Nutella and Love

Part 2 of the Show Me series

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,600-ish

Warnings: smut, fluff, language, brief choking

A/N: This is dedicated to @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala for donating to my GoFundMe campain!

The following morning, you awaken to Sam’s warm, naked body stretched out beside yours. He’s lying on his side, facing you, one arm slung over your back, the other tucked under his pillow. He looks so peaceful, just lying there with his eyes closed, the corners of his mouth relaxed in sleep.

It makes you wonder why the hell it took you so long to realize just how beautiful Sam Winchester really is.

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Insecure!Sam fic recs

hi there friend! Sorry for the late reply but like I said, I am in a little summer break, hope you can find something to enjoy there!

Scars  At first he wondered how he could’ve possibly missed it. How he never even had an inkling. All those crappy hotel rooms and run down abandoned houses, fumbling in the darkness, in the back seat of the impala, wherever they could find a quiet corner and go at it undisturbed.

The Oak and the Dragon  After everything, Sam and Dean decided to stay in the bunker. And then Sam discovered an artifact in a secret room that would show each of them something about themselves they’d never known.

With Spit and a Prayer  The real tragedy is not the act itself, but the mess it leaves behind. (Sequel to Passenger, read first please)

Riot Gear Shortly before they ganked Dick Roman Sam became pregnant. He either knew and didn’t tell Dean because he didn’t want to give Dean any more pressure or he had no idea at all. The stress and trauma of seeing Dean and Cas disappear along with Crowley taking off with Kevin sends Sam into a downward spiral. The added stress from hitting Riot causes Sam to have a miscarriage. Sam spends time recovering physically, but not emotionally, with Amelia who knows not to ask about the baby.

When Dean gets back and reams Sam out for not looking for him, Sam can’t bring himself to tell Dean what happened. He thinks Dean will blame him for losing their kid and that it’ll be the final straw. Maybe Sam sneaks out to visit the grave and Dean follows, but up to the author how Dean finds out. Cue guilty!Dean and hurt!Sam who has to relive the painful memories from the last year.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But   After being hit with a truth spell Sam’s forced to reveal some shattering things about himself, including that he was raped and that he loves Dean like no brother should love his sibling, he runs away. Dean manages to find him almost a year later and now his younger brother is addicted to heroin and is into self-harm. Sam can’t believe that Dean feels the same about him and feels like Dean only pities him. Dean has to use a spell on Sam before Sam realizes Dean feels the same and with time and love Dean convinces Sam that they share a special bond.

Recall  Sam’s having a hard time telling what’s real and what isn’t, especially when it comes to some voicemails from Dean.

Skin Like Fear   It’s not that Dean doesn’t get that Sam doesn’t want to talk about whatever Hell did to him; Dean practically wrote the book on that particular brand of avoidance. Except that Sam doesn’t do this. Dean is supposed to clam up and Sam is supposed to pry and bleat about how “communication is good for the soul” or some shit. Sam is supposed to cry on his shoulder and Dean is supposed to stoically hold him and let him get it out, maybe shedding a manful tear or two in solidarity.

Staying Strong  Sam feels responsible for John’s death. It should have been him…

Askew   Dean and Sam end up back “home” again – they never imagined the trip would change everything.

In The Dark, In The Pain, On The Run   After Sam’s wall breaks, Dean decides they need some time out of the life. They rent a rundown house in a small town, and during the renovations, everything changes between them.

Appreciation   Demon’s lie. It’s what they do. So why can’t Sam stop thinking about what the shapeshifter said?

Only One He Wants   Sam sees how close Dean and Cas are growing, and he wonders how long it will be before Cas usurps his place. Dean just wants Sam to know that will never, ever happen.

You Have One Saved Message   Sam gets a new smart phone.

All That Matters   Sam doesn’t understand why his dad hates him so much.

Two pieces of the same whole   Dean has a surprise for his little brother and Sam has some issues.

Lost Time Verse Sam Burton has an average life, a foul-mouthed sister, and a dream of putting his past behind him. All of that changes when Dean Winchester comes to stay.

Remove all the Pieces One by One Sam Winchester has never been clean.

His brother, the Band Aid   Sam’s broken, and Dean hurts along with him, until they devise a plan on how to be okay.

Say It’s Possible    Sam thought screwing around with Dean would be easy - he was finally getting what he wanted, and if Dean didn’t feel the same way? Well, that didn’t matter. He’d play his part and everything would be fine. Except Dean seems dead set on messing with his head, and Sam isn’t so sure this was worth all the trouble, after all.

Second Chances and New Beginnings   Cas has disappeared, an ancient form of being called Leviathan are freed from Purgatory, Sam’s wall is down, sending him into horrific flashbacks of what he suffered for over a century. With no idea how to evade or fight the latest Apocalypse, Dean concentrates on what’s most important to him. Putting his brother back together. But a shocking turn of events put the Winchesters on another journey. What does their father and an archangel have in common with stopping the end of the world?

Every Inch   In which Sam is really insecure and Dean’s oblivious until he really has to pee.

What better way to show Sam what to love than Dean, cause who knows how to love Sam better than Dean?

Don't You Forget About Me

Author’s Note: Heyyy!!! This is my entry for @kittenofdoomage Summer Lovin’ Challenge!! Gahhh!! I hope you like it!! I loved writing this one so much!!!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Slight Angst, Impala Backseat Smut

Prompt: Going for a drive

Special Note: This is set pre-season one. Before Dean gets Sam at college.

The sound of “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner filled the small diner as a pair of green eyes stared me down from across the booth. It was a battle of wills, to see who would blink first.

I smirked. “You can’t handle this.”

Green eyes smirked right back. “Sweetheart, this game started the moment you walked through that door. Now, if there’s something I’m good at, it’s winning.”

I laughed, my eyes watering slightly. “Really? And what did you win here?”

Green eyes’ smirk widened. “Your heart.”

I blinked.

Green eyes chuckled and sat back in the leather seat. “Told ya.”

I managed to clear my throat before leaning back in the seat as well. “I-I never said you did.”

Green eyes leaned forward again. “You don’t have to. Because if I haven’t won it already, I’m going to.”

I stared at him in awe. I had never met someone so sure of themselves in all my adult life. And it wasn’t unflattering. It was quite the opposite actually. I admired him for being so confident. Something I clearly didn’t have.

“What’s your name, Sweetheart?” he asked, breaking me out of my reverie.

I blinked. “Y/N. Y/N L/N,” I said almost instantly.

Green eyes smiled before reaching out his hand over the table. “Pleasure to meet you, Y/N. I’m Dean. Dean Winchester.”

I met his hand with mine and the soft pressure added when we clasped hands had my heart stutter in its wake. I took a sharp intake of breath. “Pleasure’s all mine, Dean.”

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We’re leaving

A/N: This is the 3rd backstory to the imagines rewrite, you can read that & the previous backstories here. This part is angsty, brace yourselves for some sad.

Dean’s age-13

Sam’s age-9

Reader’s age-11 months

Originally posted by heytheredeann

You and your mom, Meredith, had been traveling with John and the boys for nearly 2 months now. Your parents would research during the day, taking turns leaving the motel when necessary to interview people and when the boys would get back from school they would watch you while the adults went out. Currently they were just finishing up a werewolf case in Burlington, New Jersey. The boys were back in the motel room watching you, tomorrow afternoon everyone would pack up the impala and Meredith’s station wagon before moving onto the next case.

Your parents got along well enough, but after being around each other nearly nonstop for 2 months was finally getting to them and they were fighting left and right, especially after new light was shed on your mother.

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I may not be as honest as I ought to be now that
When the walls go up, I said it didn’t worry me
But it hit me like an avalanche
No, I can just be paranoid, don’t quell the desire to know
What was really going on, does it really fucking matter?
Babe is all you can ask me, okay, fair play here we go
I’ve heard those words before
Are you sure it was nothing
Cause it made me feel like dying inside
Never thought I was insecure, but it’s pure
Didn’t notice until I was in love for real
And if we’re gonna cross the line
Just to find what shit’s happening
If only I could reach your mind
Oh I’d be fine, I’d be normal
Now’s my time, gonna do it
And suddenly I’m the phony one
The only one with a problem
True love is bringing it out of me
The worst in me, and I know now
Do you remember the time we were
The time we were by the ocean
I didn’t care if it was day or night
The world was right where I wanted
Girl I’m sorry
Babe I mean it
Babe I’m sorry

More than you know

part 1


1000 words

Based on this imagine

Thank you @supernaturalpockygirl for requesting, I hope you’ll like it and sorry for the waiting…

***Two days ago***

Sitting on the hood of a car next to the man you love while watching night sky with the beer in hand… Sounds perfect right? It would be if it wasn’t for the subject you were talking about.

Dating tip #1 Don’t talk about your dead parents on the first date, that like totally ruins the moment.

Dating tip #2 Don’t talk about the oncoming apocalypse either, it leaves no place for romance.

Yeah, someone should’ve probably told that to Dean Winchester but maybe it wasn’t his fault, after all drinking beer with your best friend in the middle of nowhere isn’t something he would consider a date in the first place.

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xqueenaxx  asked:

Hey! I have one question since I'm still new in SPN family. Does Supernatural books exist in real life? Like can I buy them somewhere? Bc I would love to have every single one of them Btw love your account ❤

Well then, welcome to the SPN Family! I’m not totally 100% sure, but I think I have seen a few SPN books, I believe they were other hunts and adventures the boys had, not re-tellings of episodes past. There’s also a John Winchesters Journal book. I myself have that one, and it’s a fun read. Thank you so much and I hope this helps!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Happy Hunting,

I’m No Cinderella

Originally posted by devoiddean

Pairing: BennyxReader, WinchestersxSister!reader
Word count: 889
Request: Anonymous. Could you write something based off the scene with Dean and the Stynes in 10x18. Where the reader is Deans sister and goes in to the store with him and during that scene the Stynes kidnap the reader. Benny (who is still alive and readers SO cuz I said so. Lol) goes after them and dean and Sam follow afterward? While they break in to rescue her they meet halfway because she escaped because she refuses to be a damsel in distress for more than 12 hours. Lol! Please make her sassy as all heck.
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The Impala was barely stopped when you got out. “I can get snacks by myself, Dean.” You pointed out when he moved around the front to join you. “I’m a big girl.” You added, trying to get your point across.

“You’re our baby sister.” Dean said with a smirk as he put his arm around you.

“I’m a year younger than Sam. I’m not a baby!” You shoved him off.

Rolling his eyes, he held the door open for you. Your green eyes looked around, waiting for a snack to stand out. You hummed to yourself as you moved through the isles, grabbing chips, candy, energy bars, and anything else that caught your eye.

Dean grabbed beer and beef jerky, making you laugh. You put everything on the counter with his two items and leaned your backside against the counter. Your hands were resting by your hips when he quickly pulled out his gun. The man behind the counter grabbed you by your ponytail, pulling your brown hair back towards him. You screamed, kicking, causing anything within range of your feet to be scattered.

“Look what we have here, boys.” The man you had you in a vice grip smirked.  His forearm was pressing against your windpipe, making you wheeze.  Spots started to appear in your eyesight, your fingers digging at his skin. There was no way this guy was human. He was stronger than any man you’d met in your life.

As things grew darker, you heard gun shots and yelling. The last thing you heard was Dean calling out your name.

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A/N: OKAY here is a little drabble, which is my part of an introduction to a collaborative piece of work with the totally awesome @moonlitskinwalker.  This will pave the way for a new series called ‘Cinnamon Skies’. The second drabble that connects to this will be written by her.. Then we will be writing the series together. It is a Sam x Reader series, featuring angst, fluff, and oh yeah werewolves!

Warnings: Swearing, angst, anything else let me know….

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I Love Being Your Car

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bLbxib

by ds9trekkie

What starts out as a curse, ends up being the greatest gift Dean Winchester didn’t know he needed. Love takes many forms.

Words: 4031, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bLbxib

Does anyone have any music recs? My favorite bands are the minister tigers, best coast, passion pit, tame impala, surfer blood, two door cinema club, Carly Rae jepsen, Ariana grande, tv girl, modern baseball, fireworks, wonder years, sleigh bells, and a ton of other and idk I like really anything but I liked alternative, pop, and punk/pop punk stuff the most and the weirder the better tbh