserable, and that you never wanted to hear from him again. You didn’t give him a chance to speak, you just hung up on him and didn’t answer the phone for two years.

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10 Baby Facts for SPN Fic Authors

[I swear this is not a rant - it ISN’T. Honest.]

It is actually kind of cool to realize that you possess specialty knowledge that may be of use to others. Stuff that you didn’t really KNOW you knew, until, of course, you are reading along in a fic and something the author describes (or the character says) brings your brain to a screeching halt. “That’s not right – it can’t possibly happen that way…” And then you go and do actual research to back up your gut knowledge. This little FAQ is the result of one such realization.

My dad fixed antique and classic cars for a living from 1964 – 1978, owning his own showroom for 3 years near the end of that time. Born in 1966, I grew up playing in old cars, hiding in floorboards and exploring them to my heart’s content. Our family car for several years was a 1966 Thunderbird, but when dad went to car shows, we rode in whatever he wanted to show off. I’ve been in rumble seats, hard top convertibles, cars with windshields that laid down flat, and cars with no roof, doors, or walls of any kind. My 1st car was a fully restored 1966 mustang. Without really realizing it, I soaked up a LOT of inherent understandings about older cars. The information below is based in that knowledge, backed up with some internet research.

The following is true about Baby (the character in SPN, not necessarily the actual cars that play her): 

1) Compared to most modern sedans, Baby is BIG. Like REALLY BIG. She is 17 and ¾ feet long (5.4 meters) and 7 feet 8 inches wide (2.03 meters). Allowing for door thickness on either side and the gaps between doors and bench seat, I’m betting the front seat is a little over 5 feet wide. Given basic geometry and human skeletal limitations, this means it is not possible for the passenger to have their head resting against the passenger door/window AND place their hand on the driver’s thigh. If the passenger is in this position, the driver can,  at best, entwine fingers with the passenger’s outstretched hand. That’s IT (even with Sam’s monkey arms). Sitting up straight, yes. Slumped over, no. On the plus side, this is why the guys can, in fact, get some sleep in her (and have fun in the back seat).

2) Despite how big Baby is, she is kinda short. Baby is only 54 inches high (4’6” or 138 cm). INSIDE the car, she is slightly less than 4 feet tall total. This means that the following actions WILL make you bump your head (or butt or hands or feet) on the ceiling unless you are very very slow and careful: climbing over the back seat, straddling someone’s lap, taking off your pants or t-shirt (unless nearly lying down in the seat), and lunging across the front bench seat to attack someone bodily. And you will look graceless doing it. [Ahem, trust me on these, I KNOW.] Additional negative modifiers for Sam due to height.

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