I present to you “Lulubelle”. She is a capricious diva.  She’s also a salty and sassy as f*%k motorcycle but she has the softest of purrs. Her favorite song ? “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen. Her favorite cocktail ? 3.4 GAL. / 12.9 LTR of fuel. She easily gets jealous but she prides herself in being one of the fastest of them all…!

one thing I noticed from my lesson yesterday, which was pretty much just her demonstrating how she used side reins, with a bit of practice about moving the lunging circle, was that PJ was cutting in and I couldn’t get him to go out consistently by pointing the whip at his shoulder. It seemed like he only stayed out when he got his speed up, usually at the canter, but I think that’s just because he had to go out to keep his balance.

I had this problem with Zeke, too, last time we lunged.

My trainer dismissed it as a Green Horse Thing but I want to know how to fix it because I don’t want him cutting in so close. Not a fan.

Aside from just letting a Green Horse learn their balance on a circle, any anecdotes on what y’all have done to fix this? I’m curious how different trainers approach it. Is it pretty universal to just point the whip at their shoulder until they move out or nah?

Asking here before I go exploring on google because I always like the diff input I get from you guys.

The relationship began like most others
except ours had balloons that always
tethered us to the ground.
Well, at least I had the balloons–
I can even tell you that they were dark blue.
One half the color of the sky.

(I kept them with me as I was drinking up Sundays and spending them alone)

Eventually a box formed around our hearts.
It held us close and we reached for–
something outside.
Well, at least I reached;
My fists flying up in the air
like I was holding onto something
that’s invisible there.

(I listen to the trees with sentimental ease)

Now here we are, licking skin to wipe us clean
Well, at least I am.
You make me feel oily and combustible–
strike a match, pour gasoline.
Safe to say we were not  the greatest of love stories.
So, let’s dead it, forget it, let it all disappear.

(I still go walking in the rain, expecting love again)

Gentle Fucking

Paring: Destiel

Genre: Smut

Words: 525

Tags: Switching!Dean/Cas, Riding, PornWithoutAPlot

Summary: a quick riding from yours truely: Castiel


Dean grabbed the headboard with a short gasp, his fingers clinging onto the wood for dear life as Castiel slid onto his dick, a silent whimper slipping from his lips as he did so. “O-Okay now just— fuck okay— take your time with this. Don’t go too crazy or i’ll jizz in seconds.” Dean managed to grin as he took a breath and moved his hands to Cas’ hips instead. “I know how to ride you Dean—” “Yes and you also know how to finish quick.”

Cas frowned and Dean couldn’t help but laugh “Hey don’t get fightsty on me i didn’t say i didn’t enjoy it.” He managed to save the situation and brought his boy close, gripping those perfect hips tight as he attempted to grind up.

Cas gasped and his hands immediately fell to Deans shoulders, their conversation out the window as he focused on the task in hand.

Small grumbles and oddly pitched noises slipped as Cas slowly bounced and grinded back onto Deans dick, his hands twitching so much that he brought them up for a while before placing them back against Deans stomach. “Hey hey hey… baby, its okay.” Dean soothed his boyfriend and grabbed his snaking hands as Cas whimpered in pleasure.

“Focus, breath… look at me—” “Dean” Cas moaned softly as he shook and continued to grind, his thrusts raunchy and uncoordinated. “You want to come?” Dean asked, his lips pulling into a smirk as he noticed the red puncturing Cas’ cheeks.

He reached down and started to loosely jack off Cas, his blue eyes shutting as he did so. “Dean please, i want to…” The boy begged as he threw his head back and caught his breath. “I know you do baby, just hold on.” Dean moved his hand away and ran his palms up Cas’ thighs, deciding he was going to let his boy have his way tonight.

With a thick groan, Dean lifted Cas slightly and started fucking up into him, his movements more frantic than before. “Yes, yes Dean—harder.” Castiel dropped his head and took it like a champ, reaching down to jack himself at the same pace. “You gunna come?” Dean managed to huff, his own orgasm creeping upon him as he thrusted tiredly.

Cas nodded and flicked his thumb across the his tip, cum slipping down his shaft slowly as he continued to jerk off. “D-Dean” He opened his eyes and found Dean looking directly at him with blown pupils, cheeks tinted, and a fucking mission to accomplish.

Dean dragged Cas off his dick and shoved him onto his back, crawling over with a grunt as he finished the boy off with his hand, cum splattering onto Cas’ chest, and a silenced moan following suit. “Fuck, Cas…”

Dean took a breath and looked down at the mess they created. His eyes trailed further down and he saw his own dick leaking with a sad orgasm. “Cant say it was a good ending for me, how about you love?” Dean teased as he hunched over and captured Cas in a slow kiss.

“The best gentle fucking i’ve hand.”