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Ok this peppered suede candle will be the death of me. Bath and body works had it online last night. I was too tired and just went to bed. Candle sale today- buy two get two free. And OF COURSE the candle doesn’t even show online anymore now!! Called eight stores, none have it. I mean, come on universe! When does your room spray arrive? We all need to know your thoughts on it!

Listen.  @ontheslowtown sent me the full blown candle.  And fuck my life I swear to god I had an orgasm when I smelled it.  If that’s really what Niall smells like I will never survive actually meeting him in real life from the massive dehydration I’ll experience.  


More promo images from Furudate-sensei for Vol 27. The Oikuro situation continues…

First image:
Tanaka: Please don’t push.
Nishinoya: Please don’t push.
Sugawara: I’m on the cover of Vol 27 and I’m passing through.
On Suga’s T-shirt: The first round of the Spring High is done!! Haikyuu!! Vol 27 goes on sale today!! Please do support it!! Signed, Furudate
Kuroo & Oikawa: Please let us through!! We’re going there too!!

Second image:
Kuroo & Oikawa: We’re going there too!!
Iwaizumi: It’s, y'know, that… if i say they’re idiots, that’s that, but… they are idiots, yeah.
Kenma (Thoughts): Vocabulary…
Kenma: It feels like it’s already getting fun…
On Iwa-chan and Kenma’s T-shirts: Haikyuu!! Vol 27 goes on sale today!! Please do support it!!

Thanks to @victoriel for help with figuring out the translation! ^^

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Mashima-sensei on FT ending

Fairy Tail welcomes its final chapter in Weekly Shonen Magazine that goes on sale today. I am grateful to everyone who has supported me until now. Thank you very much. (source)

Even though the manga has ended, the anime is still being worked on, and there are people who only read the volumes. In addition, there are also various FT events going on, so it doesn’t really feel like the series has ended. (source)

I had a party with my editors today to celebrate the successful completion of Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail was a happy work through which I met really great editors. It’s thanks to their scheduling that I was able to draw the manga for 11 years without it going on a break. I’m also thankful to them for keeping along with my workload. (source)

Snap Decision

(A chance meeting with a stranger at a bar helps you recover from a bad breakup.)

Warnings: 11000+ words of mostly sex stuff.  Bad ex boyfriends. People doing inadvisable things.  Listen up kids: in real life you should be more cautious about who you let take naked pictures of you! Lots and lots of sex.  If you’ve read my stuff before, you know the drill.  

You thought it would be fun to work in sales after you graduated from university; you would travel around the country, meeting new people, holding meetings in fancy high rise office buildings in big cities, wining and dining clients at gourmet restaurants while you closed deals and made boatloads of money.  The reality was that you were selling industrial wastewater management systems, making a moderate income, while traveling four days a week to factories and chemical refineries in some of the least glamorous locations on earth.  You didn’t mind the work itself, but the evenings alone in small town hotel rooms were dull and disheartening, so you would frequently head out to a local movie theater or neighborhood bar to distract yourself from the loneliness on the road.   

 It was pouring down rain outside and you decide to run to the closest place you could find to grab a drink, rather than risk driving around and getting lost.  That’s how you found yourself sitting alone at the bar of the Applebee’s restaurant that was adjacent to your hotel, sipping on something called a Blue Hawaiian, in a town you couldn’t even remember the name of.   

Unruly children sat with their families having dinner in the nearby booths, while innocuously bland pop songs played overhead.  You took one sip of the cloyingly sweet blue cocktail in front of you and immediately regretted your decision to come here tonight. Given the lousy week you had experienced, you would have been better off drinking cheap whiskey at a dive bar filled with unapologetic alcoholics.  Here, the family friendly atmosphere mixed with the empty promises of a fruity cocktail that was designed to trick you into thinking you were on a tropical island vacation instead of in your real life.  Your real crappy life. 

You had totally blown the sale today.  The clients had a million questions about the technical specifications of the products you were trying to sell, but you kept tripping over your words and making yourself sound like an idiot.  You blamed your poor work performance on lack of sleep.  And you blamed the lack of sleep on your boyfriend, David.  Actually, he was your ex-boyfriend now.  After more than a year together, you dumped him for cheating on you.  

He claimed he was faithful, but you were certain he was lying.  He never picked up his phone when you called him from out on the road.  He would eventually call you back, but his stories about where he was and what he was doing always sounded a little off.  The final blow came when your friend Stephanie told you she saw him going into a movie theater with another girl.  David claimed Stephanie was mistaken and that you were just paranoid and jealous for no reason.  You wanted to believe him, but deep down you were sure that Stephanie was right.  All the unresolved questions you had about what David was doing while you were working could easily be answered if he had been cheating on you.  David cried when you told him it was over, he begged you to reconsider, but you were resolute and just walked away.

That had been a week ago, and every day since then, you questioned whether or not you made the right decision.  You had no hard proof that he had been unfaithful.  Sure, Stephanie said she saw him, but she only saw from a distance.  Maybe she was mistaken.  Maybe it was just someone who looked like David.

“Is this seat taken?”

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Furudate-sensei drew this to promote Vol 28 of Haikyuu!! which goes on sale today.

Haikyuu!! Vol 28 goes on sale today!! [SFX: Meow]
Kenma: Please do support it.
Kuroo: At the very least, please get out from the futon, Kenma. I’m not requesting for you to be energetic. I’m not even hoping you’ll be energetic at all.

- Signed, Furudate Haruichi

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Furudate-sensei drew this to support the release of Vol 29 of the Haikyuu!! manga and Vol 9 of the Haikyuu!! light novel today.

On cap: Shouyou
On bag: Haikyuu!! Vol 29 goes on sale today!! Please do support it!!
Tanaka: Great! Shouyou-san, nice pose!!
SFX: *clap*
Sawamura: Nope, put on your uniform.
Furudate: Also, Haikyuu!! is featured on the cover and the lead color spread in this week’s JUMP!! Plz support!!

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